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LT215: Mailbag Time


Alessandra, welcome to the blog and thank you!


This theme just won’t go away! I’ve got Adrian the Reader saying, “Ben has, we know, been good and Widmore bad.” Then Ben the Reader says Widmore is on the good list. Speaking of, I really would to hear the word “list” again on the show. It gives me the feeling that some even higher power is in charge of putting names on this list. We shall see.


Michael the Reader points out that Jack talked about flying over and over again on the Oceanic Free Pass in some crazy attempt to crash back on the island. Ben then tells John that Jack just bought a ticket to Sydney and this appears to be the START of the failed attempts.

This was mentioned in the last post, but a new thought has surfaced. What if this was the start of Jack’s journeys. Most agree he has been flying these flights for about a month. The timing seemed messed up because Jack appears to learn of John’s hanging not when he begins is odyssey (wow, did I just use the name of a book form LOST?) but near the end of his travels.

But what if not? What if there is no contradiction in timing of events? Well, that opens the possibility that the time sequence we observe on the show is even MORE whacked then what it appears to be.


Ben the Reader points out that when Ben turned the wheel he sort of helped Widmore to mark the spot, then he put up a camera. Very plausible, but the main problem with this angle is that the road was there. Ben appeared way out among the sand dunes where John seemed near a road. It would have been neat to see electrical wires stretched out to the middle of the desert, but without that being the case, I’m reserving judgment on whether John’s spot is Ben’s spot.


Ben the Reader also has a great observation: “Is Ben expecting to find Locke resurrected? He goes on about Jesus and Thomas, but then he plays the villain and kills Locke, in order to take his place? Confusing.”

Juicy implications with this idea, Ben! Let me throw a couple of other Bible characters at you who would seem to fit this role that Ben is playing. First, Satan. Think he would jump at the chance to kill Jesus? Now this is the SECOND time that Ben has tried to kill off John – the first being at the Dharma pit. He admits to Hurly later that he sensed it was futile, but just had to give it a go. Does he think the second time would be any different or is the point not really to kill this time, but to delay or alter things just enough? Yeah, I’m not even convinced and it is my idea.

But the second Bible character this reminds me of is Judas. Judas turned on Jesus with that fateful kiss and sent him to his death. Let’s not forget that Judas then was filled with regret and hung himself. Hmmm… If we see 30 pieces of silver soon on the show, I’m claiming a point!


He writes, “It'll be quite ironic if Ben, the man who pays so much attention to manipulation through detail, ignores the passengers on the plane, and they turn out to be his downfall. I can imagine Locke convincing the passengers to lock him up and interrogate him successfully.”

Now that would be ironic. Remember though how Ben seems to have EVERYTHING under control? He is pinned down in his house so he ducks into an underground secret room. He’s got passports and cash at the ready. He doesn’t want Jack to leave the island but plays it cool becomes he comes John strolling out of the jungle to provide exactly what he needs: someone to blow up the submarine.

But I love the idea that it will be simple oversight that brings him down. Now watch Ben be the hero of the show in the end!


Check back on Sunday for some more discoveries and thoughts on the last episode.


Friday, February 27, 2009

LT214: Bible Study


It seems that LOST has been offering more and more religious overtones. My favorite from the last episode was Angel’s Hardware. This is where Locke bought his extension cord to hang himself will. Does this mean it was God’s will for him to die?


There is a concept in some evangelical circles called dispensation. In short, the doctrine goes like this. There are periods of time known a dispensation with each beginning with a new covenant (contract) made between God and mankind. The first dispensation begins appropriately enough with Adam and is referred to as the Age of Innocence. Abraham’s contract with God begins another one and so on.

There is a pattern observed with each dispensation and that is one of how God reveals Himself to mankind. The pattern is of distance. With Adam we are told the two walked side by side in the Garden of Eden during the cool of evening. With Abraham God begins to distance Himself – or is that mankind demands more distance?

It isn’t long before mankind prefers a go-between like Moses. This go between was a priest. Then eventually mankind preferred a political go-between including the Kings. And it progresses to today’s dispensation where we have no direct communication and are left only with a written word, the Bible.

Since LOST seems to pattern itself upon religion, the concept of dispensation crossed my mind. Widmore, Ben and John all seem to be go-betweens. It would seem they fit the model of the priesthood. The “island” or even Jacob might be the god in this model. John is told repeatedly that the island needed him for a long time.

What we have then is rival priests or prophets. Reader Adrian points out that Ben seems to be holding Jacob hostage, ignoring his orders and keeping the people separated from what and who they need.

