Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LT269: Sneak Peeks


It seems that Charlie’s brother, Liam, just may have been giving us a sneak peek when he was seen in a flashback. Check out the image on his t-shirt:

Is that our statue on the island? Perhaps the producers have known and planned all this from the beginning. Or it just happens that one dog head looks like every other dog head.


The consensus is that the eye we saw in the teaser for Season 6 belongs to Jack. The implication might be that we will begin the final season where we started…with Jack on his back in the jungle.

Some people are going as far as suggesting it is the exact same shot used in the Pilot episode. However, the teaser shows the eye closing where LOST begins with Jack’s eye opening.

Let the theories begin!


In the flashback with Jacob and Jack at the hospital, did you notice that the candy next to the Apollo bar was named after one of the producers?


Since this post is entitled, “Sneak Peeks”…

“Help me, Kate! Help me”

Sorry, it is going to be a long off-season.


4 8 15 16 23 42

Yeah, we know them, we love them. But what do they represent?

If we use the Bible and the first book of Aaron’s uncle we find this:

Genesis chapter 4 is about birth – Claire giving birth to Aaron

Genesis chapter 8 is about building a boat – Michael and the raft

Genesis 15 and 16 is about Abraham and Sarah being childless – island infertility

Genesis 23 is about Sarah dying and being buried in a cave where later her husband would be buried beside her – Adam and Eve in the cave

Genesis 42 is about Jacob and his sons – ok, we know about Jacob…now what is this about his sons?


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Monday, June 1, 2009

LT268: LOST is Real Life


Every once in awhile I come across an article that triggers my LOST sensors. Here is one:

Air France passenger jet disappears off radar near island


Sunday, May 31, 2009

LT267: Weaving Connections


Dyanna writes and asks about the books read by Amy and Sawyer. The reason you couldn’t find much is that there isn’t much out there on them. For some odd reason, no one can identify them. Personally that seems odd as the titles spots are shown.

I’ll keep my eyes open as this seems like an interesting challenge to take on. Keep checking back to see if I can learn more.

By the way the episode you are referring to is “Namaste”.


Here is a theory floating around: Is it possible John died on Flight 815? Assume that Smokey is the Black Shirt then John could have been possessed immediately. Now the journey of becoming the leader seems less important, but the main idea here is that we have overlooked some critical component.

Are those that heal the ones that are possessed and already reanimated? This would then include Rose. She doesn’t seem as evil as the others we have seen influenced by Smokey (think the French team).

There is the part where John can’t seem to kill his father and has to recruit Sawyer to do the dirty work. And would this mean that Richard is following the Black Shirt and this explains his support of John?

Regardless of when John becomes a part of Smokey it does seem at one point that there are THREE John’s on the island. He is in the coffin, he is becoming the leader and he sees his old self shot in the leg. Isn’t there something about a trinity in the Bible, too?

Speaking of reanimation…what about Jacob coming back to life? He appears to Hurley in 2008 as he leaves the jail and gives him a guitar case. Yet, he died in 2007 in the fire. Hmmm…


We see Jacob weaving a tapestry shown below:

The interpretation is “May heaven grant you in all things your heart's desire". Of course, there is always some debate with interpretation. Another popular wording is, “May the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires".

The second version is also a quote from the book, “Odyssey”. It happens to be line 180 if those numbers mean anything to you.

It appears that Richard is the benefactor of this blessing as he can live without aging. This then reminds me of Jacob blessing Jin and Sun at their wedding. And let’s not forget that while Sun and Jin have been relegated to secondary roles, that Sun is very unique in that a) her father has been a major player in the Hanso Foundation from the beginning and b) she is the only 815’er who didn’t flash on Ajira.

So why weave a message in Greek? If you follow the timeline from ancient Egypt it leads to Greek civilization and then Latin. It this a clue as to the timeframe when Jacob needs the tapestry to be used? Recall that Ilena is holding a piece of this – that could come into play later.

On a religious angle, we know that the Old Testament was written when Egypt was a major power and had its language. The New Testament is like a mirror image of the Old such as love instead of law. The New also has a message of inclusion of Gentiles versus the exclusive club of the Old. And we note the New was written in the Greek language.


Where the Jacob flash backs more revealing that first thought? Consider that Kate stole a lunchbox with the theme, “New Kids on the Block”. Then years later she steals a baby, aka “new kid”, aka Aaron.

With LOST being about mirrors and reflection and what not…could Vincent be a clue? GOD…DOG. I’m just saying that a rewatch this summer might be a required activity.


Anyone care to make a bet that Charlie returns next season? Consider that Jacob gave Hurley the guitar case. Sun finds the Driveshaft ring. Could the song, “You Are Everybody”, be a tribute to Jacob?

Of course, we can make an argument for Hurley being the “bridge” to Jacob as well as Jack, Claire…ok, just a thought.


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