Saturday, January 24, 2009

LT185: More Reader Comments and Feedback


A reader of LOST TIDBITS, Ben (funny), writes and shares a few of his thoughts and here are my responses.

“First, I doubt Hawking is anyone's mother...she seems to be an angel-like figure, and is without human nature.”

>>> I have to disagree at this point. The good thing about this topic is we are sure to find out who Daniel’s mother really is…as soon as Desmond arrives at Oxford. There is ONE clue that actually supports your view, but it is not sure enough to even mention.

“I think I've seen frogurt in other episodes.. I know he's been referred to in the past.”

>>> Frogurt’s real name is Neil. He was only mentioned on the show in Season 2 as a volunteer to help Bernard build his S.O.S. out of black rocks. He quit soon after starting the project, but we never saw him. The nickname came from the fact that Bernard mentions him as that the guy who works at a frozen yogurt company. We finally got to see Neil in the supplemental clips, Missing Pieces, where he argues with Hurley over the affection of Libby. It wasn’t until this Season 5 that they inserted Frogurt onto Daniels’ boat. It caused a bit of confusion because viewers knew that hadn’t seen him depart the island in Season 4 finale. No worries however, because his frozen concoction went up in a heated ball of fire.

“I agree with the glasses thing...Richard seems to be immortal, wtf does he need glasses? It could have been a bad actor's prop decision, or he's not really immortal.”

>>> Yeah, we agree! We should be sure to notice that only some people get healed: Rose, Locke and Mikhail.

“Maybe the "incident" mentioned in the video is Daniel's decision to continue opening the hole to the power source in the tunnel. Why else would he be down there? To compensate, they build the Swan maybe?”

>>> If you surf back through my Biscuits and Gravy Theory posts, you’ll see this as the explanation of the Incident that your propose. Not precisely saying Daniel, but the general gist that opening this wall caused it as well as the Swan Station was necessary to correct their lapse in judgment.

“And it could explain the Doc's and Daniel's loss of limbs--the Dr. loses it between videos 2 and 3, but regains it by 6?”

>>> We have seen a lot of arm rubbing by Dr. Candle in the Comic Con video. And we have noticed the missing arm shows up in the Orientation films. But at this point, I’m inclined to think that the Military guys cut his arm of as “non-negotiable” as they almost did with Juliet. This points to the conflict between the Military and the Hostiles.


A LOST TIDBITS reader, MDJ (I like MJ abbreviation better), writes a comment. He is thankful for some rules regarding the time travel. Agreed. As predicted, Daniel did help layout a few of the rules, but even he did so with air of hypothesis about him!

Daniel used the string analogy. Way back in an old post, this was suggested but I used the ball and paddle analogy. You know the toy where the ball is attached by a stretchy string and you have to keep it going? Both examples use the idea that time travel is along the path of those strings. The subtle difference in my object lesson was that the ball never leaves and travels back to the paddle along the exact same path. Daniel was much more linear.

I still prefer the ball and paddle because it allows some room for “course corrections”. However, when the line is delivered on the show, it has to be taken at face value, right? HA!


Then MD goes off about the clip show that ran before the Season 5 premier. He points out the scene about Sayid examining the nifty walkie-talkie phone that Naomi and Daniel brought to the island with them. Well, this got MJ thinking about this technology suggesting that the phones were from the future…along with the people who possessed them perhaps.

This then led MJ to conclude that Richard may be from the future to explain why he never ages. Well, this got me thinking big time and soon, I will lay out a whole new theory based on these reader comments. I’m calling “The MJ Theory” for all the right reasons!


When Hurley goes into the convenience store to buy that T-shirt, did you notice the song that was playing? It was Cheap Trick’s, “The Dream Police”. This was right after “seeing” Ana Lucia. I’ll admit, this one slipped right past me, but was a perfect choice for the soundtrack.


Keep those comments and emails coming…it helps me sort out some things.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

LT184: Pendulums, Poles and Pictures


For four seasons it seemed that LOST was exploring at theme of faith VERSUS science. Now we are left to wonder if they are examining faith AND science. A merger, if you will. It started with Ms. Hawking working in her science lab and then walking upstairs into a church.

