Thursday, November 27, 2008

LT147: Game Update


Well, the game this "off-season" has crashed and burned. The powers that be are claiming it is due to budget problems. Here is the explanation:


I am pleased to announce that registered recruits can now log in and download your personalized Volunteer Assessment Dossier outlining your full test results as well as your position within the Dharma Initiative.

I want to personally congratulate you on behalf of everyone at the Dharma Initiative for your hard work and diligence during our testing process.

We hope that you are happy with your results. We certainly are. The tests were extremely challenging and the aptitude and excellence displayed far exceeded our expectations.

Now that you are in possession of your results I am sure you are asking the obvious question: what's next?

Our plan was that together we would commence a glorious adventure: the revival of the Dharma Initiative using the myriad talents of all our amazing new recruits. We imagined not just fulfilling long abandoned goals but taking the Dharma Initiative to a new level of greatness as an organization promoting the peaceful social and technological advancement of all humankind.
Then the financial crisis struck.

Sadly, our benefactors were not immune to this crisis. In fact, unconfirmed reports suggest that much of the money designated for the work of the new Dharma Initiative was tied up in highly leveraged mortgage derivatives. This, however, cannot be confirmed because, I am sorry to report, the principals representing the benefactors - my employers - have gone missing. Based on bills still coming into our office we believe they are somewhere in South America.
This stunning reversal of fortune has forced us to abandon our ambitious plans. In fact, absent this funding, the Dharma Initiative was forced to make the only sensible decision we had available: we sold the Dharma Initiative to the television show LOST.

While this might strike some of you as a shock, the reason for this was not simply that they were the only bidder. As the only remaining Dharma Initiative employee who had not fled the country, I felt that at the very least the show would be able to keep the spirit of the Dharma Initiative alive and in the public consciousness until such time as a reversal of the reversal of our economic fortunes occurs.

It is with a heavy heart that I must bid you farewell. Despite my fervent commitment to the mission of the Dharma Initiative, the realities of a broken marriage, heavy casino debt and some unfounded police charges have required that I change my present circumstances. It is with great excitement that I can inform you of my pending senior sales management job at a large multi-brand auto dealership in Dubai. I have enjoyed our brief association more than I can ever express, and if you are ever in the Middle East and need a car, please e-mail me for a special "Dharma rate".

In the meantime, you will hear shortly from LOST showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. They will explain to you their future plans for the Dharma Initiative and how these plans might affect you.

Thank you again, personally, for your unflagging commitment and support. I hope our paths will one day cross again. In the meantime may the spirit of the island guide you.

Hans Van Eeghen

Head of Recruiting


Actually, I'm sort of glad. The games have become a breeding ground of computer hacks who find ways to cheat when most of the LOST fans simply want clues to what has happened and to what is going to happen.

So it was refreshing to get a follow-up email that gave me exactly what I wanted.

From now on, TIDBITS will share these emails (they contain a password) so that you too can benefit from some behind the scenes stuff without having to jump through silly hoops like taking tests that you can't score high on without a hacker's help!

Click on the image below to read the email and get the password and I'll keep sharing these with you as I receive them.


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LT146: The History of LOST - Count Em, Six!

In our last post we began looking into the ancient civilization of the island. Our clue comes from the four-toed statue. Research indicates that six-toes were the original intent but for some reason the network felt four-toes were less weird. Yeah, think about that for a minute. But this led us to research six instead of four digit cultures.


Previously on TIDBITS we found evidence of many six-toed statues and drawings. Most have heard that “6” is the number of humans versus “7” for gods. This gets reinforced by “666” having a religious description of the Anti-Christ.

But my research kept pointing to one common theme: aliens. About to dismiss this, I then remembered Sawyer’s curiosity causing him to ask Juliet what all the rock smashing was for. She replied glibly, “We are building a runway for aliens.” Never cast odd statements away when dealing with this show.

There is abundant evidence that a common observation from those claiming to be abducted that they see aliens with six figures. Earlier Indian drawings in New Mexico show the same. Easter Island has six-toed statues. Now consider that the producers have come out and said as much about LOST, I think we are looking at really ancient civilizations: aliens.


LOST provides us a lot of religious references, so I believe it is critical to recall the last post that the Bible suggested a race of giants roamed the Earth. The Bible describes Goliath’s brother as the “one with six fingers”.

