Monday, December 29, 2008

LT164: Dharma Special Access 6

Another email from the producers of LOST with special access! The link is only available for 72 hours for those with the password, so hurry!


Happy New Year all you Dharma folk!

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season. We are.

Our shooting crew is on hiatus for another week, so we are enjoying a little semi-down time, hanging out with our families, reading books, doing a little writing on some upcoming episodes, and getting caught up on TOP CHEF, which is sort of an obsession of ours.

We didn't get a chance to answer even a fraction of all the great questions submitted, so we're back this week with yet another Q & A. We promise you the most obfuscation you've ever seen in a short segment of video.

Click on the link below and enter the password to check it out.

We also saw this really interesting new commercial we wanted to share with you. Hmmm. Very curious indeed... Anybody know anything about this airline?

Back to you next week.

Ring in the New Year safely. No DUIs, okay?

Peace and blessings,
Damon and Carlton
Password: emal


I liked the not-so-subtle mention of DUI's. Are you listening cast of LOST? HA!

If you can't or don't see the video it was another Q&A. Here are the highlights:

--Geronimo Jackson is not going to get back together any time soon, but an original song of theirs has been found and will be included in a LOST episode.

--Was Christian in white shoes a prop mistake or does Jack have no taste? It was no mistake by the costume department and why he is tennis shoes will be explained this coming season.

--Is the four-toe statue a dead issue? Nope, and they will address it but not until season 6.

--Was Alex death planned? Planned? It what way do you mean planned? Hmm...


If you watch the video you see a commerical at the end that says something like, "get lost on a flight with us" and "follow your destiny".

The web link is

Check out their website and you'll see all kinds of related trips. Here is their teaser:

"Get lost in the world with groundbreaking promotions like Destination: Destiny that keeps your flight destination a mystery until you get there. We’re changing the way people think about travel - this isn’t vacation, this is your life... escaped. Let us deliver your destination by revealing your destiny"

A flight to somewhere!


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