John comes along and he listens to Jacob. John is a man who doesn’t listen to his own voice, but to another. In Season 3 we have this conversation take place:

Richard: “When word got back here that there was a man with a broken spine on the plane who could suddenly walk again, well, people here began to get very excited because that, that could only happen to someone who was extremely special. But Ben doesn't want anyone to think you're special, John.”

John: “And why are you telling me this?”

Richard: “Ben has been wasting our time with novelties like fertility problems. We're looking for someone to remind us that we're here for more important reasons.”

John: “What do you want from me?”

Richard: “I want for you to find your purpose.”

I believe we are about to enter a new dispensation on LOST.


In Proverbs we are given a list of seven deadly sins. One is “a lying tongue”.

Now Jack had told Ben he had seen Locke about a month ago. He then began taking flights on his golden ticket in a sad attempt to return to the island. It was during these excursions when he learned of Bentham’s suicide and shared it with Kate.

Yet when Ben visits Locke in the New York apartment he indicates Jack just then purchased his first flight to find the island. Jack had his full-grown beard by the time John/Jeremy dies, so it seems as if Ben once again was lying.

As Ben the Reader points out, Ben appeared to visit John to gain information and not to save him. Again, with more lies.

The whole timing seems off kilter. After all, did the funeral home cut the cast off of John’s leg to make it easier for Jack to slip a shoe on?

Ben also said he could never return to the island.

Bottom line is, Ben is going to pay a price for his sins!


The scene with Walt was anti-climatic for many viewers. But he did say one thing that caught my ear…something about having dreams where John was surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him. Was this some prophecy of Ben’s people who killed Abaddon? Or was it the people on the island who seemed to doubt his place there?


Is Walt the savior in the end? Let’s remember that many have called him special as well. Or is Locke the savior? Did it catch you as strange at how all the Oceanic 6 seemed to just out and out question Locke’s destiny? Kate was especially cruel with her comment about never having loved before.

Many have commented that a good little martyr will go to his death with his head held up…even if there is a noose around it. Yet, keeping the Bible theme of this post, Jesus wasn’t what one would call a willing sacrifice. He prayed to “let this cup pass from me” and cried out on the cross in an almost accusatory tone on why his father had forsaken him. Didn’t John show quite a bit of doubt and seemed to be wishing somebody would knock on the door?


What’s up with this guy, Caesar? He seems overly friendly at the airport to Jack. After the crash I got the feeling he was looking for something and not just exploring. Hiding something an hour after a crash seemed as if he was on some sort of mission. Is he working for someone?

It was the way he was searching the office, if that makes sense. He seemed to be looking where people hide things and not in some fact finding mission. After a little poking around he then notices a filing cabinet? It does seem he found what he was looking for: maps and drawings.

Here is a shot of one of the drawings:

Does it ring in any bells? How about here

That’s right! This is Daniel’s drawing from his notebook. And the map he saw was the same as Danielle had (and that Sayid snuck away from her). I can’t help but think Danielle was somehow an Other or Dharma member, but my logical brain says no. Still…how does her work end up in a drawer at the Hydra Station?


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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LT213: Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Initial Thoughts

About 8 minutes has passed since the show ended and my brain is still processing. The one word that keeps circulating is "Woah".


I love filling in the gaps even though LOST always creates new ones. Here are my random thoughts that will be investigated on TIDBITS over the next few days.

* Ben hangs Locke. He had him where he would need him, talks him down and still then hangs him. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only thing that changed Ben's mind was the name Eloise Hawking.

* Told my wife that I can't believe it, but Widmore does seem like the good guy.

* Abaddon's death was one of the more shocking moments on LOST in a long time. But then I watch The Fringe so he has extra connections for me.

* Why has Sun been AWOL so to bet she is in the canoe with Frank?

* The canoes seems to mean more than I can figure out. We know one canoe get from Hydra Island to Mysterious Island with with Frank now. And we know that Sawyer and Kate hauled Karl over in one (but on the north shore). But their meaning is unclear at this point.

* Some passengers flashed and others crashed. Makes me wonder if Oceanic 815 didn't happen the same way. Of course we would need to find a crashee instead of flashee (are these real words?)

* Did you get the feeling Widmore faked Helen's death to keep John detached from staying?

* The conversations between Locke and Widmore...and later with Ben...seemed so "wrong". Two very smart guys and yet they seemed to be a moment slow processing the information.

* So Jack bought a ticket to Syndey...nothing is believable coming out of Ben's mouth.

* Why hasn't Sayid uttered a word in two episodes? I think I saw him around the campfire.

* Did you notice the nighttime to daytime switch with Locke? More on this in the week!

