Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LT96: Hanso Makes a Comeback


Just for fun, a website estimated the cost of Widmore’s attempted takeover of the island. Not counting fuel or artillery the price tag came out to $7.1 million. Now rich people don’t get rich by throwing money away, so there must be a return on an investment that size to make it worth it.


Remember when Locke’s game of Risk was interrupted by the phone ringing and it said, “Code 14J”. That seems to be a military job classification entitled, “Early Warning System Operator”. Personally, it sounded like a recording to me, but if that was your job you might sound a little synthesized by the time this call needed to be made!


You can’t keep a good man down…or a good foundation it seems. is up and running again. Check it out and look around for clues. One thing that caught my eye was under Executive Bios where Mr. Thompson claims to have been cured of cancer. Bet Juliet’s sister would like to talk to this guy. Or did he talk to her already???


The helicopter pilot, Frank, was interviewed recently and the question was “Why does your character seemed a little bit too laid back?” His answer: “This might not be his first island.”

Hmmm…he didn’t say “not his first visit to THIS island”, but “not his first island”. Has then guy been chasing a moving island before? This sort of leads to a theory that I’ve ignored, but now sounds a bit more plausible…there are multiple islands below the surface that rise and fall as needed.


After countless replays of the Sawyer’s whisper in the ear of Kate, I have concluded he said this:

“I have a daughter in Alabama...I need you to find her...tell her I'm sorry.”



Ben’s words. And a plan he might have involving Jack who Ben will use to lead him to Penny. While many think the Desmond-Penny story arc is over, I think it may have just begun. And as a side note, what guy wouldn’t be proud of a girlfriend who tells you, “I own a monitoring station”?


I’ve watched and re-watched the finale and still can’t make out exactly where the helicopter was in relation to the island. In one shot it seems the ship is horizontal to the coast line and the next shot it appears perpendicular to it. And of course, in some shots, I can’t see it at all. HA!

I’ll keep digging for the details.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

LT95: It's Good To Be Back Home Again

Well, the trip didn't yield a lot of LOST clues, but did discover the bus line that ran outside our assigned hotel was route number 42. And one of those buses on that route was number 815. I always waited for the next bus.


Recall the strange phone call that Kate received? It was in reverse. Straightened out, the voice told her, “The island needs you. You have to go back before it is too late.”

My guess is the voice belongs to Sawyer.

And after the phone call she goes to check on Aaron and finds Claire in the bedroom. But did you catch the picture on the wall?

Yeah, same drawing as from the illustrated “Alice in Wonderland” book.


Late in the finale we have Octagon Global Recruiting commercial. Check out the website here:

If you are going to be in San Diego in July, be sure to fill out an application. At least enter your email to get creepy emails this summer.

Does this mean the Dharma Initiative is starting back up again? Or could this just be the original sign-up in 2008? Yeah, think of the possibilities.

Be sure to notice the designs on the edge of the logo – it stands for “fixing that which has been spoiled” and “duration or longevity”. It seems Dharma may have learned its lesson and it going for a sequel. They are hiring after all.


Had Richard not intervened, who would have won: Keamy or Sayid?


Other than the obvious themes in this scene (games, Hurley seeing dead people, black and white pieces, etc.)…

…it was nice to hear a reference to Ecko.


You might have caught the previews for the new show on FOX this August called “Fringe”. I can’t make up my mind if Abrams is building on LOST concepts or what exactly. I can tell you the preview includes these odd similarities: cows, strange medicine shots, teleportation, plane incidents, reanimation, time references and…Abaddon!

There is an extended trailer out there (3:25) if you are interested. Sounds like it has some possibilities.


My read on this is sort of unclear, but the director made three possible endings – which mean three different people were filmed in the coffin. Those three were Locke, as we know, and Sawyer and Desmond.

The lack of clarity comes from whether they were trying to keep spoilers from leaking or did they really have a choice to make up until the last minute? Somewhere, I hear the Swan hatch alarm beeping. Quick, somebody push that button.

Search for “Good Morning America Lost Alternate Endings”.


The cover story deserves more scrutiny, but for now let’s point out that there is a bit of conflict with Oceanic going along with Jack’s story if it is Widmore who is pushing the buttons.

And we need to determine who the extra 3 survivors were. That’s right, THREE, no TWO. For now I can tell you that the three in the cover story all actually died on the island…Charlie…check back next week for the rest of this story as it unfolds.


Share your thoughts if this observation triggers something, but it started when a question was asked about Keamy’s detonator device. Why would there not be a delay like when Daniel was testing his rocket?

Answer: the delay only effect mass, not waves. This is why the phone calls were in “real time” between island and freighter, but the rockets red glare was late.

The exception to the “mass impact” theory is if said mass enters on a heading of 305.

Now that has always confused me and again if anyone can help…please leave a comment. (NOTE: Comments are reviewed before being posted…sorry, too much junk posts were being left. Still I will read them and post the related comments.) My confusion is heading 305. Imagine a clock. The center is the island. The freighter is sitting on the “4” and if you go 305 degrees you cross the island (center) and end up somewhere around the “10”.

So, if Point A began on any other number than “4” would a 305 heading cause the line between Point B to not cross the center point of the clock face? I guess the idea is that I’m suggesting an established “door” in the shield which means heading is not as critical as coordinates would be.

Or does it mean that do leave the clock face (island shield) you simply have to cross the outside border at an angle of 305 degrees? But even that would imply that the “cross-ee” would need to know where that outside border is, right?

Any help or thoughts?


A closer look at Hurley’s snack food reveals a fictional product, “Molly Fisher Fruit Rolls”.

However, Molly Fisher is the name of a mysterious rock monolith in Kent, Connecticut. It sits near Hatch Pond. The rock has inscriptions similar to hieroglyphics we have seen on LOST and have yet to be interpreted.


LOST TIDBITS should be back to twice per week. I aim for Wednesdays and Sundays. With the Octagon recruiting and lots of other topics, we should be able to pass the time together this summer.

The next edition will take a closer look at the positions of the freighter and helicopter – heck, even Sawyer and Jin (yeah, even Jin), so see what possibilities might exist on who is where.