Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LT213: Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Initial Thoughts

About 8 minutes has passed since the show ended and my brain is still processing. The one word that keeps circulating is "Woah".


I love filling in the gaps even though LOST always creates new ones. Here are my random thoughts that will be investigated on TIDBITS over the next few days.

* Ben hangs Locke. He had him where he would need him, talks him down and still then hangs him. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only thing that changed Ben's mind was the name Eloise Hawking.

* Told my wife that I can't believe it, but Widmore does seem like the good guy.

* Abaddon's death was one of the more shocking moments on LOST in a long time. But then I watch The Fringe so he has extra connections for me.

* Why has Sun been AWOL so to bet she is in the canoe with Frank?

* The canoes seems to mean more than I can figure out. We know one canoe get from Hydra Island to Mysterious Island with with Frank now. And we know that Sawyer and Kate hauled Karl over in one (but on the north shore). But their meaning is unclear at this point.

* Some passengers flashed and others crashed. Makes me wonder if Oceanic 815 didn't happen the same way. Of course we would need to find a crashee instead of flashee (are these real words?)

* Did you get the feeling Widmore faked Helen's death to keep John detached from staying?

* The conversations between Locke and Widmore...and later with Ben...seemed so "wrong". Two very smart guys and yet they seemed to be a moment slow processing the information.

* So Jack bought a ticket to Syndey...nothing is believable coming out of Ben's mouth.

* Why hasn't Sayid uttered a word in two episodes? I think I saw him around the campfire.

* Did you notice the nighttime to daytime switch with Locke? More on this in the week!

* Widmore's emergency fast dial number was 23

* John flashes to Tunsinia (spelling) in front of the predetermined camera, but Ben is out in the desert. Same portal area, but something isn't right here.

* The closing scene made it appear that Ben was hitching a ride. He crashed, but didn't flash. I think Richard better watch his back.

* Hurley cracks me up.

Overall, one of the more enjoyable shows lately. I liked the pace - it was much less frantic than we have had thrown as us lately.

Well, those are my intial thoughts. TIDBITS will be digging deeper over the next few days.



Michael said...

remember that Jack talked about flying back and forth over and over again before he tries to jump off the bridge. That ticket to Sydney might have been the start of it.

KC said...

Agreed...I thought the same thing. Of course, how Ben sold it to John was in a little different vein. Of course, it didn't matter in a few more minutes.


Anonymous said...

Ben said...

On your first comment...Ben knew he was going to kill Locke from the start, but he wanted to get as much intel out of him as possible. See how him knowing about Jin and getting his ring saved himself from getting shot by Sun?

I don't get the feeling Widmore faked Helen's death, I get the feeling he caused her death, or maybe Ben.

The "exit": Ben sorta "marked" the spot when he killed those Arab scouts. Widmore just worked it out from there.

It seems that neither the captain nor Sun flashed either, seeing as they were found along with the survivors.

Is Ben expecting to find Locke resurrected? He goes on about Jesus and Thomas, but then he plays the villain and kills Locke, in order to take his place? Confusing.

One last thing...It'll be quite ironic if Ben, the man who pays so much attention to manipulation through detail, ignores the passengers on the plane, and they turn out to be his downfall. I can imagine Locke convincing the passengers to lock him up and interrogate him successfully.

Take care,