* Widmore's emergency fast dial number was 23

* John flashes to Tunsinia (spelling) in front of the predetermined camera, but Ben is out in the desert. Same portal area, but something isn't right here.

* The closing scene made it appear that Ben was hitching a ride. He crashed, but didn't flash. I think Richard better watch his back.

* Hurley cracks me up.

Overall, one of the more enjoyable shows lately. I liked the pace - it was much less frantic than we have had thrown as us lately.

Well, those are my intial thoughts. TIDBITS will be digging deeper over the next few days.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LT212: I Hate to Broach the Subject


Lately the talk has been about who is the bad guys on LOST. Ben and Widmore each have their list of sins. But what if Locke is the real bad guy? Could it be that John is the island’s pawn and that makes him the bad guy? In other words it seems everyone has been trying to protect the island, but what if it is the world that needs protection from the island…and John?

How many times has the island had to repair Locke? At the original crash his wheelchair bound body can now walk. At the Beechcraft with Boone his legs fail, but soon after he can walk again. He tries to build a contraption to break into the Swan Hatch and the only penetration it makes is in his leg. The Blast Door sliced into his leg during that lockdown. John has to crawl up the escalator in his airport dream. His legs failed to work while lying in the Dharma pit until Walt shows up. Ethan shoots John in the leg. And finally Locke drops down the well and again something pierces his legs.

Something like the island desperately wants John on two feet. That something is the island and I just don’t trust it anymore. I mean who has a guard dog like the island has?


In the Lamppost Station where the pendulum swings is a floor map.

Are the makings the possible or past locations of the island? Or are these the pockets of special magnetism mentioned? Or are these the location of the “windows”? If Ms. Hawking is accurate about the island is always moving, then forget static locations of the island and think of static windows to crawl through and arrive at the island.

Notice how all the markings are over water and none over land.

How the pendulum locates the windows or the island is a mystery. These pendulums swing in a straight light while the earth rotates beneath it. I believe they are designed to make a full circle within a couple of days. The one at my local science center knocks down a peg every 3 minutes which indicates how the earth keeps time.

My guess is that the electromagnetic fields are disrupted with the moving island. If you measure the disruptions you can begin to track the path of the island. I also believe these spots should be called “Hot Pockets” in tribute to Hurley’s defensive skills against Ben.


We have discussed how the Flight 316 was lined up to proxy Flight 815. For example, Hurley was carrying a guitar on board. I find this very strange since Hurley was so resistant to getting on board. So something finally convinces him to buy a few tickets and what makes him grab a guitar?

But also notice that Sun is holding a wedding ring of her husband…just like Rose did.

Ben was late boarding like Hurley was the first time around.

Jack has a letter like Sawyer was carrying.

If we continue this line of thinking then Claire’s proxy is on board: Kate…and pregnant!

And while I’m on the subject let me repeat my made-up interrogation of Ben that suggested everyone on board did flash to the island. One piece of evidence to support this is the Arija water bottles that I see no one in First Class drinking!


When Ms. Hawking met Desmond at the jewelry store the broach she wore had some significance as ouroboros. This symbol means circularity.

So it got me wondering what the broach she wears in the Lamppost Station might mean:

It seems to resemble the shape of a Tibetan Double Dorje shown below:

This symbol represents enlightenment overcoming ignorance. She spends the time explaining some of the facts of the island so it seems fitting she'd be wearing this broach.

The literal interpretation of the word “dorje” is “noble stone”. Black rocks anyone?


If this is calculated correctly our island should finally stop jerking around and have the gang in the 1970’s. This is very helpful since Hurley has to get up to the tower and record the Numbers. This leads Sam and Lenny to the Numbers which leads to the mental hospital and so on…

This would imply that Hurley realizes the future is coming and wishes to be rich so he provides Lottery numbers. He knows the numbers in the future because he recorded them in the past. Like a circle! But Hurley would also know the future curse, so why would he want to give himself cursed Numbers? Could it be that the Numbers are his constant? Is it required that a constant be a person?

Or was this actually a warning? Imagine if Hurley thinks to himself, “I’d like to avoid these certain future events like the Oceanic Flight. So, I’ll broadcast these in a loop so when I heard 8-15, I’ll be smart enough to be warned.” However, it only serves to repeat destiny. Nice try, but no luck. At least not until he figures out that he must change the Numbers at the beginning and not in 2004.


In episode 316 we begin with Jack in the jungle and then to the waterfall with Hurley and Kate. We then see the same scene late in the show. Watch these two scenes again and focus on the conversation between Jack and Kate. Do you notice anything…different?

