Wednesday, November 12, 2008

LT143: Oscillation


Not sure why this never crossed my mind before, but here goes. We start with Daniel’s instructions to Desmond about going back in 1996 and finding him at the college. He gave Daniel information that would convince the 1996-version of Daniel to believe Desmond. That advice was a setting of 2.342, an oscillation of 11 Hertz and a mouse named Eloise.

The 2.342 is use of the LOST numbers and we aren’t quite sure what this setting is applied to.


The 11 Hertz has some interesting finds on a Google search. Recent studies have revealed that a repetitive beat at 11 Hertz will relieve stress on the human body. More studies with muscle twitch also seem to have an important threshold of 11 Hz. For the most part this seems to be audio related which in turn impacts the human nervous and muscular systems.


I found literary references to a character in some children’s books. It also is the name a character in a move falls in love with and the actor is the same that plays Daniel Faraday.

Probably not related, but another fairly popular reference is that Eloise is the name of a mental hospital in Detroit, Michigan – same state as the DeGroots were studying. The name, the type of hospital and the state gave me three reference points to LOST but not much else. On a side note, the most famous patient of the hospital was Elijah McCoy. Again, the first name had a Bible connection, so I kept reading. I didn’t find much other than he was an inventor who owned 57 patents. His most famous invention was a device that allowed factory machines to be oiled while running – creating a major savings by avoiding lost production for machine shut-down time. It became so popular that buyers of factory machines would begin to ask, “Does it contain the real McCoy” and that is where we get our phrase “the real McCoy” today. Who knew LOST could be so educational?

Another side note to the hospital was that it sat on a very large property and tunnels existed to connect the various buildings.


Then it hit me: what if time is oscillating? What if sometimes time is ahead and sometimes behind the present?

First, let’s define oscillation – most use a pendulum to describe it as it swings back and forth. At any given point the pendulum is left of center or right of center. Compared to time, this means time can shift from ahead of schedule to behind schedule. It should be noted that the oscillation will be constant and predictable in most cases.

So now we can explain why the rocket payload arrived late from the Freighter and the doc with a throat problem arrived early. If we can figure out the oscillation pattern (every 108 minutes?) then we can know if time is ahead or behind with more precision. From what we know it can trail a few minutes (the rocket) or advance ten months (Ben in the desert).

This could also explain why people can only leave the island at a certain point in time – when the pendulum is at center point (when time is at the present with the off the island). Ben suggests this as well when he states, “The island is ready for you to leave.”

We need to add the unconsciousness to the equation. Daniel states that it is only the mind that travels back in time for Desmond. His body remained even though his mind was back in 1996. On the island the time oscillation might also explain then how Desmond can “see the future” for it is after all being shown to his unconscious mind.

Have you noticed how Locke says things like “It’s not supposed to happen this way” or “You’re not supposed to do this or that”? 99% of the time he looks confused as to what even what he is hearing come out of his mouth. This could be because his sub-conscious mind knows these events and it overlapping with his conscious mind – sort of like what happens when we dream.
Most of these visions we have observed happened while sleeping: Charlie’s religious dream with Aaron out in the ocean in a piano, Claire seeing Christian in the woods while sleeping or when she wakes screaming about a “dream”, Even Eloise, the mouse, looks dead while time travelling as did Desmond and that radio operator on the Freighter.

This might also explain the dead people on the island like Horace. Since the time is shifting, there are periods when the dead are “present” – like when Locke has a dream of the lumberjack building a shack.

If the mind is aware of time while the conscious portion is not, then it could help to explain healing on the island as the mind in a future state knows conflicts with knowledge that a wound continues to exist in the present. The result could be the body over-produces platelets to speed up healing. (Now if we could only make our bodies do this consciously!)

This might also explain the pregnancy problem. Imagine a fetus suddenly being thrust into the future where it expects to be free of its mother’s protection and care. All sorts of biological things happen differently after birth and if the baby’s mind thinks it should be breathing and tries…well, you get the idea. Combine this with the mother’s mind thinking it should be free from the caring of the baby and begins to reject the fetus.


If we are on to something then it could start to explain how something called a World Line is involved. Using Einstein’s theories we can begin to see the pattern of oscillation in time and space. If this theory holds true, then by monitoring the behavior of the island, one could begin to predict when things will happen – such as when the island is approachable or where it will be eligible to jump to next.

One theory floating out there focuses on the ledger from the Black Rock – the one purchased at the auction. With a little help from a compass (seen in the off-screen game) it seems as if the owner of the Black Rock was recording the island’s wormhole positions and trying to determine the pattern. Keep an eye on that book if it shows up again.

