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LT185: More Reader Comments and Feedback


A reader of LOST TIDBITS, Ben (funny), writes and shares a few of his thoughts and here are my responses.

“First, I doubt Hawking is anyone's mother...she seems to be an angel-like figure, and is without human nature.”

>>> I have to disagree at this point. The good thing about this topic is we are sure to find out who Daniel’s mother really is…as soon as Desmond arrives at Oxford. There is ONE clue that actually supports your view, but it is not sure enough to even mention.

“I think I've seen frogurt in other episodes.. I know he's been referred to in the past.”

>>> Frogurt’s real name is Neil. He was only mentioned on the show in Season 2 as a volunteer to help Bernard build his S.O.S. out of black rocks. He quit soon after starting the project, but we never saw him. The nickname came from the fact that Bernard mentions him as that the guy who works at a frozen yogurt company. We finally got to see Neil in the supplemental clips, Missing Pieces, where he argues with Hurley over the affection of Libby. It wasn’t until this Season 5 that they inserted Frogurt onto Daniels’ boat. It caused a bit of confusion because viewers knew that hadn’t seen him depart the island in Season 4 finale. No worries however, because his frozen concoction went up in a heated ball of fire.

“I agree with the glasses thing...Richard seems to be immortal, wtf does he need glasses? It could have been a bad actor's prop decision, or he's not really immortal.”

>>> Yeah, we agree! We should be sure to notice that only some people get healed: Rose, Locke and Mikhail.

“Maybe the "incident" mentioned in the video is Daniel's decision to continue opening the hole to the power source in the tunnel. Why else would he be down there? To compensate, they build the Swan maybe?”

>>> If you surf back through my Biscuits and Gravy Theory posts, you’ll see this as the explanation of the Incident that your propose. Not precisely saying Daniel, but the general gist that opening this wall caused it as well as the Swan Station was necessary to correct their lapse in judgment.

“And it could explain the Doc's and Daniel's loss of limbs--the Dr. loses it between videos 2 and 3, but regains it by 6?”

>>> We have seen a lot of arm rubbing by Dr. Candle in the Comic Con video. And we have noticed the missing arm shows up in the Orientation films. But at this point, I’m inclined to think that the Military guys cut his arm of as “non-negotiable” as they almost did with Juliet. This points to the conflict between the Military and the Hostiles.


A LOST TIDBITS reader, MDJ (I like MJ abbreviation better), writes a comment. He is thankful for some rules regarding the time travel. Agreed. As predicted, Daniel did help layout a few of the rules, but even he did so with air of hypothesis about him!

Daniel used the string analogy. Way back in an old post, this was suggested but I used the ball and paddle analogy. You know the toy where the ball is attached by a stretchy string and you have to keep it going? Both examples use the idea that time travel is along the path of those strings. The subtle difference in my object lesson was that the ball never leaves and travels back to the paddle along the exact same path. Daniel was much more linear.

I still prefer the ball and paddle because it allows some room for “course corrections”. However, when the line is delivered on the show, it has to be taken at face value, right? HA!


Then MD goes off about the clip show that ran before the Season 5 premier. He points out the scene about Sayid examining the nifty walkie-talkie phone that Naomi and Daniel brought to the island with them. Well, this got MJ thinking about this technology suggesting that the phones were from the future…along with the people who possessed them perhaps.

This then led MJ to conclude that Richard may be from the future to explain why he never ages. Well, this got me thinking big time and soon, I will lay out a whole new theory based on these reader comments. I’m calling “The MJ Theory” for all the right reasons!


When Hurley goes into the convenience store to buy that T-shirt, did you notice the song that was playing? It was Cheap Trick’s, “The Dream Police”. This was right after “seeing” Ana Lucia. I’ll admit, this one slipped right past me, but was a perfect choice for the soundtrack.


Keep those comments and emails coming…it helps me sort out some things.

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