Monday, August 3, 2009

LT286: August Is Starting To Heat Up


As you can tell the summer has been a bit slow for all things LOST. You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled on this website:

Can’t make out if this is a summer game or just some hype for the final season, but it should give you plenty to digest over the next few days.

The early feedback says they are finding plenty of interesting things (and people). Start with that guy under the tree.


With Finals week in school this week (yeah, summer semester) and just being months from the season start, TIDBITS will be slowing down its postings. You can look for it weekly, plus any breaking news – so you do have to come back often to check. And while you are here, why not click on one of the ads as a nice way of saying “Thanks”. I’m just a few clicks away from the next LOST-threshold of 16,000 hits.


My hope is that they answer a lot of the dangling questions. Or at least promise us a book of answers shortly after the series is over. I want answers to things like:

-- The shooting while in the canoes – who did Juliet peg?

-- How does Radzinsky get to the Swan hatch and then die?

-- Good explanation for Juliet surviving the fall – or is it just Fate?

-- In the end will the island really be “alive”?

I’m sure you have some questions, post them and give me something to explore this Fall.


You won’t believe this one. A theory is going around that suggests LOST is mirroring real-world events a lot closer than you might suspect. In a sense, they suggest the already “real-world feel” to the show is evidence. The supporting “games” do what they can to hint at real fringe science, behind-the-scenes organizations, and government involvement.

It is likely just a theory for the fun of it, but then it made a prediction. Of course, we can’t prove it until April 29, 2010. But it should be fun waiting for that get here – and you noticed it will be during the LOST season 5.

The prediction is that there has been (or will be, I only briefly reviewed this) a Global Blackout – called GBO – at which time strange things happened but hidden from everyone’s knowledge.

Heck, if this theory doesn’t work out, it would make a good basis of a new TV show.

If you want to explore this conspiracy theory, then start here.

Be warned, the truth can hurt.


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