Thursday, March 27, 2008

LT21: Odds And Ends


We have seen the Dharma symbol on the medical hatch:

This symbol is called Caduceus. The snakes form into a figure-EIGHT shape. The snakes shape represents the DNA double-helix. Connections also made to the staff of Asclepius, the son of APOLLO.

Symbol's origin dates to 2600 BC in the area of EGYPT. The hieroglyphics from the clock in the hatch are from EGYPT. The original use of the symbol is thought to come from Moses when leading the Israelites out of EGYPT. Moses was told to form a rod with the symbol of the snake and it would heal people. This rod became known as the Rod of AARON. The high priest for the Israelites was Aaron.


When Hurley was taking his census and came across Ethan, where did he say he was from? Ontario.

Who taught Michael how to shoot a gun? John Locke.


I might have said this was the 2-hour finale for Alias…it wasn't. The show wraps up in May. But did you watch it? I told you there were some odd coincidences between the shows. So, did you?

If not, try to find these two episodes:

Episode 5-10 (hey that equals 15)
Episode 5-11 (hey that equals 16)

The two Alias episode names are S.O.S. and Maternity Leave. Now why do those ring a bell? Because they are two episode names from LOST.


Has anyone ever read Charlotte's Web? Wasn't Charlotte young and from Australia? I'm pretty sure that's correct.


Desmond said Kelvin was gone. Or did he say died?

Did Desmond lie? Or did someone lie to Desmond?

I'm done lying.


Well, Isaac lost the magic touch with Rose, but he lives in an interesting place. Urula is also known as Ayers Rock in Australia. It is a large magnetic mound that is FIVE miles in circumference. It is located on a major grip point as is the Great Pyramids.


Isaac had a little trouble with Rose and seemed a bit disturbed at what that implied.

Claire's psychic had the same reaction.

And I think both had to still pay!

KATE, JACK and the NET

If you want to catch bears, you use bear bait. You use a doll if you want to catch…


I think Penny is a nickname for Penelope. It's also what you pick up for good luck. And when you save it, it becomes earned.


Ok, I have a theory that is built on the Dharma product labels which are very generic. I call it my generic versus brand names theory! The Dharma Initiative is attempting to make the island their little world, so everyone sort of becomes generic and committed to the cause. Anyone who tries to become individualized is not desired (the brand names, if your will).

Building on this theory then, who is more like a brand name than anyone else?

"If it says Libby's, Libby's Libby's on the label, label, label
You will like it, like it, like on your table, table, table."

Hey, it's just a theory! Cracker JACKS! CLAIRol?


When John brings his dad's money from the bank, Mr. Cooper puts it in a bag. Look close:


You might have noticed the teddy bear theme:

Sawyer shoots a bear

Bear is seen in Spanish comic book

Charlie wears bear slippers as a child in his flashback.

The Others were dragging a teddy bear by a rope.

One of the tail-ender children had a bear.

Michael gives Walt a stuffed animal bear on a visit.

And in the Driveshaft diaper commercial we notice teddy bears in the over-sized play pen.


Let's face it, Thailand was brought up by Jack as his answer to his poker skills. The tattoo might fit that place as well. And Sawyer had a follow-up comment about Thailand, so it seems we should be paying closer attention to this.

Rumor is that Jack may have been in prison in Thailand.

Rumor is that Jack went to Thailand after Sara left him…so he wouldn't know if she was lying or telling the truth about not being pregnant. Hope remains that their could be a little Jack running around someplace.

This seems to be setting up a flashback for Jack…which usually means we are given a connection between characters. I wonder who Jack might have met while in Thailand. And just why does everyone seem to be racing around the world in this show?

The following is reprinted from a posting I found:

Last night Jack said that had been in Puket, Thailand, and did not answer Sawyer when he asked if that's where he received his tattoos. I did a little research (maybe all of you already know this, but...) and discovered that Puket has one of the the most sacred Buddist temples in Southeast Asia. The temple sits upon a Buddha Footprint. Now, why is this important? In the Buhhdist religion a sacred Buddha Footprint is indentified by finding 108 symbols associated with the Blessed Buddha.Once this sacred site is identified a temple is built over this site and prayers at this site are said to be the most powerful. In the Puket Temple it is interesting to note that a statute of the Blessed Buddha is partially buried in the ground and local legend says that it cannt be dug up for if it is the people who dig it up will die.This has compelling parallels with the Hatch. We know from the orientation video that Dr. Candle stated that this particular Island has unique electromagnetic forces coming from it like the sacred emergy coming from a buddist temple built over a sacred Buddha Footprint. The facility was built over the Island like a Temple is built over the Buddha Footprint.The Hatch is burried like the Blessed Buddha statue. Walt tells Locke not to open the Hatch. The local legend of Puket warns people from digging up the Buddha Statue.Further, a Buddha Footprint is identified once all 108 sacred symbols associated with the blessed Buddha are identified with the impression left on the ground. Our Hatch has a supposed "Doomsday" clock that counts down to zero from 108 and restarts again once the "numbers" are placed in the system. It is almost as if the power of the Buddha or whatever is keeping the "evil" (so to speak) at bay.Finally, with the Hatch/Temple analogy, the symbols we all saw a few weeks ago may NOT have been Egyptian symbols, but some of the sacred symbols of the Buddha Footprint corresponding to the numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42. Check out the Buddist symbols for yourselves by googling 108 symbols for the Buddha Footprint and see what you find. You might be surprised.


And, I am not talking about the old ship.My theory is that is what is inside the entire compound. Behind the concrete barracades and what is the big question mark. Maybe a meteorite that hit the island long ago and the original reason why the ship was named after it. The mining equipment may have had the intended use of extracting the Black Rock or maybe to destroy it.What is the Black Rock? Going by the film and what they wanted to study, a type of telekinetic concentrator or magnifier of some sort. To drag ships, balloons, or planes in via control of weather or invisible force. A lot of people mention EMF to bring those things in except the ship was made from wood, the balloon of of polyester or rayon or whatever and the basket was made up of and fiberglass with aluminum. The Oceanic flight airplane would be primarily made of aluminum and the Beechcraft would be of aluminum and fiberglass. Which would rule out EM.This could also explain why the island coul dnot be seen by anyone. The Black Rock allows it to be "invisible" in either a visible or physical manner that prevents the islands discovery or maybe its just a creation.




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