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LT29: Rear View Mirror


It was discovered earlier that John Locke was a philosopher and happens to be the name of our favorite cripple on the island. But we learned last week that Desmond's name is Desmond David Hume…and David Hume was a philosopher who studying under John Locke.

Both philosophers concerned themselves with identity, ethics, free will and fate.


Add this to your summer Lost To Do list. Find this movie and check it out. It was a landmark cult movie in the 60's, but it dealt with a prisoner named Number 6. Lots of Desmond similarities.


The finale gave us some answers to long-standing questions. Now we may like or dislike some of the explanations, but there is no way they were going to make EVERYTHING fit nice and neat in a cute little package. But you can tell the writers put a lot of effort into trying to keep everything plausible.

So then, what was this:

This phrase was found on the Blast Door Map. There happens to be a real-life research project by the same name. Check it out here:

It begins: "Here Be Dragons is an experiment in using emergent and genetic algorithms in generating virtual spaces. Through use of digital "genes", Lindenmeyer ("L") Systems, cellular automata and other procedural methods, users can navigate and interact with a world containing architecture and creatures that had no direct human designer."

Hello! Just one more thing to do this summer.

Another book should be looked into…"Headlong Hall" by Thomas Love Peacock. Quote: Here you see is the pedestal of a statue, with only half a leg and four toes remaining: there were many here once. When I was a boy, I used to sit every day on the shoulders of Hercules: what became of him I have never been able to ascertain. Neptune has been Iying these seven years in the dust-hole; Atlas had his head knocked off to fit him for propping a shed; and only the day before yesterday we fished Bacchus out of the horse-pond.

While you are at it, write down "Northern Lights" book as well. Research this first to make sure it is the one by Phillip Pullman. The book went through some name changes on different printings. The Northern Lights connection includes NASA photos of the sky from satellites…and these photos were found on the Hanso Foundation website.


If you watched every episode of Lost except the last one…would have guessed that of all the prop's the Printout from the Pearl Station would have been one of the most important clues revealed up to that point?

So, why then the "goof"? Did you catch it? In the original printout shown when Locke was in the hatch the numbers were formatted like this:


But when Desmond is examining it and finds his "System Failure", the numbers are formatted like this:

922044:16 which seems to indicate 9-22-04 4:16

One would think that with such a critical part, the writers should have made sure the printout was the same. Or was there a second printout and Locke switched it around? Or just a goof?


On their computer, It reads:

Delivery Subsystem 550 Requested action taken:> Received: by with SMTP id m12mr1134484nfg:> Received: by 10,29.30.1 with HTTP> Message-ID: Subject: AUTOMATED TEST> MIME-Version: 1.0> Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable> Content-Disposition: inline>AUTOMATED TEST -1bbybby 77111790v****systems normal**** 76555-222-0zzzzzzz330 7711346 ****systtems normal**** QX10022005-CHITEST COMPLETE**********************Delivery Subsystem 550 Requested action taken:> Sent: by with SMTP id m11mr1134484nfg> Sent: to 10,49.31.1 with HTTPElectromagnet

By the way, the number above the words "Electromagnet Anomaly" was 7418880.


You have to admit that this little puzzle is a tough one. If Libby is a Dharma operative, they have been done to die before (Goodwin, Ethan, one shot by Sawyer). But Libby dying? It seems like they wouldn't kill off a Widmore. Of course, we don't KNOW that she was a Widmore since there is a Libby Wales name floating around the Hanso Foundation website.


Did anyone see this coming? Ok, there were a few hints in Lost Tidbits! It really didn't seem to do much for the show, however. Just ONCE, wouldn't it be nice if Sayid and Desmond were talking about things and Inman's name came up? Trust me, Sayid would remember that name!

To be fair, I liked how Desmond quizzed Locke about the Pearl Hatch. "Tell me everything." But it would be neat to have more of the Sawyer revealing Jack's dad's favorite quote about the Red Sox kind of stuff.


Strange, huh? Almost as bizarre as the four-toed statue. But many do think it screech Hurley's name. And we have seen this bird before…in season 1 when the group is heading to blow the hatch door open with Arnzt dynamite!


We learn from the letters that Dad was keeping from Penny, that Desmond addressed them to Knightsbridge. Same city where Lucy was living. Lucy? Yes, the lady that Charlie conned in Season 1 when he tried to go to work for her father selling copiers.


Was that bending of the metal around the clock a highlight or what? More importantly, we got to see the final and full symbols:
Now the translation guys can work with this and they did…it reads DEATH.


Maybe nothing, but the final paragraph can be read…it says:

There was a mass of spectator craft out in the Solent - that came [as a] surprise. We were not expecting so many people, and it made it difficult to steer, especially since there was no marshaling to speak of. We almost ran down a rubber dinghy, but managed somehow to avoid it at the last.

Oh, I should apologize here…it wasn't Cameron Widmore, but Charles. See? These can't be spoilers if they are WRONG! HA!


Bet you don't know who this guy is. His name is Donald. He was the guy who died on Day 5 from a wound infection from the tail end. Libby helped set his broken leg ("Are you a doctor?" scene).

He is the real Sawyer!

Speaking of gone but not forgotten…we have CONFIRMATION that the man sucked into the engine in the Pilot was Gary Troupe.


Walt acted strange. Didn't ex-Henry say something about leaving was fine since Walt "joined their family"? Why didn't Walt ask about the tied up friends? Why didn't Walt ask about Vincent?

Speaking of strange behavior…was Charlie a bit out of character at times? The crying Locke scene was the "evil and revengeful side", but with Claire he was "sweet". And why or why doesn't he want to tell Claire about what happened back there? Why hasn't a group headed out to check on them? What about this hatch door that landed at my feet?


The title of the episode is clearly mirrored in the plot line each week. Jack even mentioned the title himself. So who died alone?

The title usually parallels the island story and episode title. Using this logic, the flashback theme was Penny and Desmond. Does this mean Desmond died alone down there?

Keep in mind that the hatch doors could withstand an atomic bomb. And the crawl space was within the blast door area. Those blast doors were mostly for protection in case the thing did blow up! Of course, they were open at the time of the explosion in order for Desmond to retrieve the key. We think Ecko and John were within the doors, but they were open. Or did they close in time to save all three?

Again, reminding ourselves of the hatch door. It was lying near the opening, which was down a hallway, which passed the magnetic wall. The force of the explosion had to go up that hatch, right?


Did you jump to the conclusion that it was caused by Desmond failing to get back to the hatch after tracking Kelvin to his boat?

Far less damaged occurred, but the timing matches the crash of Flight 815. But then how did the impact of the magnet last LONGER in the finale, but cause less damage? Why isn't there a plane crashing into the island right now?

If your excuse the subtle topics, then it might fit…but let's remove the plane crash and then EVERYTHING fits. First countdown and a few things flew to the wall and stuck. Second countdown lasted longer and more and larger things stuck (like barbells and washing machines). So, the first countdown couldn't have been strong enough to pull a plane apart!