Maybe this is not a skipping record (which repeats the same, the same, the same thing) but a changing record…of history. These two scenes differ a little too much to simply be a splicing effect.

Plus we have seen this stuff before with the record player (doh) in the Swan hatch changing appearances. And the photographs along the staircase that Miles walks up and down to chase out the ghost of the past.

These props and scenes keep playing out slightly different and something tells me it is a clue that they have all done this before.


Kate and most of the Oceanic 6 have learned something so powerful that they are prompted to do things they never thought possible…like board a plane likely to return to them to the island for starters.

My guess for Aaron is that Kate gave him to Claire’s mother at the motel. It is purely a guess, but she finally had to realize that it was the best thing for the boy.


A reader of TIDBITS, Adrian, points out that Miles finds a bag of drugs when he is doing his Dust Buster thing.

It is observed that the stuff inside looks like the stuff put in Juliet’s beverage before taking the submarine to the island.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell other than the color seemed to fit.


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LT211: Dig a Little Deeper in the Well


We hit another milestone at LOST TIDBITS. The 8,000th reader has stopped by. It took us about nine months to make it to 4,000 and doubled that in the last two months! Thanks to all the readers. You know what is the next threshold, right? 15,000!

Seriously, thanks to everyone for their interest in one of the best shows to every find its way to a TV screen.


Ben seemed to return to his uncaring way when he quipped, “Who cares?” about the other passengers aboard Flight 316. If Jack had been on the ball he might have thought to himself, “Wait a minute. This guy seems very interested in some things. So why would he shrug these people off as collateral damage? Could it be that his apparent disregard is because he knows things that I don’t know?”

Yes, Jack, I believe you’ve got it! Whenever Jack gets the chance to catch his breath and think it through he should realize that Ben’s attitude was not a lack of caring of the passengers’ death, but his attitude was because he know they would still continue on their way to Guam. At that point, I’d corner the weasel and demand he tell me more of what he knows.

And what if we could have this luxury of squeezing more information out of Ben? Here is how that conversation might go.

JACK: “Sayid, turn those thumb screws another revolution.”
SAYID: “I was waiting for you to ask me.”

JACK: “Now tell me, why don’t you care about those other people on the plane?”
BEN: “Ok, I’ll tell you. They will all be fine.”

SAYID: “Is it because only the first class passengers flashed to the island?”
BEN: “Maybe.”
JACK: “Sayid, get the pliars.”
SAYID: “With pleasure.”

BEN: “No wait, I’ll tell you. They are transported safely to the island.”JACK: “Everyone transported to the island?”
BEN: “Yes Jack. Everyone on board that plane is a recruit for the Dharma Initiative…but many years ago.”


Back in the episode “Man Behind the Curtain” we are shown Ben in a classroom on the island when the room begins to shake and the kids rush to a sort of lockdown.

Consider how the houses also shook during the Book Club meeting when Oceanic Flight 815 was passing overhead. Could the classroom shake then be Ajria Flight 316 passing overhead? This would help date the time the Oceanic 6 are back on the island.

Now this would mean that Ben is a young child at this point in time.

This leads to our first potential time paradox! Either Ben is still on board Flight 316 or there is now two of him on the island. Keep in mind that all we know for sure is the teacher stated the noise was cause by the Hostiles. So maybe not, but the building shaking was pretty reminiscent of the last time a plane came by to visit.

Do you remember Sawyer and Kate were made to help clear a landing strip? Could Ben have had pre-knowledge of a plane needing to land and it was his attempt to be ready for it? Or could this mean even a third plane is coming?


There are plenty of theories flying around this week with one common theme: trading places.

Yes, it is being suggested that Jack’s grandfather is actually an older version of Jack helping him guide his way through the cosmos.

Consider that the nursing home staff warns Jack that granddad keeps running away and going missing. Could this be Jack slipping into his younger version? Could it explain why grandfather really had the shoes? And didn’t the older Shephard mention something about going somewhere for good? Even Jack mentioned he was going away and his grandfather sort of acted like he knew what he meant.

One last comment on Jack needing something of his father…I yelled, “The watch!”. In the Missing Pieces clip Christian gives him a watch before his wedding. Granted, dad didn’t wear it, but at least the connection would have been there since Christian says his father gave it to him.

And while on the shoes…it seems there was a show and a movie called “Deadman’s Shoes” in which the new owner of the shoes takes on the persona of the previous owner. The movie involves lots of imaginary friends in the same vein as Dave.


And another suggestion wonders if Desmond’s Charlie isn’t going to be in a band named Driveshaft one day. I’m not buying this one even if the mole, chin and nose look likes Charlie’s face since it would mean there is an older brother somewhere (or is Penny keeping it a secret?).

