Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LT166: Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now


LOST is clearly presenting time-based concepts. That has caused many hours of research into the topic and one product of that research is the concept of being omnipresent. This is concept of being everywhere at the same time.

Followers of the Bible believe that God is omnipresent. This relates to LOST because if time is flexible enough to travel to the past and the future, then it really does indicate that we can be everywhere at the same time. Or maybe the proper way to word this is that we can be at every time at the same place.

The island prior to moving was located based on three measurements: longitude, latitude and altitude. These three dimensions give us the physical location. So if the island moved in time to the past, then the island would still be right where it is. See, if the island was there at 9 a.m. this morning and it moved back in time at say 4 p.m., it would still be there 9 a.m., yesterday, and the day before that. Since the island disappeared, there is only one conclusion to draw: it moved forward in time. Let’s say it moved to 9 p.m. even though our clocks read 4 p.m. In five hours, the island will reappear. Why? Because the X, Y, and Z axis didn’t change…only the fourth dimension of time changed.

So, is the island really everywhere at the same time? At 9 a.m. we could say the island was HERE. At 9 p.m., again we could say the island is HERE. During those 5 hours, where was it? I propose HERE still because time is merely one of four adjustments and it happens to be the one that doesn’t deal with spatial measurement, but with time. Of course, Einstein tried to work out this apparent contradiction but combining the dimensions into something called space-time manifold.

This then led me to God and attribute of being omnipresent. The Bible says God has no concept of time and he knows the past, present and future. This gives a real paradox to contemplate since it throws a wrench into the concept of free will, but beyond that, it brings up another question: if God can be everywhere at the same time, then is God in Hell?

Hell is often defined as “absence from God”. The Bible suggests that God and Hell can’t co-exist for the same reason a light causes darkness to flee from a room when you flip a light switch on. But if God is everywhere, then shouldn’t we find God in Hell?

This contradiction is often justified by pointing out that being omnipresent is a power where corporeal beings deal with spatial dimensions. This of course moves time into the realm of power…or even more accurate, supernatural power.

We might propose then that time on LOST is faith-based. The other three dimensions of width, height and depth are science-based. This is perhaps a reminder to merge the faith versus science theme with the time themes which are center stage.


Even Einstein’s theory is about perception of time. Two people looking at their own clocks will perceive a different relationship to time passage. We know that velocity changes the behavior of time and will even stop at the speed of light (ok, we don’t KNOW that, but have come pretty close to proving it).

This could mean that each individual on the island has their own “flow of time”. Desmond, for example, is definitely on a different flow that other survivors. Ben seems to have his own awareness of future events as he always has a plan and seemed shock when the future doesn’t play out how he expects or first experienced it.


After dwelling on this stuff and making my head hurt again (at least I haven’t suffered from nose bleeds…yet), I came upon a theory for course corrections: Smokey.

To put it in concrete terms, we can claim with confidence that had the plane not crashed on the island, that Libby, Charlie, Boone, Eko and the rest of the dead would have died off the island. In the case of Charlie, we can really stand up with confidence and claim this for Desmond told us, showed us, and lo and behold, let it happen.

NOTE: I say “let it happen” because with his future vision it was interesting he didn’t see getting whacked on the head by the paddle by Charlie.

So I suggest Smokey is performing some course corrections to the universe. And this might be why it didn’t kill Keamey…it wasn’t time to. It avoided killing Locke and Juliet and Kate – although each were scanned.

Hey, just some thoughts I had to get off my brain!


Ever ponder how cool it would be to go back to a prior age of yourself and re-do your life knowing what we know now? Well, I’d like to do that with LOST. Review the past four seasons knowing what we know now and see if anything appears different to us. During the summer, several LOST blogs have re-played the episodes with its readers, but I’m looking to do it from a different approach. The goal is not to rehash the seasons, but to look for clues that appear to have new meaning to us now. I’m not even sure if we have enough time before Season 5 begins, so my hope is to make it a feature in each blog. The section will be called HINDSIGHT, so look for it each blog!

The key to gathering additional information will be YOU. If something clicks in your mind during the review, please post a comment or send an email to me. The more pairs of eyes we have on this, the greater the odds will be that we discover something previously overlooked.


We mentioned in the last blog that TIDBITS will not expose spoilers. It just ruins the fun of discovering things for each person. But, that doesn’t exclude promos. Often I turn away and don’t watch those “next week on LOST” clips, but sometimes you just can’t help it. Anyway, thought it might be fun to reveal one promo feature each post, so look for it in each blog!


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LT165: Destiny Calls


Faithful readers, we have a lot happening right now and so you should check back for LOST TIDBITS quite often between now and the premier on January 21, 2009. So much going on that time seems to slip away from me, if you know what I mean.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated, as well as continue along some other features mentioned recently like Season 5 Promos and Hindsight, but for now, it is eating up a lot of time just to keep you up to date on latest discoveries.

Man, I love this show!

Oh, be sure to scroll down through the older posts because you don’t want to miss a single thing!


It seemed a good time to share the news that is causing all the buzz with LOST fans: Ajira Airways. Check out their website at :

Notice the island in the background of picture above. And if you count the windows on the plane you get 108.

The name Ajira has plenty of meanings depending on which language you use, but the most interesting is “island”.


For those who like to count in hexadecimal there are hidden phrases on several pages. For those who don’t enjoy converting every byte, here are those messages:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

This phrase is from John 3:16 in the Bible. In one of the Dharma Special Access messages from the producers they told us that “3:16” was the title of one of their episodes. This takes into two areas, again: religion and a little more hidden: immortality. If you check out the airlines website it plays a video. Be ready to click and hold on the red button and you’ll see an inserted image of a man holding up a sign in the airport as if he is there to meet someone. These placards usually hold the name and flight of a person and in this shot it reads: “John 316”.

The other phrases include:

“So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen games the like of lawn tennis and about hurley and putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up a nation once again and all of that.”

This phrase was also mentioned on a Dharma Special Access video. It was the one featuring a new book we would see in the show, but prior to sharing that with us, Damon just happened to be holding a book and “randomly” turned to a page and read the above line to us. He scoffed that this was how easy it was to turn everyday observations into LOST-related topics because it merely had the word “hurley” in the line. And now it shows up hidden on the airline website! Oh, those tricky guys!

Other phrases are:

“Pineapples in Hawaii”

“Where America’s day begins”

“Supersonic is commercial thirty till meridian”

The last one is saying 11:30 a.m. – thirty minutes before noon or midnight, I suppose.

Look for updates on what these clues could mean.


There are instructions to fold paper into an object using the provided sample boarding pass. When you peer into the folded item it reveals GUAM as the keyword. The website also includes longitude and latitude coordinates that when entered into Google take you to the Guam International Airport.

In my mind this all points to the airlines and the airport that our Oceanic 6 plus Ben (and maybe Desmond) will use to fly back to the island.


The Adventures page contain write-ups of vacation spots each written by a fellow name MacCutcheon. This was CHANGED! The earliest version had the spelling of McCutcheon. This is of note because the earlier spelling matches the whiskey that Desmond and Charles Widmore have in common!

