Friday, January 9, 2009

LT173: Here We Go Again


When the island “moved” it moved in time to the Jump Back Date of the late 1970’s. The Survivors remaining on the island will begin to notice this in several ways.

First, the Dharma Initiative will be getting underway. They will begin to realize that they have moved in time because they will stumble upon people not previously there. When Sawyer runs across a new face and asks, “Who is the President of the United States?”, the new kid on the block will respond, “Jimmy Carter, of course”. It could also be Ford or Nixon since the exact date is a little fuzzy. I’ll need to spend some time looking around for hints to the exact date because like most things in LOST it should be hinted at or a multiple of 108 or something logical like that.
It would be really strange if they come across a young Horace Goodspeed!

The Survivors will begin to realize how lucky they are to have Daniel Faraday with them, for in one nice speech he will be able to layout the whole scenario of time travel.

At this point the wife and I are pretty excited about our little Biscuits and Gravy Theory. HA!

When the Oceanic 6 finally makes it back to the island, the year should be something like 1979. They might even run into the consultants hired to build the hatches: Hanso, Widmore, and Paik. We believe this is in part why the writers have Sun off the island AND Jin dead. The 2005 versions would recognize Mr. Paik and they just wouldn’t work smoothly. Penny and Desmond are also both off the island so they won’t conflict with Charles Widmore and his company. To get a little crazy since we were drinking Bloody Mary’s during our breakfast…it COULD explain why the writers have Ben off the island if one imagines he is related to the Hanso family! Oh my!

Check back next post and I’ll explain how “The Incident” works into this theory.


Kate’s crimes were state crimes and her assault on a federal Marshall would be a federal crime. So there would be no reason she was tried in Los Angeles. Hmmm…


Locke’s compass changes colors in the SAME episode and the same scene! Take a look at the silver version:

So unless Locke has two, or the prop people goofed within the same scene shot…the show is trying to tell us something: things change…in this case to gold:


I’m still intrigued with the last Dharma Special Access which introduced to the writers of the show…especially Adam who was simply a blow-up green alien doll. Adam is the name of the skeleton in the cave…are they telling us Adam is actually an alien who died in the cave?

Adam is also the name of the person who arranged for Kate’s mom to be taken for her MRI.

Adam is also the first name of Shannon’s father, Adam Rutherford.

Adam St. Claire is a member of Driveshaft.

Adam is a member of Juliet’s book club who protests the reading of Stephen King.

Adam Seward is an alias used by Anthony Cooper.


ABC will air the final three parts of Season 4 on January 14, one week before the Season 5 premier. Get your fix early!


Recall when we did the hindsight where Claire finally convinced Charlie to tie a note on to the bird? What if that bird finally makes it to the right person who then reads that there were many crash survivors and not just 6!?!?


Technically this is a teaser: Season 5 will begin with a shot of a digital clock showing 8:14. Then it flips to:

It would have been nice if Ajira Airlines first flight to Guam was at 8:15 a.m., but instead it shows 11:30 a.m. Still, last season began with Hurley bowling over a table of fruit and this one begins with a time clock showing the Flight numbers. My sources tell me the first FOUR minutes is not to be missed TV. I’m getting giddy.


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Thursday, January 8, 2009

LT172: Biscuits and Gravy Theory


I’m sitting down recently to a plate of biscuits and gravy with my better half when the topic of LOST comes up. Yeah, imagine that! Anyway, we are throwing around some ideas on the coming Season and we work up a fairly plausible idea or two. It only seemed right then, that these ideas are called the Biscuits and Gravy Theory. Give it a read and see if any ideas stick to your ribs like my breakfast did:

It begins with the guess that the island travels back in time. Now it must be stated that in the world of scientific theories, this one is far-reaching as far as theories go because most agree you can’t travel back in time due to those paradoxes. But all good entertaining stories require the observer suspend a few facts of life (see Demon Rules in earlier post), so let’s at least agree to form the premise that the island goes back in time.