To counter this obstacle, could Ben have been successful in killing Penny? While that might seem a little shocking consider the possibilities that come from that:

First, Ben gets revenged. Before we go judging Ben let’s not forget Widmore killed Alex first.

Second, it motivates Desmond back to the island. Imagine Desmond coming to the boat after the bad deed and finding Penny dead. What would Desmond want more than anything now? To find Ben and to kill him. This is the ultimate manipulation by Ben to get the people where he wants them – on the island.

Third, sort of an add-on to the last point…what if Ben called Jack to ask him to grab Locke’s body because Ben had one additional chore to handle. Could the chore have been that Ben needed to get little Charlie to safe place with mommy dead and Desmond not home yet?

Fourth, now little Charlie is in need of foster home. The parents that adopt him (imagine if it was the couple that wanted Claire’s baby originally!) and they already have another child…a boy, named Liam. Hmmm…


If we keep this line of thinking going much longer then everyone will be related to everyone else eventually. Sort of like everyone coming from a single Adam and Eve. Hey, wait a minute...


Ben brought some reading material along with him on the plane. The book is called Ulysses and contains the use of the Trojan horse by tricking the town who welcomes in the deadly gift. This reminded me of Juliet who infiltrated the Survivors camp by staging the apparent gift of cure for Claire. We then learn it was a trick by Ben to gain the trust of the Survivors. That episode was 3.16 in the series.

Jack asks Ben how he can read. Jack meant at a time like this, but Ben shot back, “My mother taught me.” Well, she died in childbirth, so no Ben, she didn’t teach you. Did Ben just reveal his overriding motive on LOST? Is everything he does to get his mother back from the dead? Have you noticed how mothers have taken center stage this season starting Daniel’s mom?


In the original language of the Book of John in the Bible, the word “Thomas” means “twin”.

Sayid isn’t talking because he is mad at Ben for getting him arrested. Why isn’t Hurley in jail for murder…or did getting Sayid arrested clear Hurley in one swift move? So why then take Sayid to Guam? Was he there earlier and killed someone there?

Why didn’t Jack ask Ms. Hawking about that binder?

Why is up with Kate running to some guys arms every time a little trouble comes along? And how about her asking why Jack keeps the shoes that reminds him of guilt? Is it me or does Kate seem to second guess that advice?

What does Ben hold over everyone to get them on board?

What is up with that guy in line behind Jack on the ticket counter? 99% of people would give him a dirty look for taking so much time. This guy says, “I’m sorry”. If he heard enough to want to show some sympathy, then wouldn’t he have heard enough to know that Jack really didn’t care all that much about John?


TIDBITS will always try to respond to reader comments. And we get one today from Anonymous which I’m trying to force him to sign his posts as Hugo. This is mostly because anonymous is one of those words that are hard to remember how to spell. Anyway, here is his thought provoking comments and my feedback.

"Anonymous" here. Thanks for the shout out and glad my feedback fed into your developing theory.


Thus, Ben knowingly put Goodwin (GOODwin) in harms way and arguably knew he would die, and did so over jealousy--or at least motivated. He is complicit in kidnapping and the murder of Anna Lucia and Libby. That's for starters. No comparable evidence for Widmore.

That is a mountain of evidence that no one would want replayed on their judgment day. Don’t forget he pushed Locke/Sawyer to team up on Cooper. He manipulates everyone including Juliet. Sawyer and the pacemaker. I’ve got to go with you on this one. Even Ms. Hawking thinks he lies half the time!


Widmore ethics...two more things to add. First, the young Widmore in Jugghead was Ben-like when he acted to snap his companion’s neck for giving away too much info and 2. We did see the video of him killing/beating someone. But that is it. Ben is way colder.

Well, we could suggest to a jury of his peers that Charles controlled his daughter’s life. He bribed Desmond. He had Alex killed or at least authorized it indirectly. And the young Charles Jones Widmore was very willing to cut off Juliet’s arm if it wasn’t for John’s blade getting in the way.

When it comes to weighing one evil act against another it seems like everyone loses.


I think, further, that the young woman in Jugghead with the others, named Elle is Ms. Hawking. Same basic hair, matching accent. Widmore had her name and addreess in his personal address book, which I thought was a little too personal. She is Daniels mother, we are told, but we don't know who the father is. If Jugghead Elle and Ms. Hawking are the same, did she leave the island because she was knocked up? If she and Widmore left the island together, or with a larger group, he may be Daniels father.

