Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LT310: Thoughts in My Head and Another Essay

Sorry if you came looking last week for TIDBITS. A busy schedule and bit of the flu has hampered by deadlines for the blog. Don’t worry, I don’t think it is the swine flu although I have had a craving for bacon lately. Anyway…here we go.


Speaking of ghosts, recall that Hurley was off-island as an Oceanic 6 and he gets pulled over with a tranquilized Sayid in the passenger seat? Well, the cop who pulls him over is the ghost of Ana Lucia.

But did you know that Hurley and Ana Lucia never met on screen? Hurley has never met Richard although he gets to the compound and the cabin.

Who else have not met? Miles and Sun. Locke and Frank – at least not the real John.

And we have interaction is it strange. For example, Ben and Desmond meet for the first time and they act like they have known each other for years.

Maybe it is difficult keeping everything straight on the set during filming. Or is this more clues as to the looping of time.


No, not the George Michaels song, although being Halloween season he would fit as being creepy. Instead I’m wondering about the whole family affair thing.

What if the island is a magnet that draws certain people together to form a new family? One that will survive some earth-ending event and this group will be used to “seed” the next “loop”?

In some strange way the Survivors could be family members of a sort. Which begs the question, “Whose your daddy?” Ben? John? Christian? Jacob? Man in Black? Smokey (ok, that’s just strange). The more I think about this line of though the more my mind is lead to aliens and supernatural creatures. Or maybe I just have “V” on the brain.

ESSAY 3 – Can You Guess My Name?

As young children, their father was nurturing a love for the game of chess. It was obvious that both sons were quite talented. It was equally clear that Chris was the better player. In fact, Chris never lost a single game to Lew (unless he felt some mercy and allowed it).

Innocence has so many things about it to envy. That is not to say that it doesn’t have some drawbacks, mainly being na├»ve. By the time the knowledge that comes from maturity arrives, it is too late to hold on to much of that pure innocence.

The same was true of Lew. The precise date and time are unknown, but there was a point when Lew realized he was losing every game to his brother. Being second seemed like such a prize while innocent. When the knowledge of things adult came upon him, he then knew. He just knew. And it was at this point he decided something had to be done about it.

And so Lew worked harder. He memorized more opening moves. He studied the counters and finer details of the game. And still he lost. When determination failed to produce the desired results he began to plot.


In a place somewhere else, the young couple who trained their minds in the higher studies had an interesting encounter. One day while doing chores at home, a man dressed in black stopped by the couple’s house. The mailbox read, “DeGroots”. He came upon the wife first and he asked, “Aren’t the possibilities wonderful?”

They both instantly knew what was meant and she quickly agreed. The stranger continued, “Then let’s explore together. If you just take this check, then we will make this a better world.”

At that point the small voice we all have inside of us spoke to the woman. It warned her of a deal too good to be true. It reminded her of strings that could be attached. And she told the man these things.

“But you could live forever…like gods!”

At that thought, she shook his hand and then turned and ran into the house calling for her husband. She showed him the check and together they agreed to pursue this new path.

It would be some time before they stopped to wonder who this man was. The check was signed, “Alvar Hanso.”


I've received some nice feedback on the essays. Just a different sort of way of sharing some ideas. The main one is that LOST is a retelling of the Bible if you haven't noticed. Stick with me a few more and you might see the similarities that I've noticed.