When we last left Mystery Island, Juliet and Sawyer were sitting on the beach sharing a bottle of rum. Juliet points out to the ocean and Sawyer turns to see the smoke rising from the sinking Freighter. So the first thing we would expect to see is the Survivors discovering that the island has taken them back in time. The wife and I brainstormed on what would be the clues the Survivors would have to observe to draw this conclusion.

To accomplish this, we agreed that we needed first to know what time the island traveled back to. Our list included all the significant events that LOST TIDBITS discussed in our series, A History of LOST:

--Prior to the crash or 108 days
--The transmission begins
--Dharma Initiative arrives
--Some world event like the Cuban Missile Crises
--The Black Rock landing
--The Hostiles arrive
--The Ancients arrive

Each of these timeframes would provide an interesting challenge. For example, we decided to use the 108 day timeframe for obvious reasons. The wife and I then proposed that when the Oceanic 6 returns to the island, that they land on the northwest shore where very little is happening and they are likely not to be discovered. We imagined that the plane was about to crash on September 22, 2004. Our working idea was that the six would position themselves behind a bush and then when the crash occurred then would slip out and take their proper places on the beach. The only challenge would be to duplicate the clothing they were wearing.

This idea falls apart when we realize that all six would be on the plane and a duplicate of their bodies should be on the beach (or in the jungle in Jack’s case) already. Are we suggesting then the Oceanic 6 would dispose of their “twins”? Nah, so we abandoned this idea.

In addition, if the island jumps back 108 days, then not just the Oceanic 6, but all the Survivors might find duplicates falling out of the plane. This could get messy, especially in the case of Claire who would see a pregnant version of herself and eventually give us two Aaron’s.

We then tried to fit the Transmission Date as the “Jump Back Date”. This would put the calendar at April 1988 when Danielle began the 16 year, 5 month S.O.S. loop. It is possible since none of the Survivors would be originally present on that day. Danielle and Alex aren’t a conflict because they are dead already, so they couldn’t see themselves again. In order to avoid paradoxes, this would work. But then we paused and wondered what significance this day would have to the storyline and really couldn’t come up with much. The Survivors could try to alter events like the one where Alex is kidnapped, but then the whole story of Ben being daddy could get messy. Let’s face it, we still don’t know exactly what kind of daddy Alex is inferring.

So we back up to the next event: Dharma’s arrival on the island. We quickly began to discover that this Jump Back Date worked very nicely as none of the Survivors or the Others were present back in late 1970’s that are still there now – no conflicts or paradoxes!

At this point we began then to work on other supporting aspects of this breakfast theory!

Check back on the next post as we continue to work out some details of our ideas. The section will be entitled The B&G Theory.


Season 1, Episode 7: The Moth

Charlie gets hooked on heroin, but begins his withdrawal when Locke takes his drugs away. Jack gets trapped in a cave-in. Sayid tries to locate the source of Danielle’s transmission.

-- Sayid is triangulating the source of the French woman’s transmission. He recruits Kate and Boone to place two of the three antennae. To communicate they will set off bottle rockets to signal to turn them on since the batteries are low.

-- Sayid observes that the odds of surviving this plane crash were astronomical, but yet here they are with barely a scratch.

-- Michael tells Walt to stay away from the cave-in and Walt replies, “Gotta see Mr. Locke”.

-- Sayid is closing in on the transmission when he is struck on the head from behind.


-- Bottle rockets? Sayid attributes them to firework smugglers. Now this makes another object that is needed…and found. Locke gets through security with knives. The US Marshall has a gun with him instead of checked. And now someone gets fireworks on board? Seems a bit too convenient that everything they need is found. One battery is dead so they need a laptop…again, pronto! At least laptops aren’t illegal on a plane.

-- Sayid’s comments push viewers towards a staged crash.

-- Walt’s comment is odd as it doesn’t really flow with the events. And notice the formality of MR. Locke while Walt is treating his father with no respect. Walt senses something in Locke that we might need to notice.

