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LT239: Reflection


If Charles and Ellie is a couple then they could be the parents of Penelope Widmore. Assuming that Ellie stands for Eloise (maiden name Hawking?), then they could also have a son named Daniel. This would make Penelope and Daniel siblings.

When we consider that Daniel introduces another surname of Faraday, then we might conclude they are step-siblings. This would mirror Jack and Claire.

Some are going as far as to suggest twins.

When you consider that Charles had Eloise’s address handy, and that Charles funded Daniel’s research work…well, it sounds like something a wealthy father might do.

Speaking of Daniel…where is he? Most suggest that he is either a solo adventurer looking for the Dharma Wheel or working with Dr. Marvin Candle as a laborer. We did see Daniel in that job function, so that has to be the leading candidate. Either way, I’m betting his mission is to find a way that leads him back to the grown Charlotte.


Adrian points out that he believes Ben said that he doesn’t ever read a book twice. I couldn’t find a quote along those lines, but the reference Adrian might be referring to is when Locke has Ben as prisoner. Locke brings him a book from Ben’s bookshelf and Ben says, “I’ve already read it.” Locke tells him, “You might catch something you missed the second time around.” Ben sets the book down.

This is an issue because young Ben tells Sayid that he read the Carlos Castaneda book twice. I get the feeling that this could be an indirect reference to looping in time. Or it could indicate that the pre-healed Ben is indeed different from the post-healed Ben.


When Sayid shot young Ben it was on his left side of the chest. When we saw the replay this week, it was on the right side. Couple this with the backwards “23” we have observed the past two episodes and it leads us back to mirrors.


When Kate is giving her blood we see a man in the bed next to young Ben. In the next shot he is gone! It looks like that photographer of the group picture.


Everyone noticed the similarity of the woman in the supermarket who found Aaron to Claire. Not the same actress. Then someone suggested it was an “aged” Claire back from the future. Hmm…


Why isn’t anyone wondering why mechanic Juliet now knows fancy doctor words? On the same topic, the doctor is in the Looking Glass hatch and won’t be back for “two weeks”. Can’t someone call the guy? Desmond was able to swim to the surface and there is probably some scuba gear down there.

LOST REVIEW: The Numbers

An avid reader of TIDBITS, Adrian, expresses his doubt about the supercomputer hypothesis. I urge everyone to keep in mind that this is not even a theory but a hypothesis which we are testing as we review key aspects of LOST from the beginning. We also need to be aware that another theory may present itself. The only demand we should make of any theory is that it is universal – it fits everything.

A previous theory on TIDBITS was science reconciling with religion. However, I’m not quite sure how missing hairbrushes and rain would fit universally with that theory. One could say that missing hairbrushes is a typology of God’s Will and predestination. And one could say rain is a reference to the washing away of one’s sin.

And if I’m honest with myself, suggesting Smokey is a virtual reality creation isn’t really rock solid proof either.

So, let’s keep examining things and testing our hypothesis until we find a working theory. This time we ponder the Numbers. They really weren’t known until Hurley offered a connection to his Lotto win and the source of his picks. Clearly, they make themselves known and then we discover the role the Numbers played when Jack first takes a seat in Row 23 of Oceanic Flight 815.


Adrian points out that a supercomputer is too much like Matrix. One could counter that no thought is original, but let’s not go down that path! But if we hold up our two most popular hypotheses, which one fits the best with Numbers?

I think computers easily win this contest. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of numerology in religion. But the association is clearly more with a computer which is built upon the premise of binary code.

Binary code is simply 1’s and 0’s. Off or on. Dare I say it? Ok, black and white. There I said it. Digital components either perform or they don’t. Consider the video monitor in the Looking Glass hatch where Penelope shows up to speak with Charlie. There was a lot of “snow” in the picture which tells us that was an analog signal. If it was digital Charlie either sees her plainly or Charlie doesn’t see her at all. Keep this off or on concept in mind as we talk about computers. Computers are most definitely black and white in the approach to processing.