EVIDENCE: The cans on the Survivor beach were pulled off the shelf but didn't get sucked down into the hatch.

EVIDENCE: The guns of the Others weren't ripped out of their hands.

EVIDENCE: People with metal objects (like a belt buckle) weren't pulled towards the hatch.

EVIDENCE: Michael or Desmond's boats were pulled on-shore.

Desmond, and many viewers, THINK that the first countdown caused the crash. Nope. It wasn't an unplanned accident! At least that's my guess.

Ok, then why push the button? Because it hides the island. Now that the hatch is gone, this island is very visible and I'm guessing the Calvary is coming in Season 3.

ANOTHER THOUGHT: What if Ecko dynamite is what blew the hatch door in the air? It seemed to pack a big punch then the magnet did actually. And it was a confined area? The timing is a bit off since it appears that the door would have been airborne for quite some time…but it deserved mentioning.


If you watch Lost, then you are eligible for a free airline travel miles every time you use your membership card.

Good luck cashing them in!


I'm feeling a trend here.

The window rock formation reminded me of Stonehenge. My son even pointed that out when he first saw it in the finale (he missed most of the season, so the angle they showed in the finale is the only view he has seen and from there I'll admit it looked more Stonehenge-y than when we saw it the week before). But back to point…Stonehenge is a great wonder of the planet.

The pyramids, of course. We have been told they were built on a major "planet grid point". Not sure what that means, but Great Wonder plus Grid Point. It just feels like clues will suggest that the Dharma Initiative may have earlier roots then we first imagined! Oh, and the Sphinx has just four toes!

Ayers Rock is also located at a Grid Point and is considered a natural wonder. Lost added the electromagnetic angle, but it is pretty special on its own.

The game, Lost Experience, featured a Jeep add with Great Wonders on it, including the big Buddha statue, Big Ben clock tower and others.

Well, our four-toe statue could be from some ancient civilization…even Atlantis, where it has been rumored all season of a water hatch.

My theory is that the flashbacks have been going back about 30-40 years. I think the show will now reveal flashbacks of centuries and how the Dharma Plan has been around for a long, long time.


I believe my secret friend, Roger B, is really on to something.

Hanso versus Dharma?

Dharma versus military? (See link to the US Army knife)

EVIDENCE: For the first time when ex-Henry told Michael, "We're the good guys." It made me think of military. Something might be said when stationed in a foreign place and the local population need reminded.

EVIDENCE: The word "hostiles" were used at least two times – by Inman and then by Desmond. Noticeably, Desmond did not respond to the follow-up question about the term and instead said, "Ignorance is bliss, brother."

I'm voting for Dharma versus military. So, are the Others the military then? I guess so if Roger B is correct.


Hurley wins lottery and he gets to walk.

Cooper's money.

Sawyer's con games.

CIA gives Sayid money.

Money issues between Shannon and Boone.

Couple offered money to Claire for her baby.

Emily Locke gets paid to deceive John.

Jin is owned financially by father in law.

Charlie is held hostage by his contract.

Ecko bribing his brother.

Desmond offered bribe by Charles Widmore.

Susan pays for Michael's hospital bills.

Of course, we have the related Document Theory where people are offered to sign something.

And the corresponding Bad Parents Theory.

When combined we have a group of parents who signed a document to turn over their kids to Dharma for a large amount of cash. This leads to the biggest con game of all – the Survivors were purchased slaves many years ago. Now if we only had some slave theme offered like an old boat full of slave labor!


I have lots of question still about this. Why did Kelvin's first partner start this? How did he know about it? Why did Kelvin continue it? Is it even accurate knowing that one hatch is fake?


Was it just me or did Kate and Jack share a "look" at the end? It seemed they included Sawyer in the editing, but more to show he wasn't included.

Was it a look of "love" – which was the show's underlying theme? Was it a confirmation of their plan?

Sayid isn't going to just sit around and wait, but can he find them in time?


Do you think that's it? Rumor has it that both actors have very reduced roles next season…or maybe they are done already.

Surely there is something interesting that work them into the storyline…after all we have our first rescued Survivors. Maybe they will move back to London, and one day a knock will sound at the door and Penny is standing there ready to ask him some questions about his flight.


The Vera Incident. Look it up.

This is a real-life event that remains classified today. It happened in 1979 when two flashes of light were recorded by satellites. The news stories suggested a nuclear test was being conducted in the South Pacific.



Charge $1 per guess to this question: Who was Penny engaged to?

*Sun's blind date who was engaged to some woman in America
*Some rich English bloke that daddy approves of
*We never will know
*Ex-Henry, who is now a jilted fiancé


A complete no-show in the finale. But producers tease us by saying it will return in Season 3.

We were also told that we likely saw the monster in Season 1 and 2, but just didn't realize it.

Was it Walt?


Does it have the ability to take on human form – so Walt, Yemi, Ana and other "dreams" are really the black smoke?


Elizabeth tells Desmond that her husband was named "David". Two things which might prove I'm crazy…

She took way too long to come up with the name
Did her mouth form a different word then David? I swear I'm the only one to notice this, but watch it and tell me what you think.


Where is home? Popular guesses are 1) in an off-shore water hatch, 2) under the island or 3) on a separate island which is shown on Danielle's map.

Why these three? Popular guesses are 1) to cut off the Survivors leadership core, 2) they really are good morally, 3) they have a skill that ex-Henry observed and the Others are in need of.


We have found Atlantis. Legend says that Atlantis entryways were guarded by giant statues. We are also told that Atlantis was powered by a strange and special force found in the center of the metropolis. Earthquakes sank Atlantis.

The earthquakes explain why Atlantis is gone and why the statue is broken. The strange power source fits nicely.

This story twist could be that two corporations are fighting over rights to this power source and other secrets: Hanso and Dharma. It appears that our Others might be former employees who have had a change of heart. Not quite clear on this part since some of their behavior seems odd for a group of "good guys".

This theory gains strength since Alias had two corporations fighting over rights, too.

"Where are we?"
- Charlie



LT28: Lost Experience Game Continues


We have a Geek Alert – there is a picture file that can’t be decoded into a clue. This has stumped everyone so far. If you want to take a shot at it, let me know and I’ll tell you where to find a good version of the file.


Hugh McIntyre March 17 Hotel Receipt

Hugh McIntyre stayed two nights at a London hotel with a woman who was not his wife.

This document is stored in the Evidence Room here:

Global Welfare Consortium Sept 19 Letter

The GWC wrote the Center for Disease Control warning about problems with a Hanso Foundation research project.

This document is stored in the Evidence Room here:

Global Welfare Consortium Sept 25 Letter

The GWC wrote the Center for Disease Control withdrawing their complaint about a Hanso Foundation project.

This document is stored in the Evidence Room here:

OBSERVATION: Mr. Peter Thompson typed the organization’s name as the “Global Health Consortium” while the letterhead read “Global Welfare Consortium”.

