Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LT126: We Wouldn’t Be Lost If We Had The Answers


Why all the references to Tunisia? This is the place where Ben is transported after turning the Dharma Wheel.

It is also the place where Charlotte finds her polar bear with a Dharma collar.

This country is also used by George Lucas in Star Wars.

The drug smuggler’s had a map of the desert area of Tunisia.

And the X-Files ended its run in Tunisia at a testing lab that worked with viral experiments.

Finally, the direct polar (bear) opposite of Tunisia would put one in the South Pacific just east of Australia.

I tried to find something sinister about the country and came up empty.


If you recall when Miles was first introduced he was entering a home to rid it of some ghost. We see Miles walking up the stairs and then down the stairs. On the wall along the stairs are pictures. Why do the frames change from wood to metallic?

Some people claim the photos remind them of a young Eko. Would Yemi be there too or was he still too young to even be born yet?

Besides the picture frames we can see a lottery ticket for $15 hanging on the wall alongside a football jersey with the number 15.

And some people claim that they have seen this boys picture in Ben’s house on the island.


The Whispers are one of the longest running and most common feature that falls into the category of strange…and yet has had very little explanation about them. Even the Survivors don’t seem to ask each other or Ben about them.

The consensus is that the Whispers are the Others speaking to each other with some Jedi mind trick. There is even some support to that theory by the producers. But to confuse matters, the producers came out later and said, “No, they are something else.”

What could they be?

Let’s admit it, we overlook these Whispers way too much. Think about how much time the producers spend getting actors to say lines in three different audio channels, mix them, edit them to avoid giving away clues…and then both to mask them so that only super-duper equipment can barely understand them?

What we think we hear leads us to people other than the Others. For example, it appears that Boone says “Hi, sis” and he isn’t another. Boone and Shannon are dead, so maybe we should listen for Danielle and Alex to have a conversation. Several have suggested we are hearing the dead, or parallel universes overlapping, or whatever.

Do notice that in many cases the Whispers are accompanied by rain and soon followed by Others showing up.


Why won’t Jacob talk to Richard?

Some people are suggesting this deals with succession. Richard may have had fellowship with Jacob at one time. Richard may have been the one to bring Ben to the cabin for his first visit.

Recall that when Ben brought John, that Ben could hear and see Jacob…but now it seems that Ben is blind to Jacob. Is this just another passing of the baton to the next generation? If so, what would this imply?

To confuse things, we then see Jacob using Christian (and Claire?) as his spokespeople.

Don’t you start to get the feeling that we are seeing what we want to see? Or what is convenient to see? Like a monster who can project a human shape, but takes on human form in order to be accepted. That makes me wonder what Jacob really looks like. Eew!

One poster points out that Jacob looks like Christian because it would freak John out if he walked into the cabin and saw himself. Hmmm….


The producers have told us to pay attention to what Christian was wearing on his feet. We have several scenes where we see white tennis shoes.

Then remember that in the Pilot episode we have Jack running past a tennis shoe dangling from its laces on a tree branch.

In Missing Pieces clip we see Jack in his funeral garb except we can assume he should be wearing a nice pair of black dress shoes instead of white gym shoes.

Then consider John was talking to Jack about his visions (indirectly) when he asked Jack, “Yeah, but what if you saw was real?”

This show makes you think, then rethink everything we’ve seen. And maybe that is the message of this show…to think. To re-examine everything we think we know about our environment, our selves, and our world. Cool and creepy at the same time!



Sunday, September 7, 2008



There is a website that advertises “Lost in 2.0”. It describes it as an on-line rerun of the series with extra bonuses from those on-screen dialogs to interviews with key players. This might be a good way to pass the time until LOST Season 5 starts.

It begins in about eight days.


You recall our two skeletons in the caves, right? Someone noticed they seem to be wearing parachutes.

Look closely (you can click on them to enlarge for better viewing). You can make out the straps over the shoulders as well as other pieces.

What does this imply? Perhaps they had to bail out of an aircraft like Naomi. Or a hot air balloon.

Jack estimated they deaths to be about fifty years ago, or 1954. We also know the Black Rock crashed on the island in 1845. 1845 + 108 = 1954.

If we continue this line of thought we can project that the storyline of LOST is 108 days. And the Bible tells us that to God a thousand years is as a day, especially when you have jumping islands.


It seems as if we have five nominees for Best Drama including LOST. Each nomination sends in five episodes. One episode is sent to each judge randomly, who then views the five nominees episode they received before judging. LOST is putting these five up for viewing:

The Beginning of the End
The Constant
Ji Yeon
There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1
There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 and 3

Seems like they sort of cheated on that last entry! I’d pretty much agree that those are some of the five best episodes of last season.


Eight drugs have been mentioned on LOST, but can you name them?

You might have correctly guessed alcohol as one of the drugs. What you might not know is that the actors playing Libby and Ana Lucia were arrested for drunk driving while filming LOST and both arrests were within 15 minutes of each other.

You might have correctly guessed cigarettes as one of the drugs. What you might not know is that one of the brands seen is called Portsmouth. There is no real-life Portsmouth brand. It was the name on the side of the Black Rock as its port of origin. And it is the hometown of Charles Dickens.

You might have correctly guessed heroin as it was Charlie’s favorite drug. What you might not know is that Charlie is never seen directly taking the drug…only veiled references. And they use brown sugar as the drug when shooting.

You might have correctly guessed the vaccines. What you might not know is that there is no known vaccine drug treatment that requires daily injection for years.

You might have correctly guessed Juliet’s test drug. What you might not know is that she was giving it to her sister Rachel. Or maybe you did know that one.

You might have correctly guessed Locke’s drug. What you might not know is on the show, his paste is actually chocolate pudding.

You might have guessed Oxycodone. What you might not know is refills for Schedule 2 drugs do not permit refills. This was Jack’s drug.

You might have guessed Clonazepam. What you might not know is using it too often will cause memory loss. And Jack and Hurley were the users of this drug.