If we take a look at the Numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, we see a strong tie to computers with the 4 and 8. In computers 8 bits make a byte. Since binary is built on a two-number system we are going to get a lot of increments of 2 (i.e. 4, 8, 16 and so on).

Also in computers there is a term called a “word” which consists of 8 bits. A “half-word” is 4 bits. The increments show that 16 falls nicely into this pattern.

But 15, 23, and 42 are not found in the doubling up sequence. Rats! So, we are left only with the fact that computers deal with numerical values.


The Numbers do not rule out computers as a valid hypothesis. We do want to keep in mind science AND religion co-existing and complimenting each other. But for now, I think the observations so far still allow us to say that there is a computer behind all this.

One final thought…Adrian switches subjects (read the Comments for more detail) to Ben’s memory being wiped. If ever a phrase fits better with computers than “memory being wiped”, I can’ think of it. I’m just saying…


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Friday, April 3, 2009

LT238: Have You Seen My Child?


What a strange thing for Richard to say when offering to help Ben? If we turn to my favorite riddle book, the Bible, we find something like this:

Adam and Eve were innocent until they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Prior to knowing what the gods know, they had no need for free will. Now their eyes are open.

The question we are left with is, “Who is the snake in the garden?”
I thought the losing of his memory was an interesting twist. Does this mean that in some ways Ben wasn’t lying when he told people he was born on this island?

If Ben loses his memory then this explains why he doesn’t recognize Sayid years later when a prisoner in the Swan Hatch. Like the lady who tracked down Sayid as her torturer, this kind of person is not one that someone easily forgets…unless of course you’ve gone through what Ben is about to go through.


If I heard correctly then Richard answers to Widmore and Ellie? I have never quite figured out what position or role Richard plays. But I guess we now know whose Penelope’s parents are. Does this suggest that maybe Penelope was born on this island?

Could all the kids have played together at one time or another? Would this make LOST a version of the Peter Pan story?

And not to get over-analyze but didn’t it sound like Ellie was the leader and Charles was more of the enforcer?


When Ben ducked into his bedroom to summon Smokey to fight off Keamey…wasn’t Sawyer there? Why hasn’t someone realized that room is still back there? It would seem that after Kate and Sawyer dropped off Ben it might be time to start to do some investigation into that room.

Now watch Ben appear in that house after Richard fixes him, but through the tunnel system!


I mentioned the mirrors in the grocery store in the previous post. But did you notice the aisle numbers in reverse?


If you haven’t notice or read Adrian’s comment to the last post, you must do so. I’ll try to grab a copy of that book and do some follow-up posting on this. This might be a good off-season chore, but for now, check-out his comments. Nice find, Adrian!


Michael writes that the supercomputer may be involved in determining who got flashed from Ajira 316 and who didn’t. I agree that the computer could easily be running two scenarios for people since a computer is oblivious to time as we are. LOST REVIEW will return soon because Adrian’s comments with Michael’s have led to me a couple of new discoveries. So check back often to read TIDBITS.


I read this the other day and couldn’t believe the implications that came with this: some of Kate’s blood is now in Ben. Think about it…

Will Ben start hitting on Jack and Sawyer now?

Speaking of Kate…while she is giving Ben the transfusion, Roger is sitting there saying that a kid needs a mother. Kate is thinking about how Aaron lost his mother and then his second mother. Whether Aaron turns out to be a pivotal part of the storyline or not, he is likely to be one dysfunctional kid now.


Now that Sawyer, Kate, Jack and Hurley are in the Dharma camp, does this have any impact on years later when Mrs. Klugh asks Michael to retrieve these same four people?


You remember that Geronimo Jackson song that showed up this season? The logo found on iTunes is of that rabbit. Well, its official name is “Rabbit Jack”. Funny.

Test: what’s your blood type? I didn’t think so.

Where is Cassidy’s trust fund that Sawyer set up for Clementine? Or is she playing Kate and laughing all the way to the bank?


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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LT237: What Happened, Happened Initial Thoughts


During Kate's first flashback it sounded like Patsy Cline on her car radio. My count has this being the third time the two have been paired.