The pendulum seen in the lab is also a common symbol of many religions, such as the thurible used in Catholic mass. Combine this with the practice of lighting candles as we see Ben doing and you have a science intertwined with religion.

Also consider that Ms. Hawking was wearing a cloak which brings to mind some religious overtones. Or is all of this symbolism actually a way to poke fun at faith? For one hand it seems one could draw the conclusion that the church was being used as a front or fa├žade. It seems this goes to only strengthen the theory that the show’s opposing forces, Ben and Widmore, are on polar opposites of the scale.


Foucault’s Pendulum is used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth. Several Science Centers, including in my hometown, have these devices. Mine uses it to tell time as the swing of the pendulum knocks down a peg representing a minute of the day.

The device works by allowing it to oscillate in any vertical plane. Did I just say oscillate? It is worth noting that at the North or South Pole, the plane of oscillation remains fixed with respect to fixed stars. This means that a full rotation happens at each pole, clockwise at one and in exact opposite at the other. Sort of like a mirror image of each other!

The article I found on this kept mentioning a “parallel transport”, which in the best terms I can describe is the principle of making connections between geographical points. Hmmm…


There was a picture on the table in Kate’s house that showed Jack with Aaron. Not surprising since these crazy kids were just one or two mysterious phone calls away from getting married, but I wanted to make sure you noticed it.

Did you hear the public address speaker in the airport when Sun was getting ready to fly to L.A? It said that Flight 23 was boarding at Gate 15. Ah, these cursed numbers!

When Ben enters the butcher shop he takes a number. We see it as 342, but a carefully placed thumb gives us 42.

When Jack is reviving Sayid we see Jack turns the knob on the oxygen tank. We can see the 4, 8 and 12 numbers. No big deal until you realize they are even numbers until it gets to 15?


This guy is just sneaky to the core. What is he doing hiding something in the vent of a motel room? The first thought I had was this was about the size and shape of that buried box with the crackers that Hurley found so inviting. I think there is a clue here as to timing. What I mean is that this can explain why the crackers are not as stale as one might think they would be.



Thursday, January 22, 2009

LT183: Time, Time, Time Is On My Side


It would seem Ms. Hawking is Daniel’s mother. Why else would Daniel tell Desmond to go find his mother unless she was well versed in time travel? And it was clear Mrs. Hawking knows her time. Plus Charlotte’s hint about remembering a maiden name suggests that Ms. Hawking has kept her maiden name instead of Faraday. And it could be why she is listed as Ms. Instead of Mrs.

She is from Oxford and has the right accent. And finally, the last name fits with Stephen Hawkings who happens to be the author of the book about time which was being read by a guard outside Room 23 in past episodes.

Keep in mind that Ms. Hawking was seen in a photograph with the monk that Desmond worked with to make wine. Would that make the monk and Daniel brothers?


Aaron was watching a cartoon called Speed Racer. This was a recent movie that starred Matthew Fox.

Frogurt (Neil) was not on the boat with Daniel at the end of last season. Yeah, nice of them to include him for a few minutes until death by arrow, but hey…we viewers are particular!

The manuals next to Ms. Hawking in her lab had Dharma symbols on them.


Richard tells Locke that the island “will do the rest” in assisting him with the wound. But he has glasses on to pull out the bullet? Why is Richard’s eyesight NOT healing?


Were these people part of Dharma? Maybe Hanso hired the group for security while building things. But then why use flaming arrows when they had guns?

Some are suggesting they were part of Danielle’s science crew.

My guess is that these are part of the Hostiles. They were wearing old-style military garb. They seemed pretty ruthless without thought. I believe they might have captured one of the Dharma Initiative and cut his left arm off – Dr. Halliwax.

Watch it end up where one of the military guys is a young Widmore: accent and ruthless.


For three years, Sun has been carrying a grudge against Jack it appears. Last season she said that she blamed two people for her husband’s death…Jack and ??? Ben or Widmore? This little twist will take time to play out since both would be more than willing to use her to kill the other.

Is Sun behind the blood test in order to get Kate to accept her call and invitation to stop by? How else would Sun know they were after Aaron? Like father, like daughter. Wait, she did tell her father that she blamed him.