When attempting to book a flight you will see they are all full right now. I assume the proper combination will unlock a secret page for us. Most are learning towards 11:30 (thirty before meridian) and the flight being 316 (placard) and the promo code being found on the Frequent Flyer Card which works out to P-R-O-M-O in Ascii code (oh those geeks!).


Below is a snapshot of a postcard which you can send to friend. I thought you might enjoy and if you have any comments on what it might be implying, drop me a comment.


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Monday, December 29, 2008

LT164: Dharma Special Access 6

Another email from the producers of LOST with special access! The link is only available for 72 hours for those with the password, so hurry!


Happy New Year all you Dharma folk!

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season. We are.

Our shooting crew is on hiatus for another week, so we are enjoying a little semi-down time, hanging out with our families, reading books, doing a little writing on some upcoming episodes, and getting caught up on TOP CHEF, which is sort of an obsession of ours.

We didn't get a chance to answer even a fraction of all the great questions submitted, so we're back this week with yet another Q & A. We promise you the most obfuscation you've ever seen in a short segment of video.

Click on the link below and enter the password to check it out.

We also saw this really interesting new commercial we wanted to share with you. Hmmm. Very curious indeed... Anybody know anything about this airline?

Back to you next week.

Ring in the New Year safely. No DUIs, okay?

Peace and blessings,
Damon and Carlton
Password: emal


I liked the not-so-subtle mention of DUI's. Are you listening cast of LOST? HA!

If you can't or don't see the video it was another Q&A. Here are the highlights:

--Geronimo Jackson is not going to get back together any time soon, but an original song of theirs has been found and will be included in a LOST episode.

--Was Christian in white shoes a prop mistake or does Jack have no taste? It was no mistake by the costume department and why he is tennis shoes will be explained this coming season.

--Is the four-toe statue a dead issue? Nope, and they will address it but not until season 6.

--Was Alex death planned? Planned? It what way do you mean planned? Hmm...


If you watch the video you see a commerical at the end that says something like, "get lost on a flight with us" and "follow your destiny".

The web link is

Check out their website and you'll see all kinds of related trips. Here is their teaser:

"Get lost in the world with groundbreaking promotions like Destination: Destiny that keeps your flight destination a mystery until you get there. We’re changing the way people think about travel - this isn’t vacation, this is your life... escaped. Let us deliver your destination by revealing your destiny"

A flight to somewhere!


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LT163: Random Brain Teasers


Jack was about ready to not board the plane due to the difficulty of getting his father’s coffin loaded on board.

Sayid was detained and was at risk of not boarding the plane.

Hurley barely made it thanks only to that scooter he bought on the spot.

Sun had to a do a 180 degree turnaround, literally, to get on board.

Kate would have run at the first opportunity, but was dragged reluctantly on board.

Claire was probably one of the passengers least looking forward to this flight (we get additional support of this point of view in a deleted scene). She was carrying Aaron.

These are the Oceanic 6.

See Locke’s vision quest for additional support of those who leave the island.


According to Lost Moments, Christian expected his son to be on the island and instructed Vincent to go wake him up for he had work to do.

But Tom tells Ethan, “I don’t understand, Shephard wasn’t even on the list.”

Maybe the writers regret this line more than any other, but assuming it stands firm, then it does seem that Jack has been getting special permission to proceed on this journey.


While not one of the LOST numbers, it does seem to figure in prominently. Six is often consider the number of mankind and a triple-six gets a lot of attention.

I think that it is strange then that Dharma Initiative studies six areas of science. It seems possible that these are the six rules of the scope of the Underworld’s influence.

And it matches up to the Oceanic 6…although even Jack said 9 survived the crash.


I just can’t get this movie out of my mind when thinking about LOST. Maybe the Hostiles are only living the Groundhog Day Syndrome…every 108 minutes the island resets its clock, or 108 days, or 108 years. This could be why they don’t age.

If Dharma Initiative arrives and builds a hatch that stops the clock resetting in advance of the 108 build-up of electromagnetic properties, then the island no longer “stays young”. If I were Richard and started showing signs of aging, I’d purge someone too! Or at least I’d send Walt over to tell the Survivors to stop pushing that button. Or convince Locke to stop pushing it (I believe Locke was right about breaking the computer afterall).


Why does that wheel remind me of a steering wheel on an old 1800’s trade ship?

Think Widmore was the last to spin it and was banished from the island?


I’ve posted on this topic, but it still puzzles my brain about the rocket being late and the doctor with a slashed throat being early.

It seems that we have to go with oscillating time. By the way, here is a personal theory of mine: the time goes slower for a period of time and then reserves to speed up due to some external clue. I have a hunch that each time it rains, the pendulum of oscillation swings back to the other time signature. If I find the time, I’ll look for some indicator that effects time…HA!


I’ve resisted watching or looking at any Season 5 previews or teasers. The show just seems better that way. LOST TIDBITS will NOT intentionally reveal a spoiler. We do believe that promos are fair game, but we do not venture into the spoilers section of any web site.

With that said, let me share two possible endings to LOST.

1 – It ends with Oceanic Flight 815 safely touching down in Los Angeles

2 – It ends with Oceanic Flight 815 crashing into the Sundra Trench

I’m only saying…


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Saturday, December 27, 2008

LT162: Underworld


The Underworld is the explanation for 99% of the weird stuff on the island.

Sometimes when reviewing the show, I feel stupid. Of all the words used to describe the oddities of the island, we were GIVEN the term “mythology”. Perhaps we should have focused on that word more. The problem we made might have been assuming that “mythology” meant “a set of rules or doctrines that define a belief or practice”. We should have thought of it as one piece of a giant puzzle. I suggest this reasoning because we should have been searching the world of mythology for the source of the island’s mythology.

Oh, plenty of time has been spent checking out ancient mythology, but I’m looking for a specific model. My fear is that the writers have borrowed from several mythologies and that is what usually stops a detailed analysis for it would be time consuming.

Then for some reason, I typed in “mythology” and “underworld” into the same search engine. That led to my hypothesis. Now it was time to test the validity.


Before getting into this topic, we need to clarify something: Hostiles. The exact definition of who a Hostile is can be tricky. But to discuss this blog, I’m going to suggest that Richard is a Hostile. I’m also going to suggest a few in Richard’s group are Hostiles, although we don’t know that to be true or not.

The others in Richard’s group include Tom, Pickett and several Others. It is unclear if these people are more like recruits such as Ben or Cindy, rather than true Hostiles. It could be that Richard is the only true Hostile.

Jacob also appears to be a Hostile, but in a very different way. For now, let’s assume that the Hostiles include Richard and anyone else who are descendents from the Ancients. I’m fine if Richard is the only one.


We first heard the term, “underworld”, from the producers who clarified that this was the true meaning of the Countdown Clock:

It seems that the term was kicked around for a bit and then sort of died off (no pun intended!). This post wishes to resurrect this term and analyze it a bit further.


