Friday, January 9, 2009

LT173: Here We Go Again


When the island “moved” it moved in time to the Jump Back Date of the late 1970’s. The Survivors remaining on the island will begin to notice this in several ways.

First, the Dharma Initiative will be getting underway. They will begin to realize that they have moved in time because they will stumble upon people not previously there. When Sawyer runs across a new face and asks, “Who is the President of the United States?”, the new kid on the block will respond, “Jimmy Carter, of course”. It could also be Ford or Nixon since the exact date is a little fuzzy. I’ll need to spend some time looking around for hints to the exact date because like most things in LOST it should be hinted at or a multiple of 108 or something logical like that.
It would be really strange if they come across a young Horace Goodspeed!

The Survivors will begin to realize how lucky they are to have Daniel Faraday with them, for in one nice speech he will be able to layout the whole scenario of time travel.

At this point the wife and I are pretty excited about our little Biscuits and Gravy Theory. HA!

When the Oceanic 6 finally makes it back to the island, the year should be something like 1979. They might even run into the consultants hired to build the hatches: Hanso, Widmore, and Paik. We believe this is in part why the writers have Sun off the island AND Jin dead. The 2005 versions would recognize Mr. Paik and they just wouldn’t work smoothly. Penny and Desmond are also both off the island so they won’t conflict with Charles Widmore and his company. To get a little crazy since we were drinking Bloody Mary’s during our breakfast…it COULD explain why the writers have Ben off the island if one imagines he is related to the Hanso family! Oh my!

Check back next post and I’ll explain how “The Incident” works into this theory.


Kate’s crimes were state crimes and her assault on a federal Marshall would be a federal crime. So there would be no reason she was tried in Los Angeles. Hmmm…


Locke’s compass changes colors in the SAME episode and the same scene! Take a look at the silver version:

So unless Locke has two, or the prop people goofed within the same scene shot…the show is trying to tell us something: things change…in this case to gold:


I’m still intrigued with the last Dharma Special Access which introduced to the writers of the show…especially Adam who was simply a blow-up green alien doll. Adam is the name of the skeleton in the cave…are they telling us Adam is actually an alien who died in the cave?

Adam is also the name of the person who arranged for Kate’s mom to be taken for her MRI.

Adam is also the first name of Shannon’s father, Adam Rutherford.

Adam St. Claire is a member of Driveshaft.

Adam is a member of Juliet’s book club who protests the reading of Stephen King.

Adam Seward is an alias used by Anthony Cooper.


ABC will air the final three parts of Season 4 on January 14, one week before the Season 5 premier. Get your fix early!


Recall when we did the hindsight where Claire finally convinced Charlie to tie a note on to the bird? What if that bird finally makes it to the right person who then reads that there were many crash survivors and not just 6!?!?


Technically this is a teaser: Season 5 will begin with a shot of a digital clock showing 8:14. Then it flips to:

It would have been nice if Ajira Airlines first flight to Guam was at 8:15 a.m., but instead it shows 11:30 a.m. Still, last season began with Hurley bowling over a table of fruit and this one begins with a time clock showing the Flight numbers. My sources tell me the first FOUR minutes is not to be missed TV. I’m getting giddy.


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