We need to add Desmond to the list of special people…at least according to Daniel. This gives us Locke, but it also gives us Rose. These were the three either identifies as special or who “went missing” for a period of time. I believe special people are given an exemption from the rules of time. If my read on this season is correct, the women will take center stage where the father figure’s have been prominent in past seasons. Rose to lead that charge.


My only real big complaint is the rules of time are coming very close to being “Demon Rules” – the kind where anything goes because a demon has the power to do whatever the writer makes up. It starts with Daniel’s instruction about not being able to change the past. Then Frogurt and a few more Survivors die. If that doesn’t change things, then what would?

When Desmond answers the knocking on his door, he could have been in the process of making a milkshake. Instead, he dresses and opens the door. While not earth-shattering in the history of time, it IS different. I’ll give some concession if Desmond is “special” but the Survivors dying on the beach?


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LT182: Dharma Special Access 9


I was a bit surprised to get another DSA, but here is the email just hourse before the season returns:

Dear fellow Dharma recruits,The fifth season premiere is only hours away. Be forewarned, we are hosting the clip show that proceeds it at 8/7 central.

With the show's imminent launch, it's been very busy here in the LOST offices. Last week we attended the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour. We did a lot of interviews there, which you'll probably see this week, and we showed them episode three. (They'd already seen episodes one and two via ABC.)

We are also working on breaking the last five episodes, writing episodes twelve and thirteen, production is shooting eleven, we're editing seven, eight, nine and ten, and on the post end of things we are finishing the CG work, ADR, sound and mixing on episodes four, five and six.

So this is a round-about way of saying we didn't have a chance to prepare a video for you this week. We hope you'll understand. However, we will be back. In fact it's our hope to fire off to you guys a DSA video update about once a month as the season progresses.

We really appreciate your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the premiere.

With gratitude,
Damon and Carlton


A bit disappointing, but what did we expect? A tell-all revelation? Guess not.

Enjoy the show and look for TIDBITS to do some preliminary posting after the show. I'm not sure exactly what schedule will work the best, but my goal is to post something immediately after the show.

Then the "dig deep" stuff should be out on Sundays.

As always, the more that happens, the more I post. And the more you read and give me feedback, the more I post.

Just 3 hours to go!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LT181: Dim the House Lights



It is going to be a bit of shock to Jack when he returns to the island and discovers his step-sister is dead. Will this be the catalyst for him to finally believe? If not, will the island then demand his mother? What if stubborn Jack still refuses, might Sarah’s baby be revealed to be his and then it could cost Jack two more lives (or is Kate and Aaron playing that role for Jacky)?


If you pull up that group promo picture where Daniel is missing his left foot and then step away from the monitor, it bugs me that the spotlight seems to be on Charlotte. This next season should give us some more background on her birthplace, her obsession with Dharma anthropology, and why she has such an attitude.


She sticks it out for three years in order to save her sister, Rachel. Then she cues Jack to kill Ben, no wait, she wants him alive. She makes a deal to leave but that blows up in her face. She finally switches sides only to find out she has been reporting back to Ben via a tape recorder. Not so fast, she tells Jack so again she’s on the Survivors side drinking rum with Sawyer. Won’t this cost her something…like Rachel?



Of course this season is going to deal with Locke or Jeremy or whoever he really is. But it is time somebody explain how killing your own father (spin it however you want) makes you qualified for leadership? I do sense it is time John finds his bearing.


Of the three remaining Abaddon recruits, Miles holds my interest the most. I plan to listen carefully to every word he utters as he has the ability to hear dead people talk. Of course, this is an assumption and if true you might think he should spend some time at the Dharma pit or even inside Jacob’s cabin if he dares.


This guy takes center stage for several reasons: his notebook, his brain, his exposure to radiation, and mostly, his Comic Con video. Yes, I’m convinced it was Daniel speaking on the tape which means this guy is learning to bend time AND space…just like Ben knows how.


Please, give me some Answers. If I had a genie in a bottle that would grant me three nuggets of information, my list would be 1) is Richard immortal, 2) how can I get to the island, and 3) Evangeline Lilly’s private cell phone number.

Please, give me some Psychology. I like action as much as the next Die Hard fan, but the psychology and sociology is what makes this show unique. My hope is for a big dose of why’s and why not’s, decisions and consequences, and a study in human interaction.