Hanso Foundation May 2 Press Release

The Hanso Foundation offered a press release to all major news outlets announcing their new website and advertising campaign called, “Reaching Out For A Better Tomorrow”.

The document is stored in the Evidence Room here:

Hanso Foundation May 3 Commercial Spot

The Hanso Foundation ran their first commercial spot and offered a phone number for more information. The number is (877) 426-7674.

Hanso Foundation Automated Information Line

The Hanso Foundations automated phone system was hacked by Persephone.

The audio tape is stored in the Evidence Room here:

Gary Troupe Interviews

Gary Troupe conducted a nine-part interview for the release of his book, “Bad Twin”.

The first three of nine-part transcript is stored in the Evidence Room here:

The first six of nine parts video is stored in the Evidence Room here:

Hanso Foundation May 5 Press Release

The Hanso Foundation offered a press release that acknowledged their website was hacked and that no important data was stolen. It offered Hugh McIntyre’s email address and phone number.

The document is stored in the Evidence Room here:

Hanso Foundation May 9 Press Release

The Hanso Foundation runs newspaper ad discrediting Gary Troupe’s claims in his book, “Bad Twin”.

The document is stored in the Evidence Room here:

Hanso Foundation May 10 Hyperion Books Letter

Hugh McIntyre authors a threatening letter to Hyperion Books, publisher of “Bad Twin”.

The document is stored in the Evidence Room here:

Hacker May 19 Photo

A hacker by the name of Persephone left this photo.

The image is stored in the Evidence Room here:

Hugh McIntyre May 25 Interview

Hugh McIntyre appeared as a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

The transcript is stored in the Evidence Room here:


Hanso Foundation

Alvar Hanso

Alvar Hanso is the President and CEO of the Hanso Foundation.
He spoke to the United Nations Security Council in 1967.
He is quoted in the Hanso Foundation May 2 Press Release.

Bill Flood

Unknown connection to Hanso.


Darla is the name left on a phone message to Hugh McIntyre.
She has a problem with a project in Sri Lanka.

Dick Cheever

Connection to Hanso is unknown.

Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk

Thomas Mittelwerk is the Senior Vice-President, COO, and Chief Technologist for the Hanso Foundation.
Gary Troupe claims in his book that Mittelwerk replaces Hanso as Director.

Hugh McIntyre

Hugh McIntyre is the author of the Hanso Foundation May 2 Press Release.
He is listed as the “Media Contact”.
His title is “Communications Director of the Hanso Foundation”.
He is a Vice President for the foundation.
He was copied in on the GWC Sept 18 Letter.
His email address is and his phone number is (206) 861-5017.
He is the author of the Hanso Foundation May 9 Hyperion Books Letter.
He stayed in a London hotel with an unidentified woman.


Ireen appears to be the person responsible for setting up the automated phone system.
She appears to be clerical help for Peter Thompson.

Jacob Vanderfield

Jacob Vanderfield’s connection to Hanso is unknown.


Joop is a 108-year old orangutan.
The animal is the subject of a Hanso Foundation project for Life-Extension.
The animal is 40+ years older than the average lifespan.

Lawrence Peck

Lawrence Peck’s connection to Hanso is unknown.

Liddy Wales

Liddy Wales’ connection to Hanso is unknown.

Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson is a Vice President of the Hanso Foundation.
He is the General Counsel for the foundation.
He was copied in on the GWC Sept 18 Letter.
He has also the Director General of the GWC (see that section).

Sam Hicks

Sam Hicks’ connection to Hanso is unknown.

Anti-Hanso Activist

DJ Dan

DJ Dan is a nickname for the creator of the DJ Dan website which discredits Hanso Foundation projects.
DJ Dan claims that Alvar Hanso is frozen in a lab near Phoenix.

Gary Troupe

Gary Troupe is an author who died in the crash of Oceanic 815.
He wrote “Bad Twin” which puts Hanso Foundation in a poor light.
He conducted a series of interviews before he died.


The person’s identity remains unknown, although the person says she is female.
It is the nickname used for a person who has hacked into the Hanso Foundation website.
This person hacked into the Foundation’s automated phone system.


The name appeared briefly on the Hanso Foundation website.

Global Welfare Consortium

Jacques Maillot

Jacques Maillot was the Director General of Global Welfare Consortium.
He was a member of the GWC Executive Committee.
He authored the GWC Sept 19 Letter.
He left GWC shortly after writing the GWC Sept 19 Letter.

Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson is the Director General of the Global Welfare Consortium.
He authored the GWC Sept 25 Letter.
He has also a Vice-President of the Hanso Foundation (see that section).
He is called the “mouth piece” by Persephone.

Centers for Disease Control

Dr. Roderick Johnson, M.D., Ph. D.

Roderick Johnson is the Clinical Director for CDC.
He received the GWC Sept 19 Letter.
He received the GWC Sept 24 Letter.

Hyperion Books

Hyperion Books is the publisher of Gary Troupe’s book, “Bad Twin”.



Sub-Saharan Region

The sub-Saharan region is the location of a Hanso Foundaton research project.


Tanzania is the location of an alleged meningococcal disease outbreak.


Zanzibar is the location of a Hanso Foundation Experimental Station.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the location of a Hanso project that appears to be led by Darla.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is where Alvar Hanso had a meeting.

Copenhagen is the location of a live interview with Hugh McIntyre on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Denmark is the headquarters of the Hanso Foundation.
Its incomplete address is :544 Persand Klingbai (?) DK 1604”.

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is the headquarters of the Global Welfare Consortium.
Its full address is “Rue Grande 1623, 1221 Geneva 27, Switzerland”.

Geneva is where Alvar Hanso had a meeting.
Geneva is where Alvar Hanso delivered a speech to the UN Security Council.

London, England

London is where Alvar Hanso had a meeting.

London is the location of the La Dolce Vita hotel where Hugh McIntyre brought a woman.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is where Alvar Hanso had a meeting.

Paris, France

Paris is where Alvar Hanso had a meeting.

Rome, Italy

Rome is where Alvar Hanso had a meeting.

North America

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is where DJ Dan claims Alvar Hanso is lying frozen in a lab.



Centers for Disease Control

Global Welfare Consortium

GWC is a watchdog organization whose objective is to monitor research projects conducted by other organizations.

Hanso Foundation

A corporation founded by Alvar Hanso whose mission is to be a world-wide leader in social and scientific researches to the further the cause of human development.

They have a confidential phone line for employees of companies working on Hanso projects. The project manual contains the information for accessing this phone line.

Paik-Heavy Industries

Paik-Heavy Industries is a company that does business with the Hanso Foundation.

Widmore Corporation

Widmore Corporation is a company that does business with the Hanso Foundation.

Hanso Programs

Mathematical Forecasting Initiative

A project funded by the Hanso Foundation.

Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program

A project funded by the Hanso Foundation.

Educational Outreach Imperative

A project funded by the Hanso Foundation.

Electromagnetic Research Initiative

A project funded by the Hanso Foundation.

