Sunday, June 1, 2008

LT94: Where's My Island, Dude?


In the dream Kate had, Claire tells her not to bring HIM back. The obvious interpretation was not to bring Aaron back to the island. But what if she meant Locke? Would this have something to do with the Orchid Orientation film which doesn’t want the two bunnies near each other? Would there be two Locke’s on the island then?

Or does Claire mean don’t bring Ben back? Is Ben trying to get the Oceanic 6 to go back and somehow hitch a ride through the portal?


Miles gets just a few lines of script, but he makes the most of them. He tells Charlotte she’s been on this island before and then Charlotte decides not to leave the island. Is it possible the people have been here before but just don’t remember? Or if they remember it is more of an impression or feeling instead of vivid memory.

She then tells Daniel that she was “still looking for where she was born”. Eh?


Sawyer’s whisper to Kate: it sounded to me like the words “Albuquerque”, “Clementine”, and “find her”.


When the show began, Jin was an old-fashioned, Korean-traditionalist husband who couldn’t communicate with anyone…and that includes his own wife. But as time moved along (sorry, hard to avoid the pun), Jin helped with the raft building, volunteered to be on the raft, put up a fight with the Tailenders, fished for the survivors, and generally showed signs of being one of the good guys.

And then he is gone.

But wait! A shot of the Freighter just prior to blowing up shows no one was on deck where Jin was standing. This being LOST, we can’t rule anything out, so maybe our favorite fisherman made it off the boat.


Our frozen wheel that Ben turns is very similar to a shape known as the Dharmacakra – a Buddhist symbol which implies a new major era in time symbolized by the turning of the wheel. It also reminded me of a ships wheel for steering. This scene leaves lots of questions starting with why so cold on a tropical island?


When Ben prepares to turn the Dharma Wheel, we notice his injured his arm while wearing a Dharma parka. We have seen that his next location is on the desert. However, when he makes it to town we learn that his next time location is October 2005 – some 10 months after the turning of the wheel. My head is about to go “pop”.


Notice the painting in the background behind Walt’s grandmother: an island, a sailboat? Oh, and those letters work out to an anagram of “Met You”.


Notice the sign behind Ben reads “Magnetron Transmitter”.


Just my personal observations, but I felt the director should have included a shot of some villager rushing out with a camera to take the picture that Oceanic displayed during the debriefing for reporters. Otherwise, I’m left with a bit of confusion as to where that picture came from.

And when Ben arrives to talk with Jack at the funeral home, I was hoping that when Jack said he didn’t know where Sayid was and Hurley was crazy that the two would have stepped around the corner and said something like, “That’s the fact, Jack.”


LOST aired a commercial during the finale to have viewers go to a website and apply for jobs. It seems we have another summer game to follow!

And while LOST doesn’t take a break, I will…I’m heading to Florida to do a little personal research in Tallahassee. Specifically, I’m searching for information on Sawyer. Combining this with the Hawaii research, I’m getting close to a final solution to the madness we know as LOST! Seriously, it means that LOST TIDBITS will be off the air for about a week. And with so much to digest in this final and the summer game…well, TIDBITS will be back with its twice-per-week-minimum shortly.

In the meantime, may I suggest you review some fo the older posts.