Please, give me some False Hope. We all like to dream about what could be. Let this coming season give us reason to dream about astral projections, bending of spoons, and a new heightened sense of reality. Give me teleportation, vacations in the stars and life extension. It has been too long since any show has offered us dilithium crystals, phasers and warp drives. Just keep it grounded in some sense of realistic physics.


Take and Give.

The law of conservation states that matter and energy can not be created or destroyed. I want this law adhered to this season. Desmond should not be able to be out on the exercise pad in the military AND on the island. The explanation has been that his flashback was only in his mind, but if so, then how can he change events like getting Penny to take his phone call?

And I want this applied to everything like when the island moved, the ocean filled in the space that remained. That’s good. But should that have also created a wave? Won’t the ocean floor be different now?

All I’m saying is that if the writers are going to take, they have to give something back!

Take their Lives

If a person dies and if the show is heading towards some sort of Dead Zone, then I want that made perfectly clear. Even the Bible states there is a “holding place” before the final destination. So it is perfectly fine to explore this. But if that is not the case, then I expect to find Christian’s body somewhere on the island. I mean his physical form. Same goes for Claire.

The show has given us the dead bodies of Dharma while allowing the ghost of Horace Goodspeed to speak to John. My hope is that if they take another life, the body and soul and spirit should separate.

Take Widmore

I want this guy’s role to become apparent and it looks from the promos that my wish will come true! But it is equally as important to tie him into Hanso. Recall that Hano’s family tree intersects often with the Widmores from the time the Black Rock journal is written. Let’s hope they fill in those gaps for us.


Ajira Airways

Before Season 4 began, a new off-screen game was started called Find 815. Footage from the game was then seen in the show. This is very clever. And I believe Oceanic Airlines resumed operations on the same date of Episode 1 in a season. This makes Ajira Airways a likely player.

After the initial fanfare, the site has sort of hit a lull. It may be the only relevance is that this will be the airline that takes the Oceanic 6 back part way to the island. I say “part way” because another ABC promo clip shows the happy group on a boat which seem to be the logical final segment of a trip back.

To sum up the details from the off-screen game: Guam, 316, Ulysses, 11:30 or a compass heading of “thirty to median”, N824, and the Dharma “lamppost” logo.


Something tells me we aren’t done with wheelchairs and their symbolism. As a reminder, consider the uses we have witnessed so far:

-- Locke, of course
-- Ben after surgery is wheeled around by Richard
-- Michael after being hit by that car is pushed by Susan
-- Kate and Jack in several hospital scenes with wheelchairs present
-- Kate’s mother arrives at the trial in a wheelchair
-- Rose sees a wheelchair at Isaac’s place at Uluru


Talk about taking a seat! What temple doesn’t have a throne? I do believe the ancient mythology of the island will take center stage this season. In keeping with this theme, I expect to see someone sitting in a throne. Did you know in ancient times if you approached the King without being summoned one of two things could happen? You either were put to death or if you were lucky, the King raised his scepter (think walking stick!) and would entertain you.


Faith versus Science

This is the top of my list of overall themes. The history of mankind and up to this present day struggles over these two sides of the debate. Do we use stem cells from aborted fetuses? Do we allow civil unions? Is Palestine and Israel fighting for a higher cause? Geesh, let’s explore this stuff some more!


I believe an entire season of LOST used this theme as their tag line, but I’d just as soon see it go away. I’m not a big fan of reincarnation. Hey, even those who embrace the concept suggest the mind is wiped clean (tabala rasa, anyone?), so what good is the concept if you can’t use what you knew before. Actually, my main problem with it comes from a theology debate: one still has to pay the price for one’s actions. Redemption is often misinterpreted and misapplied as a “free pass” when we all know life has no free lunches.

Competition – Winning and Losing

Now this theme could use a little more attention. Specifically, Widmore versus Ben. Black versus White. It is time the kid’s gloves come off and we settle this thing. May I recommend a duel? Hey, it would fit the style of settling disagreements back when the Black Rock was sailing.


Round and Round

While eternity, a ring, and a circle have no beginning per se, one does have to traverse over the same old ground. I hope this season tells us whether this is a loop or merely hopping around in time (think bunnies).