Before the post attempts to test the hypothesis, it should be noted that I detest this explanation. It suffers from the “Demon Rules”. The Demon Rules are those rules used in movies of the supernatural like the Exorcist. For example, when Linda Blair’s head begins to spin around, we all cry out, “The human body doesn’t permit that without causing death!” The writer turns to us via the film and says, “I’m using Demon Rules and that means anything goes!” Drats!

I’m reminded of the “Vampire Rules”. Ask 23 strangers for a Vampire Rule and we will find a commonality: no reflection in mirrors, they can turn into a bat, garlic and holy water repels them, etc. Yet we can usually cite one movie where the rules were changed. But consider if those movies at least explained the set of rules within the movie? For example, True Blood breaks many of the rules listed above, but it spent five minutes of question-answer dialog to run through the rules before embarking on its tale.

LOST has neither given us the rules or suggested a source. When we find no source to correlate, then we have to fall back to those darn “Demon Rules”, where anything goes. Double Drats!


We find several references to the Underworld:

--The Hydra Logo: in Greek mythology the Hydra was blamed by the crow for not retrieving water for Hades, ruler of the Underworld

--Locke’s Crossword Puzzle: one answer is Gilgamesh who is the character in the oldest story ever written. Gilgamesh goes on a quest for immortality but when he finds the god who can give him the ability, he is instead made governor of the Sumerian Underworld.

--Nikki’s TV show, Expose: we see the episode where she learns her boss is the Underworld figure, The Cobra.

--Blast Door Map: a Latin phrase found on the door reads, “Save yourself from those below, the Underworld”

--Cerberus: the three-headed dog who guards the gates of Hades, the Greek Underworld

--Persephone: the alias used by Rachel Blake during the Lost Experience game; the Greek character was abducted by the ruler of the Underworld to be his bride; as the wife of the ruler, Persephone would send specters, ruled the ghosts, and enforced curses.

--Tityos: name of one group of test takers for The Project game; Tityos is one of the Titans of Hades in Greek mythology.

The hints were there, so I followed where this took me: to hell.


Underworld is a pretty generic term that applies to every culture’s doctrine of “afterlife”. In Christianity the term used is “Hell” because some suppose that Hell is beneath the earth.

I couldn’t help thinking about Ben descending a long way down to the Orchid hatch. Or Ben’s secret room which seemed to be a set of steps leading downward. Or the security system that tried to drag Locke down into a hole.

So, here is some background on Hades. First, Hades means the “unseen”…like Jacob and the Whisperers?

Hades was given an object in order to have the powers of invisibility…Ben’s baton or the black and white rock pouch?

Hades is a place as well as the name of the ruler. To avoid confusion, I will use the Roman name for the god: Pluto and Hades for the place. Prior to Pluto taking control of Hades, another battle was fought between the Titans and the Olympians – this time for the cosmos. For the younger gods, the Titans, to rule they had to battle the elder gods. The wife of the god of the cosmos convinced her sons to kill his father. Only one was willing to do so…John having Cooper killed or Ben killing his father?

Through trickery, Pluto takes Persephone as his bride. In an ancient tale we learn that Helios was unhappy with these events and claimed Pluto was not worthy of Persephone. Helios was the god of sun…remember the drawing of the mural in the Swan Hatch prominently features the sun with “108” painted in the center?

Over time, Helios is associated with and becomes known as Apollo…candy bar anyone?

Pluto ruled the dead with assistants. The best term for the assistants is probably demons who were under Pluto’s complete authority…a variation of the word “demons” leads to the common name “Desmond”.

Pluto forbade anyone from leaving his domain and was severe in his judgment when anyone tried…”We have to go back, Kate” or Ben’s, “Everyone has to go back.”

Only six living people ventured into the Underworld and all were heroes…Oceanic 6?

Pluto is considered to have control of all the precious minerals that come from beneath the earth’s surface…all known special properties are beneath the surface or the black rock seems to have magnetic properties or the mining expedition of Magnum Hanso and his ship, the Black Rock!

Pluto had a dark and morbid personality and was shunned by mortals and gods. But a closer look shows that while stern, he was just. He was adamant and unyielding…I’m thinking how Jacob treated Ben in the cabin.

Animals were sacrificed to the god of Hades: black animals…Kate’s horse? During sacrifice the Greeks would knock on the ground to ensure Pluto was paying attention to their offering…”Do you just walk into another person’s house without knocking?” says Tom or Ben asking if people knock anymore or Ben knocking on Jacob’s cabin before entering?

Due to an arrangement caused by the questionable marriage to Pluto, Persephone was permitted to live half the year on earth with her mortal parents and half the time in Hades…is Richard serving his six-months on earth during the time we are viewing?

In Hades is the land known as Lethe. Here was a river that souls were to drink of before being reincarnated…Hinduism teaches that reincarnation is part of spiritual maturity…or how often we see a yellowish drink being served.

Lethe is referred to in Robert Heinlein’s book, “Time Enough for Love”, where it is described as a powerful sedative…Juliet drinks the yellow beverage before her submarine trip to the island…other Heinlein books are directly and indirectly mentioned in the show…Stephen King book refers to these waters which is used to erase a characters memories of past horrors.

The purpose for drinking from the river in Lethe was so the souls would not remember their past lives…and maybe that works only partly like with Desmond or that memories could later be woken up by another means like electromagnetism.


My Underworld Hypothesis is to blame everyone unknown on what is below the surface of the island. I believe it is clear now that the Hostiles are responsible for all ghosts which fit the evidence that the wife of Hades/Apollo/Pluto was in charge of ghosts.

Walt said the button was bad, don’t push the button. The source of this ghost was the Hostiles or Richard or the Underworld, pick your manifestation. Dharma wanted the button pushed, the Underworld of the Island did not.

Charlotte and Daniel were to stop the gas from being released at the Tempest Hatch…the ghost of therapist and wife of Goodwin shows up and tells Juliet to kill Dan and Char! The island wanted the gas released and kill of those unprepared for it.

Christian showing up on the beach to Jack, on the jungle to Claire and to Locke in the cabin…all Underworld-driven by Persephone (or whatever name we were given on the show).

Ben’s mommy at the sonic fence was Underworld produced.

John sees Horace cutting the same tree down in a dream…again, brought to you by the fine folks at Underworld, Incorporate.

The producers told us that Smokey was there before Dharma Initiative arrived. And while on that topic, it seems the D.I. plays less and less of a role in our LOST story and we should focus much more on the doings of the Hostiles/Underworld/Ancients/Jacob-crowd.

From the spooky whispers to Kate’s black horse…all this is a produce of the Hostiles and not the Dharma Initiative. D.I. was very much the “bad guys” in the eyes of Richard, Jacob and his band of demons from the Underworld.


While the Underworld tends to lean towards those frustrating “Demon Rules”, it seems that 99% of the oddities on LOST Island are due to what is going on underground. I believe Season 5 may very well take us underground.

I would not be surprised to learn that some mortal descended the steps of Hell and merged a deal in body, mind and spirit with the underground powers of the island. He now sits in a cabin and which phases in and out as if he were a god…or demon.