When she walks to Cassidy's door she is singing Claire's song, "Catch a Rising Star".


How about the similiarities between Cassidy and Kate? I knew she would think that Aaron was Sawyer's kid, too. Man, Cassidy can sure she see through people...well, all but Sawyer it seems!


Did it sound like Sawyer had a cold this episode?

Jack's refusal to help young Ben was a surprise. Are you sensing the Returnees are getting a little tired of the hoops they have been jumping through for over three years? But for Jack to not fix something? Oh my!


"We all stop existing and known of it matters anyway." How is that for a summary? The conversation with Hurley was one of the best of this episode: clues and comedy.

"What are we going to say next?" asks Hurley. Hilarious.

"Why don't I remember any of it?" Miles says that time isn't a straight line. How does he know so much?

"I hadn't thought of that!" That was classic. Miles needs more lines in the script.


Jack tries to twist the rules of the game...but is he pushing it too far? I'm not sure I agree with Kate's logic anymore than Jack's logic. But his line about Kate didn't like him now and didn't like him before was sadly accurate.


Roger is being nice to Kate? Was he hitting on Kate? He cares about his son and has a heart? Are things changing a lot more than we think.


Another fine LOST twist as Juliet suggest the Others might be able to cure what ails Ben. All I can say at this point is that Horace is going to put the pieces together real soon and the "newbies" are going to have to start talking. But then, won't that change things?

Hold on a second, I have a nosebleed.

Not only is this Juliet's plan, but she convinces Kate to put the plan in place. Silly, Kate.

Sawyer comes out to help Kate. Is everyone growing a heart? Is this show based on the How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Just wait, someone is going to get nasty and I think his name begins with Horace (or Radzinsky or Phil). What do these people think is going to happen when Roger finds out his kid is missing? Horace is going to start making the connections and then what? Better hope right before the entire group of Survivors get shot on the firing line that Daniel turns the Dharma Wheel!


So this is why Kate got on the plane. Was that lady really being helpful or not? Nice little twist thrown in. So we do not know why Kate got on the plane yet. Any ideas why they through this at us other than for dramatic flair? Did you notice the use of mirrors as Kate was searching for Aaron?


I don't trust her one bit. Jack is just doing what he is suppose to. Sorry, I don't think it was Juliet's place to scold him.


At the creek Kate runs Cassidy's theories by Sawyer. Seems Cassidy was right. But no real surprise since I recall Sawyer in bed with Kate saying he had nothing to back to. How can these people be some smart one minute and naive the next?

Don't know about you but everytime one of the Survivors says something related to prior knowledge (or is it past knowledge), I enjoy it. "You are going to take us Richard Albert and you are going to do it now." Knowing the future gives one such confidence!

So how does Ben get sent back to the Dharma Initiative without raising suspicions? Won't Horace and the rest wonder why the Others helped them? And why wouldn't an incident like this make Roger shape up and be a good father?

Did you notice the Hostiles/Others are in dirty clothing again? Why does only Richard get to wear Izod (assuming the 70's is still in play here)?


Kate spills the beans! Oh, oh! But she lies again...she won't find Claire. But now we now why Kate goes back...sort of. Not quite clear on the details, but it seems to be something associated with guilt.


Richard gets kind of creepy again. Ben won't ever be the same? A little Pet Semintary in the Temple.

Followed by a nice closing with Locke.


This was LOST at its best again. More questions offered! There will be plenty to analyze - especially with Miles comments. So be sure to check back often for more TIDBITS!

LOST REVIEW: The Monster

In the last review we observed the rain coming down on Jack, Kate and Charlie as they made their way to the cockpit. It wasn’t long before Smokey makes himself known to the Survivors.

The hypothesis we have formed is that the island is some sort of supercomputer. It helps explain just about everything we have reviewed. The idea at this stage is the island is a holodeck. And this fits nicely with the black smoke. But it seems like we need a little more than just saying the computer can create any virtual reality is wishes for this would leave us little more than a “demon rule” (a demon rule means that demons have unlimited abilities and can be used explain away anything the writers wish…if you will, a cheat).