-- Locke knocks out Sayid which we learn sometime later. Honestly, at this point – 8 days – I’m not sure why Locke felt to in touch with the island that he just had to keep everyone put. But from this point forward it became very clear…Locke didn’t want to leave…or did he not want anyone else to leave?


As the season 5 nears, TIDBITS shares one promo picture – not a spoiler per se. Anyway, take a look. You can click on the picture to see a larger version.

The bright light must be related to the island being moved. This makes me wonder if the bright light when the Swan hatch imploded might not have moved the island a few days? Anyway, it appears to be Daniel closing his eyes to avoid the bright light.

Now notice the man in the background. It almost looks like Daniel’s twin. I realize the image is terrible, but if not Daniel the Second, then…do you get a bit of a feeling it is Jacob the First? Can you see it?

I’ve made a mental note to pay close attention to this scene and observe who that person is behind Daniel. If you have ideas, post a comment or drop me an email.


I’ve realized that the hindsight feature is just too time consuming to comb through, especially if we ever hope to get through them before the entire series ends. So TIDBITS is going to rename this section to HISTORICAL ODDITIES and we will feature at least one thing from the past that you might have missed or has a different impact now then we when we first viewed the episode. For example:

The painting of Ben’s mother changes. Examine the picture below and notice on the left her hair is over her left shoulder, but on the right it is not. Wouldn’t this be completely wild if…and it is a big if…the entire series was TWO shows. Or maybe two loops. Think of the Sixth Sense and how it fooled you that he was alive, when really he was dead. They did a beautiful job of it. It is one thing to take years to do a two-hour movie. Since lost is 45 minutes times about 90 episodes, well, that would be asking a lot. So then, why change the painting? This show just drives me crazy!


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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LT171: Loop, Dude, Loop


In an earlier post we talked about the island moving to the past and since the physical location remains the same then the island should NOT have disappeared. This indicates the island then moved forward in time, right?

But if we borrow from Back to the Future, then if going back it time altered something – like Marty’s parents not hooking up – then his futuristic family photo began is show people vanishing as well as himself.

Applying this to LOST timing then, if the island did travel BACK in time, then the only way it could disappear in 2004/05 would be if something was altered in the past that caused the island to not be present in 2004/05 on this next time loop. Did that make sense?

If the island does go back in time, then the survivors on the island would find duplicates (or twins) of themselves off island. For example, let’s say we go back to the 1970’s when the Dharma Initiative is first forming. We would have a 25 year younger version of Sawyer under his bed hiding from his angry father while the 35 year old version is frolicking on the island. At first appearance this would seem to violate some laws of physics, but in general, as long as they don’t interact with each other all is well. Think of the two #15 rabbits in the Comic Con video.

Who then would be on the island both in 2004/05 and in the past? To answer we need to know what year the island slips back to because if just a few years ago then Ben is there…twice. This is about to get very confusing and I pray we avoid those “Demon Rules” mentioned in an earlier post!


Season 1, Episode 6: House of the Rising Sun

Sun thinks about a new life. Jin attacks Michael over a watch. Jack sets up camp at the caves.

-- Episode begins with a close-up of Sun’s left eye.

-- Kate and Jack find the two skeletons in the cave. Jack estimates they have been there for 40 to 50 years.

-- Jack finds the white and black stones on the skeletons.

-- Charlie enters the caves and sees the skeletons and blurts out, “Are these the people who were here before us?”

-- John is beginning to take on the role of mentor for Charlie. Charlie believes his guitar is lost forever but John tells him, “You'll see it again.”


-- We’ve noticed the eyes, but this is the first time the left eye was used. The two right eyes have been Jack and Locke. Left for females or is there another reason?

-- The Adam and Eve skeleton are estimated to be in the cave for 40 to 50 years. That makes the year 1954 to 1964. That is right around the Cuban Missile Crisis which I say still has some impact on the storyline.

-- Charlie’s comment about the skeletons being the people before us is odd. Jack gives him a “you’re an idiot” look and it makes me wonder if this has to do with the events at the cockpit, but I can’t make that connection. Instead it seems as if Charlie knows something. Locke asks Charlie a follow-up question about what he meant by that and Charlie stumbles for an answer of “Uh, just, you know, the, the, there could have been people here before us, right?” Jack avoids Locke’s eyes. It almost seem Charlie and Jack have a secret.

