Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LT313: Sacrifice


Lew and Chris were brothers but shared little else in common other than their love for the game of chess. Chris was the dominant player and Lew resented the fact. Over time, Lew devised many schemes to revenge the jealousy he felt.

As young men it was the habit to enter world class chess tournaments. In one particular match that was nearing the end, the brother made his move and announced to his opponent, “Checkmate in two moves”. But he did not remove his hand from his piece. After an extended pause he told his opponent, “If you agree to sacrifice your best piece in the very next turn, I will not place you in checkmate. “

The entire room seemed to hear and soon everyone was watching this game. The brother continued to hold his piece until the opponent made his decision. Give up his best piece or lose in two turns. It hardly seemed like a choice.

The brother making this odd offer was Chris.

Meanwhile, in another place and at another time, God ordered Abraham to kill his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Abraham obeyed and took his son to a mountain, tied his son to the altar, and raised the knife high intending to kill his newborn child. Then God interrupted and provided a substitute sacrifice.

Meanwhile, in another place and time, a doctor was making the ultimate sacrifice for his son. He abandoned his career and his life so that his son could be saved from the same kind of life he had. Some consider the doctor to be a waste of human being. Others consider Doctor Shepherd to be a great man.

Meanwhile, in another place and time, a man was dragged out of a garden by a mob of angry men. The group beat, stabbed and eventually killed the man. All the time his father stood by watching and choosing to do nothing. The son’s last words were directed to his father. He said, “Why have you forsaken me?” The location of these events is called Calvary.

“Boone was a sacrifice that the island demanded.”
- John Locke


ABC has announced they will hold an auction of LOST items after the May 2010 finale. It is being named after the parent company and the event is called “Disney D23”.

If interested, check out for more information.


Word is the show returns on Tuesday this season beginning February 2.


I rate this 1.0 but here goes. Someone has taken the time to analyze all the prophecy type movies, popular conspiracy formulas and such. They claim that when looking for a pattern that the same conclusion is reached time and time again. The pattern can be summed up in one word: Vincent.

I’ll try to decipher just one of the thought threads and share it next time on TIDBITS.