In the Beginning

I read somewhere recently that scientists may have discovered some things which directly date back to the Big Bang. Instead of the show’s timeline being a loop, we should learn then how it all started.


And finally, if we combine the above thoughts, we could easily intertwine them when we consider the children. It is often said that children are Xerox copy of their parents. Likewise, we all want the next generation to be better. Maybe this season will begin to hint that the loop we perceive is really our generation handing the torch to the next. This would go a long way in justifying many popular themes such as reincarnation, redemption and so on. After all, the Bible says that children may have to pay for the sins of their parents. Hmmm…


Well, there is my preface to Season 5. The house lights are beginning to dim, the curtains are about to be raised, so, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats…and enjoy the show.


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Monday, January 19, 2009

LT180: Whisper Analysis

The Biscuits and Gravy Theory wrapped up by suggesting the Oceanic 6 could be the source of the Whisper due to some time displacement. To be fair, I had to find some supporting evidence, so some time was invested into this Whispers and here is the outcome of that review:


It was past time to just sit down and focus on the Whispers. This audio portion of LOST is intriguing in that the editors take the time to include them. However, 99% of this audio is not capable of being heard by 100% of the viewers. It bothers me that the producers would include this technique for four seasons and then have them mean nothing.

In my last post, my Biscuits and Gravy Theory suggested the Whispers were actually the Oceanic 6 in some type of time phasing thingy. After just a few minutes into my dedicated analysis, I have to retract that. Now, one must admit that it would be an awesome concept to have the Oceanic 6 return as sort of “time ghosts” who quickly realize they can’t be seen by the island Survivors, but that will have to wait for another movie.


That thought kept crossing my mind, “Why bother?” The answer for me is that the Whispers continue throughout all seasons.

On one hand, we could consider the Whispers as just a technique of some sort. You might recall that the TV reality show, Survivor, had a pattern of showing the remaining contestants in the opening credits and the person who was shown with a fire burning over their left shoulder was the one who was getting voted off that week. Actually, the details are fuzzy in my mind, but you get the point. Someone noticed the pattern and spread the word and we never saw that “clue system” used again.

That clue technique made me wonder if the Whispers content wasn’t as important as much as they were just an audio clue that something was going to happen. They could merely be the “fire over the left shoulder”.


Any fan of JJ Abrams work has recognized that he loves patterns. The Fringe, another Abrams show, is based solely on the “Pattern”. This reminded me of some of the summer games. You might recall that LOST released a series of four jigsaw puzzles. While entertaining to assemble, the real juicy stuff was on the back side. Once all four were assembled, flipped over, and placed under a black light we could see a replication of the Blast Door Map.

This gives me some hope for the Whispers having a deeper purpose. It is one thing to hide the fact in front of our eyes (i.e. did you see the baton lying next to Jack when the plane crashes on the island) and quite another thing to embed clues.

We also need to consider the off season ARG’s. One thing has been quite clear about these games: you have to be a computer nerd to unravel the puzzles. I’ve worked with computers for over two decades and trust me…you have to be a major computer nerd. Why do something that eliminated 90% of the population? Well, for off season entertainment, I’m fine with it. My experience with Alternate Reality Games is that they are all shared this common trait of technology puzzles more than mental puzzles. Fine, but the show itself? It would be like having the movie “The Sixth Sense” only being fully understood if you owned state of the art audio equipment and only then would you realize that Bruce was dead. No, the clever part of the movie was that an early clue was “I see dead people” and only at the end do you realize the little boy meant Bruce.

Let me elaborate on this point one step further…the jigsaw puzzles did contain the Blast Door Map but they also contained additional markings like C4/16 C14/+3 C9/2. Someone finally figured the pattern out. When you took the book “Of Mice and Men” (don’t quote me on the book) and used the first number for the chapter and the second number as the word count in that chapter you could piece together phrases.

The list of phrases was anti-climatic leading me to believe this was more of an ARG thing rather than an integral part of the show.

In other words, if we took the transcript of the Whispers and rearranged the lines by every 4th, 8th, 15th, 16th, 23rd or 42nd word or line…it would produce a different meaning. However, after my analysis, I’m convinced it would be of little value. They might be interesting, but no revelation.