We turn to sonoluminescence to help explain the physical properties of Smokey. Sonoluminescence is the release of bursts of light from bubbles when excited by sound. This might explain the light that flashes in Juliet’s face when the Monster examines her while handcuffed to Kate.

And we have witnessed that when time flashes occur there is a loud sound that causes the inhabitants to cover their ears. Combing sound waves with a liquid that results in bubbles that emit light is a concept that appears to describe Smokey. It also ties in with the rain observation.

Now consider that one of the properties of sonoluminescence is that it is created within the vacuum of a bubble in a process similar to Hawking radiation…as in Stephen Hawking and his book seen on LOST, “A Brief History of Time”. This relationship to sonoluminescene and Hawking leads us to a theory known as the Casimir effect. This effect was mentioned by Dr. Marvin Candle on the #15 Rabbit video.

The temperature involved for a bubble to emit a burst of light is so great they use the Kelvin scale to measure it. Kelvin? Swan Hatch? See why this might be related to LOST?

The claim is that a thermonuclear fusion reaction is happening known as “bubble fusion”. This field of research led to longer light emissions.

And let’s not forget that Smokey can’t seem to penetrate the sonar fence. It has a sensitivity to sound.



It is possible that part of Smokey’s structure is involving bubble fusion which would evidence itself as flashes of light, utilize rain/water and involve very loud noise. These two conditions are found in several instances on LOST, most notably when the time flashes or Smokey are involved.

Smokey exhibits other properties including the ability to grab hold of the pilot, Eko and the French guy. I’ll save that for another post.

Could the supercomputer control sound speakers which begins a chain reaction resulting in some of Smokey’s attributes? It seems possible and the hypothesis appears to have some merit.


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Monday, March 30, 2009

LT236: Billie, Birds and Burning


What an odd thing to fine out in the woods next to Oldham’s tent.

The song playing is by Billie Holliday and is entitled, “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”.

The phonograph was available in the late 1890’s and survived until the 1960’s. It should be noted that RCA was a major player in the market and used the phrase, “His Master’s Voice”, in its marketing campaign. The logo is of a dog listening to a phonograph and mistaking it as his owner’s voice.

The oldest recorded human voice is a piece of a song named, “Au Clair de la Luna” which means “under the moonlight”. It reminds me of the “Moonlight Serenade” heard by Sayid and Hurley one evening – both in timeframe and the term moonlight.

On a complete side note: Is it just me but when you hear Claire’s name do you also think of clairvoyant?


The person playing the phonograph is the actor from the Newhart TV show. It is interesting to note that this show’s finale made the entire series a dream by Bob Hartley when he woke up with his first sitcom, The Bob Newhart Show, wife in bed saying he had a bad nightmare. The second series then ended by playing the theme song from the original series.

Beside being Larry on the second Newhart sitcom (and thus only a figment of a dream), the actor was in the movie “Blade Runner”. This gives a tip of the hat to the author, Phillip K. Dick, whose books have been referenced in LOST. The movie also deals with if anyone can really know who they are or if they are even human or just replicants.


While reading up on Carlos Castaneda’s works the term “nagual” came up. This word is used by Castaneda to describe a dimension of reality. He claims some people are special and have the ability to view this other dimension. Such a person is called a “nagual”. He describes the process of seeing this other reality as being “imprinted” with it.

In Mesoamerican culture, nagual is associated with harmful magic. These practitioners are able to transform into the shape of an animal…like Hurley’s bird. It might explain how Richard and his followers are able to move around the island in a blink of the eye. Researchers have found evidence that the folklore of Naguals was often used to avoid modernization within a tribe. Nothing like the hatred of technology to keep a group of followers within one’s control!

Oh, and this ability would sure come in handy if one needed to find a way to circumvent a sonic security fence.


Someone asked if they had Tasers back in 1977?

Did some digging and found they were invented in 1969. Plenty of time to reach the market, find their way to the South Pacific and then be used to shock the snot out of Sayid.

