Sunday, December 6, 2009

LT316: Reach for the Sky


I enjoyed reading about this one: Frank Lapidus is the new leader.

The idea stems from two facts: the real John Locke is dead and he was called a “candidate” by this new group led by Ilana and Bram.

Supporting evidence includes the fact that everyone recruited for Naomi’s team has been on the island previously…why not Frank as well then?

The theory goes like this: Frank was to be the pilot of Oceanic 815 and for some reason of Fate (or Abbadon) he was not the pilot. Even Smokey realized this when he paid a visit to the cockpit and found Seth Norris instead. Angry about this, Smokey killed Seth. There have been rumors that Seth (aka Parkman from Heroes) will make another appearance on the show. This could be a flashback to explain the handoff of flight duties from Frank to Seth.

Smokey is also upset because he realized Frank “broke the rules”. Smokey realizes that Frank is a candidate as well. Frank is a candidate to be the vessel for Jacob’s soul which needs a new host. Smokey realized that with Frank not onboard Oceanic Flight 815, then a substitute would be used…cue John Locke. But now the course corrections (a flying term) have brought Frank back to the island.


Some suggest that Frank is named after Frank Tipler who has carried on the philosophy of the Omega Point – a seemingly major concept behind the show.

Frank Lapidus has a middle initial of “J”…for Jacob?

And let’s not forget that it was Jacob who ordered the building of the airstrip on the island. Did he know that Frank would need it to land one day in the past…er, future, I mean?


As you know, LOST TIDBITS does not do spoilers. But when the producer conducts an interview, it is fair game. Here is what he said:

- On what will be answered: “The questions that count will be answered, and the questions that fans don’t want answered won’t be answered, but I think what they’re looking for is a real sense of resolution, particularly on a character level. Who’s going to live? Who’s going to die? Who’s going to hook up with who? Why were they all brought here in the first place? Was it arbitrary? Is there meaning behind it?”

- On who’s returning to the show: “I do think it’s safe to say that that final season of the show in a lot of ways is a curtain call for all the actors who kind of made these iconic performances and we’re hoping that a lot of them come back for one final appearance.”

- On the possible explanation of what the smoke monster is: “If you do not see a dinosaur by the end of the season premiere of season six I think it will be safe to conclude that the monster is not a dinosaur. But that’s not to say that you won’t see one. I’m just saying you will know.”

ESSAY #8: Can You Hear Me Now?

Lew’s rivalry with his brother, Chris, continued to brew until it turned into jealousy and was quickly moving towards full-fledge hatred. After making life-threatening claims, his family ordered Lew out of the house as a young man. Of course, this only made the fire that burned within grow even hotter.

Lew devised a plan to bring discredit to his brother by starting a rival Fan Club. But not for himself, but for the worlds #3 ranked player, Hume. His goal was to do anything just to steal the attention away from his champion brother. With his portion of the family “settlement”, Lew was able to fund a very competitive fan base for Hume.

Over time the Fan Club grew in influence within the chess world. The Hume Fan Club was able to secure more seats on governing councils and won the presidency of the World Chess Foundation. Lew was getting his people in place. The group began to pursue television and marketing rights – all favorable to his pawn, but moves that many were beginning to realize would harm the game in the long run.

One day Lew had an idea to start a radio station which would not only serve the Fan Club’s interests, but provide a platform that could be used to undermine Chris with mass media. With shady deals in place, the group began construction of their first radio tower. It would broadcast in English so to reach the widest audience.

The radio station would never take to the air. Lew’s father was advised of his prodigal son’s plans and he shut down the operation. Lew was powerful when motivated by his hatred, but his father was even more powerful in the business circles.

And so the plan to spread propaganda from Lew’s mind never materialized. Station BABEL would never broadcast a single program. As a reminder, however, his father did erect a small watt tower in the original plan’s spot and then broadcast a looping message, “4…8…15…16…23…” No one ever knew what it meant, but Lew seemed to know and bristle when asked about it my reporters.


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