Institute for Genomic Advancement

A project funded by the Hanso Foundation.

Life-Extension Project

A project funded by the Hanso Foundation.
The project is the subject of the GWC Sept 19 and Sept 25 letters.

Korean Offshore Project

This project is in some legal trouble.

Remote Viewing Project

Thomas refers to this project and suggests to Peter Thompson that they should rename the training facilities.

Persephone Communication


The following messages have been offered by Persephone. Most are found when the proper password is entered:

The Hanso Foundation, setting world speed records for subverting authority.

If you can hear me don’t listen to their lies. This is Persephone. I haven’t got much time, none us do. If you want to know the truth about the Hanso foundation, the real story is in the number. A lie (line) pulled tight enough will always snap under the breaking strain. Use this password on their site… BREAKING STRAIN! They’re coming!

Where is Alvar Hanso? What have they done with him? Who is in charge here…

Log in at May 1 This is safe for now.

Notice the grainy far away picture [Hanso]? It doesn't match anyone else.

This is the last record I found of any public appearance of Alvar Hanso. The man hasn't been seen in public since 2002!!! Is he hiding? Alvar Hanso was never there. Whose running this place anyway?

Caltech has no record of this guy [Thomas Mittelwerk] in their alumni database. He's never made a tuition payment. Does he even have a college degree? Why does he call himself a doctor? Of what. Who is this clown?"

Gary Troup knows too much.

he must be silened.

a mouse does not rely on just one hole

Don't believe his [Peter Thompson] lies.

The following passwords have been offered by Persephone to reach hacked content on the Hanso Foundation website:

breaking strain
missing organs
safe g
heir apparent
stand by
the mouthpiece
survivor guilt
inmate asylum
Listen & pulse



Meningitis is the inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord.
Symptoms include fever, headache, and confusion.
The disease can result in brain damage, deafness, seizures and death.


1967 Alvar Hanso delivers a speech to the United Nations Security Council.

June 14, 2000 Alvar Hanso makes an appearance in London.

Nov 12, 2000 Alvar Hanso makes a public appearance in Copenhagen.

Feb 23, 2001 Alvar Hanso makes an appearance in Paris.

July 12, 2001 Alvar Hanso makes an appearance in Geneva.

Sept 18, 2001 Alvar Hanso makes an appearance in Rome.

Jan 1, 2002 Alvar Hanso makes an appearance in Copenhagen.

Dec 31, 2002 Alvar Hanso makes an appearance in Madrid.

Sept 22, 2004 Oceanic Flight 815 crashes.

Sept 19, 2005 GWC Executive Committee sends letter to CDC warning them of potential harm caused by a Hanso Foundation program.

Sept 25, 2005 GWC Executive Committee sends letter to CDC acknowledging a mistake in their previous claim.

Mar 17, 2006 Hugh McIntyre checks into a London hotel with woman who is not his wife.

May 2, 2006 Hanso Foundation offers a press release announcing a new website and ad campaign.

May 2, 2006 The website is up and running.

May 2, 2006 Hacker named Persephone hacks into the Hanso Foundation website.

May 2, 2006 Gary Troupe releases his book, “Bad Twin”.

May 3, 2006 The Hanso Foundation runs a TV commercial and offers an information phone number.

May 3, 2006 Hacker named Persephone hacks into Hanso’s automated phone system and leaves a password.

May 5, 2006 Hanso Foundation offers an apology for the trouble with the website.

May 5, 2006 Hanso website gets hacked again.

May 9, 2006 Hanso Foundation runs a newspaper ad discrediting Gary Troupe’s book, “Bad Twin”.

May 9, 2006 Hugh McIntyer sends letter to Hyperion Books.

May 10, 2006 Hanso Foundation runs TV ad and offers more information at a different website.

May 17, 2006 Hanso Foundation runs TV ad and offers more information at a different website.

May 18, 2006 Hanso website is hacked again.

May 19, 2005 Hanso website is hacked again.

May 24, 2006 Hanso Foundation runs TV ad and offers more information at a different website.

May 25, 2006 Hugh McIntyre appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live

May 25, 2006 Hyperion Books buys newspaper ad and fights back against Hanso Foundation’s attempts to discredit Gary Troupe’s book.


Breaking Strain

This is a password used by Persephone. It appears to be a phrase taken from the Rudyard Kipling poem, “Hymn of Breaking Strain”. The poem can be read here:


Vaccinations are available to fight the virus causing disease.
Several strains of the virus exist with most found throughout the world.
The United States sees 20,000 cases are seen each year.
The sub-Sahara Africa has the highest case count where 250,000 occur each year.
The region in Africa is known as the “Meningitis Belt”.
A specific strain of Type B exists only in New Zealand.
A specific strain exists only in Norway.
And another strain exists only in Cuba.
The first outbreak identified was in Geneva, Switzerland.


Zanzibar is the name of two islands located off the coast of Tanzibar. It is also the name of the island’s capital city.

An area of the island is known as Stone Town. It received its name from the buildings built by stone. Stone Town is a World Heritage Site.

A World Heritage Site is any specific site of natural or cultural significance. Included items on the list include the Pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, the Delphi, the Great Wall of China and Banaue Rice Fields.



LT27: Experience Game Goes Corporate


Sleuths had already picked apart the Jeep website prior to the airing of the commercial. The website is But what is interesting and I'll bet you missed is the LAST FRAME of the TV commercial. It is a new Dharma logo!


It has been suggested that Alvar is frozen and lying in a lab near Phoenix, Arizona.


It's fairly detailed to just be a hacked together video. Clues might be found in it.


Persephone has added a new set of numbers. It has been solved that these are ASCII numbers. The latest set of numbers converts to "Standby".

The first two sets of numbers have yet to be solved. They are:
106 98 111 32 117 98 115 32 114 115 110 102 32 102 118 32 102 118 101 71 32 49 32 108 110
90 32 116 117 98 46 83 69 71 32 103 110 32 111 118 32 116 98 73

72 65 83 32 87 73 78 32 72 79 83 84 32 80 67 32 73 78 32 78 73 76 32 85 82 71 69 46 32 56 44 32 110 111 116 32 49 32 97 110 100 32 54 46

May 20 – ok, the first one has been solved now…it reads: a mouse does not rely on just one hole. This phrase is on the Blast Door map.


Another corporate tie-in has been established, The site offers a nine-part interview with Gary before he died. The fourth part was released May 16. In summary:

Part 4 of the interview with Gary Troup is up on the Bad Twin page on He mentions that Alvar Hanso bought up all the copies of his book, The Valenzetti Equation. He also mentions that Alvar Hanso is the only person that has a copy of the actual equation.

If you want to see the video, go to the Bad Twin page in Amazon and click the links in the " exclusive" area of the page. Then click the Valenzetti Equation link in that section.

NOTE: The third part of the interview is also on The first two parts have not been found.

May 20 – Parts 5 and 6 show up on different book seller websites. He mentions Cindy in one of them!