HELL, I don’t know, I’m just writing a blog!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

LT161: My Lost Christmas Decoration

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the hatch
not a creature was stirring, especially that guy with a patch.
The foodstuffs were arranged on shelves with care,
in hopes that they were safe from Hurley or a bear.

The Survivors were nestled all snug in their dread,

while visions of rescue danced in their heads.
And Ben in his parka, and John as his sap,
they just settled their brains for a long time gap.

When out on the beach there arose such a clatter,

Each sprang from their tent to see what was the matter.
Away to the tent flap they flew like a flash,
tore open the cover, and threw up last night’s hash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow

gave the luster of midday to objects below,
when, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
but a frozen landscape somewhere on this sphere.

Then a little odd Hostile, so lively and quick,

They knew in a moment it was that airline attendant chick.
More rapid than Smokey, Cindy ran like a flame,
and she whistled and shouted and called them by name:

"Now Bernie! Now Rosie!
Now, Sawyer and Claire!
On, Juliet! On, Charlotte!
On, Miles and Daniel!
To the top of the igloo!
To the top of the wall!
Come look! Come look!
Come, look at this all!"

As slumber left them like wild hurricanes fly,
they figured another obstacle, and they were surely to die
So up to the igloo-top the Survivors they flew,
with the tinge of winter cold, and St. Mary statues too.

And then, in a twinkling, they heard on the cold
the sound of laughter, happy and bold.
As they listened intently and was turning around,
on the horizon came a stranger all with a bound.

He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
and his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot.
A bundle of Dharma Beer he had flung on his back,
and he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.

His eyes--how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
and the beard on his chin was as white as the snow.

The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
and the black smoke it encircled his head like a wreath.
He had a broad face and a little round belly,
that shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly.

He was chubby and plump,
a right jolly old elf,
and they laughed when they saw him,
in spite of their self.

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
soon gave them to know they had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
and filled each hand with a beer,
then turned with a jerk.
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
and giving a nod, he shook in his clothes.

He cleared his throat quietly, to his audience he said,
“My name is Jacob and you’ve finally moved my island this night
You might think you’ve been rescued, but that isn’t quite right.”

“It is merely a dream that the electromagnetic put in your head.
A break from the trauma, the bears and the fright,
You are still stranded, try as you might.”

“So, enjoy the gift from the island as you slip back to bed,
You’ll be back to the ocean soon and your terrible plight,
But for one brief moment I’ll give you this sight,”

“And Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"


A week later someone picks up a snow globe that shows an island scene. They give it a final shake and then set in on a storage shelf. The person continues packing away the Christmas cheer and slides this box of decorations on the top. It pushes the snow globe off of the back. And behind the shelves the decoration will remain LOST.


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Monday, December 22, 2008

LT160: Dharma Special Access 5

Another exculsive advance peek into the Dharma world of Damon and Calton...


Happy holidays!

In this week's video message we are visited by two very special guests, whom you might recognize.

We've also got exclusive first look photos at two new characters who will appear on the show this season: Caesar and Ilana, played by Saod Taghmaoui and Zuleikha Robinson.

Click on the link below, enter the password, and enjoy.

Until next week...

Have a Merry Dharma Christmas,
Damon and Carlton


The webiste:

The password: yksnizdar

Ok, this week the password was easy: Radzinsky in reverse. Not sure if it means anything...


This has to be one of the more goofy videos, but we do get a flashforward. Not of the show but of Carlton and Damon! It is at least 2010 because that is what the T-shirt reads: "NY Yankees, World Champions 2010". It looks as if things don't quite go as they had planned it. Check out the video.

And be ready to hit pause if you want to see what the two new characters look like!


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

LT159: Grey Matter Don't Matter Much


It seems important to share the source of my inspiration on some of the ideas shared. Then you can decide if I’m over-reaching or if fate is trying to tell us something. This post has to do with the brain which might have come about from a Science Daily article. Yeah, I read Science Daily…you got a problem with nerds? HA!

And I just finished a Biology class. So maybe this is another one of my far-reaching, over analyzing postings. But let’s dive in anyway…

Oh, and I can’t help but wonder what role Fate played in this topic since when doing the last blog on the “Beatles Hold the Key of F” (F for Failsafe Key)…it was odd that the Hindo god of Harrison’s tune had a third eye. Odd because that was my topic before the last post. Freaky!

Without further adieu, let’s scrub up, crack open a skull and take a peek inside…


I’m study the endocrine system in Bio class and this gland shows up on the list. It is located smack dab in the middle of the brain which seems to suggest its importance. The location may also explain why it was the last gland for scientist to discover what it does. The location made me think of the Great Pyramid as it is in the center of our planet.

Being that it took a way for modern scientists to determine its function, it is not surprising that pseudo-science was more than happy to offer some alternative theories. One such theory is that it is the part of the brain responsible for telepathic communication. See why it caught my interest in terms of LOST?

Spiritualists have long associated the pineal gland as important in the realm of yoga and Hinduism. The most common alternate term for this gland is The Third Eye. Could this be our inner vision?


Nothing more would thrill me then to discover this pea-sized gland is stimulated by something related to LOST, like light. (Think Daniel’s comment about how the light appears different in some way). Guess what? The pineal gland IS stimulated by light. We’ve discovered that it controls the bio-rhythms of our bodies and works in conjunction with the hypothalamus to determine our again process. Light and Aging – double whopper!

My Biology textbook says the eyes are connected to the pineal gland through the retinohypothalamic tract. Eyes have a significant place in LOST as well as the process of the eyes. For example, the eyes actually “see” the image in reverse – sort of like mirrors. Only in the brain does the image get flipped right-side up.

SIDE NOTE: A baby’s brain does not flip the brain right-side up for a few days after birth, so be sure to lean over the top and look down if you don’t want to confuse the kid.

The retinas carry information to the pineal gland relating to the light and dark of the day. When light is not present, the pineal gland secrets the hormone, melatonin. This makes the Third Eye sensitive to light even as it is buried deep within the brain. And it becomes our bodies’ time keeper. We the help of rats like Eloise we have learned to “reset” our bodies clocks by messing with light and dark patterns.

At this point I’m thinking of the light being flashed in Desmond’s eye as well as Daniel’s test subject, Ben…er, I mean Eloise.


Smart people have discovered that in some cases the pineal gland is structured just like an eye (thus where it mostly likely got its nickname). The evolutionary theory is that the gland has migrated back into the brain over centuries of adaptation. In other words, in the early evolutionary stage, we really did have a third eye in the middle of our foreheads!

Further discoveries have linked the hormone from the gland to hibernation in bears, sexual development and breeding, and various disorders like that seen in the movie Insomnia about people who live in Alaska. I had the displeasure of living there for four winters (we didn’t count the time in years, but in winters). Trust me, seasonal disorders are real.