Besides the stress of time jumping, in the past 24 hours or so, Sayid has gone from Hurley’s couch, to a hospital room fight, to shock treatment and a little sugar cube medicine. Did you know that in Europe history it was common practice to hold a sugar cube with your teeth while drinking a bitter beverage like coffee? It is amazing how much LOST has made me learn. Why can’t college be this fun?


Soon after the crash, Jack gets the idea to find the cockpit and retrieve the transmitter. As Jack, Kate and Charlie head out to find the cockpit, it begins to pour.

We have all noticed the rain on this island. It seems almost manufactured and happens at key points in the plot. What has not been discovered is any definitive pattern to the rain.

This challenges the current hypothesis that the island is some sort of supercomputer. The one thing to be aware of is that computers hate water. This could lead us to conclude that rain scenes are when the computer is upset, senses trouble or when something goes wrong. In the cockpit scene we have not only water but Smokey running about.

However, we also have Smokey operating outside the rain as with Mr. Eko. So we have to break connection between Smokey and rain.

A more plausible idea is simply that the computer program being ran by our Island 2004 Computer “knows” that tropical islands get sudden downpours. The supercomputer may simply be executing a virtual reality based on the “rules” it was provided.


When Jack, Kate and Charlie arrive at the cockpit, they climb inside and find the transmitter…just like a plane offers. Let’s backup a minute. Recall that almost everything NEEDED is found from a sewing kit to pregnancy tests. As one character pointed out, “Who travels with a pregnancy test?” Exactly. Yet, not one hairbrush can be found.

Let’s ponder these observations. We have a sewing kit for Jack’s wounds but no hairbrush? There are over 300 passengers on board and not one suitcase produces a hairbrush? Sawer can find a cigarette lighter (did you remember he smoked?), but we can’t get a comb?

This is why I lean towards a virtual reality program. These things are only as good as the programmer and what they can remember to include in the scenario. In reality, there should be over 100 hairbrushes, but in a computer “bug”, we don’t get any.


While on the topic of rain, let’s jump ahead in our review to Walt speaking to Shannon. In reality, people that are kidnap victims on a boat just don’t appear at your tent or in the middle of the jungle. And if they did appear, they sure don’t appear dripping wet.

Of all the water and oddities, this scene has always mesmerized me. A hologram of sorts can easily produce an image, but why did the computer think to show Walt dripping wet? This must be a clue of some sort. One thing that comes to mind is that at the time Walt appears to Shannon he could still be on the water – either a raft or Tom’s speed boat. Walt never was in the water. Again, this leads to a fairly understandable conclusion that a program could easily mistake Walt’s location as “on water” to mean he should be all wet.

I’ve programmed for several years and you would be surprised at the outcome of the simplest oversights. The computer, bless its heart, merely gives you exactly what you ask for.

Consider as well that Walt spoke to Shannon in reverse. Reality teaches us that people do not do this. To an innocent collection of bits and bytes, it has no clue how silly it would be to have Walt speak backwards.



You might sense that the water, Walt and reverse speech are considered vital clues to the overall theory and theme of LOST. It is possible to explain these oddities by hypothesizing that a computer is running its best effort program and that there are bugs in the code.

On a final note, you should be aware that there is a programming language called Water. It was introduced for release in…you guessed it, 2004. Further all programming languages need basic functionality and one of the base functions of any language is the ability to LOOP.


The plan is return Wednesday evening for the Initial Thoughts post. If there is any breaking information between now and then, I might find time to get a post out on Tuesday. But the plan is Wednesday evening so here is your “somewhat interesting, yet non-spoilerish” picture for the next episode, “Whatever Happened, Happened.”

It looks like Kate walking away from some abandoned Dharma building. She is out of jumpsuit, but behind her appears to be someone in a Dharma outfit. And we see the Dharma van. It sure seems to be the burned Building 15, but that pine tree is making me scratch my head. I’ve been to Hawaii and there was grove of pine trees but they were brought over and specially planted to line a road to some mansion property. Hmmm…


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Sunday, March 29, 2009

LT235: Bits and Bytes


It is difficult to know what to make of the band, Geronimo Jackson. It seems the show likes to have these storylines within the storyline like Nikki’s TV show, Expose. This season the occurrences of the band have increased. In fact, did you notice when Hurley is bringing Kate and Jack their ham and dipping sauces that a Geronimo Jackson picture is in the background?