So how does one notate space and time? Well, we could safely guess that it would be coordinate of four numbers: three for width, depth and height and a fourth for time. 2.342, for example. 2 being a time reference, and 3, 4, and 2 being points of the three dimensions.

When we consider the possible ramifications of this, then everything turns into a mathematical equation. See back a few posts about the theorists who states the same thing in his multi-universe theory. Each constant then can be represented by a formula – think the Valenzetti Equation.

I’m not sure where this research leaves us, so if you notice ways to apply it, please drop a comment. But one thing is for sure, it seems to be getting closer to the answers we so desperately look for!


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Sunday, November 9, 2008

LT142: I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me


This posting will explore a couple of theories I’ve discovered in my weekly monitoring of LOST web sites.


Recall in a flashback a daughter brought her dying father to Jack to try and save. No one would attempt the surgery but Jack gave it a try and failed. He later kisses the daughter in the parking lot and goes home to tell Sarah of his indiscretion.

So what if the old man was Enzo Valenzetti? He would have been using an alias since that was not the game provided on the show. The name was Angelo. The daughter was Gabriella. Together we could twist this to a translation of the angel Gabriel. In the Bible he is known as the angel of death as performed messenger duties for God.

Gabriella was the “messenger” for her father who could only speak Italian.

Recent rumors suggest Enzo did not die in a plane crash – that it was staged. That rings a bell.

Gabriel literally means “of God” or “who is of someone”. With Valenzetti’s equation computing the Doomsday we begin to form a definition that suggests Enzo is of God in terms of knowing when all of creation is destroyed.

Enzo is the Italian variant of Henry…could Ben be Enzo – a younger version?

If on the mark, then Jack kissed the daughter of death. Creepy or just Halloween still on my brain?


Producer Damon Lindelof has stated several times that “The Watchmen” is his favorite book.

So, let’s dive into the story and see how it mirrors LOST.

The story line involves six main characters where one of them is killed in a mysterious fashion. The book is basically a murder investigation. The plot switches between the present day investigation and flashbacks of the main characters…sound familiar? The back stories begin to intersect as it shows different perspectives of the same events – sort of like the movie Vantage Point.

Each chapter is named after a song or literary quote.

The use of devices is heavy including mirrors, but mostly clocks. One such technique is that a smiley face drawn in blood is observed…was the smiley face on Henry Gale’s balloon a nod to this reference? In “The Watchmen”, these devices have not direct bearing on the storyline, but serve as a reinforcement of the overall theme that if one would step outside of time, the past, present and future would all exist as the same time. A main character summarizes this in the book with the line, “Nothing ends, Adrian, nothing ever ends.”

Each chapter in the book ends with a reference to a historical event. Those events aren’t connected directly to the story but serve as a reinforcement…just like the Hanso Foundation and Oceanic Airlines.

The six Watchmen match up to the Oceanic Six. The characters in the book are superheroes whose abilities are often gained by some exposure to powerful phenomena of nature (think Fantastic Four’s exposure to radiation). On the island we have the electromagnetic exposure.
One particular character is named Ozymandias – super-rich with a god complex. Who does that remind you of? His money supports a foundation that conducts research projects. One such project is creating a false but credible threat against the world’s super powers nations in order to create world peace by providing a common enemy. His name is of Egyptian origin (think the symbols on the Countdown Clock). The project is worked on by recruits of Ozymandias where he gathers them on an island in the Pacific to perform research.

Another Watchmen character is named Dr. Manhattan. Any follower of LOST TIDBITS knows that last season the logo for LOST showed a reflection of the island in the water, but instead of tree-line we see a cityscape. Some say the cityscape is Manhattan…an island in NYC.

The Watchmen ends by not solving the mystery but as a wrap-up of each of the main character’s lives. This resembles the LOST approach of being a study of human ego, group dynamics, philosophy and eventual redemption. The murder of Watchmen and the storyline of LOST are merely to used to advance a plot, not the sum of the story. When we stop and consider all the taglines of LOST like “Everything happens for a reason”, “Who would you become”, “Redemption”, etc., it starts to fit.

The book was written two decades ago and fans have waited and waited for a sequel. Well, they got it courtesy of LOST.

I’m thinking his this book is required reading before the show begins next year!


-- Fans of “24” will see the actress who played Michelle Dessler on LOST this next season

-- The Season 5 start date has been announced: January 21, 2009. The first show will be a two-hour premier!

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