The other LOST-related point to share is that the Third Eye reacts to electromagnetic (EM) energy. The mystics of science claim that when activated by EM is opens the lines of communication with other and higher planes. One might be able to project outside their bodies, wander into the jungle and tell the next person you see, “The button is bad, don’t push the button.” It would make sense that sense the “eye” sees things in reverse, that you might utter these words in reverse as well. Hmmm…


As science and faith merge in the study of the Third Eye, a hypothesis is offered: to activate the sensory capabilities that lay dormant in the gland, the pineal and pituitary glands must vibrate in unison. This is where and how astral travel and ESP and psychics gain their abilities it is claimed. The most common method for gaining the good vibrations is through meditation or high exposure to electromagnetic energy. Wonder where our LOST friends could find that?

This all-knowing eye of Shiva (or Siva) is related closely to the Hindu concept of Dharma (or karma).

In short, the requirement is the ability to have a focused concentration on the mental energy and let the ego and physical boundaries slip away. Did I just say “focused concentration”? Hmmm…


Besides being prepped for your next Biology quiz, this Third Eye might be the scientific theory behind the mythology of LOST. We’ve notice the meeting of faith and religion on the show repeatedly. We’ve seen the focus on the eye and electromagnetism. And it seems coincidental that the Third Eye is associated with Dharma and what we might term “super powers”. Heck, at this point I’m reminded of Ethan appearing a little “too strong” back in Season 1. Well, not if had mastered his inner eye.

Hey, this post was a bit off the beaten path, but one has to wonder just where the writers obtain their basic construct from…and it might be right in front of our eyes…well, right behind them actually, but you get the point.


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Friday, December 19, 2008

LT158: We Hope You Have Enjoyed the Show


This is the promised post about something I stumbled upon and if you know me, I see LOST in anything and everything. Yeah, I’m seeking help. So forgive me for this one in advance, because this has a .4815162342% chance of having anything to do with the show. Instead, think of it as a prime example of someone who spends way too much time thinking about LOST.

Actually, it is my son who needs the help…musically, that is. Unfortunately for him, he was born about 23 years too late in order to enjoy first-hand some of the best music ever produced. I’m referring to the Beatles and more specifically, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Being a responsible parent, I sit him down about once a week and we play a classic rock album together. In preparation for this, I do a little searching to find some background information to make it more meaningful. For example, did you know that “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was inspired by a drawing young Julian Lennon brought home from preschool and not the drug, LSD? Yeah, right, John. The claim is that the painting was out of character for Julian, he sensed it, and told his father that a classmate named Lucy had painted it. Thus, the inspiration is a child’s painting.

Setting the drugs aside, I suppose the story could have some truth in it, if you can trust John Lennon’s version.


If you notice the words in bold, they all have LOST connections. Maybe a few were even missed. For example, one phrase in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is the phrase, “Plasticine porters with looking glass ties”. (Yeah, no drugs involved here!) Lennon says this was borrowed from a book he read by Lewis Carroll. And we know Carroll has been found in LOST references.

The Beatles have been referenced on the show in other ways including Charlie’s tattoo which contains the lyrics from “Strawberry Fields Forever”. The lyrics are “living is easy with eyes closed”.

So imagine my further interest was piqued when I came a cross probably the least known song on the album and it had more connections!


According to my sources, this was written by George Harrison. According to Wikipedia, the song references Hindu ideas. Allow me to paraphrase the entry and see if you pick up the same LOST vibes that I got.

The first verse says:

“We were talking about the space between us all
And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion
Never glimpse the truth then it’s far too late when they pass away”

The Hindu idea of Maya is that all mortal people live in a false reality and what people perceive as reality is actually an illusion. What if the survivors are being described here? What if they think the island is reality, but it is a false reality? Am I over-analyzing?

In the next line it suggests that if a person doesn’t grasp this concept it is too late in this life, but Hinduism teaches reincarnation? Many have suggested purgatory for the premise of LOST and reincarnation is a form of after-life, so maybe this song is the show’s premise?

Consider this line in the song: “With our love we could save the world...try to realize it’s all within yourself, no one else can make you change.”

If this isn’t a summary of Season 2, then I don’t know what is!

The love that Harrison refers to is the doctrine of Dharma. Now do you see why I’m interested? Wiki says, “George was trying to reference the idea that people could keep the world from being destroyed (DUE TO ITS CYCLICAL NATURE) by following Dharma”. Cyclical nature? Loop, dude, loop!

It goes on to say that since the concept of Dharma is not followed, the world must be destroyed. Yet, like the bird Phoenix the earth will rise again. Follow Dharma, the world won’t end.

The song later references the Hindu god, Shiva, who destroys everything in the FOURTH age. This leads to the concept that ultimately all things are one. This is observed from studying water.

Read the entire write-up here:


Shiva, the Hindu god, means “red”. Many have observed the “red shirt syndrome” on this show and the use of colors. Shiva is one of EIGHT main doctrines.

He is also known as Rudra in other religious variations of Hinduism – the god of storms. Doesn’t it rain a lot when important things take place on the island? And Rudra is associated with the symbol of an arrow, like the kind shot through Ben/Henry by Danielle.

Shiva is also depicted with a third eye – remember this as it is the basis of a future post!

And like all great gods, many temples were built in his honor. And where are the Hostiles sent to? Hmmm…

Also…when Desmond flashed back to buy Penny’s ring, he runs into Charlie performing on the streets singing a song by the group Oasis. Oasis recorded a version of Harrison’s, “Within You Without You” on the 2007 Sgt. Pepper’s tribute album.


Hey, I warned you this was a bit far-fetched, but if learn one of the writers of LOST is a follower of Hinduism and the Beatles…well…you heard it hear first. I’m sure of that.

The only benefit to this rambling post is that if true, we should notice the fact that the earth is destroyed (or the island) and it is rises again like the Hurley bird! Maybe this means the island didn’t move but was reborn.

And the concept of water being a continual cycle (or recycle) may strengthen the theory that LOST is showing us the multiverse of life. So we may learn the only way to really stop the world from being destroyed is not by pushing a button, but by having faith (see last post on dedicated and frenzied concentration)…real faith.

If I’m on the right track, the faith of the Survivors is going to be tested big time. Watch someone get asked to sacrifice their son for the cause. Did someone say Claire?

Anyway, this has been bouncing around in my head for a few days now, and I just had to get it out.


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Thursday, December 18, 2008

LT157: Some Housekeeping


A big THANK YOU to the readers of LOST TIDBITS...we have reached the 4,000 hit mark. I'm grateful not in having lots of readers - although that is nice. And I'm not the most grateful for those who click on the add and put a few pennies in my pocket - although that is nice. But I'm most grateful for the interest that remains strong in what I consider is the best show ever put on television.

Now, let's get to 8,000, then 15K, 16K, 23K, and 42K...HA!


Received a couple of nice emails this week from some readers. Just want to public thank them because it is those comments that motivate me to rack my brain for something to write some posts. Hours have drifted away from my life as I sit at a blank screen some days. But in the end, something spills out and hopefully it makes all readers say to themselves, "Hmmmm..."

A special recognition to Ms Wendy who blogs about sure to stop by her site at:

Anyway, thanks for the kind emails and makes the time spent all worth it.


As you know we post sometime (often very early or very late) on Wednesdays and Sundays. But be aware that with the Dharma Special Access emails I share, that we get more than two postings per week.