Click on the above picture to get a better view of it. Notice the design of the poster is a replica of Alice in Wonderland illustration. There is also a white rabbit.

The slight difference in these two images is there seems to be black smoke coming out of the caterpillar. It seems like now would be a good time to share the lyrics to the song, “Dharma Lady”, which has been used in two episodes this season:

Dharma Lady, how ya been?

Are we lovers, or we just friends?

I believe, Oh I believe I'm in love again.

Yeah your kissin', it feels so right

But you had another man holed up last night

Oh I believe. Yeah I believe I'm in love again.

I can always tell when you've been drinking

But I never know just what you're thinking

Oh I believe. Oh I believe I'm in love again

You say one thing once, and two things twice

I'm so confused, I can't take my own advice

Oh I believe, Oh I believe I'm in love again

Oh I believe, Oh I believe I'm in love again

I also came across another album cover that is probably due to over-analysis, but it seems to merit sharing since the group includes the word “airplane” along with other obvious tie-ins:

I suppose those who think aliens may still play a part in LOST should have it noted that Jefferson Airplane changes its name to Jefferson Starship.

Consider that Grace Slick’s (lead singer for Jefferson Airplane) most famous song is “White Rabbit”. She is also known for her paintings including one of Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead. One of the producers is a big fan of that band.

On a final note (no pun intended), we need to keep in mind that the Looking Glass code was programmed by a musician. Possibly the programmer was a member of Geronimo Jackson.


When Sayid remembers the encounter at the marina with the gang, there is a boat whose name is visible. The boat is called “Illusion”.

Another flashback involved Sayid meeting Ilena at the bar which reminds me of the time he met another woman who also was an undercover spy and tried to kill him at a hotel room. I believe he was in Germany on that mission.

Also from the mission just mentioned you might recall the oddity of Sayid grabbing a handful of snow and ice to wash his hands. In the last episode, we have Sayid in Russia surrounded by snow and ice.

That Russian word on the building, “BPNCO”, is an anagram in Russian for “to lie”.


Let us flash forward to Fall of 2009. ABC has announced that prior to the final season they will be offering a few interesting airings.

ABC will air a condensed version of the first five seasons.

Each major character will be featured in single episodes which will contain all their flashbacks in chronological order.

Townhall meetings will be held where the Cuse and Lindelof will take fan questions. This one is very strange because a friend and I were talking about how ABC could do a 3-hour live show with the producers at the end where any remaining questions could be answered without spoiler risk. Sort of like how Survivor does that wrap-up show after a season ends. Wow, did I just say “Survivor”?

Is this cool or what?


The last posting of TIDBITS proposed a hypothesis that the show is about a supercomputer. The idea is that a supercomputer could be providing a holodeck type of experience as seen on Star Trek.

When we consider the clues from our review of just the Pilot episode there does seem to be a lot of references to disks, round, records (data records?), hard drives crash, spinning at a “Goodspeed” (ok, that clue comes later), and so on.

Not to give away my age, so let us just say that Sawyer and company flashed back further in time than I’ve been working in the computer field. Back in my early days we did everything in DOS. The most common error we ran up against was “Out of Memory”.

Don’t take my word for it. Go Google “DOS Out of Memory” and you will find the error number is:

Error 108 – Out of Memory

I’m just saying…



I realize there are some major obstacles about to confront me, but let’s keep going down this review path and see if we can’t find a unified theory to explain everything. For now, we can begin with the concept of a supercomputer running the show and there seems to be a lot of hints in that direction.

One more example for this post…the word “Quarantine” on the Swan Hatch door. Computers will deal with viruses by quarantining them. Hmmm….

The next review item from the pilot and how it might fit into the computer hypothesis will be when Kate and Jack go looking for the cockpit.


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