DJ Dan runs this conspiracy website. It contains Hanso references, but mostly as a second thought it appears. The rest are fairly common theories like did we really land on the moon.

One interesting theory has to do with a prehistoric animal. It doesn't mention Hanso or Lost in this section, but it is the same animal people first guessed the "monster" security system to be. And it is the model for the creature in Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital" series.

NOTE: Stephen King has TWO shows out this summer – both are mini-series. One is on cable and the other network I think. Let me know if you hear more and I'll spread the word. I have a feeling that we shouldn't ignore King's work this time since Lost writers appear to admire him.

Back to this website. People altered the link with the now popular prefix:
It works and does provide different content. Is this a default as long as the domain portion is valid? We have noticed many modified URL's of Hanso Foundation still route back to Hanso.


Not sure if this belongs on XP or the normal Tidbits newsletter…

A theory is floating around that Alvar Hanso could be Hitler! You have the Hanso photo looking a lot like that proud pose of Adolf at the Olympics or at speeches. We have the superior race thing going on. Germany never seems to avoid being connected in ways – although every country except Vatican City seems to have been mentioned…check that, I think that was mentioned too! Alvar's bio on his website says "contributions since the second World War". And theory says that Hitler was never really confirmed to have died. OH, that one Hanso officer, Mittlewick or something – suppose to be the name of a site in Germany during the WW.


May 17, 2006

Hugh is the Communications Officer at Hanso. On the Hanso Foundation website his bio has been updated with a log on field. Known passwords like "breaking strain", "heir apparent" and "missing organs" don't seem to work.

May 17 – later that evening.

The "extra" log on field is gone. It read "Log on for further press releases." Now it is missing.

May 17 – later that evening

The log on field is back…his picture is missing. The date of the photo is October 62, 9291. It seems your mouse coordinates also are shown to you as you move your cursor around.

May 17 – even later

62, 9291 is not the day and year…is the X and Y coordinates for your mouse. Move to that pixel and click!

May 17 – and later…

In the EMI page, move the cursor to X: 629 Y: 291. Click again, and it take you to You eventually get to a user directory including folders for "ahanso..." Working on more...

May 17 – still going…

Clicking into the hmcintyre folder gives you a bunch of stuff including (some of you are going to love this) some Jeep ads. The video, hosted on YouTube, includes a Dharma logo and text at the end.

May 18 – finally, a new day…

there is a binary in peter thompson's file that translates as: "the mouth piece"

May 18 – here we go again…

I tried "the mouthpiece" and it worked!It then highlights "Deeply committed to family values"If you click on that, it takes you to a new message from. Persephone which I'm still trying to watch.


A newspaper ad was discovered on the "Jeep" website of folders.

Notice the words written on the BACK of the paper ad. Flipping around it reads:




Who knows? Crack it and let me know.


Organic is a real company and this is a real website! Do not visit. They are not happy about this attention. But they goofed!

Their business provides "interactive experiences for name branding". Gee, Sprite, Verizon,, Jeep, Chrysler…I wonder who their clients are? HA!

The odds are this company is the "puppet masters" of our game.


He is a Hanso Foundation executive. His picture on the Hanso Foundation website flashes letters in the background. When watched very carefully we see, "Survivor Guilt".

Using this as a password, Persephone hands us plenty of dirt on Mr. Thompson. He has defended tobacco companies, nuclear plants and oil companies. Ok, that's not really bad, but the result of those cases might be…here are some pictures of the secret documents:


Most of the sponsors seem to be "helping out", but Jeep has a role a bit more involved than the others. First, we find a directory of web folders pertaining to Hanso. Then this Jeep 'ad' is discovered:

Trying not to read too much into this…but I see a totem pole, a Buddha idol, a pyramid and some sort of clock tower. Notice how the word 'Jeep' is accented. Granted it is the product name, but they could have done that with larger letters…why the quote marks? I also think that Universal isn't your standard adjective. Finally, in my own personal word association game, when I first read Jeep…I thought of Joop – that darn 108-year old monkey.

By the way, when you blow up the picture, next to Buddha is reads a clue, "the mouthpiece". See for yourself:


Many thought one clue phrase was "missing organs"…but perhaps is was meant to read "missing oranges", as in missing orangutans. Has Joop been stolen? Is he just missing? Notice that many photos of Joop on the website appear to be different apes. Hmmm…



Friday, March 28, 2008

LT26: The End Is Near


Not sure if this belongs on XP or the normal Tidbits newsletter…

A theory is floating around that Alvar Hanso could be Hitler! You have the Hanso photo looking a lot like that proud pose of Adolf at the Olympics or at speeches. We have the superior race thing going on. Germany never seems to avoid being connected in ways – although every country except Vatican City seems to have been mentioned…check that, I think that was mentioned too! Alvar's bio on his website says "contributions since the second World War". And theory says that Hitler was never really confirmed to have died.


Cygnus (pronounced CIG-nus), is also called Northern Cross. The meaning is "Swan".

Greek mythology tells us that Apollo's son (as in the candy bars), Phaeton, tried to drive dad's chariot across the sky, but lost control of the horses. It appeared that the chariot of the sun might end up putting Earth on fire, so Zeus saved the day by throwing a lightning bolt at Phaeton and killing him. Phaeton's friend, Cygnus tried to dive into the river and retrieve his friend's body but failed. Zeus was impressed with the display of loyalty, so Cygnus was turned into a swan to make diving easier. In honor, Cygnus was given a permanent home in the stars – the 16th largest known constellation.

Connecting to the show, here are the other Lost constellations by number:
4 – Cetus
8 – Draco
15 – Sagittarius
23 – Serpens
42 – Coma Berenices

Sagittarius carries the arrow; Serpens is the snake like at the medical hatch and so on.


Sun was the first to VERABLIZE the existence of the boat last week. Did Locke see it first and then cut his splint off and walk away?

And why is this boat washing towards shore? It appears to have at least one working sail, unlike the raft/driftwood.

The word on the street is that this kind of boat might cost $42,000. Did I just say 42? HA!


Hello, I'm Dr. Mark Wickman, and this is the orientation film for Station 5 of Dharma Initiative. Station 5, or the Pearl, is a monitoring station where the activities of participants in Dharma Initiative projects can be observed and recorded -- not only for posterity, but for the ongoing refinement of the Initiative as a whole. As Karen DeGroot herself has written, "Careful observation in the only key to true and complete awareness." Your tour of duty will last 3 weeks and during this time you and your partner will observe a psychological experiment in progress. Your duty is to observe team members at another station on the island. These team members are not aware that they are under surveillance, or that they are the subjects of an experiment. Working in 8 hour shifts, you and your partner will record everything you observe in the notebooks we provided. What is the nature of the experiment, you might ask? What do these subjects believe they are accomplishing as they struggle to fulfill their tasks? You, as the observer, don't need to know. All you need to know is the subjects believe their job is of the utmost importance. Remember, everything that occurs, no matter how minute or seemingly unimportant, must be recorded. Each time a notebook is filled with the fruits of your diligent observation, roll it up [audio/video problem] containers provided. Then, simply place the container in the pneumatic tube, and presto, it will be transported directly to us. At the end of your 8 hour shift, proceed to the Pala ferry which will take you back to the barracks [audio/video problem] prepare for your next shift [/audio/video warp problem]. On behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso, and all of us here at the Dharma Initiative, thank you. Namaste and good luck.

