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LT235: Bits and Bytes


It is difficult to know what to make of the band, Geronimo Jackson. It seems the show likes to have these storylines within the storyline like Nikki’s TV show, Expose. This season the occurrences of the band have increased. In fact, did you notice when Hurley is bringing Kate and Jack their ham and dipping sauces that a Geronimo Jackson picture is in the background?

Click on the above picture to get a better view of it. Notice the design of the poster is a replica of Alice in Wonderland illustration. There is also a white rabbit.

The slight difference in these two images is there seems to be black smoke coming out of the caterpillar. It seems like now would be a good time to share the lyrics to the song, “Dharma Lady”, which has been used in two episodes this season:

Dharma Lady, how ya been?

Are we lovers, or we just friends?

I believe, Oh I believe I'm in love again.

Yeah your kissin', it feels so right

But you had another man holed up last night

Oh I believe. Yeah I believe I'm in love again.

I can always tell when you've been drinking

But I never know just what you're thinking

Oh I believe. Oh I believe I'm in love again

You say one thing once, and two things twice

I'm so confused, I can't take my own advice

Oh I believe, Oh I believe I'm in love again

Oh I believe, Oh I believe I'm in love again

I also came across another album cover that is probably due to over-analysis, but it seems to merit sharing since the group includes the word “airplane” along with other obvious tie-ins:

I suppose those who think aliens may still play a part in LOST should have it noted that Jefferson Airplane changes its name to Jefferson Starship.

Consider that Grace Slick’s (lead singer for Jefferson Airplane) most famous song is “White Rabbit”. She is also known for her paintings including one of Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead. One of the producers is a big fan of that band.

On a final note (no pun intended), we need to keep in mind that the Looking Glass code was programmed by a musician. Possibly the programmer was a member of Geronimo Jackson.


When Sayid remembers the encounter at the marina with the gang, there is a boat whose name is visible. The boat is called “Illusion”.

Another flashback involved Sayid meeting Ilena at the bar which reminds me of the time he met another woman who also was an undercover spy and tried to kill him at a hotel room. I believe he was in Germany on that mission.

Also from the mission just mentioned you might recall the oddity of Sayid grabbing a handful of snow and ice to wash his hands. In the last episode, we have Sayid in Russia surrounded by snow and ice.

That Russian word on the building, “BPNCO”, is an anagram in Russian for “to lie”.


Let us flash forward to Fall of 2009. ABC has announced that prior to the final season they will be offering a few interesting airings.

ABC will air a condensed version of the first five seasons.

Each major character will be featured in single episodes which will contain all their flashbacks in chronological order.

Townhall meetings will be held where the Cuse and Lindelof will take fan questions. This one is very strange because a friend and I were talking about how ABC could do a 3-hour live show with the producers at the end where any remaining questions could be answered without spoiler risk. Sort of like how Survivor does that wrap-up show after a season ends. Wow, did I just say “Survivor”?

Is this cool or what?


The last posting of TIDBITS proposed a hypothesis that the show is about a supercomputer. The idea is that a supercomputer could be providing a holodeck type of experience as seen on Star Trek.

When we consider the clues from our review of just the Pilot episode there does seem to be a lot of references to disks, round, records (data records?), hard drives crash, spinning at a “Goodspeed” (ok, that clue comes later), and so on.

Not to give away my age, so let us just say that Sawyer and company flashed back further in time than I’ve been working in the computer field. Back in my early days we did everything in DOS. The most common error we ran up against was “Out of Memory”.

Don’t take my word for it. Go Google “DOS Out of Memory” and you will find the error number is:

Error 108 – Out of Memory

I’m just saying…



I realize there are some major obstacles about to confront me, but let’s keep going down this review path and see if we can’t find a unified theory to explain everything. For now, we can begin with the concept of a supercomputer running the show and there seems to be a lot of hints in that direction.

One more example for this post…the word “Quarantine” on the Swan Hatch door. Computers will deal with viruses by quarantining them. Hmmm….

The next review item from the pilot and how it might fit into the computer hypothesis will be when Kate and Jack go looking for the cockpit.


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