-- How does John know Charlie will see his guitar again? Has John already found it and just going to use it as leverage? Or is John acting like he has been here before? John tells Charlie he will find it because he has faith. So, if John is using faith, then how can he be so sure? If he has seen the guitar, then why is he misleading Charlie that religion has something to do with it?


I call this picture “Sun Gun” as it looks like Sun is as ruthless as her father! Or did she join him in his crusade? Could this be Paik versus Widmore and we overlooked that possibility? Why do the Oceanic 6 just need to fight their way back to the island?


There was a comment posted in regard to the Dharma Special Access 7 post this week…when the producers gave the tour there was this dead and alive sections on the wall. A keen reader noticed that Jin was on the ALIVE side!

Nice catch!


Imagine my surprise when it was discovered that there was a hole in the window of the swan hatch. Take a look:

With all the free time this off-season, it is amazing what has been observed for the first time. Notice the thickness of the Plexiglas. This window only shows that a recessed area exists where a light bulb is burning. Was this a design flaw since the light bulb would need to get replaced sooner or later? That seems like an odd design idea. Locke even asked about it, but something came up and we never got an answer. But to mention it in dialog means that it served some purpose.

Or could this be The Incident where Smokey smashes INTO the Swan hatch? If so they need some sort of repellant device like the sonar fence, so it stops bothering the button pushers? Hmmm…


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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LT170: Destination Destiny


This is an electronic postcard that you can send to friends from the ABC website as part of the Season 5 promo. It doubles as a teaser for Ajira Airlines which leads to the theme of this post…


The recently added website, Ajira Airlines, has been updated and I wanted to keep everyone in the loop. If you check the status of a flight that leaves Los Angeles on January 21, 2009, (the Season 5 show date) at 11:30 a.m. to Guam on Flight 316 you get to the seating chart.

If you book this flight, you can pick your own seat, but they are probably all filled by now. Never fear, you can find some other passengers have booked seats and that is where the fun begins.

If you click on an empty seat one of several Dharma symbols will appear. We have found that 34A is reserved for an Ana Lucia. No way to tell if a user entered a fake name or if the show is happening this way, but her picture pops up, so I’m taking this to mean something.

Jack is in seat 1A. Seat 2A shows a picture of LAX.

Another seat simply returns a code: N824. Ideas? If so, please post a comment.

Another seat shows a new Dharma logo which those who follow my Dharma Special Access postings will recognize this:


If you do get lucky to break the code and grab a seat on this flight, you will get an email from the Airlines that read:

“Welcome to the new Ajira Airways. We proudly present a new way to get lost in the world of travel. Visit to book your business, pleasure or fate now! Check back soon for the opportunity to preview new adventures exclusive to our Ajira Airways travelers. The skies have no limit with our new and exciting destinations. Life's a journey, book it.”

By the way, the flight cost $87…any ideas what that could mean? Post a comment if you have thoughts. 1987?


Season 1, Episode 4: Walkabout

We find out Locke is a wheelchair-bound middle manager at a box company, but is now hunting boar for the Survivors. Claire organizes a funeral pyre for the victims of the crash.

--And Our Love Become a Funeral Pyre: Jack, Sayid and Charlie are discussing what to do with the bodies from the fuselage. Jack argues that they should bury them, but Sayid feels they deserve better. Jack comments that they don’t have time for that and Charlie responds, “Really, last I heard we were positively made of time.”

--Say Hello, John: Locke introduces himself to the group by throwing a knife near Sawyer’s head.

--Boaring: Michael, Kate and Locke are hunting for boar and Michael spooks the boar and it rushes the hunting party. Locke comes over to help Kate and calls here Helen by mistake.

--Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Kate tries to climb a tree to position the transceiver and Smokey arrives and gives chase to Locke. Locke and Smokey have a stare down.