And yet, the producers and editors seem intent on including the darn things which in and of itself must mean SOMETHING. Right?


It seems odd that in today’s world we don’t have a single clue from the producers concerning the Whispers. I mean EVERYTHING gets leaked nowadays. Carlton and Damon love to tease us, but they are always about relevant topics. And yet, on this subject they have remained mum. Nothing on the secret portions of season DVD’s. No cast member has made mention of them. Not a single disgruntled employee has revealed anything…except one thing:

In my research I came across a person associated with LOST who stated that the Whispers were originally intended to be the Others, but that they adjusted that approach. Of course, the validity of those comments is in question, but let’s the comments face value. My view is that the original purpose might have been for enhancement purposes. So the proper focus should be on the second intention because someone sat around and had a light bulb go off in their head, “Hey, I know how we could USE these Whispers.” It would be at this point that my interest grows.


I’m convinced that the Whispers are people who have died. Throughout the transcripts there are a handful of times when the relationship of the speaker seems obvious. When Shannon and Sayid are about to run into a very wet Walt, the Whispers say, “Hi, sis.” At this point Boone is dead.

We also have dialog that strongly appears to be Christian Shephard. Again, very dead.

There is one major contradiction in that several dialogs appear to be between Christian and a living Sarah. But we must recall that Christian gave Ana Lucia an alias on his trip to Australia. He suggested she go by the name of Sarah. So, it could be explained that Sarah in the Whispers is actually Ana Lucia…a dead Ana Lucia.

The next pattern I chased after was whether these were people who died on the island. No. All seem to have died on Mysterious Island except one: Frank. This is the guy who Saywer shot at the Shrimp Shack by mistaking him as the real Sawyer. Frank’s voice is fairly recognizable and we have consensus that his line, “It’ll comes back around”, is a repeat of his ominous warning to Sawyer as he lay dying amidst the shrimp juice and garlic butter. Yum!

We can conclude then that the Whispers are from dead people, but not necessarily those who died on the island.


This led me to wonder if the Whispers were from dead people or just memories. Sawyer obviously had the memory of Frank in his mind and that particular phrase. Shannon would have tons of memories of Boone in her head.

However, we clearly have tons of examples where the Whispers are clearly not possible to be in the listeners head – mostly when it appears Christian is speaking and those people have never met him.


There are several examples where the Whispers predict events moments before they happen. This I found interesting. But then this takes us back to time loops for how does Ben and Locke have the ability to say things like, “I have a plan”, “The island had a reason”, and indicate that certainty of events to come that really can only be the result of having experienced something beforehand?


My guess is that 80% of the hidden conversations are between a man and a woman. I can’t help but be drawn to the unique relationship between Sarah and Christian. Ok, let’s call it an unusual relationship. While just earlier I suggested Sarah in the Whispers means Ana Lucia, my mind can’t let go of the odd way Christian seemed to interact with Sarah. Many guessed this meant an affair, but now I wonder.


The consensus is that snippets of dialog are in Korean and Spanish. One is immediately drawn to Jin and Hurley. However, we may have a clue that Jin is still alive and we know Hurley is. This throws a wrench into my observations. But we don’t have to assume these lines were delivered by these characters.

There was interesting find along the language angle: several lines are in German.

There is one tail ender that has been identified as German, but that appears to be a wink link. There have been several references to Germany in early seasons and the Lost Experience game, but on the show there has been very little.


If you’ve every played a record backwards or twisted a cassette tape around to play it in reverse, you know that you can hear about anything you want to hear. While the equipment being used by the “experts” on the message boards is undoubtedly an improvement over my rasping speakers, even they hear completely different phrases and words.