Hmmm…it is the most popular theory, but a friend of mine who posts here as MDJ thinks that Daniel would recognize his own mother even at a younger age. Using the Marty McFly example, he seems to have a point. I’m not so sure I’d recognize my mother at 22, but wouldn’t some sort of instinct or gut feeling take over? Hey, I walk up to strangers all the time because they ring a bell in my head and I can’t let it go.

Also, I’m concerned about the pregnancy point you made because of the island’s curse with mothers. I’ve always thought that conceiving on the island meant death for mom. And if dad is Widmore it would explain his funding Daniel’s research. I guess the biggest problem I have with this is the YUCK Factor! HA!


The airport terminal Juliet met Alpert and Ethan belonged to Hearat Air. Maybe the Others control this company? Who owns Ajira or Oceanic? Because the artwork in Widmores office, that Thomas painted, has a prominent symbol that is very similar to Oceanic's logo. Or it could be a spiral akin to the Orchid logo. The latter is tantalizing since, according to lostpedia, the painting appears in Widmore's office four years before it shows up in Thomas's apartment. Meaning? Time travel implications or Thomas didn't paint it and just owned a copy. Like a poster of Starry Night. If you lean on the it looks like the Oceanic logo side, then figure this nugget in...Widmore had major connections at the airport, whose security officers will "only do exactly as he says." Does he have powers, or just major sway at the airport because he, I don't know, owns an airline?

Just to throw a wrinkle at you for fun…I heard Sun owns Ajira Airlines! No joke. I have not posted it before now because it could be a spoiler, but hey, guessing isn’t spoiling.

And Paik’s company logo reminds people of the Dharma logos as well. We know that Paik and Widmore provided services for Hanso at one time. But I can’t get the feeling out of my head that they had a falling out. Almost as if they were fine using each other, but when push came to shove, Hanso had a soul and Widmore did not.


I dont think the wheel room Locke was in is a mirror opposite of the Ben wheel room. Watch again, Lockes room has icicles on the walls. Further, the scan the Dharma builders did in episode 1 of this season clearly shows the wheel chamber, and there was only the one side.

Maybe mirror isn’t the right word. How about the Bad Twin of the Cold Room? I do like your point about the scan showing just half the room. So, to use only evidence provided we will say it is a half-room that once was cold and once was hot? I wonder which came first…I’d have to guess the hot room. When did it go cold and why?

Was John putting the wheel back on its axis before or after Ben gave it a spin?


Charlotte says she grew up on island with Dharma. She also knew about the well. Did Dharma? Because Dr. Chang is adament that breaching the wheel room would be very bad. But is Dharma found the well, then they would know the room had already been reached.

It is strange how one person knows a certain fact and yet Danielle spends 16 years with some pretty good survival skills and seems like she was still in the dark. Maybe the key to her survival was due to her lack of curiosity. Your comments have got my interest in regard to the timing of these vents…especially about Dr. Chang’s warning.


You’ve got lots of other interesting points that I will take up in other posts. The thing about the bag Miles finds matching up to the drug used to transport recruits to the island is very intriguing.

Nice job and thanks for the feedback.


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LT210: Loose Ends

Today's posting is in response to the feedback received on the Black and White Theory...


This theory sure generated some feedback that I didn’t see coming any more than we can tell what twist or turn LOST will take each week. So let me tie-up a few loose ends.


The structure of the theory was to track the history of science as it relates to religion. It became clear that this was going to take too long and it came across as a report for history class. Actually that was my intent since half the challenge of a blog is finding material. My hope was that by showing a correlation between each science excerpt and LOST it would generate interest for readers of TIDBITS.

For example, the original belief in science was that the world was a flat island. So is there an island on LOST. Sir Isaac Newton then comes along and expands theories on gravity and magnetism. Newton has over a dozen tie-ins to the show. And so on.

It seems as if the organization of the theory was less then best since it was viewed more as a history lesson rather than a cool theory. The flaw in this organization was that the theory’s end game was never shared up front. So here goes…

My theory is that LOST is about science and religion, how the two schools of thought interact with each other, and what happens when the two reconcile in the end. If you consider this possible, then you will agree there really is nothing new here. We already know the show leans heavily on science theories and incorporates religious themes. The twist comes in that we now attempt to look past the present and into the future and predict what will happen on the show based on what science and religion predicts. And that’s why we call it a theory, right?

I’m not sure that this summary is much better than what was already offered, but let’s explore this further. And this time we will do so on fast forward.


Using hindsight again, the title was probably not the best selection. One reader posted that we can find all the black and white stuff on Lostpedia and that is very true. However, keep in mind that even that site is not offering a forward-looking theory but a collection of observations regarding color themes from the past. It is a fine collection of facts, but it does not use that information to formulate a theory.