--Say What?: Jack is speaking with Rose when he sees a ghost, his father.

Season 1, Episode 5: White Rabbit

Jack goes to retrieve his father in Australia. A survivor drowns. Boone tries to be helpful.

--I Know Something…: Claire faints from lack of water, but someone has stolen it. Locke offers to go look for fresh water and says, “And besides, I know where to look.”

--…You Don’t Know: After Claire faints everyone asks where the doctor is? He has ran off to chase his father’s ghost. Claire wakes up and asks, “Is Jack back yet?”

--Cliff Diving: Jack sees his father’s ghost, chases it and almost dies going over a cliff edge.


--Charlie’s line about “made of time” stood out to me as out of place. It seems the writers were trying to tell us very early that time would be a central theme of the show.

--Locke has a thing for knives from early on and we all know that later he won’t pick the knife from the objects. The only observation I can make is that knives are considered more pure and primitive when hunting, rather than a firearm.

--Locke calling Kate the wrong name of Helen is interesting in that the flashback was shown to us just prior where Helen was discussed. At times in the show it appears the Survivors are actually remembering old memories and someone has to call their name several times to have them snap out of it. But this was during the action of the hunt and it doesn’t seem like a good time to daydream. We were shown the flashback, but it doesn’t seem John should have been thinking about it. This brings to mind Desmond’s flashbacks to military training. Did John actually time-shift?

--Smokey appears when Kate tries to summon help. We know now that it wouldn’t work because of the Looking Glass Hatch, so either they are in Smokey’s territory or it doesn’t have much of a brain. We should also note that Smokey doesn’t harm Locke, so maybe it is dumb! HA!

--This is the first point that a “ghost” is seen by Jack. We know from the Missing Pieces that this ghost was here already. Being that Christian’s body was on the plane we must assume that Smokey has the ability to mimic, replicate or project known objects. However, we also know that it can read minds as in the case of Eko. Keep in mind that Christian wanted Jack to wake up because he “has work to do”, so then why doesn’t it talk to him?

--It should be noted that Christian appears to Jack just out of reach. This is similar to a character of a video game even down to the same clothing. In the video game there is a secret room with a Dharma logo and a computer with the numbers on it. The video game is titled, “Half-Life”. A clue?

--Locke knows where to look for fresh water? Is this a clue they have all been here before?

--Now why would Christian’s ghost have Vincent wake Jack and then lead him over a cliff’s edge? I know if I were in Jack’s place I would want to catch-up with my father and ask a few questions. Was he supposed to realize it was a ghost and say, “I’m not going to chase after you.”? Hmmm…

--How did Claire know that Jack was gone when she recovered from fainting? I am getting stronger and stronger Sixth Sense feelings as I review these older episodes!


Please NOTE that TIDBITS is going to get published a lot more than the usual Wednesday and Sunday schedule! Mondays are when the Dharma Special Access has been coming, so count on that day. It is getting more and more exciting and there is a lot more discussion happening all over the LOST boards as the new season draws near. But TIDBITS will do its best to keep you in the loop. HA!


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Monday, January 5, 2009

LT169: Dharma Special Access 7


I have received this week's Dharma Special Access email:

Only two and a half weeks until the LOST premiere! Let the countdown begin!

We are back to work and thought we'd break in the new year with a quick tour of the writer's offices and introduce you to the writers working on season five.

Click on the link below and enter the password to check it out.

See you next week!

Damon and Carlton


The link:
The password: holma


It is a behind the scenes look at the writer's offices. I'm hoping for visual clues and sure enough we get one out of the game. Damon and Calton walk into the offices where etched on the front glass is "Building 23".

There is a bit of a joke involved when they introduce the writing staff. Adam is not in his chair but is replaced by a green alien blow-up doll. They brush right by this as if he is there. I couldn't help but wonder just how sci-fi the show will be going!

Another tidbit they reveal is a wall of characters divided by dead and alive and a third column...the undead. For example, we see Yemi on this wall and then the producers mention that Kate's horse can be found here! That horse has always bothered me and now we know!

