Friday, September 4, 2009

LT295: 4, 8, 15, and Now...

I'm heading out of town for the holiday weekend, but wanted to write a quick thanks to the readers of LOST TIDBITS for helping reach the 16,000 mark for hits. This works out to about 1,630 hits per month...which is 815 doubled. Now that's odd!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LT294: Dream Walking


LOST TIDBITS has been exploring a simple line of thought which begins with the tried and true concept of good versus evil. Last post we discussed the shoes and how the color might indicate who is on which team. This deserves a bit more follow-up when time permits or if someone can turn a Frozen Donkey Wheel. I’m mostly interested in the shoes John wears prior to Ajira Flight 315 because we know after that flash he is wearing black shoes.

So the shoes provide reinforcement to the good versus evil storyline. I’m then led to ponder about the people we see on the island – are they dead or alive? And are they good or evil?

There is little doubt that Christian died in a physical sense. The Bible refers to this as “giving up the spirit”. Many religions feel this spirit never dies and it just changes locations…in a place without time. Wow, that sounds like an island I know. It also helps to explain why we don’t see dead people as the producers have stated repeatedly. To put it another way, “Angels aren’t dead”.

And neither are demons.

Combining my thoughts of late then we have Christian as a living angel in white tennis shoes and Locke II (pronounced Locke the Second) in black shoes as our island demon.

Of course not everyone on Mysterious Island is a heavenly being. If our little piece of real estate is odd in any way it is in the way the two planes of existence can co-exist. That might be strange, but again we turn to religious text of various views and most include at least a few stories about humans interacting directly with angels and demons. Dan Brown should write a book about this!


So who is calling the shots? Religion again provides us an answer of good or evil, Jesus or Satan, etc. I believe the humans are the pawns in this game with Jacob and Man in Black doing what they can to harvest souls for their side.

In the next TIDBITS we will dive a bit deeper into this aspect. I have a theory that begins to incorporate another LOST theme we have overlooked lately: dogs. There won't be a post this Sunday with the holiday, but we will be back no later than the following Wednesday.


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

LT293: Tying Things Together


We have been informed by Ilena, Widmore and others that a war is coming. Season 6 will likely reveal this war.

Over the next few TIDBITS, I’m going to try to tie a few prevalent LOST themes into a prediction of what we will observe in Season 6. Not really a theory, but a fitting together of the pieces we have seen already.

I think we have to begin with the sides…


It is not a reach to suggest that there are two sides in general. You are either with us or against us. This does not mean that we can’t have a few splinter groups, but at the end of the day I suspect we are faced with two choices: good or evil.

I realize “good or evil” brings up connotations of morality, but name one story, one book, one movie that doesn’t deal with this? There is a growing trend towards the view that things are amoral, but I sense this is sort of like the person which chooses not to vote for alternative A or B…they still have voted in a sense.

Let’s avoid the nasty cyclical logic of the lack of any morals, and stick with the premises that we have good and evil as our two choices.

LOST has really been about picking sides.

The writers have done a masterful job of concealing who is on which side. I would propose that Charlie has made the greatest sacrifice for the greatest number of people and yet we first met him as a drug addict. We have changed our opinions on Eko and Sawyer to great degrees. You get the point…the sides are not clear; which is has made the show enjoyable as we attempt to figure it out.

I think there have been hints…


Yes, I’ve beaten this drum over the seasons, but they do seem to provide a clue. The obvious is this one…

When Jack first “sees” Christian he is dressed in his suit and wearing white tennis shoes. I suggest that this tells us that Christian is on the Good Side.

We then later notice John is wearing Christian’s black shoes aboard Ajira Flight 316 (also in a coffin). This suggests that Locke is on the Evil Side.

If we took the sum of comments about shoes, it would be reasonable to say that footwear is getting above average air time. I’m reminded of when Mr. Friendly has a few Survivors surrounded by the ring of fire and comments about, “Would a man enter another man’s house without taking his shoes off?” Tell me that strike you as a little out of place. It is true that in some cultures, the shoe-wearing in a home is sort of a big deal, but come on! And even if it a reference to other cultures, the point is still made: showing respect by removing your shoes.

My point is that shoes have been spotlighted in the opening scene with Jack running to the beach. A main character, John Locke, is shown with his shoes next to his now functioning toes. Kate is observed pulling the shoes off a dead body. On and on and on we have been “told” by the writers that shoes are important. I merely propose that they tell which side the wearer is on.


The fact that both Christian and Locke were in coffins wearing either white or black shoes is interesting. It leads us to consider why we see dead people on this island.

That is next post where it will lead us to Jacob and Black Shirt Man, for they are the leaders of the two Sides.


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