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LT5: Ecko's Stick and Sarah's Test

Looking back, these Tidbits are entertaining as we ponder who the woman in the picture with Desmond was...


Eko’s stick says this on it:

Psalms 23
Revelations 3 – deals with churches who have cold, hot and lukewarm relationship with God – the famous verse is about “I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in.”
Titus 1 or 3? – not sure on the number – the whole book deals with instructions about good and bad behavior.


Go to this website and click on Hanso in the picture. Read carefully what comes up – it is CLOSE to what Michael saw on the computer, but not quite.

Is there another?


The quote by the bearded man is the same thing that Hanso said…”from the dawn of our species man has been blessed with curiosity”.


Was “Zeke” a lucky guess or a reference to a hillbilly? Didn’t the bearded man look surprised a bit? Is Zeke short for Ezekiel to give us another Bible reference? The most popular Bible verse regarding Ezekiel is the phrase made popular by Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction.


Who was Sarah cheating with? Was it Sun’s arranged date whom was on his way to marry an American girl? Was it Desmond? If Desmond, is she on the island with him? Sawyer? And just who is this in the picture:


Did Zeke act like he knew who Ethan was???


She said she had paper’s to grade…Teacher.


This keeps coming up: Locke’s dad, the rich con man, is the Sawyer that James Ford hates. Is Locke’s interest in Ford taking “Sawyer” as his name or is the name James Ford the interesting part and to Locke, Sawyer is just a cover-up?


“Why don’t you just go home?” Home? What did Zeke mean as “home”?


Think Sara was really pregnant and lied to Jack?


Consider this: Zeke knew how many guns (“and I’ll take the other one”). Zeke knew who the “leader” was and spoke to Jack for decisions. Zeke knew names. If you consider that the Hanso sight tease also changed the computer conversation between Michael and Walt to: WHO ARE YOU? MOLE. Well, another name for Spy is Mole.


Geronimo Jackson – was the album just a reference to a war cry (how long to train an army)? Is the fact that Jackson means “son of Jack”? (See Sara Pregnant section). Charlie hasn’t heard of this band and no one else has. Play the record and see if we learn anything!!!


LT4: Hanso Website Clues

This memo was placed on the Hanso website for a very short period of time.

In general, this is to some doctor who lost his wife and he lost his arm. Something about 1,200 server confirmations and every 15th press o the test button – a six number reboot code will reset the tally to 0. M.C. is likely Marvin Candle, the guy in the Orientation video.

A shield in the middle. This same shield logo is found at another location and contains initials. Each initial seems to line up to people on the island. Of note is that C.S. is crossed off and J.S. replaces it (Christian Shepard to Jack Shepard).

Hey wait, the 23nd Psalms reads, “The Lord is my SHEPARD…”

Plenty seems to deal with a rejected Dharma site – somewhere in Michigan whose coordinates are the Lost numbers and the university where the DeGroots studied.

Finally, a secret memo is posted on it suggests that Jin and Michael are cornered by the others and are ready to shoot their way through the bad guys coming into the hatch. Before the first shot is fired…Walt enters the room…Michael runs to him before Jin can get a clean shot…too late…Michael is hugging Walt by now and all heck breaks loose.



LT3: External Websites

When this Lost Tidbits was originally published, half the fun of the show was looking around for external websites in order to discover clues. Perhaps a few have been updated and we've just assumed they were not being and find out.



When speaking to Shannon he says, backwards of course: "soon all of them are coming and they're close"


Check out the website…keep your mouse over the lower-left, 3 lines, or the 7 o’clock position. You will get in!

Type the numbers when next asked for input.

Then the member id…everyone seems stuck at this point.


This memo was supposedly leaked to the press and was obtained from an Easter egg – meant to be found, but not freely distributed.

Two days later, the Hanson web site put a press release out:

This Hanso Foundation is strange.

And Oceanic web site released a news story that read in summary:

“Searchers have found sections of an Oceanic aircraft, the Voice Recorder, and black box…tail number is N5180A…that Oceanic Flight went down five years ago on November 16, 2000…however, debris recovered was from items produced much more recently…”

Time shifting…I still think part of this show is like the Sixth Sense…you don’t notice people not talking directly to each other until you figure our one is dead. I recall one interesting factoid of where Locke and Sawyer have never spoken directly to each other, but their bits of conversation still “fit”. However, this goes out the window when you consider Hurley has spoken to everyone when taking the census…plus Ethan and Danielle (for battery).