Barracks? Pala ferry?

The tube will "presto", be delivered directly to Dharma. But we know from next week's promo that the tubes appear to shoot out of the ground and onto a pile of unopened notes. That would make for some interesting reading. Most assume that this station is the one used to keep tabs on the Survivors in past days…but is it? Reading some transcripts (and hoping they are dated), might help.

"We do it because we believe we are meant to. Isn't that the reason you pushed it, John?"
-Mr. Ecko


Some have tried to connect Pearl with the PEAR project conducted at Princeton in 1979. In summary, the project was to:

For most of its history PEAR has pursued two parallel experimental programs, in "human-machine interaction" and in "remote perception." The program has also maintained an effort in theoretical modeling, aimed at understanding the experimental results.


Rumors say that one of the Lost characters spent some time in prison. Sawyer seems to be the best candidate, but a good con man never gets caught.

Since prisons and tattoos seem to go together, Jack seems to be a candidate. One might improve their poker skills there as well.

Or maybe someone else. I can tell you this much.


We know the four that Michael has to bring back with him to the Others in order to "trade for Walt and a speed boat". Let's focus on Sawyer and Jack for a moment.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Jack and Sawyer were already surrounded by that ring of fire at the "line" when Zeke first chatted with them. Then they bring out an already gagged and bagged Kate. So three of the four names on Michael's list were already within grasp.

Why didn't the Others grab them then? What has changed since then that would make the Others now want these guys? Was Locke being present at the "line" with Zeke the problem in not grabbing the Survivors then?

Speaking of Locke. Why did ex-Henry tell Locke that he came back for him and then dash off without even a goodbye? Going back to the last paragraph let's answer "Yes", having Locke there was why they couldn't snatch the desired survivors. What does that imply? Ex-Henry says they want him, Locke wanted to get sucked down the hole by the monster (remember that he has SEEN the monster too and it was beautiful), Locke believes and is a man of faith, he took his shoes off in the hatch, he wanted to sit down and talk things over with Zeke, and now the special list of names leaves Locke hanging back at the beach. Odd.

And let's stress that Sawyer's name was James Ford (as Sawyer knows) and not his island nickname. Wonder why the Others went with his "pre-island" name? Or has Sawyer had that nickname for sometime?

This analysis then leaves with HURLEY. Poor Hurley…lose a girlfriend the day of your first date. Get so pissed off that you are willing to hike for two days to do what? Kill ex-Henry for killing Libby?

If we roll all these things together, then what we have here was a missed opportunity in the jungle to grab 3 of the 4. Hurley wasn't there the last time, but was busy eating from his secret hatch and offering free frog tours. Now, he has cleaned up his life, is dating a former co-patient from Looney Hills, and is very upset. It's odd how the show sometimes mixes what WE perceive to be good emotions with bad emotions – Hurley is getting his life together and that leads him to righteous anger? I don't know about you, but I'll take another shot from that nifty pneumatic vaccination gun!


My co-worker, Roger B. (fake name to protect the "good"), has been spouting the two groups of Others for sometime, so he deserves the credit if correct.

It started back when the Black Rock ship was found. He thinks descendents of the slave ship could be one group, while the scientists are the "other" group (no pun intended).

We have seen CLEAN others and DIRTY others. Of course, we have seen Zeke clean and dirty. That is odd enough. Still, he merits some points when you consider this evidence.

Dharma is the CLEAN Others and they have bad things happen to them: Dr. Candle loses arm and Hanso appears dead. They also want the button to be pushed.

The DIRTY Others (what else can I call these two groups?) don't want the button pushed, specifically ex-Henry. Were the Dirty Others a military group sent in to end the Dharma projects? Would this explain the army knife in earlier episodes?

And let's throw out a THIRD Other who might be a quasi-person – the island itself. Some ghost in the machine that actually is working against both Clean and Dirty others. I'll find better terms if this works out to be true.

Nice job Roger…this idea is picking up steam on the message boards!


Why guard the door? Michael didn't seem like much of a threat? Could it be they are guarding it against another group of Others (See above section)? Maybe the 20 some they have kidnapped are willing to escape of allowed…this seems the most logical at this point.


On the FBI mugshot it her name reads Katherine Dodd.

On the boarding pass it reads Kate Ryan.

And the Others called here Kate Austen.



Ms. Klugh had it right when she said, "For someone who wants his son back, you sure don't know much about him".

The strange thing is that this is the same thing the lawyer said when Michael was at lawyer's office. Same people trying to get Walt away from Michael?

Ms. Klugh wasn't Susan, Walt's mother, was she???



LT25: The Lost Experience Game


Just one more name to add to the list. This name is found in the hacked portion of bio's.


Hanso Foundation has made another press release (May 12) to denounce the rumors spread in Bad Twin. Really pushing the sale of this book, huh?


If you called the Hanso toll-free number you would hear some rap music while waiting to be transferred. The phone mail implied it was music from Geronimo Jackson. As of May 10th, the music has been removed and replaced by Sprite ads.

NOTE: As of today, May 14th, the US phone line has been disconnected.


This is the message:

People are working on the translation…stay tuned.


This link,, was found hidden in a press released from Hanso last week.

In case you are interested in how they "hide" things, this is what I have learned. The two most popular forms of communications are Photoshop images and PDF documents. Both have something called "layers". People with this software then examine each layer and discover interesting things.

Take a look at this website, and let me know if you figure out this code.

CH 1221 Geneva 27 ADDRESS

This address appears a number of times on the Hanso website. Mostly on letter head claiming to be the address of the World Health Organization.

I did a quick Google on the address and guess what? It is the address for the WHO. Maybe I'm trying too hard?


It seems a number of clues are being found hidden BEHIND the photos on the Hanso website.

Here is what has been found so far:

Behind the JOOP video is a black man's face. It is the doctor.

The world map hides a memo that has locations of the successful project by Hanso: one word is the country, Zambia.

Liddy Wales picture has a "?" over it. Behind that is a photo of Mr. Thompson.

And the biggest one…behind the Alvar Hanso picture (the grainy one where is standing in an office window is this photo:

Doesn't this look like Zeke? The man in the hallway of the medical hatch that was scolding Ethan?

But IF that is Hanso, then who would Alvar be talking about when Alvar said "HE won't be happy"?


In Reader's Digest fashion…here is the condensed version of Bad Twin as I read it.


Paul Artisan is a detective. He gets into this line of working thinking that he can correct some of the wrongs in the world. The story then opens with him investigating Sally. Artisan travels to the tennis club where Sally will be playing doubles with three-other middle-aged women.