It is probably one of the least exciting videos they have shared with us, but then as the one who has to come up with LOST TIDBITS at least twice per week, I can understand how sometimes "filler" is used. Unless I've missed something completely. If you notice anything, please drop me a note or write a comment.


We have noticed the passwords for the 72 hour window of viewing time have been a play on words. Here is the list so far:

Week 1: la fleur - means "the flower" in French.
Week 2: qilak - means "sky" in Siberian Yupik language.
Week 3: adella courey - unknown
Week 4: kapalaran - means "fate" or "destiny" in Tagalog language.
Week 5: yksnizdar - Radzinksy spelled backwards.
Week 6: emal - "lame" spelled backwards.

Week 7: holma - a city in India?


Check back tomorrow for another edition of LOST TIDBITS!


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Sunday, January 4, 2009

LT168: Temple of Doom


It seems that the LOST writers are borrowing from a lot of different resources. Greek mythology tops my list of their main sources, buy Egyptian culture is right there at #2. A little research uncovered some interesting finds.

There have been educated guesses that beneath the pyramids are chambers and even hidden rooms and tunnels underground. An important discovery was the carvings found in a temple known as the Edfu Buidling Text. The story on the wall tells of elders known as the Ancients. Hmmm…

Notice the carving on this temple wall…it should remind you of one of the hieroglyphics seen on the Countdown Clock!

The text also refers to these underground chambers which became to be known as the Hall of Records. Historical writings indicate that these rooms stored scientific secrets and treasures. By studying these writings it was discovered the homeland of the Ancients was an island. The name given in the text for this island is Place of the Well.

Consider that back then the vocabulary was limited. The word, “well”, simply refers to any type of hole or depression. The writings help to clear things up by further describing that this “well” was a sort of staircase that led down into the earth. Now I’m thinking about Ben’s secret room which was entered via a staircase leading down.

The staircase led to a chamber and then a long tunnel (think of the tunnels mentioned on the Blast Door Map). This entire complex was named the Underworld of the Soul (again, the term displayed on the Countdown Clock).

The entire complex was described in the text as a microcosm of the passage of TIME. It contained a large carving which is very similar to the lingam stones of Hindu culture. Wow!

One website describes the rituals conducted here as so:

“The texts say that the mythical characters known as Shebtiu would enter inside the complex and conduct strange rites using held-held power objects (iht), plausibly large crystals or small lingam stones, in order to perpetuate the act of creation in the outside world. The only way these ideas can be assimilated is to liken them to the harmonic convergence events carried out each year since 1987 at key sacred sites around the globe.”

The purpose of these rituals was to affect society’s collective conscience through collective mediation and chanting (reminds me of the Whisperers).

Over time the race of Elders was lost but not before a new group sprang up. This new group was charged with protecting the ancient secrets. They were known as the Watchers (again with the people who Whisper). Legend says the Watchers are who passed on the advanced technology to the Egyptians who used it to build the pyramids.


Season 1, Episode 3: Tabula Rasa

Kate is apprehended by the US Marshall in Australia. Jack finds out about Kate’s past. The Survivors are fed up with the Marshall’s moaning and Sawyer tries to do something about it. John Locke finds Vincent.

-- Kate is looking for Jack at the tent where the US Marshall is at. Hurley sees the gun in Kate’s waistband and gets nervous and runs off saying he needs to get some water. It starts to rain. Kate inches close to the Marshall’s face to check if he is breathing. He wakes and begins to choke her.

-- At another location on the beach, Michael is promising Walt that he will look for his dog as soon as it stops raining. It stops raining.


-- So far, when it rains, Kate is involved and usually scary things are threatened, but nothing results for it.

-- As far as Michael looking for Vincent goes and the rain…it almost seems like someone is listening.


I see a computer monitor on the ground. And there are items next to Daniel’s feet and Sayid’s feet. Plus something next to Jack’s foot.

The buildings outside the window should be a hint of some sort…if you recognize anything, drop me a comment.


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