Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LT304: Tripping

I’m back from San Antonio were the humidity was higher than the temperature. Heat indexes at 108 degrees is not my idea of a good time. The good news is that I lost eight pounds just standing outside on the Riverwalk. The bad news is that I gained 15 pounds from the beer I drank just trying to stay cool.

Anyway, upon my return I scoured the Internet and found these TIDBITS:


The general feeling of this never-aired documentary is less than thrilling. When I went looking for TIDBITS the best I could find new was something about a “fleet” of submarines. Could it be there are a handful of subs we know nothing about? It would explain why Ben lets John blow up the one we have seen.

Also, there is a payee on the quick shot of invoiced named “WAKY”. We’ve seen this before but the meaning escapes me.

There is also a suggestion that the Dharma Initiative is a splinter group. I wonder who and where the main group is today?


I must admit that the ARG’s do not hold a lot of fascination for me. So the habit is to sit back and let others collect the interesting TIDBITS and I’ll glean from there for you.

With that said, PURPLE has caught my eye a few times. Then this picture is released in connection with the LOST paintings being auctioned:

The thing to notice is the purple creatures and that they are knocking over trees. It makes me think of mythology and how people will use mythology to explain the unexplainable. I don’t think this is suggesting the island’s original inhabitants were purple, but there usually a few accurate hints such as them being large enough to knock down trees.

We COULD take this and connect it to the Henry Gale balloon who worked for a company out of Minnesota which then leads to Paul Bunyan who also knocked over trees. But that would just be silly. Instead, let me make two suggestions.
First, Smokey is unexplainable to the ancient people who lived there so they made up a story to explain him. That would suggest they had never seen Smokey or the color surely would have been black, not purple.

Second, let me offer this: could we merely be describing giants with a bit of artistic liberty? If you despise the Bible-connections that I make, you are going to hate this one, but the Bible describes a race of “giant men”. Goliath is the famous one, but there is a more obscure reference. That vague reference is about “women of men” and “giants from heaven”. With a literal interpretation we are talking about angels or demons having relations with human women. The Bible describes their offspring as “giants”.

Ok, before I move on, please notice the snowy landscape.


Well, this is the stuff that I found on my return. This isn’t related, but here is what I learned on this trip:

- Never fly through Chicago

- Americans are great at ruining Mexican food

- I really miss the Internet when it is not available to me

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