Dressed in tennis clothing, Paul slips right past the Receptionist by talking his way past. Easy to do when the clerk thinks he might get a referral bonus for this new member! But Paul would like to look around the place before signing up. He's in.

Artisan locates Sally's tennis game and takes a seat to watch. He pulls out his cell phone and snaps a picture of Sally just as her racket makes contact with the ball on a nice serve. The photo will be sent to the insurance company that Sally is making a personal injury claim against for a shoulder injury.

As Paul makes to leave, he and Sally make eye contact. She knows she is busted. He knows she doesn't want to make a scene. Paul hates his job.


We are told of Paul's view on life. He believes in truth. Artisan feels that at the end of every dissection will be the truth. That's what led him to become a detective. He dreams of day when that perfect case comes into his seedy office which will allow him to save the world of some great injustice. Instead, forced to pay the bills, he takes jobs with insurance companies and suspicious spouses.

Artisan realizes that his job consists mostly of slipping into other people's hell. So far, he has always returned intact. He wonders how long he can keep this up.

Paul then is returning from the Tennis Club when at his office door a man meets him. Paul doesn't know it yet, but this man is about to bring him his dream case.


The well-to-do client enters Paul's office to discuss his problem. He is reluctant and secretive.

He reveals that he wants Artisan to help him find a missing person. This person is nasty, drives friends away, enjoys setting people up to fail, has a drug problem, never works and is not a very nice person. But the secret man wants him found anyway.

The well-dressed man reports that the missing person recently moved back to New York City, got his first job and seemed to be growing up. Then he disappears. Finally, we learn who the missing person is: It is his brother, his twin brother, his identical twin brother.

I'll keep you posted as I make my way slowing through the book…


LT24: Summertime

This begins the summer between Season 2 and Season 3...



The numbering on every food item in the Swan hatch is 9FFTR731. When converted on a phone keypad, the numbers are 93387731. Using these numbers for longitude and latitude the location is central Nigeria.


Those familiar with spin-off websites – some authentic and some not – the Big Spaceship does seem worthy of keeping track of. The latest two updates are the addition of the words "time god" and a link. "time god" could be a reference to Doctor Who. The website is a PDF of hieroglyphics: Our clock symbols are found in this document.


Pull out your DVD of the pilot and notice the man who yells "Stay away from the gas.", on the beach after the crash. He is also the doctor who tells Jack his father is dead.


The game officially launched May 2 and is sure to provide plenty of fun for the next several months. I will begin releasing a separate email for this in days to come. This email will have the name Lost XP Tidbits. Be sure to look for it.


Information is popping up on the Internet about Mr. Valenzetti. We see the words Valenzetti equation on the Blast Door Map.

In summary, he was a brilliant man with no formal education, who supposedly developed an algorithm capable of predicting the exact date of the extinction of the human race. This formula was supposedly witnessed by others, but all evidence was destroyed when Mr. Valenzetti threw his works into a fire. He died in a plane crash.

NOTE: Can't help but think of Jack throwing the final pages of Bad Twin manscript into the fire! Also, Mr. Gary Troup wrote another book called "The Valenzetti Equation". This book is referred to, but never actually written for us.

The source of much information was – this page has since been pulled.

The author of the Wikipedia page was Javier Grillo-Marxuach. He was one of the original writers but is leaving the show.


Check out – can't go very far…yet.


The printout found at the new Pearl hatch shows a bunch of numbers. But careful examination reveals that the series are exactly 108 apart – minutes. Using what we have visible from screen snapshots, we can conclude that someone has been pushing that button for over 48 years!


Notice how the image seems to be a CIRCLE, but the crash of the plane then seems to turn it into the "?".


Locke finds a table that at first glance appeared to be a cigarette butt and some ashes. Nope. Notice that a magnifying glass was near this table. What is that they were studying? Are the rocks positioned in some significant way?



Some say it is the same guy who used two different names. Judge for yourself:


Here is what we can glean from this:

4 = April and 20048 = August 2315 = April 1516 = April 1623 = August 23

I still think Ecko was a fake priest and only became "real" after crashing.


Back in the Ana Lucia episode there is a shot of the police cars in the lot. Did you notice the numbers?


Ana Lucia must not have SEEN Sawyer since nothing was ever mentioned. Of course, Ana Lucia missed the fact that her employer died and that Jack was taking a corpse home. The thing to notice is that the Sawyer bump is a rare 3-person connection.

But why then did Christian take Ana Lucia to the island? Just to have her die? Or is Michael really goofing up by killing "good" Ana and Libby?


It has been learned that some of the whispers are in German. In "The Other 48 Days", Nathan says that they took one German.

Some believe that German is being spoken on the loudspeaker in "Lockdown".


Lots of chatter over the question of the Yemi in the dreaming being the "real" Yemi. Of course, he is dead and we all know that dreams can't be wholly trusted – heck, our perceived reality throws us curveballs. But with those points aside, people are wondering if Yemi, and thus the dreams, are being controlled by the Others.

Evidence: John dreamt of Yemi and has never met him – except as a corpse, of course.

Evidence: Yemi stressed that Ecko should bring John to "renew his faith", but just the opposite happened. I will admit that Ecko sort of prodded John back in line with his comments about "it is more important that ever that we push the button" logic. I think Yemi wanted John's faith destroyed.

Evidence: Henry Gale sure spent time undermining Locke's confidence.

Evidence: The Pearl station must have observed that John saw the hidden blast door map and would come looking. So, they stage a hatch, The Pearl, but this is NOT the real "?" location on the map.

Evidence: The salty soil is the key. The Others wouldn't need to create a landmark. They did it for Ecko and John to find it. The plane worked nicely because it reinforced Ecko's beliefs. In order to "find the ?" they used their Dream Machine to manifest an object that Ecko would trust: Yemi and Ana Lucia, for that matter.

Why? So John would stop pushing the darn button! Ecko is right, they must push it now.

Doesn't this imply then that Desmond is indeed an innocent bystander? He was locked in tight, monitored the shaft, had a defense ready, and thought about why he was pushing the button "every single day". The Others would likely have wanted Desmond to stop pushing it, but was locked in tight. We know he went out for food drops, so it seems odd the Others couldn't storm the hatch when Kelvin and Desmond wandered out. Hmmm…


Kelvin is said to have died…according to Desmond. But rumor says that we will meet Kelvin before Season 2 ends. So, Desmond is like Henry, a liar?

Many thought that ex-Henry might be Kelvin and we haven't learned his name yet!

Credits for an upcoming show however does reveal a character named, KELVIN INMAN. Ah ha! We ARE going to meet Kelvin, right?

But wait…the actor's name is Clancy Brown. We have seen this actor in Sayid's flashbacks. We only knew him as Inman…never was given the first name! Is this guy Kelvin or is it like two Helen's?



