Friday, April 3, 2009

LT238: Have You Seen My Child?


What a strange thing for Richard to say when offering to help Ben? If we turn to my favorite riddle book, the Bible, we find something like this:

Adam and Eve were innocent until they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Prior to knowing what the gods know, they had no need for free will. Now their eyes are open.

The question we are left with is, “Who is the snake in the garden?”
I thought the losing of his memory was an interesting twist. Does this mean that in some ways Ben wasn’t lying when he told people he was born on this island?

If Ben loses his memory then this explains why he doesn’t recognize Sayid years later when a prisoner in the Swan Hatch. Like the lady who tracked down Sayid as her torturer, this kind of person is not one that someone easily forgets…unless of course you’ve gone through what Ben is about to go through.


If I heard correctly then Richard answers to Widmore and Ellie? I have never quite figured out what position or role Richard plays. But I guess we now know whose Penelope’s parents are. Does this suggest that maybe Penelope was born on this island?

Could all the kids have played together at one time or another? Would this make LOST a version of the Peter Pan story?

And not to get over-analyze but didn’t it sound like Ellie was the leader and Charles was more of the enforcer?


When Ben ducked into his bedroom to summon Smokey to fight off Keamey…wasn’t Sawyer there? Why hasn’t someone realized that room is still back there? It would seem that after Kate and Sawyer dropped off Ben it might be time to start to do some investigation into that room.

Now watch Ben appear in that house after Richard fixes him, but through the tunnel system!


I mentioned the mirrors in the grocery store in the previous post. But did you notice the aisle numbers in reverse?


If you haven’t notice or read Adrian’s comment to the last post, you must do so. I’ll try to grab a copy of that book and do some follow-up posting on this. This might be a good off-season chore, but for now, check-out his comments. Nice find, Adrian!


Michael writes that the supercomputer may be involved in determining who got flashed from Ajira 316 and who didn’t. I agree that the computer could easily be running two scenarios for people since a computer is oblivious to time as we are. LOST REVIEW will return soon because Adrian’s comments with Michael’s have led to me a couple of new discoveries. So check back often to read TIDBITS.


I read this the other day and couldn’t believe the implications that came with this: some of Kate’s blood is now in Ben. Think about it…

Will Ben start hitting on Jack and Sawyer now?

Speaking of Kate…while she is giving Ben the transfusion, Roger is sitting there saying that a kid needs a mother. Kate is thinking about how Aaron lost his mother and then his second mother. Whether Aaron turns out to be a pivotal part of the storyline or not, he is likely to be one dysfunctional kid now.


Now that Sawyer, Kate, Jack and Hurley are in the Dharma camp, does this have any impact on years later when Mrs. Klugh asks Michael to retrieve these same four people?


You remember that Geronimo Jackson song that showed up this season? The logo found on iTunes is of that rabbit. Well, its official name is “Rabbit Jack”. Funny.

Test: what’s your blood type? I didn’t think so.

Where is Cassidy’s trust fund that Sawyer set up for Clementine? Or is she playing Kate and laughing all the way to the bank?


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Adrian said...

If Widmore and Ellie are Penny's parents (Widmore for sure), then she would be Daniel's sister, right? Because Ellie, I think beyond dispute, is Daniel's mother aka Mrs. Hawking.

And where is Daniel? Or Desmond? I think Daniel will get star billing with Des in the upcoming episode "The Variable." Clearly this episode is the "black" to the Variables "white." I hope it's like the Constant, which followed only Desmond, the entire show, only this time with Daniel--and no one else. Both deserve it, and we need it.

Does Ben's memory have to get wiped? I think him remembering all the Losties is what keeps him one step ahead of them when they meet in the future. Miles' explanation still holds up quite well--he just had not considered what Hurley posits. But Ben remembering does not bring the house just fits in and, I think, explains Ben's cunning.

Finally, and you make a good case for it, but I am so not sold on the computer theory. Nope. No way. Not gonna happen. Bringing the show, it's tales and the ideas it represents to an explanation on par with "The Matrix" is unbecoming. It's been done, much too recently, by Neo and friends (and yes I am aware of the religious undertones of the Matrix and Neo is Christ stuff...yada yada, it was good, should have stopped at the first one.

Redirect KC. Plow through Frazer and return to your Science vs. Faith ideas (though now include Magic). I gave you hell on that too, however.

Adrian said...

One more thing...

Didn't Ben tell Locke, when he was held captive last year in New Otherton, as Locke gave him a book, Ben said that he had read it and he never reads a book twice?

I am pretty sure he did, but until I go home to my LOST discs, I can't confirm. But Ben tells Sayid, as he handed over Carlos Castaneda's book, that he had read it twice?