Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LT122: Maybe I'm Just Like My Father


LOST has made it clear long ago that family ties and daddy issues were a theme throughout the show. Someone has proposed that we are examining the sins of the father…in one example, John Locke. The sin in his and most examples is killing someone. John broke the family tradition by not killing daddy – Cooper.

Once could easily wonder how be an accomplice breaks a cycle of sin, but maybe it is the specific sin of murder that needed to stop. Although tempted by the riddles of Benjamin Linus, John did not give into the temptation.

The Bible tells that God will visit the iniquity of your fathers to the FOURTH generation.

Notice that Ben wanted the killing of Cooper to happen with a knife. This might explain why Richard Alpert was so upset that John picked the knife out of the selection offered as young child.

Let’s not forgot the literary references to Brothers Karamazov which deals with sons taking out revenge on their abusive father. Ben was first given that book to read when he was using the alias “Henry Gale”. My we have come a long way!


Sort of on a depressing thread, but an interesting question popped up recently, “Did Ben kill his father for himself or someone else?”

My first thought was that Ben knew of these time loops and course corrections and was doing his part. Not liking his father made the task easier, but it seems as if he did it for a higher purpose…like Jacob.

Has Richard just used Ben to accomplish his own agenda? Who was the person who handed John Locke the folder with all the historical information of James? It was Richard.

The difficulty is determining if Richard was testing people or prodding them? And this then makes me think of the talking ghosts we have seen (Walt, Goodwin’s wife, Christian, Charlie, Claire, etc). Which side are these manifestations on?


Matthew Fox signed a deal that sends his pay to $225,000 per episode. That’s a 50% raise for anyone who is counting. The 42-year old is now sitting on an island of cash!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

LT121: Puzzle Time


The summer game is now underway. It is a spatial puzzle that you must solve within 100 seconds. I got a 72, so let me know if you score higher! Here is a snapshot of the test screen:

As always, the hints might be hidden. Possible clues found so far include the name of the test, "Pressurized Spatial..." which is meant to tell you "Press Spacebar". Doing so brings up a little animation, but hard to make sense of it all so far.

I'll keep you posted.


Have you been enjoying the Olympics? I'm sure you picked up a bit about the Chinese gymnastics team having possible underage participants. The Chinese quickly reminded everyone that passports are legal identification to be used to determine ages.

If you read my blog, then you know I'm the kind of person to find a LOST connection anywhere and everywhere. Even this Chinese Olympic scandal.

For example, the legal age to compete is 16. Get it? A LOST number.

And was it just coincidence that they accept passports? Because Michael has a passport:

Click on any picture to see a larger version. Look at the bottom. The code begins with "HNSO". I'm thinking HANSO. And you might recall Joanna as the woman who drowned in Season 1 after Boone, then Jack, tried to rescue her. They found her items and burned her...guess...passport:

Look at the code closely...HNSO. This matches Michael's Dharma-produced-get-on-the-Freighter passport. And you know Ben had a few in his secret room.

Check out the upper-right corner...yep HNSO. This must mean the Chinese are in on this! HA!


Why did the Orchid Orientation tape rewind? It could be a reference to going back in time, but Ben moved forward in time. Of course, he might be the exception because he was banished for turning the Wheel.

And we know Ben landed in the desert and the island is not there. Many have offered dipoles to guess where the island will be and Ben's location is the dipole. If we use opposites now since Ben jumped forward and the Orientation taped went backwards...then Ben physically moved to a prior location but forward in time.

This suggests the island moved forward in position and backwards in time...to 1978?


I'm guessing if you read this blog, you might be interested in interesting news about electricity. Intel has figured out how to have wireless electronic devices. Yeah, no plugs. No more wall outlets required to run laptops, lamps, etc.

The article says, "Electricity was sent wirelessly to a lamp on stage, lighting a 60 watt bulb that uses more power than a typical laptop computer."

Check out the whole story here: http://news.yahoo.com/story//afp/20080821/ts_afp/usitinternetenergychipcompanyintel

Pretty cool.