Perhaps the better name would have been the Religion and Science Theory. Oh well, too late now. Or maybe this was the way things were suppose to happen!

The reason for the Black and White title for this theory was because it is most recognizable theme on LOST. We have witnesses maybe 50 or more scenes that involve a mirror. A mirror correlates with the black and white theme in obvious ways. In similar ways, the black and white theme mirrors light versus darkness theme. LOST continues to reinforce this line of thinking with yin and yang symbols found on Rachel’s lamp and other devices. We could write several blogs strengthening this point (and that was the original plan) but this should be enough to hopefully illustrate the thinking behind the title.


A reader recently posted this comment, “First, while your post on the Black/White as a broader metaphor for the conflict between science and religion was historically illuminating, it did strike me as very biased towards western science and western religions. It fails to consider Hinduism, Thaoism, Buddhism...whatever the heck aboriginal Austrailians worship etc. I think the references to these religions on the show are much more profound than the references to christianity are much more profound. That's just my take.”

I told you this theory generated a lot of feedback! You should see my emails I’ve received!


This reader makes a very good observation. I really liked the line about “whatever the heck aboriginal Australians worship”. Well worded. This is a good point made and my intent was not to slight any religion. The reasons for presenting most of the religious aspects from the Christianity perspective in the previous posts are because 1) it is what I am most familiar with and 2) during the history of science that was discussed in earlier posts, the Catholic Church really WAS the science community at that time.

I am more than willing to acknowledge that the version of history is usually presented only from the perspective of the winners. And while I’m sure Eastern religions were involved in their fair share of scientific studies, the only historical record offered tends to associate science discoveries mainly with the Christian church. Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo and most of the other early scientists were influenced by the prevailing church at that time, not the aboriginal Australians.

With that said, the reader’s observations are helpful in strengthening the Black and White Theory actually. Why? Because the way the show uses multiple devices to strengthen the black and white theme of science, the show uses several religious denominations to strengthen the black and white theory of religion. We don’t have to look hard at all to see all sorts of religious doctrines on LOST.


As I edit this post, there is a feeling that up to this point it reads like one big disclaimer. Maybe I’m taking the feedback from readers to literal or personal? But let’s get back on point, OK?
The source of my theory on the science side is a book entitled, “A Brief History of Time”. This book was being read by an Other who was guarding the building where Karl was being indoctrinated (with religious themed messages by the way).

The book was written by Mr. Hawking. Is this a coincidence?

The Black and White Theory makes this claim: the history of science is being played out on LOST. One of the earliest claims in the history of natural science was that the world was flat like an island covered by a dome. LOST mirrors this piece of scientific history by setting the story on an island. In the first Orientation film we see, a geodesic dome is shown.

The history of science that I was laboriously documenting leads us eventually to the study of the stars. Early on in LOST the constellations played a significant role. Can you say “Apollo” candy bars?

The history of science as found in “A Brief History of Time” takes us through various discoveries that were utilized on the show in a consistent pattern: magnetism, electromagnetism, the telescope, gravity, light, theory of relativity, no absolute space, and no absolute time.

The original plan to slowly reinforce this claim in several postings is out the window, so I hope it is sufficient to offer these brief examples:

Magnetism = the key on Jack’s necklace being attracted to the wall
Electromagnetism = specifically referenced throughout the dialog
Telescope = Desmond uses one to defend the Swan Hatch
Gravity = the plane crash, the hot air balloon crash
Light = Daniel’s observation that the light someone looks “different”
Theory of Relativity = literary correlations and in notations in Daniel’s notebook
No Absolute Space = “God can’t even see this island”
No Absolute Time = the flashes
Nuclear = Jughead atomic bomb

Mr. Hawking then takes the reader through the reasoning behind black holes, wormholes and other LOST-related correlations to science.


It does not seem that LOST is only a science course. Just as we have witnessed the interaction in history between the science community and the religious community, the Black and White Theory suggests LOST is doing the same thing.

We find one of the strongest examples of this in the exchange between Jack and John.

“Why do you find it so easy to believe, John?”
“Why do you find it so hard?”

That dialog happens to be form the episode entitled, “Man of Faith, Man of Science”.

I do admit to interjecting my own views on religion and science into this theory. But I tried to limit it only to the observation that while the early history finds the two closely co-mingled, recent times finds the two trying to separate themselves from each other. It wouldn’t be a far-fetched claim to suggest that instead of church versus science, we now have politics versus science. We have to look no further than the Global Warming debate to see this. Now watch LOST to introduce governments in play next week!