In addition, over the coming weeks that lead up to the show, you can expect even additional postings!

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I'm really excited about a completely random (or was it fate) discovery that came across my screen a couple of weeks ago. It will be shared in a blog soon. I would be floored if this really is the template for the show, but you will be amazed at how it seems to be on the right track. Or you will be amazed at how I can see LOST in everything!

And we will continue to explore the purpose of the Dharma Initiative...there are like two dozen avenues to explore and all before the season begins!

There have been some recent science articles that have an interesting tie-in to the show's science side that I've been wanting to share with you.

And finally...we will pick up the History of LOST again, because we still need to review Danille's science ship crash and those two Navy guys.

So keep checking back often for more LOST TIDBITS.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LT156: History of LOST – Dharma Initiative


The 1970’s was known as the “Me Generation” in the United States, but over in Denmark, Alvar Hanso was thinking “us” as in mankind…or was he?

Alvar’s influence was his family: Magnus and Tolvar. The Hanso’s always had a good business sense. I can picture a young Alvar sitting around the house during holidays and listening to stories about his family tree.

As Alvar grew older he inherited the family sense (or inherited the family fortune) and I believe this combination led him on a quest to get some definitive answers about his family. My imagination pictures a wild-eyed boy hearing about how great-great grandfather disappeared mysteriously…then how grand dad found this journal. My guess is that Alvar set his sights on getting some answers.


My theory is that Alvar Hanso began to research further into his family’s affairs and discovered some very shocking and interesting facts. Perhaps it was by fate, but I suspect Alvar was looking for Magnus’ ship, the Black Rock, and then found something even greater: the island.

Maybe Alvar felt his predecessors were also after this elusive Holy Grail and decided to take up the cause. Consider that a decade earlier, Enzo Valenzetti, was talking up this idea of Doomsday. I believe all this factors combined to motivate Alvar Hanso to seek the DeGroots and to launch the Dharma Initiative.


There is a scientific school of thought which approaches problem solving in a unique manner. Instead of using standard scientific method of observe, form theory, test theory and repeat…I believe Alvar stumbled on something else. I believe his approach focused on CONCENTRATION. One might say even obsession.

Where I’m from there was a newspaper boy who was snatched while delivering the Sunday paper. That was over 35 years ago and still his mother is obsessed with finding him. We get occasional updates which show the dedication and the extremes to which she is willing to go to find answers. This is how I envision Alvar Hanso and his foundation.

The key is focus and concentration. We really don’t need to think long to find tons of examples of where a coach urges, “Focus!”, or a teacher implores a student should concentrate on his studies. Someone once told me that if we would dedicate ourselves to any area of study for 30 minutes per day we could become an expert. But it takes that daily dedication of Larry Bird-like obsession to over-reach our potential. This is what I suggest Alvar Hanso was attempting to do once he discovered the island.

I’ll go out on the limb a little further and suggest that concentration is represented in Enzo Valenzetti’s Equation.


I struggle to explain my terminology, so let’s use an example we are more familiar with: faith. Many call it zeal while others call it obsession. It entails some people going to the extreme in their beliefs as they seem to focus and concentrate only on religion. Fanatics, if you will.

Some believe that with enough concentration the mind is able to bend spoons or walk on hot coals. Alvar had an ace up his sleeve: what if he had the electromagnetic properties of the island to combine with dedicated concentration? Could this lead a person with enough faith to then actually “rise and walk”? Can you say John Locke?


You’ve probably read the stories of parents who avoid medical treatment for a sick child. They pray and anoint and trust their faith to do the healing. On the island, these parents would see greater results.

We have noticed that Jack got sick on the island that is supposed to heal. Sawyer’s eyes needed glasses. But Rose and Locke were just fine. The soldier is known for unquestioning dedication on the task and Mr. Patchy was revived. Those who can focus and concentrate heal and those without faith, like Jack and Ben, do not.

It is this mind-body union that got Alvar’s attention and his money in the form of the Dharma Initiative in the 1970’s.


From the Swan Hatch Orientation video (and Hanso Foundation website) we have been given the six areas of study. Each one of these has been revealed to be critical points when the focused concentration is applied.

As mentioned already, medical studies have revealed what can happen if someone believes hard enough and when magnified by the island’s unique properties.

Another area of study was parapsychology – look at Walt and other’s ability to project themselves while on the island. The Dharma tests on Walt seem to scare the snot out of Juliet and the Others.


This concludes our history of LOST and sets the stage to make some assumptions based on that history. Well, mostly since we still need to touch on a couple of events in 1998, but that will come up as we form some historical theories.

It seems the more we learn about the Dharma Initiatives original motives, the more we learn about the why’s of LOST. We will focus on pre-Purge by examining post-Purge activity since that is mostly what the show reveals to us.

The goal is to show how the history of the island when taken in totality does reveal clues as to the purpose of the island and the people on it.

Even if I’m way off base, it should be some interesting contemplation which will lead us right up to Season 5.


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Monday, December 15, 2008

LT155: Dharma Special Access 4

Remember you have but a few hours to access this special content!

Here is the email:

Hey, guys. Happy Holidays.

One of the fun things about shooting the show in Hawaii is how completely inconsequential Mother Nature makes us feel. This week a landslide hit one of our upcoming locations, and now we can't shoot there for a couple of weeks while the site is restored. In season two it rained for a truly Biblical 42 straight days and nights, which required lots of schedule revisions, and when that wasn't possible our fearless crew put on their wading boots and shot for days on end in mud that was literally knee deep and higher.

Speaking of mud, this week our exclusive video for you features OUR ANSWERS to YOUR QUESTIONS, which many of you sadly will find maddeningly obtuse and muddy. Other LOST fans, like our mothers for example, will find our answers sparking, insightful and maybe even amusing.

And finally, based on how popular the last sneak peek was, we also have another exclusive look at a scene from the premiere episode. Click on the link below, enter the password, and all will be revealed. Enjoy. And until next week...

Damon and Carlton

The website:
The password: kapalaran


Something made me wonder if the passwords weren't some kind of clue...maybe I'll find time to look back and examine them closer.


The two producers took questions from fans...

The one question of interest was about the runway that Sawyer and Kate helped to build for the Others. The question was, "Is it relevant or something to pretend it never happened?" Of course these guys are about as vague as...well...LOST, but it seemed to me that it does play a critical role! Watch the video and let me know how you interpret their answers.

Now here is one that threw me for a loop...the question was, "Which came first, the Dharma Initiative or Smokey?" Before I share their answer, stop and guess for yourself which you think came first. Personally, I think it was Dharma since they likely built or created it. However, it seemed the Others had to protect themselves from it. So the answer the video! Sorry.


Can you believe the new season is just a few weeks away? It seems like it has been forever! This video should start to get your brain in gear.


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

LT154 - The History of LOST: Valenzetti Equation


We were introduced to Enzo Valenzetti from the summer LOST game and the fictional fiction writer, Gary Troup. We also seem him mentioned on the Blast Door Map.

