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LT172: Biscuits and Gravy Theory


I’m sitting down recently to a plate of biscuits and gravy with my better half when the topic of LOST comes up. Yeah, imagine that! Anyway, we are throwing around some ideas on the coming Season and we work up a fairly plausible idea or two. It only seemed right then, that these ideas are called the Biscuits and Gravy Theory. Give it a read and see if any ideas stick to your ribs like my breakfast did:

It begins with the guess that the island travels back in time. Now it must be stated that in the world of scientific theories, this one is far-reaching as far as theories go because most agree you can’t travel back in time due to those paradoxes. But all good entertaining stories require the observer suspend a few facts of life (see Demon Rules in earlier post), so let’s at least agree to form the premise that the island goes back in time.

When we last left Mystery Island, Juliet and Sawyer were sitting on the beach sharing a bottle of rum. Juliet points out to the ocean and Sawyer turns to see the smoke rising from the sinking Freighter. So the first thing we would expect to see is the Survivors discovering that the island has taken them back in time. The wife and I brainstormed on what would be the clues the Survivors would have to observe to draw this conclusion.

To accomplish this, we agreed that we needed first to know what time the island traveled back to. Our list included all the significant events that LOST TIDBITS discussed in our series, A History of LOST:

--Prior to the crash or 108 days
--The transmission begins
--Dharma Initiative arrives
--Some world event like the Cuban Missile Crises
--The Black Rock landing
--The Hostiles arrive
--The Ancients arrive

Each of these timeframes would provide an interesting challenge. For example, we decided to use the 108 day timeframe for obvious reasons. The wife and I then proposed that when the Oceanic 6 returns to the island, that they land on the northwest shore where very little is happening and they are likely not to be discovered. We imagined that the plane was about to crash on September 22, 2004. Our working idea was that the six would position themselves behind a bush and then when the crash occurred then would slip out and take their proper places on the beach. The only challenge would be to duplicate the clothing they were wearing.

This idea falls apart when we realize that all six would be on the plane and a duplicate of their bodies should be on the beach (or in the jungle in Jack’s case) already. Are we suggesting then the Oceanic 6 would dispose of their “twins”? Nah, so we abandoned this idea.

In addition, if the island jumps back 108 days, then not just the Oceanic 6, but all the Survivors might find duplicates falling out of the plane. This could get messy, especially in the case of Claire who would see a pregnant version of herself and eventually give us two Aaron’s.

We then tried to fit the Transmission Date as the “Jump Back Date”. This would put the calendar at April 1988 when Danielle began the 16 year, 5 month S.O.S. loop. It is possible since none of the Survivors would be originally present on that day. Danielle and Alex aren’t a conflict because they are dead already, so they couldn’t see themselves again. In order to avoid paradoxes, this would work. But then we paused and wondered what significance this day would have to the storyline and really couldn’t come up with much. The Survivors could try to alter events like the one where Alex is kidnapped, but then the whole story of Ben being daddy could get messy. Let’s face it, we still don’t know exactly what kind of daddy Alex is inferring.

So we back up to the next event: Dharma’s arrival on the island. We quickly began to discover that this Jump Back Date worked very nicely as none of the Survivors or the Others were present back in late 1970’s that are still there now – no conflicts or paradoxes!

At this point we began then to work on other supporting aspects of this breakfast theory!

Check back on the next post as we continue to work out some details of our ideas. The section will be entitled The B&G Theory.


Season 1, Episode 7: The Moth

Charlie gets hooked on heroin, but begins his withdrawal when Locke takes his drugs away. Jack gets trapped in a cave-in. Sayid tries to locate the source of Danielle’s transmission.

-- Sayid is triangulating the source of the French woman’s transmission. He recruits Kate and Boone to place two of the three antennae. To communicate they will set off bottle rockets to signal to turn them on since the batteries are low.

-- Sayid observes that the odds of surviving this plane crash were astronomical, but yet here they are with barely a scratch.

-- Michael tells Walt to stay away from the cave-in and Walt replies, “Gotta see Mr. Locke”.

-- Sayid is closing in on the transmission when he is struck on the head from behind.


-- Bottle rockets? Sayid attributes them to firework smugglers. Now this makes another object that is needed…and found. Locke gets through security with knives. The US Marshall has a gun with him instead of checked. And now someone gets fireworks on board? Seems a bit too convenient that everything they need is found. One battery is dead so they need a laptop…again, pronto! At least laptops aren’t illegal on a plane.

-- Sayid’s comments push viewers towards a staged crash.

-- Walt’s comment is odd as it doesn’t really flow with the events. And notice the formality of MR. Locke while Walt is treating his father with no respect. Walt senses something in Locke that we might need to notice.

-- Locke knocks out Sayid which we learn sometime later. Honestly, at this point – 8 days – I’m not sure why Locke felt to in touch with the island that he just had to keep everyone put. But from this point forward it became very clear…Locke didn’t want to leave…or did he not want anyone else to leave?


As the season 5 nears, TIDBITS shares one promo picture – not a spoiler per se. Anyway, take a look. You can click on the picture to see a larger version.

The bright light must be related to the island being moved. This makes me wonder if the bright light when the Swan hatch imploded might not have moved the island a few days? Anyway, it appears to be Daniel closing his eyes to avoid the bright light.

Now notice the man in the background. It almost looks like Daniel’s twin. I realize the image is terrible, but if not Daniel the Second, then…do you get a bit of a feeling it is Jacob the First? Can you see it?

I’ve made a mental note to pay close attention to this scene and observe who that person is behind Daniel. If you have ideas, post a comment or drop me an email.


I’ve realized that the hindsight feature is just too time consuming to comb through, especially if we ever hope to get through them before the entire series ends. So TIDBITS is going to rename this section to HISTORICAL ODDITIES and we will feature at least one thing from the past that you might have missed or has a different impact now then we when we first viewed the episode. For example:

The painting of Ben’s mother changes. Examine the picture below and notice on the left her hair is over her left shoulder, but on the right it is not. Wouldn’t this be completely wild if…and it is a big if…the entire series was TWO shows. Or maybe two loops. Think of the Sixth Sense and how it fooled you that he was alive, when really he was dead. They did a beautiful job of it. It is one thing to take years to do a two-hour movie. Since lost is 45 minutes times about 90 episodes, well, that would be asking a lot. So then, why change the painting? This show just drives me crazy!


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