The Black and White Theory makes the claim that we are heading towards a reconciliation of religion and science. History reveals how each group would take turns in the lead of discovery of truth, and eventually the two schools of thought would always reconcile. I propose LOST is mirroring this same thing.

Here is my supporting evidence. Hawking claims that by discovering the future of our universe it proves one point: life is a circle. I find it interesting that the original name of the show was “The Circle”.

If we consider this possibility further, the claim then is that the universe will end one day. Hawking states that the universe is in the growing stage which all living organism display. By the same reasons, the universe will die. But it also then means that the universe was born. This leads us back to religion who offers creationism as the explanation for the beginning.

Creationism is not a claim held only by Christianity. Nearly every world religion offers some version of divine intervention. Hawking suggests that science allows for this possibility although it escapes our comprehension. Until proven one way or the other, we are left with a nasty contradiction.


The science community offers a solution to apparent deal with this apparent contradiction. It has been proposed that black holes exist because all matter (and light) will collapse to a single point of nothingness. This is called a singularity. This also contradicts the laws of physics that states “matter cannot be created nor destroy, but can only change forms”.

Hawking then proposes a radical thought based upon quantum theory. Instead of all the matter within an event horizon collapsing into nothingness, perhaps it changes forms to something we don’t recognize or yet observe. Hmmm…

This theory is what leads to the terms DARK energy, BLACK holes, DARK matter, and ANTI-particles.

Black and white.

The idea is that our universe is currently in the White stage. When it finally collapses it then cycles through but in a Black stage. In essence, a mirror image of itself until the next loop.

Now we go back and revisit the religious community who point out that Christianity mentions in its writings that there will be a New Heaven and New Earth. Perhaps this is the next cycle of the universe and scientists and theologians will again agree.

We then are able to remove creationism from consideration because if the world cycles forward, then it could have been cycling prior. A period we can perhaps call “The Age of Time” (at least time in the sense that we perceive it to be). Surely we can find plenty of examples in LOST about the perception of time being something other than we traditionally viewed it as.


The Black and White Theory then posits that the end game will be the end of the world as we know it. This could be the Doomsday calculated by Enzo Valenzetti. I wonder if the “end” won’t quite be as we currently perceive it. Instead of death, we simply enter a new cycle. Since it is the future that the show will need to project, we can only guess what their explanation will be. But if the patterns shared here with the Black and White Theory are consistently followed, then LOST is going to reconcile the man of science with the man of faith with an explanation that convinces both to agree with each other.

A common term for predicting the future is “science fiction”. The producers have stated that the show is now fully a science fiction show. I propose that their explanation of the future will follow the patterns outlined by Stephen Hawking and the Black and White theme.

Oh, did I mention Stephen Hawking is in a wheelchair?

What might that look like? That’s still anybody’s guess, but we should examine how various religions project the future and how science predicts the future. That’s really all the Black and White theory is saying.

In most religions the theme is good versus evil, yin and yang, light and darkness, black and white. It seems the show has been telling us this for five seasons. The simple use of water could merely be another device pointing out its reflective properties. The eye processes images in reverse. A mirror shows what is over our shoulder.

Consider the terminology that has cropped up in the show. It has been bantered around that person A or person B is good or evil. We see Danielle’s nice husband perhaps be transformed by some demonic influence. The leader of one side is named Christian for goodness sake! We have sacrifice; which most religions offer as the ultimate act of love. Whether it is Charlie taking one for the team or Sawyer jumping out of a helicopter, we see the message of sacrifice quite clearly on LOST.

What is my guess? The Black and White theory suggests we examine religious and science proposals to find that answer. Christianity offers a Rapture, Hinduism offers reincarnation, and science offers an alternate universe. At this point we can only watch carefully for clues to determine which way the writers of LOST are heading. Whatever the end game may be I propose it will satisfy the religious and the scientific scholars.

If a contest was held to offer recommendations to the writers, my proposal would involve revealing something greater and bigger then humanity but also was verifiable as “probably” by science. Some sort of way to finally get everyone on earth back on the Road to Shambala. My guess is the end game will be XXXXXX. Sorry, but that revelation will have to wait for another post!

Hey, this is why we call it a theory!


As I edit this post, I’m left with the feeling of “Wow, how did we get off on this track?” Maybe the interactive format of forums and blogs has led me to take a somewhat defensive stance and the last thing I want LOST TIDBITS to become is an argument forum. So after this post, TIDBITS will return to its regular programming!

I hope this helped clarify some points and like Ben said, “I just needed to tie up some loose ends.”


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Thanks for reading.