Monday, July 20, 2009

LT283: Pilot Still Topic of Discussion


With the talk surrounding the Perception Theory we got on the pilot – the first episode, the actual pilot, Desmond being a pilot, etc. I then received some feedback that suggested the clue from the first show was actually that Jack Shephard did not crash, but flashed!

I’ll need to rewatch Ajira 316 but it was clear some people left the plane prior to the landing. The clue might be that Jack also flashed. This takes us back to Kate claiming she saw the whole thing…in other words, she did not flash!

The ramifications are interesting and endless, but it deserved a follow-up to our most recent conversation.


You might recall that TIDBITS was on a kick a couple months back with the Computer Theory. I still don’t want to lose track of that because one way to make the Perception Theory and all the other theories work together might still be something related to a computer. For example, the time travel is just strange stuff, right? What if we shift our perception to the point where we normally are which is: time travel can’t happen. Now make that fit in the show. What do we have remaining? Well, that is the big question, but what if it is just a bunch of virtual reality computers involved in some memory altering experiment.

Keep this point in mind: even a lie usually contains a nugget of truth. The challenge is often that we focus on the wrong thing. What if the really important things is not strange time travel but the emphasis on Dharma’s experiments. It seems like we forget some of the earlier season’s concepts.

Maybe I’ll get back to the computer theory this summer.


Short and sweet, but I have a birthday to celebrate!