Enzo was commissioned by the U.N. in 1962 following the Cuban Missile Crises to investigate the possibility of mankind extinguishing itself with nuclear weapons. The result of his work was a Doomsday formula stating he had calculated the exact date when life on Earth as we know would cease to exist. The U.N. ignored his work, but Alvar Hanso took great interest it in.

Gary Troup (anagram for Purgatory) is our greatest source of information on Enzo. He wrote a book about the man entitled, “The Valenzetti Equation”. All printings were bought up by Hanso so that we have no access to this man’s work. And Valenzetti can’t tell the world because he died in a…guess…plane crash. However, his body was never recovered and according to the summer game host, Rachel Blake, this concerns her. In my mind, I have to include Enzo Valenzetti as a possible “who is” candidate for the likes of characters like Jacob.

Questionable sources state that Enzo studied at the Fibonacci State Institute of Sciences.


Fibonacci is also known for his only formula which is a sequence where a number equals the sum of the two prior numbers. While he wrote a book on the subject, this sequence has been observed in earlier Indian cultures.

Fibonacci was the first in the West to study the earlier Indian sequences. His model for study used rabbits! The concept is that a pair of rabbits will beget another pair. In the next cycle both pairs reproduce and the first pair dies. In the third month, the second pair and two new pairs have a more pairs while the oldest pair dies thus giving us 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc…Silly rabbits!


During the summer game a video appears that states the equation predicts “the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguishes itself”. Alvar Hanso then states during the same game, that the radio transmitter on the island will broadcast the “core numbers” of the equation. The video states that 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 are the numerical values to the core environmental and human factors to Valenzetti’s work. It is the stated that the Dharma Initiative is to change the values to any one core factor to give humanity a chance to survive.

Notice that two main areas are impacted: environment and human. We were updated in 2006 that the attempts to alter the environment factors have failed to change the outcome: the LOST numbers. Pay close attention here: this suggests the numbers are the RESULT of the equation and not the formula. In other words, the numbers are the Doomsday Date.

The update also suggests that efforts will have to shift to the human factors in order to extend our deadline (pun was inteneded, deadline…dead-line…oh, nevermind).

Some have suggested the numbers translate to the 4th month, 15th day, etc to come up with April 8, 2015 at 16:23:42. Others offer August 4, but you get the general idea.


Island appears and eventually some ancient race finds it.
In the 1800’s the Black Rock “lands” on the island.
In the 1950’s Adam and Eve die in the cave.
In the 1960’s Enzo Valenzetti says he knows the end of the world.

This is interesting in that Adam and Even are PRIOR to Valenzetti and therefore, pre-dates Hanso’s interest in the final day.

Perhaps it took Valenzetti AND the Black Rock journal for Alvar to connect the dots and realize the island is the key. But it does not quite explain Adam and Eve’s importance in the story since they seemed to have died prior to these other events.


Alvar Hanso creates a foundation and funds two Michigan scientists to begin research on his Mysterious Island…


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LT153 - History of LOST - Adam and Eve


We’ve stepped from the day the island was brought into existence, through the Ancients that first populated the island, and then strolled through the Hostiles family tree, sailed with the Black Rock in the 1800’s and now jump to the next chronological event: Adam and Eve.


Everyone, this is Adam…or is it Eve?

Jack could probably tell us which is which, but it was Locke who named the skeletons found in the cave by Kate and Jack. Jack did estimate they had been dead for 40-50 years which places their death around the late 1950’s.

Jack found a small pouch containing to rocks: one black and one white.


Once again, the Bible creeps into the storyline as Adam and Eve are explained to be the first man and woman on Earth. You know the story, but the highlights that might apply are that Adam was created first from the dust of the ground, Eve was next made from a rib out of Adam, and a bad influence would corrupt the pair in the opposite order they were made. And it all happened in a garden.

In a less popular writings are religious stories not included in the Bible. There are two books written about Adam and Eve from the time the Bible story casts the couple out of paradise, now lost. God orders them out into the barren lands to live in a CAVE! This is called the Cave of Treasures in this religious writings. Upon his death, Adam requests to be laid to rest in the cave. Thus Adam and Eve shared a cave.

Does this meant he 40-50 years could be 4,000 to 5,000 years?


The summer games are particularly found of anagrams as well as the show and we were told that “Adam and Eve” were part of the letters to be used in an anagram clue. The producers said that the episode, “Not in Portland”, would offer an anagram that could be used to explain Adam and Eve.

The anagram is from the brainwashing room which contains this phrase: “Only fools are enslaved by time.”

Viewers got to work and have suggested:

- fools sin, adam and eve play close by tree
- carlton and damon possibly eye false eve
- adam and eve fly plane too close by sirens

The show also revealed the Mittelos Aviation which works into an angram of “Lost Time” and this seems to be the winner!

One theory builds from there that the plane wreckage that Jack first found by the caves is not from Flight 815. Instead, the wreckage is from a different plane crash in which Jack was involved with. He doesn’t realize it but the empty coffin is NOT his father’s, but instead it is Locke’s! This coffin is the one we saw at the end of Season 4 with Jeremy Bentham/John Locke lying in. Jack and crew fly back with it…the crash and this is their crash sight by the caves. Cool, huh?


The producers have also promised that in the end, we could point to Adam and Eve to prove they had this mad design in mind from the beginning. This tells me that we have met Adam and Eve already.

The most popular theory is that Kate and Jack will return to the island and the skeletons will be missing this time. This leads them to realize they were the skeletons.

Other popular theories include Rose and Bernard because of the black and white stones matching their skin colors.

Desmond and Penny are in the running as well.


Nothing contradicts the claim that Jack still has the black and white stones. My theory is that these stones work as some sort of key, probably to unlock the riddle of where is the island.

The stones are seen on Penny’s table in Flashes Before Your Eyes? TURE?


We inch a little closer to some revelations about LOST by forming the following theories:

- Adam and Eve are Jack and Kate
- Lost Time is evident although we don’t have a calculation yet
- We loop until we get things right, death is evidence of success


With the time of death estimate being 40 to 50 years we have a date range from 1954 to 1964 for when this couple died in the caves. This walks us up to 1962 when the next major event in the History of LOST occurs. It is the year that Enzo Valenzetti came up with his Doomsday Equation. That’s next up…


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LT152 - Dharma Special Access 3


About once per week I receive an email from the producers giving us special advanced access to features. We get 2 or 3 days advanced notice, so hurry before that password expires. And if it does, then stop on over to to see what you missed.

Here is the text of the email:


VOICE: Who is it?

Why, it's Damon and Carlton, here to give you your very own free Dharma Initiative Namaste ringtone.

Yes, this week we have a special free Namaste ringtone for you guys. For this complimentary content, just text "Namaste" to 77888 to get started.

And now the legal jargon: By texting the above keyword, your number will be registered on the ABC mobile site. Standard text and data messaging fees apply. You will not be part of ABC mobile subscription. Terms and conditions at For support or inquiries call 866-853-9793. The ringtone is only available for a 48 hour period (12/8/08-12/10/08). Hurry and get yours now.