The Bible also mentions a race of giants who “came from the sky”. The most common term used is “emissaries”. They had relations with earth women and one could conclude that they still exist throughout our family trees.

These passages have caused a lot of sleepless nights for theologians as one might imagine. While I barely know how to spell Ecclesiastes (did I get it right?), I dug a little deeper into this passage and discovered that a son of Noah, named Shem, lived during this period of Biblical history.

Shem’s name means “to go up” or “to go north”. The same was written on Eko’s Jesus stick.

The word orgin of “shem” is from the Mesopotamia civilization and the root word is “mu”. If “mu” rings a bell, it should as it is also the name given to the mythical island mentioned in previous postings here at TIDBITS.


I can’t draw any yet. Instead we only have observations at this point. Those are:

-- Island has electromagnetic properties
-- Six toes cultures are associated with alien races
-- Bible associates six digits with giants

We need more points of connection! So, let’s move on since we have one more clue of our ancients: the hieroglyphics. In the next post we will research the pieces offered from the show and begin to look for any correlations.


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Sunday, November 23, 2008

LT145: History of LOST - The Ancients

We began this review with the island itself and noticed its volcano and electromagnetic properties. In chronological order, mankind arrived at some point in time, unknown to us. The term I’m using is “ancients” in general. This is used to show a differential between the original inhabitants and the current hostiles.


The early Hostiles could be called the Ancients. We can guess an early and primitive race lived here due to two observations: hieroglyphics and the statue.


The visible portion of the left-foot statue appears to be about 35 feet tall making the entire statue about 240 feet tall – equal to about a 30-foot story building.

The statue appears to be located on the west or north shore of the island.

It is made of grey-stone which is odd for a volcanic island. However, the rock in the area where Kelvin hid Desmond’s boat is of similar color. Or it could have been transported here.

Part of the challenge of researching the statue is that the producers of LOST have told a story that their original intention was to have a six-toed statue. The story goes that ABC executives ordered it to be four-toes in order to be “less weird”. I don’t follow that logic, but hey, I don’t write the checks. The producers respond that it didn’t matter how many toes, as long as it was not five.

The conclusion is that they wanted it to be odd. But why? To answer that question I expanded the search to include the original six-toes as well as four-toes.


A popular theory is that someone we know has the same toe count. It would seem that the people who have seen it are ruled out or hiding a secret: Sayid, Jin and Sun. The theory states that one day someone will take off their shoe and show us only four toes. This then would reveal who is a descendent of the Ancients. We can rule out Locke as we see his toes when he wakes up on the beach and wiggles them.

Keep in mind that a repeated line included references to “take your shoes off when you enter someone’s house”. Personally, I always thought that line was out of place somehow. And maybe it has nothing to do with our statue, but it merited mentioning. It also involves Locke who did take his shoes off when entering the hatch.


LOST has clearly made several references to religion, so one research wild goose trail I followed led me to a Biblical reference to a man with six-fingers and toes. In two scripture passages we read about a brother of Goliath who had the abnormality. Perhaps the original six-toe plan would have pointed us to the fact that the Ancients were giants. Goliath is said to have stood 9 foot, 6 inches tall.

The executive producer of LOST, J.J. Abrams, uses the image of a six-fingered hand as one of the symbols in his other show, “The Fringe”. There is also a viral video for that show which shows the six-fingered man and the words “Namaste” is heard. So, maybe the intention was six-toes and our search should be there.

I found a comic book series (comics are used in LOST) with a six-fingered hand which is some sort of group of villains. The story concerns itself with what happens when the realm of Hell intersects with Earth.

An earlier post concerned itself with the island being a reference to a mythological legend like Atlantis or Mu. Well, Oceania (Australia area) happens to contain some interesting statues with six digits! Also, there seems to have been six-toed footprints discovered on an island in the South Pacific. The footprints measured 5.3 meters long which matches up nicely to size of our LOST statue.


The more we can learn about the possible meaning of that statue will tell us something about the history of our island. Doing this can shed some light on what direction LOST is heading. There is plenty more on this six-toed direction then I ever imagined.

My next step is to try and find out more about the ancient cultures who are mentioned with the six-toed and six-fingered characteristics. The idea is to see if we can discover a model that is used on LOST.


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