Thursday, March 27, 2008

LT23: The Lost Experience

NOTE: During the summer a game was played that would fill in some of the history and mythology of the island. We covered some of those aspects here:



Welcome to the first Lost XP Tidbits newsletter based on the summer game, The Lost Experience. If you like solving puzzles yourself, this might not be for you. But if you get stuck and need a clue or enjoy following along, then Lost XP Tidbits is for YOU!


While watching the episode, "Two for the Road", you actually stay and watch the commercials. One of the commercials is very Lost-like: Hanso Foundation. It offers a toll-free phone number to call for more information about the Hanso Foundation.


1-877-HANSORG is the number which offers an automated phone system with five options.

Alvar Hanso
Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk
Hugh McIntyre
Peter Thompson

These are the things we learn:

The voice messaging system is by Verison company.
The Hanso Foundation is located at 544 Persand Klingbai, Denmark 1604
Some is named Persephone and warns that there is not much time, the truth is in the number, a line pulled tight will always snap under the breaking strain and the password is "breaking strain".
Alvar Hanso is President and CEO
Alvar is missing
Dr. Mittelwerk is Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technoligist of the Hanso Foundation
Dr. MIttelwerk is unavailable for three seeks
Employees of Paik-Heavy Industries and Widmore Corporation are still engaged in active projects
There is a confidential information line for those employees
A project manual exists that contains information for accessing the hotline
Hugh McIntyre is Vice President of Communications and Director
McIntyre is unavailable for two weeks
There is a Korean offshore project and callers are referred to the legal department
Joop, the world's oldest orangutan, has information about him at
Thomas leaves Hugh a message about renaming the accelerated remote viewing training facilities
Darla leaves Hugh a message about Sri Lanka
Peter Thompson is Vice President General Counsel and Secretary
Mr. Thompson is unavailable
Ireen appears to be Mr. Thompson's secretary


You can sign up for a newsletter and when you do it appears Persephone has hacked into this website.


The section about Joop allows you to send a message to Joop. When you try, it seems Persephone has hacked the site to direct you to a letter. It was written to Dr. Roderick Johnson, M.D., Ph. D., from the Centers for Disease Control. It was written by the Global Welfare Council regarding violation of ethics. The letter reads:

"We have received word of an unfortunate and most alarming issue in the past days concerning research operations by the Hanso Foundation in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Sadly, we have exhausted our mandate as a watchdog organization and must petition you for a formal investigation.

"It has come to our attention that a new strain of meningococcal disease has been reported in the coastal villages of the United Republic of Tanzania. This strain is particularly alarming in that it has successfully breached the simian/homo sapiens barrier.

"As the enclosed documentation and correspondence demonstrate, we have repeatedly asked the Executive Board of the Hanso Foundation for assistance in determining the possible correlation between the outbreak of this transgenic disease and the research being conducted on primates in their Experimental Station in Zanzibar. As our requests have been met with utter and complete disregard, we feel we have no other choice than to demand your immediate intervention.

"As the Hanso Foundation is using primates to research gene therapies intended for human use, the correlation should be obvious.

"Considering the alarming nature of this outbreak and the mounting death toll it is imperative that the Hanso Foundation immediately open the doors of their Experimental Station for inspection and, should a link be found between their work and this disease, cease and desist their activities immediately.

"Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Lives are at stake."

When you click on the signature block of Jacques Maillot, another letter opens from the same group to the same CDC. The author is now Mr. Peter Thompson. It reads:

"Please consider this a formal apology for the heated and alarmist tone of our previous correspondence, as well as a formal request for the withdrawal of former Director General Jacques Maillot's request for an intervention into the affairs of the Hanso Foundation.

"In the time since Monsieur Maillot's letter, GWC's inspection team has been welcomed with open arms into the Hanso Foundation's Experimental Station in Zanzibar. Our thorough examination of the Station has made it clear that the benigh, non-invasive research being conducted there could not have possibly resulted in the outbreak of a transgenic virus.

"Because we appreciate the CDC's willingness to intervene when lives are at stake, the last thing we want is to abuse our close relationship with your organization – or sound alarms before the need is absolutely clear. Once again, please accept our apologies, and our appreciation of your diligent response to our correspondence."


This part of the Hanso Foundation website offers a strange message when the mouse is moved over the ocean between South America and Africa. The message is a series of odd writings, but you can make out "Missing Organs".


Mr. Alvar Hanso's date of birth is underlined. Clicking it reveals a hacked message from Persephone. It reads:

"Notice the grainy far away picture? It doesn't match anyone else."

It then shows a list of places Alvar was last observered (London, Copenhagen, Paris, Geneva, Rome, and eventually ends in Madrid on December 31, 2002. This is the last known public appearance.

The message then ends by suggesting again that Alvar is no longer in charge of the Foundation.


By clicking the clock on the Hanso Foundation website you are directed to website. There are monitors. By clicking on them in a pattern (4, 8, 15, and so on) you get a message that reads:

"Code: Heir Apparent"


In this bio, you find a link to another message:

"Cal Tech has no record of this guy in their alumni database. He's never made a tuition payment. Does he even have a college degree? Why does he call himself a doctor? Of what? Who is this clown?"

A final message appears which reads:

"Gary Troup knows too much. He must be silenced."


In mythology, Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Zeus was the king of the Greek gods. Demeter was the earth goddess, fertility goddess and goddess of planned society.


The popular job posting site gets commercial time on the Hanso phone system. On their real web site are three jobs for the Hanso Foundation.


Gary is the author of "Bad Twin". Many things have been popping up about Gary. For example, there is a 9 part interview with Gary. One is found on the Barnes and Noble website (look for his book to find the link). Another was found in a mass email that Borders sent to Reward Club members. And so on…


It appears that a very close observer of the Hanso website discovered the name Rachel. It was only present for a short while and then removed. It might be that a clue slipped out before it was ready. Rachel is the name of Claire's friend in Season 1.


Several major newspapers had ad space bought by the Hanso Foundation. It was an open letter about the misquotes and misrepresentations the Hanso Foundation felt were being written about by Gary Troup in his book, Bad Twin.


Besides the phone message company and, last week's Lost episode included a commercial from the Hanso Foundation that was sponsored by Sprite. The Sprite website is about a new marketing campaigned called, "Do You Have the Proof". One picture is locked until May 15, but hovering over it seems to show a girl that could be Sun or Rachel.


Information is popping up on the Internet about Mr. Valenzetti. In summary, he was a brilliant man with no formal education, who supposedly developed an algorithm capable of predicting the exact date of the extinction of the human race. This formula was supposedly witnessed by others, but all evidence was destroyed when Mr. Valenzetti threw his works into a fire. He died in a plane crash.

NOTE: Can't help but think of Jack throwing the final pages of Bad Twin manscript into the fire! Also, Mr. Gary Troup wrote another book called "The Valenzetti Equation". This book is referred to, but never actually written for us.

The source of much information was – this page has since been pulled.

The author of the Wikipedia page was Javier Grillo-Marxuach. He was one of the original writers in Season 1 but left the show.

The Game Is On,