Onomatopoeia is a disease all LOST writers suffer from. We're always looking for ways of intensifying the sense of action we're trying to convey on the page. So without spoiling what's coming up this season, we've asked our awesome co-producer/script coordinator Gregg Nations to pull up a list of some of the unique words that appear in the first 3 episodes of season 5. They might give you a very marginal sense of what's coming up:




Not only are these words fun to write, they're also fun to spell check. As each one comes up, your fingers hover there on the mouse wondering whether to "ignore" or "save" or whether you're just plain insane.

Also this week, we've got a brand new video about the LOST BOOK CLUB for you, including a special reading from a book that appears this upcoming season. GAASSPPPP! What's this? Why, it looks like a first-look at an as-yet-unseen Dharma station logo. Hmmmmmmm... I wonder what the name of the station is? To check it all out, click on the link below and enter the password.

Enjoy. As usual, these are up for only 48 hours. Until next week...

Peace, Love and Namaste,
Damon and Carlton

dharmaspecialaccess.comENTER PASSWORD: adella courey


A book seen on a show is coming up James Joyce, "Ulysses". For those who have not plowed through the 265,000 words, the story is about the day in the life of a man, June 16, 1904.

The book is some mild controversy regarding some of the depictions the main character observes in this one day. Others criticize its wordy and over-descriptive style that makes Tolkien seem brief.

The book clearly plays off Homer's "Odyssey", in several ways. Characters even seem to line-up as Joyce's main character, Leopold Bloom, mirrors Homer's Odysseus...and Molly Bloom matches up to Penelope. WHAT? Penelope?


Check out the video and you'll learn episode 7 of Season 5 is called "3:16". I'm going for the Bible reference that used to be held up in the end zone of every football game during a field goal, "John 3:16", but who knows?


At the end of the DSA video for this week we get a quick glimpse of a Dharma logo? Real or fake? You decide, but they did mention it in the email.


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Sunday, December 7, 2008

LT151: History of LOST - Black Rock II


With the ship connected to two family names that play a crucial role on the island, it deserves some further analysis. Check out the last post to get a timeline of the Ship, the family names and some questions we will try to address in this post.


When the Black Rock left port on what would become its final voyage, the filed plan was to sail to Thailand. This gives us a connection to Jack and his tattoo.

This tattoo was added while Jack was in Thailand by a lady who claims to be able to see people’s inner self. The symbols are Chinese and not Thai.

The fact that the ship’s destination and the tattoos involve the same location probably has no relevance, but it is interesting to note that the lady who did the tattoo work is named Achara, which when translated into Hindu becomes Dharma.


The name is “Black Rock Storm” which seemed either a real act of fate or a made up painting for the show. It is painted by an artist in Hawaii named Thomas Hannsz. And what about that last name that rings a bell?

A quick search on him reveals that he does have his work on the Internet at

In an interview he hints that his life occupation is still up in the air. It was fateful timing that he happened to be delivering water to the set of LOST on a regular basis. He became a familiar face with many of the cast and crew and was offered a role as an Other extra. He happened to be in his painting phase and decided to use a dog that hung around on the set. Someone noticed and said they needed a dog painting in Jacob’s cabin and they used his artwork.

They asked for Black Rock Storm which is shown at the auction but never mentioned…other than visually when it shows up hanging in Charles Widmore’s bedroom.

On Hannsz website you will find these two paintings plus a few other interesting ones.

One in particular is called “Soul of Ganesh”. If you are a faithful reader of LOST TIDBITS then you might recall hearing that name in a post some time ago. It was when we discussing a statue missing a limb and having four toes!

Several other paintings are found with vague references to LOST. You should check it out.


Past the irony that a ship named the Black Rock wrecks ON an island that contains black rock…the real mystery is how it got so far inland?

The popular theory is that the island “moved” to the South Pacific when the Black Rock just happened to be in that exact area.


What we can surmise is the strong bonds between Hanso and Widmore. Once the ship disappeared we then discover that Widmore Corporation had an employee named Hanso. During his employment either he or the corporation had possession of the journal. Late, a grandson of Hanso buys the fleet of his family and a grandson of Widmore buys the journal a second time.

This ship and these families appear to be at odds with each other in light of how the journal appears to change hands. And to help us not forget the summer game, Find 815, brought the Black Rock back into play.


If Tavord heard of the journal we can understand why he wanted it for sentimental reasons, but if Widmore Corporation was the actual discoverer of the book, then what was their motivation for obtaining it?

One possible answer is that the original member, a possible family member, wants the journal back. Excuse me!?

Well, consider if the original author is still alive. I’m suggesting Jacob. Take a look at the clothes Jacob is wearing:

It looks like 19th Century garb to me. Now check out Richard’s clothing from when he first meets young Ben:

This creates a link with Jacob, Richard and the Black Rock.

Consider on the blast door map that is reads, “AH/MDG”. The producers have confirmed that this was an error on their part and that the door map should have read “AH/GDG”. This would correctly read, “Alvar Hanso/Gerald DeGroot”. (Keep in mind from the last post the translation of De Groot). We have been told that Gerald’s original first name was Martin, but it was changed after further consideration. Even that seems to be a clue.

So, perhaps Magnus was changed to Jacob as well. While the writers have done a wonderful job keeping most storylines connected, I’ll give them a little wiggle room when it comes to late developed ideas and characters we have yet to see or hear much of except for an occasional mention on an Orientation tape. And if memory serves me, Jacob doesn’t care much for technology, Arr!

This makes Richard, Jacob, Magnus, Martin, Gerald all candidates as the original crew of the Black Rock or near descendents. It’s a bit off topic, but I might as well suggest that Matthew Abaddon might have been on the ship as well.

And all this from a wardrobe choice. HA!

Oh, one theory floating around suggests that Charles Widmore was on the Black Rock.


How did the journal get from the ship to the pirate island?

Imagine the Ancients/Hostiles had to move the island at a previous time and it popped up right underneath the Black Rock. Sure, anyone would be tempted to point out the extreme amount of coincidence involved, but this show is built on Fate. One additional thing to consider is that Magnus Hanso sort of knew of this island and was searching for it based on come cryptic treasure map. This could explain why he sailed east instead of west from his gold mining operation near Australia. Remember that Magnus is described as an entrepreneur of sorts since he ran a slave labor operation after the practice was banned, used ships to transport the raw materials from his mining operation and might have been bit of a pirate.

So either by fate or a bit by design, Magnus got the Black Rock to the area when the island appeared. The crew began to notice the strange properties of the island and Magnus saw another opportunity as a businessman. Somehow he gets off the island, takes his journal and it falls into the hands of pirates. Later, his son or grandson finds the journal off the coast of Africa.

To be fair when assembling ideas is that Hanso is Dharma and they were at odds with the Hostiles evidenced by the Purge. Yet, Ben crossed over to the Hostiles as leader. Ben is now at odds with Widmore, who seemed to be in cahoots with Hanso. This leaves us with some contradictions until more is revealed.


Our review of the timeline of events on LOST Island will take us to the 1950’s.


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