Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LT311: Religion Everywhere


Now this one has thrown me a curve ball. We have another clue from the Art Gallery which leads to this link:
This is a blog which comments in a rather right-wing way about something Susan Sarandon said regarding Christ as an activist.

I’m reading way between the lines, but one might conclude the real “clue” here is that Jesus was not just a nice guy. His tough love often alienated his audience to the point that they ended up crucifying him. His “own” received him not.

If we ponder on this we are left wondering if Jacob is too nice to be the “good guy”? Maybe the Man in Black’s tough love approach is a sign of the real messiah on our crazy little island.

Anyway, this one was really strange to me and I thought you should know about it.


There is no shortage of theories…even during the off-season. I do my best to wade through them and share those with the most merit or at least interesting components. In fact, this theory lays the foundation for my essay this week!

It goes like this…the Man in Black is…Aaron. Eventually, Aaron becomes Smokey. For those color-based viewers and for the record, Aaron to date has been associated with the color white. So we have some debate on our hands about this.

The strongest evidence in support of this theory is that Claire was in the cabin with her father and Locke and was quite at ease. Some may suggest this was because she was dead, but we could counter that regardless her demeanor was relaxed. How could we explain this behavior? Somehow Aaron has explained to mommy that he was the smoke monster…and thus Christian was little Aaron in some manifestation.

To deal with some weak points of this theory it has been suggested that Aaron switched sides. Again, why? The offered explanation is that he was NOT to be “raised by another”, but was. This lack of compliance might have led to his reversal. (Who isn’t thinking Anakin in Star Wars just a little bit?)

Anyway, chew on this one for a bit and then check out the essay.


Lew’s outcast from his family was due in part to a diary kept by the young man. As fate would have it the book found its way into the wrong hands as far as Lew was concerned.

The writings in that diary were said to be evil for lack of a more appropriate word. The book revealed a growing resentment towards his brother, Chris. The underlying cause appeared to be Lew’s desire for his father to acknowledge him for his ability, but that was in limited supply in this household. The boy’s father was a stern taskmaster as well as a jealous man who sought the spotlight for himself. When a stray ray of light fell outside his scope it would fall mostly on Chris and for this Lew’s hatred grew.

One particular plot outlined in Lew’s diary was beguile. Chris had a girlfriend of sorts. Lew’s plan was simple. He would deceive her with false advances. Lew could weave a story and with his words and deeds, Lew began to gain the attention of the girlfriend, Aveline. Over an extended period of the time Eve, which was her nickname, grew found of Lew. The plan was working just as Lew had planned.

The final piece of the chess match was Lew proposing to Eve. For years she had rejected his sexual advances, but now as a promised couple, she accepted his advances but one time. She became pregnant and delivered a son, but not as married woman for soon after Lew broke off the engagement claiming she had been unfaithful with another, perhaps Chris.

Chris was devastated with the accusations made against him, but he offered no defense but his reputation. Matters began to settle down after Eve moved out of the Garden state of New Jersey. She raised her family and Chris married eventually and started his family.

Of course, none of these events were known until the fateful day when the diary was found. But the most interesting fact is that that these two family trees would cross paths again. And that story is for another day.

AUTHOR’S NOTES: Some have suggested that Satan did not offer Eve an apple in the garden, but had sexual relations with her. This then led to two distinct family lines. This doctrine won’t come full circle until Revelations, but it does have an end game.


I hope you enjoy the essay and TIDBITS. Thanks for reading!