Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LT212: I Hate to Broach the Subject


Lately the talk has been about who is the bad guys on LOST. Ben and Widmore each have their list of sins. But what if Locke is the real bad guy? Could it be that John is the island’s pawn and that makes him the bad guy? In other words it seems everyone has been trying to protect the island, but what if it is the world that needs protection from the island…and John?

How many times has the island had to repair Locke? At the original crash his wheelchair bound body can now walk. At the Beechcraft with Boone his legs fail, but soon after he can walk again. He tries to build a contraption to break into the Swan Hatch and the only penetration it makes is in his leg. The Blast Door sliced into his leg during that lockdown. John has to crawl up the escalator in his airport dream. His legs failed to work while lying in the Dharma pit until Walt shows up. Ethan shoots John in the leg. And finally Locke drops down the well and again something pierces his legs.

Something like the island desperately wants John on two feet. That something is the island and I just don’t trust it anymore. I mean who has a guard dog like the island has?


In the Lamppost Station where the pendulum swings is a floor map.

Are the makings the possible or past locations of the island? Or are these the pockets of special magnetism mentioned? Or are these the location of the “windows”? If Ms. Hawking is accurate about the island is always moving, then forget static locations of the island and think of static windows to crawl through and arrive at the island.

Notice how all the markings are over water and none over land.

How the pendulum locates the windows or the island is a mystery. These pendulums swing in a straight light while the earth rotates beneath it. I believe they are designed to make a full circle within a couple of days. The one at my local science center knocks down a peg every 3 minutes which indicates how the earth keeps time.

My guess is that the electromagnetic fields are disrupted with the moving island. If you measure the disruptions you can begin to track the path of the island. I also believe these spots should be called “Hot Pockets” in tribute to Hurley’s defensive skills against Ben.


We have discussed how the Flight 316 was lined up to proxy Flight 815. For example, Hurley was carrying a guitar on board. I find this very strange since Hurley was so resistant to getting on board. So something finally convinces him to buy a few tickets and what makes him grab a guitar?

But also notice that Sun is holding a wedding ring of her husband…just like Rose did.

Ben was late boarding like Hurley was the first time around.

Jack has a letter like Sawyer was carrying.

If we continue this line of thinking then Claire’s proxy is on board: Kate…and pregnant!

And while I’m on the subject let me repeat my made-up interrogation of Ben that suggested everyone on board did flash to the island. One piece of evidence to support this is the Arija water bottles that I see no one in First Class drinking!


When Ms. Hawking met Desmond at the jewelry store the broach she wore had some significance as ouroboros. This symbol means circularity.

So it got me wondering what the broach she wears in the Lamppost Station might mean:

It seems to resemble the shape of a Tibetan Double Dorje shown below:

This symbol represents enlightenment overcoming ignorance. She spends the time explaining some of the facts of the island so it seems fitting she'd be wearing this broach.

The literal interpretation of the word “dorje” is “noble stone”. Black rocks anyone?


If this is calculated correctly our island should finally stop jerking around and have the gang in the 1970’s. This is very helpful since Hurley has to get up to the tower and record the Numbers. This leads Sam and Lenny to the Numbers which leads to the mental hospital and so on…

This would imply that Hurley realizes the future is coming and wishes to be rich so he provides Lottery numbers. He knows the numbers in the future because he recorded them in the past. Like a circle! But Hurley would also know the future curse, so why would he want to give himself cursed Numbers? Could it be that the Numbers are his constant? Is it required that a constant be a person?

Or was this actually a warning? Imagine if Hurley thinks to himself, “I’d like to avoid these certain future events like the Oceanic Flight. So, I’ll broadcast these in a loop so when I heard 8-15, I’ll be smart enough to be warned.” However, it only serves to repeat destiny. Nice try, but no luck. At least not until he figures out that he must change the Numbers at the beginning and not in 2004.


In episode 316 we begin with Jack in the jungle and then to the waterfall with Hurley and Kate. We then see the same scene late in the show. Watch these two scenes again and focus on the conversation between Jack and Kate. Do you notice anything…different?

Maybe this is not a skipping record (which repeats the same, the same, the same thing) but a changing record…of history. These two scenes differ a little too much to simply be a splicing effect.

Plus we have seen this stuff before with the record player (doh) in the Swan hatch changing appearances. And the photographs along the staircase that Miles walks up and down to chase out the ghost of the past.

These props and scenes keep playing out slightly different and something tells me it is a clue that they have all done this before.


Kate and most of the Oceanic 6 have learned something so powerful that they are prompted to do things they never thought possible…like board a plane likely to return to them to the island for starters.

My guess for Aaron is that Kate gave him to Claire’s mother at the motel. It is purely a guess, but she finally had to realize that it was the best thing for the boy.


A reader of TIDBITS, Adrian, points out that Miles finds a bag of drugs when he is doing his Dust Buster thing.

It is observed that the stuff inside looks like the stuff put in Juliet’s beverage before taking the submarine to the island.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell other than the color seemed to fit.


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