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LT78: Eggtown (February 24, 2008)

Previously published on February 24, 2008...


So, we get an answer to a question! "Him" is Aaron? WHAT?!

Does this mean Claire couldn't leave the island for some reason and Kate offered to raise the kid as her own?

And how lucky can Kate get to have murder, grand theft, and fraud pleaded down to probation? Like they couldn't prove Kate blew up the house or stole cars or broke into a bank without mom? Hmmm…I kept expecting Ben to show up and pull some strings for Kate and that she would then owe him. Of course, maybe he did!

Sort of a strange decorations for a house that obviously Oceanic built. Are those three-toed robots?

Recall the clothesline scene with Kate and Claire…it seemed to me that there was more than a simple dislike for babies when Kate refused to help. Sort of like how vampire can't touch a cross.


What is the impact of Kate raising Aaron considering the prophecy that Claire should raise him?
Recall that Claire was about to give up the baby for adoption, but a palm-reader warned her to "raise her baby…nobody but her." Richard Malkin, the palm-reader and psychic, specifically told Claire that her "goodness" had to be an influence in the development of her child and that "grave danger" surrounded him. There would also be "no happy life" for her baby if she herself didn't raise the child. "There can be no other."

Yet the palm-reader also arranged for Claire to be on that flight to Los Angeles. Did Malkin see the future and realize this would lead to Kate raising Aaron?

Or is Claire still alive on the island and Aaron needs to be returned to Claire in order to fulfill his destiny? Is this why Jack wants Kate to join him and go back?

And don't forget the tie-in Ecko had with Claire and the palm-reader. Recall as a priest he was to investigate a claim made to the church. Later then Ecko baptizes Aaron. There was also a meaningful moment with Claire when she revealed the baby's name to Ecko and he recognized it was like Moses' relative. For a Bible update, Moses led his people to the Promised Land but was unable to enter it. Aaron had to lead the people the rest of the way.

But…the psychic does tell Claire at the end of the episode, "Raised by Another", that he was wrong and gives her a plane ticket to L.A. where he's found a couple that will be good parents for the baby. I think he gives her $10k and then she'll get another $10k when she gets to L.A. Perhaps Kate is in L.A. and has "adopted" Aaron. Maybe she and Jack do get married and he adopts Aaron. What a twist since we know he's Aaron's uncle.

And didn't Desmond say that in his vision that Claire and the baby get on the helicopter and become rescued?

I'm so confused!


So Miles is having a grenade for breakfast. What if Hurley passes off feeding duties to Claire and she enters the boat house and Miles takes one with him? She and Charlie would then die by the same cause (Mr. Patchy blew open the underwater hatch with a grenade).


You can imagine how difficult it is to bash my favorite show, but does the island "heal" depression? Charlie dies about a day or so ago and Claire is bouncing around the house like spring just arrived (that simile makes more sense to Iowans during winter).

Less than a week ago, Sawyer kills Cooper and we get not a hint of remorse. Now if the characters were under some immediate threat and had to constantly focus on the NEXT challenge, fine, we must all move on. But while laying back in Othersville, you would think an occasional tear should fall from some of these people. Isn't anyone ready to crack under the pressure? Look how many times they have moved or left camp due to some threat in just three or four months!

The only stress I observe is from Locke. By now you would think at least one person would have done something crazy to themselves in a "I can't take this anymore". The writers had better remind themselves that while WE wait weeks and months between episodes, the LOSTIES aren't getting any breaks in time. Time? Oh great, now we are back to that subject again! J


What was Faraday and Charlotte doing with those playing cards? Was Faraday gaining or losing ESP on this island? Is his "autism" or whatever he has being cured which is also removing his gift?

Or is this a standard psych test and Faraday just can't remember short term things?

People have analyzed the bike in the picture on the wall and below it we see a playing card – 6 of spades…same as Faraday was trying to remember.

And when the bedroom door opens a bit further we can see more the artwork in the hallway:

That white rectangle is a playing card.


Do you feel that Miles demand for $3.2 million is a code like "tell my sister"? Why indeed that exact amount? Does Miles know so much about Ben that he knows the amount in his bank account?

Much like Ben, I wondered why Miles wanted exactly $3.2 million. This brought me back to something that's been bugging me since the beginning: the Numbers.

Since 4, 8 and 16 are three of the Numbers, I always assumed powers of 2 were important. I also questioned why 32 wasn't one of the Numbers, but 23 (with the numbers inverted) was.As such, I assume $3.2 million has to do with the number 32, and that exponential powers of 2 are somehow important to Lost. Maybe it ties into the popular idea of twinning. Dualities are big on Lost, going back to the black and white stones in the cave (don't think I haven't forgotten about THOSE, Lost writers).Then the fact that 23 and 32 have their numbers inverted would feed into the theory in which things are mirror images of one another. I've yet to settle on a master theory about what twinning, but I'm firmly aboard the bandwagon that these two concepts are key to unlocking Lost's secrets.


