Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LT120: Dharma Update


The website for the summer game has come alive! If you register, you can compete in the weekly tests that judge your chances at success as a volunteer for Dharma. Don't foget to download your employee card to show off!


My fantasy football draft is coming up and made me think about time. I got to thinking about the NFL combine they hold for rookies each spring. They put the college kids through drills like speed tests in the 40 yard dash. 32 team scouts with stopwatches…a player runs and we get 32 different time recordings. Which one is correct? They all are. The explanation for why they are all correct will explain some of the "rule" on LOST. I really do think that what we believe is a flashback may not be so. Well, it could be TRUE to you, the observer.

A true chronological order of the show would be very enlightening.


With the new Cheng video from Comic Con going around, I wondered if Daniel wasn't an orginal member of Dharma. Maybe when the purge came along, he jumps into a time machine and zips back to an earlier day and time.

The producers have hinted that there is a good reason to explain how Daniel knew about the gas at the Tempest hatch. Has he been here before?

Could the purge be an event that wasn't suppose to happen and now Time is course correcting things? Could it have taken this long to fix things? Consider that changing the past could have a ripple effect and there could be a lot of events that need to be adjusted and put back in their proper place to avoid the purge on the next go around. An effort like that would take a lot of people helping to say...oh, push certain people on a certain flight!


Came across an interesting Fall show that you might like if you like LOST. It is called Gemini Division. What appeals to me is that it will be on-line only, so you can watch it when you have the convenience. It suggests that the story will be updated every weekday, so maybe it could be worth a few minutes every day.

Here is the link which includes some information for you to decide if this is your sort of thing:

Speaking of new shows...based on my devotion to LOST you might throw my opinion to the side, but like the Jacob, I've made a list of the best contenders.

1. The Fringe - another JJ Abrahms show, so why not?
2. My Own Worst Enemy - Christian Slater plays two personalities that don't realize the other exists
3. Dollhouse - not righly recommended, but has some sci-fi potential
4. Eleventh Hour - looks a bit creepy...reminds me of Millenium show a few years back
5. Life on Mars - guy is in accident and when he wakes up he is a cop in 1972, for those over 30 the soundtrack, leisure suits and muscle cars might be reason enough to watch.

Must admit, the list is a bit disappointing this season.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

LT119: Fun and Games


As you might be aware, LOST recently came out as a video game. While not gospel to the show, the producers were involved and strongly suggested the game shows a part of the Swan Hatch that we never saw on the show. It shows what was cemented-shut behind the wall. The wall that attracted Jack’s key. Here is a screen snapshot:

The name in the game is the Incident Room. Remember the incident from the Orientation video and Danielle’s term for the sickness?

By the way, I’m starting to really think Danielle was in the Dharma Group, escaped when the purge came and actually was pregnant by Ben days before the attack came. Since then, she has been going crazy…slowly. I’m going to review the footage of when Ben and Danielle first meet for any visual clues. Other than the marital observation that there are times I’d like to shoot an arrow into my spouse’s shoulder from behind!


The summer game, The Project, is in full steam since Comic Con. The secret video release ends with an odd frame or two. See below.

Is that a name? It looks like whatever writing is there is superimposed over the ABC official logo – where the reflection looks like a cityscape, not an island.

If you have ideas, drop a comment.