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LT239: Reflection


If Charles and Ellie is a couple then they could be the parents of Penelope Widmore. Assuming that Ellie stands for Eloise (maiden name Hawking?), then they could also have a son named Daniel. This would make Penelope and Daniel siblings.

When we consider that Daniel introduces another surname of Faraday, then we might conclude they are step-siblings. This would mirror Jack and Claire.

Some are going as far as to suggest twins.

When you consider that Charles had Eloise’s address handy, and that Charles funded Daniel’s research work…well, it sounds like something a wealthy father might do.

Speaking of Daniel…where is he? Most suggest that he is either a solo adventurer looking for the Dharma Wheel or working with Dr. Marvin Candle as a laborer. We did see Daniel in that job function, so that has to be the leading candidate. Either way, I’m betting his mission is to find a way that leads him back to the grown Charlotte.


Adrian points out that he believes Ben said that he doesn’t ever read a book twice. I couldn’t find a quote along those lines, but the reference Adrian might be referring to is when Locke has Ben as prisoner. Locke brings him a book from Ben’s bookshelf and Ben says, “I’ve already read it.” Locke tells him, “You might catch something you missed the second time around.” Ben sets the book down.

This is an issue because young Ben tells Sayid that he read the Carlos Castaneda book twice. I get the feeling that this could be an indirect reference to looping in time. Or it could indicate that the pre-healed Ben is indeed different from the post-healed Ben.


When Sayid shot young Ben it was on his left side of the chest. When we saw the replay this week, it was on the right side. Couple this with the backwards “23” we have observed the past two episodes and it leads us back to mirrors.


When Kate is giving her blood we see a man in the bed next to young Ben. In the next shot he is gone! It looks like that photographer of the group picture.


Everyone noticed the similarity of the woman in the supermarket who found Aaron to Claire. Not the same actress. Then someone suggested it was an “aged” Claire back from the future. Hmm…


Why isn’t anyone wondering why mechanic Juliet now knows fancy doctor words? On the same topic, the doctor is in the Looking Glass hatch and won’t be back for “two weeks”. Can’t someone call the guy? Desmond was able to swim to the surface and there is probably some scuba gear down there.

LOST REVIEW: The Numbers

An avid reader of TIDBITS, Adrian, expresses his doubt about the supercomputer hypothesis. I urge everyone to keep in mind that this is not even a theory but a hypothesis which we are testing as we review key aspects of LOST from the beginning. We also need to be aware that another theory may present itself. The only demand we should make of any theory is that it is universal – it fits everything.

A previous theory on TIDBITS was science reconciling with religion. However, I’m not quite sure how missing hairbrushes and rain would fit universally with that theory. One could say that missing hairbrushes is a typology of God’s Will and predestination. And one could say rain is a reference to the washing away of one’s sin.

And if I’m honest with myself, suggesting Smokey is a virtual reality creation isn’t really rock solid proof either.

So, let’s keep examining things and testing our hypothesis until we find a working theory. This time we ponder the Numbers. They really weren’t known until Hurley offered a connection to his Lotto win and the source of his picks. Clearly, they make themselves known and then we discover the role the Numbers played when Jack first takes a seat in Row 23 of Oceanic Flight 815.


Adrian points out that a supercomputer is too much like Matrix. One could counter that no thought is original, but let’s not go down that path! But if we hold up our two most popular hypotheses, which one fits the best with Numbers?

I think computers easily win this contest. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of numerology in religion. But the association is clearly more with a computer which is built upon the premise of binary code.

Binary code is simply 1’s and 0’s. Off or on. Dare I say it? Ok, black and white. There I said it. Digital components either perform or they don’t. Consider the video monitor in the Looking Glass hatch where Penelope shows up to speak with Charlie. There was a lot of “snow” in the picture which tells us that was an analog signal. If it was digital Charlie either sees her plainly or Charlie doesn’t see her at all. Keep this off or on concept in mind as we talk about computers. Computers are most definitely black and white in the approach to processing.


If we take a look at the Numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, we see a strong tie to computers with the 4 and 8. In computers 8 bits make a byte. Since binary is built on a two-number system we are going to get a lot of increments of 2 (i.e. 4, 8, 16 and so on).

Also in computers there is a term called a “word” which consists of 8 bits. A “half-word” is 4 bits. The increments show that 16 falls nicely into this pattern.

But 15, 23, and 42 are not found in the doubling up sequence. Rats! So, we are left only with the fact that computers deal with numerical values.


The Numbers do not rule out computers as a valid hypothesis. We do want to keep in mind science AND religion co-existing and complimenting each other. But for now, I think the observations so far still allow us to say that there is a computer behind all this.

One final thought…Adrian switches subjects (read the Comments for more detail) to Ben’s memory being wiped. If ever a phrase fits better with computers than “memory being wiped”, I can’ think of it. I’m just saying…


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