A website has popped up with a weekly poem. The past week was an except of the Cheers song, “Everybody Knows Your Name”. Various letters are capitalized that spell out, “THEY KNOW”. There was a list of the “tailies”. Or is Cheers a reference to Boston. Remember Jack’s dad’s saying about the Red Sox. Notice that whenever that phrase has been used in the show “Red Sox will never win a world series…” that NO ONE corrects anyone. They won in 2004…and we were warned that the crash didn’t necessarily happen in 2005.


According to the Oceanic website, their parent company is the Reyes Group. There is a real Reyes Corporation that describes themselves as “Concrete, Underground, and Construction Management Company.” Where have we seen underground cement? Hmmm…

And just to make another connection, Hurley’s last name is Reyes.


Shannon Rutherford was shot is seems, but by WHO? TIVO freaks have noticed that a silhouette of another person which appears. While Michelle Rodriquez is a bit tomboy-ish, I’m not sure she was holding a weapon in her LEFT hand – which the silhouette reveals. The only Lefty that comes to mind is Ethan, but he’s not holding anything right now, right? Or maybe it is like a mirror where the images are reversed?

Let’s say that Shannon is the first to get the sickness…and this is manifested in her “visions” of Walt. Didn’t Sayid admit he finally saw Walt too? If so, what is the disease, how does it get passed, and stop the kissing until we learn more about this!

Danielle implored Sayid to, “Keep an eye on your people”…there is that eye reference again! Sayid kept his eyes mostly on Shannon. Eye M Sick…the eye again from the mural.

Let me just suggest this as the answer to “Who Shot SR?” (by the way, that is suppose to be a cute reference to Who Shot JR…get it?). Ok, my answer: NO ONE!

That’s right NO ONE shot Shannon.

Consider the implications this could have!

Danielle recognized the sickness and killed Shannon?
Kate, who was absent from this episode, got a gun and shot her? But why?
Claire has a vision to kill Shannon?
Walt? He can open tent flaps and blow out candles, why not carry a knife?
Locke uses knives a lot and seems to have a sixth sense about things?
Or maybe Ana did do what we were shown?

Find your hatch, mine is Richard,

For you non-Survivor watchers, Richard Hatch was the winner of the first season. If tonight’s Lost shows a clip of a naked, fat guy running around, I’m turning off the television.

LT2: The Numbers

Back in November 2005 we were focusing on The Numbers. While some of these topics have faded from view, the show has lately revisited some of these puzzles. So it could be a good idea to review this topics as well as take a trip down memory lane. And remember that each day we will post an original Lost Tidbit in the order they were published. Enjoy the trip down memory lane and maybe we will learn something we missed the first time...


Being that LOST is one week away from a new episode…it seemed fitting to provide ONE answer.

What did one snowman say to the other?
I smell carrots.

That is the long standing and standard answer. Many Yahoo searches dated PRIOR to the Lost season reveals that answer. The other candidates that were popular answers were:

Have an ice day.

It is very likely that the “real” answer was not the joke, since that could be stumbled upon by a stranger who had heard the joke.


Did you know that the combination to weapons stash in the hatch is 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42?

History of the numbers…

We learn that the numbers first show up 16 years ago when Danielle’s science team picks up a short wave transmission from the island.

We learn that Leonard Simms and Sam Toomie heard them from a long wave radio on a US Navy ship.

Danielle comes to the island and loses 15 team members and eventually her baby.
Toomie uses the numbers in a contest and bad luck begins to show up until he finally kills himself.
Simms later ends up at a mental hospital and constantly mumbles these numbers.
Hurley is at the mental ward and picks up the numbers from Simms when he wins a lottery and bad luck comes to visit.

The full set of numbers show up in various locations including on the airplane. Let’s write that one off since the airplane has no known connection to the island and the original transmission.

On the island we see the sequence in three places:
On the hatch lid
On the medicine that Desmond takes
Typed into the computer every 108 minutes

And again, we know the transmission came from the island.

Interesting note: when all the numbers are seen, they are always in the same order.


That big arrow in the mural…it seems that this arrow is also in the center of the Dharma logo in the second hatch. This means the artist likely was at or seen the second Dharma symbol.

Some theories:

Shower smells like sulfur; cement like a radiation bunker; leaking into water system/air and causing sickness; explains need for injections

Magnet keeps the island hidden from detection

Magnet keeps the disease on the island – I like suggesting that the nanites (black smoke) is kept in place by the magnet

Someone suggested re-watching the show for the oddest comments – like the shower scene.

