Friday, April 17, 2009

LT248: Keep Your Eyes Open


While thinking about the guys in the van it dawned on me that they claimed Miles should not go to work for Widmore. They also asked the question, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” Doesn’t this mean then that Ilana is on Team Ben? Or does this only mean we have a third team in play?

I believe the guy who did the talking (and avoided hiding his face) was named Bram. That one of the guys with Ilana on the island! But it seems to be suggesting that Team Charles is in trouble.


Daniel returns to the island after a sabbatical in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We can only guesstimate he has been off-island for a couple of years. What was he doing during that time? Helping mother at the Lamppost Station? Checking up on Desmond, his constant?

Back up a bit…how did he get off island? We learned last night that the Orchid Station is being constructed. Was it to the point we saw Desmond as a construction worker? Did he finally figure how to control the time flashes and jump off island? Based on the progress of the Station it seems like Daniel may not have been off-island as long as two years. But then how would he get to Michigan, acquire work, and then hitch a ride back?

And now that he is back what is the plan? It would seem that somehow the 1977 clan would need to get to 2007-08 timeframe.


The Numbers were found in this episode including the opening scene:

And the apartment where Miles heard his first dead person:

And here in Miles’ flashes we see a rabbit. Look closely at the ear…you’ll see the number 8.

And here where the magazine cover reads “After 23 Years”

Miles was asked to erase the tape from camera #4.

Did you see the book Baby Miles was being read? It has a polar bear on the cover:


This post is kind of short but sweet. Look for more in-depth analysis including the Egyptian references visible in this episode.

Time has been an illusion in my life lately. I’m hoping to get back on the LOST REVIEW segments soon.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LT247: Some Like It Hoth Initial Thoughts


It took a while to tie-in the title of the show but when it did, it worked pretty nice, especially the part about Luke having his arm cut off. Where have I heard that happening before?

Hurley is a trip which makes him lovable, but how does he think he will get the script to Lucas? And what changes is he going to make? Will Darth Father and Luke become buddies. Geesh! Oh, Hurley is right about one thing...the Ewoks did suck.


Pretty interesting stuff. But we just blew another time travel theory out of the water. Granted Miles wasn't ever holding himself, but it still seemed a bit odd that two could exist in the same time-space.

He should have gone with the guys in the van who added a nice element of mystery when they said, "[Out team is the] one that is going to win." There's that reference to war.


* Seems somebody has discovered the magnetic properties of the island.

* A filling through the brain is a tough way to go.

* Mom tells Miles that dad is "somewhere you can never go". So how does Widmore play into this having Miles go to where his father was?

* Kate is really beginning to bother me...shut up! Funny, for the first three years I yelled at the TV, "Start talking" and now I want her to zip it.

* $1.6 million for Miles to take a boat ride to an island. How much did Miles demand Ben pay him to free him from Locke's control?

* The van guys with the wonderful question, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" I love riddles.

* One lie leads to two lies and before you know you have Phil tied up in a closet.

* It will take some time to piece together what Daniel has been up to.


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LT246: The Ties Are Tightening


Click on an picture to see a larger version:


Maybe this is new to you, but we know the Dharma logo for the Temple:

We observed this from the map that Ben gave to Alex and Karl for them to escape to. After reading a bunch of ideas, the consensus is that this logo is a representation of the “House of the Rising Sun”.

That was the name of an episode that featured Sun and Jin. It seems that Sun is a bit of an art and history expert and might offer some interpretations of the glyphs we see on the Temple wall.

The disturbing part of this is that face that Dharma has a logo for this. If the Temple is meant only for the Others/Hostiles…and if outsiders are “never to see the temple” due to the walls built around it…then why does Dharma have a logo for it? Was this Ben’s idea to keep the ruse that the Dharma Initiative was in power when the reality was that the Hostiles had taken over? And then why? Were the Others expecting guests? Sort of odd when you think about it. It suggests that Dharma and the Others are more intermingled then we might be led to believe.


Every since Locke went into that Sweat Lodge and Boone tells him “I’m going to help you find your way so you can bring the family back together”, the show has emphasized families.

Is the family Christian, Claire, Jack and Aaron?

Or is it more figurative meaning the Oceanic family?

Or did Boone mean John’s family? No, not the Anthony Cooper father. The real father. Many have thought that Widmore’s banishment came from fathering Penny off-island. What if his child was Locke?

One reason for this idea is that it was said that Widmore had relations with an outsider. Annie and Eloise do not seem to be outsiders. But young Emily would have been. To verify the facts it seems Richard went to see for himself which is why he was there for Locke’s birth.

Of course, the Thanksgiving table is filling up at the Widmores with all the possibilities: Daniel, John, Penny, Annie, Eloise, and Charles. Kind of creepy and it would blow me away if LOST went down the “Founder” path. You know, where a population is offspring of its founder. Throw in a dash of “The Devil’s Advocate” and you can see what I mean. Why this show has crossed the line of science-fiction it has yet to go over the line of say “Twin Peaks”. Well, not yet.


Next episode is called, “Some Like it Hoth”. This is the name of the ice planet from Star Wars where Luke is hanging upside down in the polar bear cave. Anyway, here is a teaser photo that promises to be interesting, yet reveal nothing.


Following the episode, you can look for the Initial Thoughts posting. See you then!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

LT245: Imagery and Meaning


Here is a theory for you to enjoy. Ilana asks “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” It is possible that this could mean that the shadow that the very tall statute casts. In early morning the shadow would be inward to the island. Maybe at a certain time the shadow it casts points to the location of something special.

Related to this theory is a spin-off that says that a grate exists UNDER the statue. The statue was erected in order to block this grate which could contain a smoke monster. Maybe even a white smoke monster. If they can topple this thing then we begin the war of east versus west (the direction the sun travels) and black versus white.

Perhaps the statue is covering the Jughead bomb or its shadow points to the location of the buried treasure. Either way, it would be helpful in a war to have a nuclear weapon at your disposal.


Someone wrote, “Admit it. When you saw Ben’s torch get blown out you thought we was voted off of “Survivor”?” Cute.


There are some thoughts going around that Ilana and crew may be infected with the sickness that Danielle’s group suffered. She has always had a personality capable of what I’ve observed, but this idea makes for an interesting thought. If you consider that they have been on the beach most of the time, then I doubt this, but the evil disposition did make me wonder.

And if she is really working for Widmore then why didn’t they kill Ben when he was knocked out and recovering on the cot?


This screen snapshot has spotlighted snakes:

In Egyptian mythology the god Apep was an evil demon and depicted in the form of a snake. He and the sun god, Ra, were at constant battle with each other. Apep was also known as the serpent of rebirth. Is this our Smokey?

Of course, Satan was depicted as a serpent in the Garden of Eden.


Did you notice when Locke and Sun are waiting for Ben to summon Smokey from his bedroom hidden room there is a painting on the wall?

That’s right! It is our Hamster Lady. She keeps showing up in episodes and that doesn’t happen without a good reason. Many are saying it is a painting of Ben’s mother, Emily. But why keep including it and why does it keep moving locations?


We were given a lot of glyphs in the Temple Tunnels this past episode. Here are some interpretations of their meaning:
There is a weeping eye found several times which stands for sorrow.

The words these symbols represent are: watch, mutilate, make, purify and snake.


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