Saturday, February 28, 2009

LT215: Mailbag Time


Alessandra, welcome to the blog and thank you!


This theme just won’t go away! I’ve got Adrian the Reader saying, “Ben has, we know, been good and Widmore bad.” Then Ben the Reader says Widmore is on the good list. Speaking of, I really would to hear the word “list” again on the show. It gives me the feeling that some even higher power is in charge of putting names on this list. We shall see.


Michael the Reader points out that Jack talked about flying over and over again on the Oceanic Free Pass in some crazy attempt to crash back on the island. Ben then tells John that Jack just bought a ticket to Sydney and this appears to be the START of the failed attempts.

This was mentioned in the last post, but a new thought has surfaced. What if this was the start of Jack’s journeys. Most agree he has been flying these flights for about a month. The timing seemed messed up because Jack appears to learn of John’s hanging not when he begins is odyssey (wow, did I just use the name of a book form LOST?) but near the end of his travels.

But what if not? What if there is no contradiction in timing of events? Well, that opens the possibility that the time sequence we observe on the show is even MORE whacked then what it appears to be.


Ben the Reader points out that when Ben turned the wheel he sort of helped Widmore to mark the spot, then he put up a camera. Very plausible, but the main problem with this angle is that the road was there. Ben appeared way out among the sand dunes where John seemed near a road. It would have been neat to see electrical wires stretched out to the middle of the desert, but without that being the case, I’m reserving judgment on whether John’s spot is Ben’s spot.


Ben the Reader also has a great observation: “Is Ben expecting to find Locke resurrected? He goes on about Jesus and Thomas, but then he plays the villain and kills Locke, in order to take his place? Confusing.”

Juicy implications with this idea, Ben! Let me throw a couple of other Bible characters at you who would seem to fit this role that Ben is playing. First, Satan. Think he would jump at the chance to kill Jesus? Now this is the SECOND time that Ben has tried to kill off John – the first being at the Dharma pit. He admits to Hurly later that he sensed it was futile, but just had to give it a go. Does he think the second time would be any different or is the point not really to kill this time, but to delay or alter things just enough? Yeah, I’m not even convinced and it is my idea.

But the second Bible character this reminds me of is Judas. Judas turned on Jesus with that fateful kiss and sent him to his death. Let’s not forget that Judas then was filled with regret and hung himself. Hmmm… If we see 30 pieces of silver soon on the show, I’m claiming a point!


He writes, “It'll be quite ironic if Ben, the man who pays so much attention to manipulation through detail, ignores the passengers on the plane, and they turn out to be his downfall. I can imagine Locke convincing the passengers to lock him up and interrogate him successfully.”

Now that would be ironic. Remember though how Ben seems to have EVERYTHING under control? He is pinned down in his house so he ducks into an underground secret room. He’s got passports and cash at the ready. He doesn’t want Jack to leave the island but plays it cool becomes he comes John strolling out of the jungle to provide exactly what he needs: someone to blow up the submarine.

But I love the idea that it will be simple oversight that brings him down. Now watch Ben be the hero of the show in the end!


Check back on Sunday for some more discoveries and thoughts on the last episode.



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