Jack: “How was it...the shower?”
Kate: “Other than the water pressure sucks and the water smelled like sulfur…”

While anyone would mention water that smelled (I’ve been in hot springs and when the story is told the smell is usually mentioned), the better question is, “Why did the writers feel it necessary to mention it?” Picture yourself sitting in a room putting the script together. You get a great idea for a shower and thow in the strange sounds leading to little old Kate dropping her clothes. I can see the line, “How was it?”

And I understand why a writer for Kate suggesting the response me, “Water pressure sucked.” But not actually BEING there…the writer had some reason to mention the smell to us.

Sulfur is typically found near volcanoes and hot springs. Sometimes it is called brimstone for the location of it near volcanoes (as in fire and brimstone/sulfur).

The only connection I’m making is the mural which seems to have a vial or funnel in the lower right hand corner…red stuff inside. Then again, many islands in the Pacific are formed from volcanoes so it might explain the geothermal and natural formation of the stuff. Still, it might be good to re-watch episodes and focus on the script when certain lines seem out of place.

Lift it up,

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LT1: The First Lost Tidbits Newsletter

It was the beginning of Season 2 when the first Lost Tidbits was offered. Walt had just appeared dripping wet in the jungle to give Shannon and Sayid an important reverse. While the content is dated, we want to post the issues in the order they were originally mailed. And I found it amusing to flashback and see the things we thought at the time might be critical clues. This is where it began...


Hurley: Was it a dinosaur?
Jack: It wasn't a dinosaur.
Hurley: You say you didn't see it.
Jack: I didn't.
Hurley: So how do you know it wasn't a dinosaur?
Jack: Because dinosaurs are extinct.
Hurley: Oh, yeah.


Sources say that when Shannon saw dripping wet Walt in the jungle, it was a dream/hallucination.

Walt said backwards, “Push the button. Don’t push the button. Bad.”


The song Desmond started playing on the turn table was by Mama Cass and entitled, “Make Your Own Music”. Mama’s daughter recently was interviewed after the song was featured in the show. She pointed out a real life Lost connection: her husband went to high school with Flight 815’s doomed pilot!


The breaks in the video was due to Desmond watching it so many times and having to splice it. The most critical phase, sources say, is “Don’t use the computer for anything…” The next words are to be very critical.

Locke and Mr. Eko will make interesting discoveries when they watch the tape.

It is interesting to note that TWO actors are credited as Dr. Candle on IMDB for the episode, “Orientation”.


The books featured on the show might contain some clues. “A Wrinkle in Time” is one of those books. A review of the book reads:

“Everyone in town thinks Meg Murry is volatile and dull-witted, and that her younger brother, Charles Wallace, is dumb. People are also saying that their physicist father has run off and left their brilliant scientist mother. Spurred on by these rumors and an unearthly stranger, the tesseract-touting Mrs Whatsit, Meg and Charles Wallace and their new friend Calvin O'Keefe embark on a perilous quest through space to find their father. In doing so, they must travel behind the shadow of an evil power that is darkening the cosmos, one planet at a time. This is no superhero tale, nor is it science fiction, although it shares elements of both. The travelers must rely on their individual and collective strengths, delving deep within themselves to find answers.”

A tesseract, you say? Described as this:

“The tesseract is mentioned in the children's fantasy novel A Wrinkle In Time, by Madeleine L'Engle, as a way of introducing the concept of higher dimensions, but the treatment is extremely vague. In that book she uses the tesseract as a portal, a doorway which you can pass through and emerge far away from the starting point, as if the two distant points were brought together at one intersection (at the tesseract doorway) by the folding of space, enabling near-instantaneous transportation.”


Jack’s dad
Monster security system
Oh where, oh where, has our Desmond gone
Claire’s kidnapping
What put Locke in a wheelchair
Toy plane is so important to Kate…why?
Why was Kate wandering in Australia?
Black Rock – storyline and how did it get so far inland
Boone’s transmission on the Beechcraft
Danielle’s scratches
Where did Nadia go?
The Others
Why hasn’t Locke and Sawyer ever spoke to each other?
Claire’s baby – the psychic, the black eyes, etc
What happens if you don’t push the button?
What happened to Kelvin?
What is the bright light source that shoots out of the hatch?
No footprints on the ground and Eko keeps looking up?
What became of Sarah?
Memory loss of Claire and Charlie
Where does that cable Sayid found go?
What are the injections?
Didn’t Danielle give Sayid an injection as well?
Shannon’s father or husband?
Why did Hurley go the mental ward?
Reason for telling us the shower smelled of sulfur?
What is “the sickness”?
What tell us about the concrete in the bunker?
The magnetic key
Is there something about Danielle’s crew losing an arm?
The mural on the hatch wall
Jin’s watch
Who is Hanso?
What ability does Walt have?
Is Walt using his ability on the Others?
Why is Kate’s mom so afraid of her?
Polar bears?
Vincent’s role
Boone and Shannon did what?
The numbers