In Kate-centric episodes, Patsy Cline is featured in the soundtrack.

In her first season flashback, "Tabula Rasa," Cline's "Leaving on My Mind" is heard as the Australian farmer gives her a ride in his car. In season 2's "What Kate Did" and season 3's "Left Behind," Kate hears Cline's "Walkin' After Midnight," either on a record player in the Swan station, or as the tow truck picks her up.And in last night's episode, Kate is listening to "I've Got Your Picture" in Claire's house when John Locke storms in to banish her. Lost is very fond of musical connections and so once again, Kate gets her Patsy Cline fix.


Two books were prominently displayed this episode:

Phillip K. Dick is the author of several sci-fi books. Many have been made into movies including Total Recall, Minority Report, Next, Blade Runner, and others.

But the more interesting book may be "The Invention of Morels". Wiki says, "A fugitive hides on a deserted island somewhere in Polynesia. Tourists arrive, and his fear of being discovered becomes a mixed emotion when he falls in love with one of them. He wants to tell her his feelings, but an anomalous phenomenon keeps them apart." Actually, this reminds me more of Sayid's relationship in Germany last episode.


We learn Kate's middle name is Anne. As in "Annie"?


I'm not sure we can discount the book "Bad Twin" any longer. Mirror images and such are a theme throughout LOST. So when we see footage of the discovery of Flight 815 the world is told the Indian Ocean in the Sundra Trench.

Later, so it seems, Jack testifies the Oceanic cover story, and says it crashed in the South Pacific.

Or do we have TWO planes? In one loop we have perhaps Frank flying this plane and in the next loop Mr. Packman (just a name I borrowed from Heroes for this same actor), flies it. One pilot with a ring and one without. Meaning…Frank saw himself dead.

Or it could be as simple that the footage we saw of the rescue was some personal, research footage and not some national broadcast. In other words, these four Freighters know things the rest of the world doesn't.


A faithful reader of Lost Tidbits asked, "What did that one crazy guy outside the courtroom scream at Kate?"

I found the clip of this part of the show and listened to it maybe 25 times. I can't make nothing out. If I tried my best it would be this:

"Why yet e more."

So I reversed the audio and it became crystal clear: "We hate you." Woah! Remember this face as we may see him again. Walt spoke backwards. And who is "we"?


I dug a little deeper for more backward talk and discovered Miles spoke backward to Naomi when examining her body. In reverse he said, "You gotta see it through." Hmmm…


Think back to Season 1…early in Season 1…would you have expected an edition of Lost Tidbits to not point this out:

But it slipped right by me. What does that say about us? It is a domesticated cow it would seem. Where did it go? Milk? Beef? Does one mean more? Is that a cowbell around its neck? Does this mean Blue Oyster Cult is involved in some way ("Don't Fear the Reaper"?)

I believe Frank would have little reason to mention the cow to other people since at first blush, it could make sense. Of course, he SHOULD put together that anything it was a little odd. If the helicopter crew gets stranded with the Losties, then I would expect to remember this bovine.


Last week we mentioned that an interesting scene was cut…this is where Miles, Sayid and Kate are going to retrieve Charlotte from Othersville and they reach the sonar protection fence.

As promised, here is the interesting dialog:

MILES: What is this?

SAYID: A Security fence. When activated, the pylons emit a high pitch frequency that will kill anyone who passes through it. We used a tree to climb...

MILES raises his hand towards Sayid. He seems to hear something.


SAYID stops and watches MILES as he scans the surroundings, listening intently.

SAYID (Sarcastic): I'm sorry, are we supposed to be hearing something?A beat passes and MILES is suddenly aware that SAYID had spoken to him.

MILES: I'm sorry, what?

KATE is examining the control panel.

KATE: Maybe I can shut it off.

SAYID joins her, bending over to examine the panel.

SAYID: And, how might you do that?

KATE: I saw Juliet do it once.

SAYID (Doubtful): Without the code?

MILES continues to scan with a slight twitch, similar to when we saw him reading the boy's room in Confirmed Dead. Suddenly he walks through the pylons and turns towards an astonished KATE and SAYID.

MILES: Hey, I don't think it's on.

KATE: And how did you know that?

MILES: Lucky guess.

MILES turns and walks away. SAYID and KATE exchange puzzled glances and proceed after him.

Interesting, huh?


If ever I find myself in court I hope I get that D.A. that prosecuted Kate. Ten years!!!??? Probation?!?!?!

This D.A. was so inept that by the end, the defense had her thinking it was a major victory to keep Kate in the state. Oh, if I have to.


What does Jack not want to be more than anything? A drunk, like his father. In flash forwards Jack is becoming what he hates most.

What does Kate fear the most? Being a mother.

Hurley? Going back to mental hospital and having another "Dave".

Sayid? Being a torturer.

This is the island of mirror images? Like the little girl says in the commercial, "It's the mirrors."



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