Sunday, January 18, 2009

LT179: Whisper In Your Ear


Be warned…this one is kind of strange, but we are talking about LOST, so let’s dive in!

The Whispers are the Oceanic 6.

The time of the island jumped back to 1979. Off-island, it is 2005 now. When the Oceanic 6 return they will find their friends half out of their minds by this point. They may also discover that the TWO time frames can’t coincide completely.

The Oceanic 6 will be there, but not really. This might explain why all the theories on parallel universes can be found. There are not two or more universes…just a time PHASING issue. It is like when you can’t quite line-up something.

Imagine then, Jack/Kate/Sayid/Sun/Aaron/Hurley, now observing the struggles but not being able to interact with them. The six talk about this amongst themselves, but can’t speak directly to Sawyer and Company. All Sawyer can hear are the Whispers!

My hope is to find the time to review the Whispers in light of my theory. To see if some of the conversations we have translated from the audio tapes could indeed by the Oceanic 6. I don’t expect them to line up perfect – more of that phasing challenge – but we might find enough to support my theory. This excites me to no end! HA!

And perhaps the Oceanic 6 does discover some ways to make their presence felt. Think of the movie “Ghost” (as if the title alone doesn’t fit nicely) where Patrick Swayze learns to “hit” solid objects with his mind as long as he has enough FOCUSED CONCENTRATION (please re-visit my old post on this concept). Maybe is will be a sliding penny (hey, penny!) or it be something get knocked over or an object being placed right where a Survivor would need to find it (think the baton lying next to Jack in the bamboo forest). Hmmm…

This concept also begins to explain Christian, Jacob and all the other ghosts/visions/apparitions we have witnessed on the island. With the help of Daniel (and possible Miles), the Survivors may come to realize that those spooky whispers are their friends trying to lead them towards the light!

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As the new season approaches it seems the crazies are coming out of the woodwork with their theories. Here is a sampling:

Charlotte is the same as psychic’s daughter Charlotte
Emma, the child on the tail end of the plane, is the same as the young girl Jack saves on the playground (deleted scene) and the woman working the Dharma booth at Comic con…or Locke’s mother.
Abaddon is a grown-up Walt
Ben and Charlotte are telling the truth when they say they were born on the island

As always, TIDBITS will research and report those ideas that have a chance of existing on this planet! HA!


Take a look at this promo picture:

This tends to support my Biscuits and Gravy theory by appearing to be a Kelvin like fellow coming out of the Swan Hatch. If we go back before the Gulf War as the Jump Back Date, then it would be pre-Kelvin…maybe Radzinsky? We did have that name as one of the passwords to the Dharma Special Access videos.

Here might be a better picture to examine:

But wait, I’ve shown you this one already, right? But have you SEEN it? See anything odd? No, besides the fact that Claire isn’t there (she is dead, right?). Click this next picture for a close up:

Say what!?! Where is Daniel’s left foot? I cropped the picture enough to see that a shoe appears to be lying in front of the monitor, but it doesn’t match the design of his right shoe. Is this a fake? It appears to be the real deal. Is this a Back to the Future message for us?


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Anonymous said...

Jacob is Jack


KC said...

CB in on record with this prediction of Jacob being Jack. I can find support in that Christian is sitting in the chair as his "spokesperson". Christian starts everything by telling Vincent his son has got work to do.

We are holding you to it!