When Boone was in the Beechcraft the radio transmission went like this:

RADIO: Is someone there?

BOONE: Hello! Hello! Can you hear me?

RADIO: Repeat your transmission, please?

BOONE: Hello, we’re survivors of the crash of Oceanic 815.

RADIO: Hello…[we’re] survivors of Oceanic 815…

Some debate exists on whether the words “we are” is heard in the final transmission. Writers for the show have stated that the static was placed there on purpose. Was this the Tailies talking to “our” survivors?


Theory: the animals got there because of a prior shipwreck with animals on board.

Support: An Burroughs sci-fi story where this happened. In the story, mutineers take over the ship and another group of passengers on a passing boat. The name of the lead mutineer is DeGroot! In the story, DeGroot is described as Dutch – same as Hanso founder.


Everyone has a connection to another main character…except Claire.


Check out this site a map of all the places mentioned in Lost so far…


Ok, he is way to sure about things. How come a regional sales manager for a box company knows so much? Sure, he lived a lonely life and maybe spent it reading, but geesh!

Here is some observable and odd behavior:

He lied about being the “man” to Desmond for an obvious guess…so he doesn’t know everything
He seemed very sure about being dragged into the hole
His legs failed for some reason when at the plane with Boone
He knew it was going to rain in exactly 1 minute

Is daddy Mr. Hanso?



Notice the TWO faces – one white, one black (same colors as Connect 4). Feathers on its head? Some claim a Masonic symbol. Notice the “eye” as well which is a Masonic symbol (and on our money).

Hash marks.

108 in the sun, and again below to the left. 42 is also present.

Several people “stick figures” – 13 at my count. One looks “smaller” than others, and perhaps one more really little person. Two more on the right side…next to each other and one is on its head.

Fish – I count six.

The word “out”.

Waves, a big arrow.

The word “sick”. An “M” nearby. And “eye” above the letter. “I am sick”? Near is a fish. Fisheye? 42 fisheyes am sick?

Is that a test tube with red stuff inside in the bottom right hand corner?

Couple of houses – simple houses…one roof is dark, the other light.


The lines around the Dharma symbols match a chart that explains the Buddhism system
Buddha has 108 names
A band existed called “108” which played hard rock songs with lyrics promoting Krishna


Distance between earth and sun is 108 times the sun’s diameter.
Distance between earth and moon is 108 times the moon’s diameter.
Sun’s diameter is 108 times the earth’s diameter.
The magic square has a 1:8 ratio with its perimeter numbers and is considered a good luck charm.
The magic square center, middle and corners all create the shape of the swastika, a lucky symbol in Huddist culture.
108 degrees of a circle is known as the Golden Section.
Every angle in a pentagon is 108 degrees.
3’s seem to correlate strongly with 108. 3, 6, 9, 12…
The first 9 multiples of 3 each 108 (0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24)
The first non-trivial numbers, 2 and 3, when multiplied by themselves equal 108 (2x2x3x3x3)
The concept in the last two points is that this displays “counterparts”. Polar opposites of even and odd, yin and yang, male and femal


Find the picture of the Dharma swan logo. Look at it carefully. Notice anything spelled wrong?

The “R” is backwards!

Ok, so you don’t have to search:

Russian language uses a backwards “R”. Reading the rest in Russian this word “Dharma” would be:


Translated to English it reads:

“Bottom of the pit/hole”


Welcome to Lost Tidbits

This blog is like the television show LOST in many ways. See I was using older technology to share thoughts about the show using a newsletter! In order to get this thing launched in the fourth season, we are going to do some time skipping of our own as we re-create the newsletters of the past years as blog posts.

And like the show, I'm not sure where this blogging effort will end up. But let's get started and see where this takes us. So grab some fish biscuits, find a comfy airline seat and start to get lost.