How then are we to draw any conclusions when we don’t know who or what is being said? With that said, here is a general transcript of the Whispers when Sayid leaves Danielle’s camp site in the Solitary episode:

Male Voice- "Just let him get out of here"

Male Voice- "He's seen too much already"
Male Voice- "What if he tells?"
Female Voice - "Could just speak to him"
Male Voice- "No"

And when Sawyer is boar hunting:

Female Voice- "Maybe we should just talk to him"

Male Voice- "No if he see us it will ruin everything"
Male Voice- "What did he see"
Female Voice- "They could help us"
Male Voice- "Can't trust"
Male Voice- "Come back around"
(Sawyer pauses, crickets and cicada are heard)
Male Voice- "What did he see"
Male Voice- "Nothing, he was following it"
Female Voice- "Speak"
Male Voice- "Nothing"
Frank Duckett's Voice- "It'll come back around"

The only conclusion to be drawn is that the source of the Whispers can see the Survivors. If they are the dead, then we jump to Purgatory as our explanation. The producers tell us that isn’t it. That leaves us with one thing: some in between stage like we have presented in a lot of ghost movies. Someone needs to figure this out and attempt to speak to them. I have an idea. Miles!


It is quite clear to me now that the B&G theory got the Whispers idea dead wrong. I've got to stop listening to those voices in my head. However, this doesn't invalidate the whole theory. But I must admit when the evidence conflicts and in this case I'm obviously just hearing things. HA!

Still, it was a worthwhile effort to dig into these. Been meaning to do it for some time. It is a bit disappointing that something so constant throughout LOST remains veiled from my understanding, but then, what fun would LOST be if it was easy to figure out?


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Sunday, January 18, 2009

LT179: Whisper In Your Ear


Be warned…this one is kind of strange, but we are talking about LOST, so let’s dive in!

The Whispers are the Oceanic 6.

The time of the island jumped back to 1979. Off-island, it is 2005 now. When the Oceanic 6 return they will find their friends half out of their minds by this point. They may also discover that the TWO time frames can’t coincide completely.

The Oceanic 6 will be there, but not really. This might explain why all the theories on parallel universes can be found. There are not two or more universes…just a time PHASING issue. It is like when you can’t quite line-up something.

Imagine then, Jack/Kate/Sayid/Sun/Aaron/Hurley, now observing the struggles but not being able to interact with them. The six talk about this amongst themselves, but can’t speak directly to Sawyer and Company. All Sawyer can hear are the Whispers!

My hope is to find the time to review the Whispers in light of my theory. To see if some of the conversations we have translated from the audio tapes could indeed by the Oceanic 6. I don’t expect them to line up perfect – more of that phasing challenge – but we might find enough to support my theory. This excites me to no end! HA!

And perhaps the Oceanic 6 does discover some ways to make their presence felt. Think of the movie “Ghost” (as if the title alone doesn’t fit nicely) where Patrick Swayze learns to “hit” solid objects with his mind as long as he has enough FOCUSED CONCENTRATION (please re-visit my old post on this concept). Maybe is will be a sliding penny (hey, penny!) or it be something get knocked over or an object being placed right where a Survivor would need to find it (think the baton lying next to Jack in the bamboo forest). Hmmm…

This concept also begins to explain Christian, Jacob and all the other ghosts/visions/apparitions we have witnessed on the island. With the help of Daniel (and possible Miles), the Survivors may come to realize that those spooky whispers are their friends trying to lead them towards the light!

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As the new season approaches it seems the crazies are coming out of the woodwork with their theories. Here is a sampling:

Charlotte is the same as psychic’s daughter Charlotte
Emma, the child on the tail end of the plane, is the same as the young girl Jack saves on the playground (deleted scene) and the woman working the Dharma booth at Comic con…or Locke’s mother.
Abaddon is a grown-up Walt
Ben and Charlotte are telling the truth when they say they were born on the island

As always, TIDBITS will research and report those ideas that have a chance of existing on this planet! HA!


Take a look at this promo picture:

This tends to support my Biscuits and Gravy theory by appearing to be a Kelvin like fellow coming out of the Swan Hatch. If we go back before the Gulf War as the Jump Back Date, then it would be pre-Kelvin…maybe Radzinsky? We did have that name as one of the passwords to the Dharma Special Access videos.

Here might be a better picture to examine:

But wait, I’ve shown you this one already, right? But have you SEEN it? See anything odd? No, besides the fact that Claire isn’t there (she is dead, right?). Click this next picture for a close up:

Say what!?! Where is Daniel’s left foot? I cropped the picture enough to see that a shoe appears to be lying in front of the monitor, but it doesn’t match the design of his right shoe. Is this a fake? It appears to be the real deal. Is this a Back to the Future message for us?


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