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LT170: Destination Destiny


This is an electronic postcard that you can send to friends from the ABC website as part of the Season 5 promo. It doubles as a teaser for Ajira Airlines which leads to the theme of this post…


The recently added website, Ajira Airlines, has been updated and I wanted to keep everyone in the loop. If you check the status of a flight that leaves Los Angeles on January 21, 2009, (the Season 5 show date) at 11:30 a.m. to Guam on Flight 316 you get to the seating chart.

If you book this flight, you can pick your own seat, but they are probably all filled by now. Never fear, you can find some other passengers have booked seats and that is where the fun begins.

If you click on an empty seat one of several Dharma symbols will appear. We have found that 34A is reserved for an Ana Lucia. No way to tell if a user entered a fake name or if the show is happening this way, but her picture pops up, so I’m taking this to mean something.

Jack is in seat 1A. Seat 2A shows a picture of LAX.

Another seat simply returns a code: N824. Ideas? If so, please post a comment.

Another seat shows a new Dharma logo which those who follow my Dharma Special Access postings will recognize this:


If you do get lucky to break the code and grab a seat on this flight, you will get an email from the Airlines that read:

“Welcome to the new Ajira Airways. We proudly present a new way to get lost in the world of travel. Visit AjiraAirways.com to book your business, pleasure or fate now! Check back soon for the opportunity to preview new adventures exclusive to our Ajira Airways travelers. The skies have no limit with our new and exciting destinations. Life's a journey, book it.”

By the way, the flight cost $87…any ideas what that could mean? Post a comment if you have thoughts. 1987?


Season 1, Episode 4: Walkabout

We find out Locke is a wheelchair-bound middle manager at a box company, but is now hunting boar for the Survivors. Claire organizes a funeral pyre for the victims of the crash.

--And Our Love Become a Funeral Pyre: Jack, Sayid and Charlie are discussing what to do with the bodies from the fuselage. Jack argues that they should bury them, but Sayid feels they deserve better. Jack comments that they don’t have time for that and Charlie responds, “Really, last I heard we were positively made of time.”

--Say Hello, John: Locke introduces himself to the group by throwing a knife near Sawyer’s head.

--Boaring: Michael, Kate and Locke are hunting for boar and Michael spooks the boar and it rushes the hunting party. Locke comes over to help Kate and calls here Helen by mistake.

--Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Kate tries to climb a tree to position the transceiver and Smokey arrives and gives chase to Locke. Locke and Smokey have a stare down.

--Say What?: Jack is speaking with Rose when he sees a ghost, his father.

Season 1, Episode 5: White Rabbit

Jack goes to retrieve his father in Australia. A survivor drowns. Boone tries to be helpful.

--I Know Something…: Claire faints from lack of water, but someone has stolen it. Locke offers to go look for fresh water and says, “And besides, I know where to look.”

--…You Don’t Know: After Claire faints everyone asks where the doctor is? He has ran off to chase his father’s ghost. Claire wakes up and asks, “Is Jack back yet?”

--Cliff Diving: Jack sees his father’s ghost, chases it and almost dies going over a cliff edge.


--Charlie’s line about “made of time” stood out to me as out of place. It seems the writers were trying to tell us very early that time would be a central theme of the show.

--Locke has a thing for knives from early on and we all know that later he won’t pick the knife from the objects. The only observation I can make is that knives are considered more pure and primitive when hunting, rather than a firearm.

--Locke calling Kate the wrong name of Helen is interesting in that the flashback was shown to us just prior where Helen was discussed. At times in the show it appears the Survivors are actually remembering old memories and someone has to call their name several times to have them snap out of it. But this was during the action of the hunt and it doesn’t seem like a good time to daydream. We were shown the flashback, but it doesn’t seem John should have been thinking about it. This brings to mind Desmond’s flashbacks to military training. Did John actually time-shift?

--Smokey appears when Kate tries to summon help. We know now that it wouldn’t work because of the Looking Glass Hatch, so either they are in Smokey’s territory or it doesn’t have much of a brain. We should also note that Smokey doesn’t harm Locke, so maybe it is dumb! HA!

--This is the first point that a “ghost” is seen by Jack. We know from the Missing Pieces that this ghost was here already. Being that Christian’s body was on the plane we must assume that Smokey has the ability to mimic, replicate or project known objects. However, we also know that it can read minds as in the case of Eko. Keep in mind that Christian wanted Jack to wake up because he “has work to do”, so then why doesn’t it talk to him?

--It should be noted that Christian appears to Jack just out of reach. This is similar to a character of a video game even down to the same clothing. In the video game there is a secret room with a Dharma logo and a computer with the numbers on it. The video game is titled, “Half-Life”. A clue?

--Locke knows where to look for fresh water? Is this a clue they have all been here before?

--Now why would Christian’s ghost have Vincent wake Jack and then lead him over a cliff’s edge? I know if I were in Jack’s place I would want to catch-up with my father and ask a few questions. Was he supposed to realize it was a ghost and say, “I’m not going to chase after you.”? Hmmm…

--How did Claire know that Jack was gone when she recovered from fainting? I am getting stronger and stronger Sixth Sense feelings as I review these older episodes!


Please NOTE that TIDBITS is going to get published a lot more than the usual Wednesday and Sunday schedule! Mondays are when the Dharma Special Access has been coming, so count on that day. It is getting more and more exciting and there is a lot more discussion happening all over the LOST boards as the new season draws near. But TIDBITS will do its best to keep you in the loop. HA!


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