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LT168: Temple of Doom


It seems that the LOST writers are borrowing from a lot of different resources. Greek mythology tops my list of their main sources, buy Egyptian culture is right there at #2. A little research uncovered some interesting finds.

There have been educated guesses that beneath the pyramids are chambers and even hidden rooms and tunnels underground. An important discovery was the carvings found in a temple known as the Edfu Buidling Text. The story on the wall tells of elders known as the Ancients. Hmmm…

Notice the carving on this temple wall…it should remind you of one of the hieroglyphics seen on the Countdown Clock!

The text also refers to these underground chambers which became to be known as the Hall of Records. Historical writings indicate that these rooms stored scientific secrets and treasures. By studying these writings it was discovered the homeland of the Ancients was an island. The name given in the text for this island is Place of the Well.

Consider that back then the vocabulary was limited. The word, “well”, simply refers to any type of hole or depression. The writings help to clear things up by further describing that this “well” was a sort of staircase that led down into the earth. Now I’m thinking about Ben’s secret room which was entered via a staircase leading down.

The staircase led to a chamber and then a long tunnel (think of the tunnels mentioned on the Blast Door Map). This entire complex was named the Underworld of the Soul (again, the term displayed on the Countdown Clock).

The entire complex was described in the text as a microcosm of the passage of TIME. It contained a large carving which is very similar to the lingam stones of Hindu culture. Wow!

One website describes the rituals conducted here as so:

“The texts say that the mythical characters known as Shebtiu would enter inside the complex and conduct strange rites using held-held power objects (iht), plausibly large crystals or small lingam stones, in order to perpetuate the act of creation in the outside world. The only way these ideas can be assimilated is to liken them to the harmonic convergence events carried out each year since 1987 at key sacred sites around the globe.”

The purpose of these rituals was to affect society’s collective conscience through collective mediation and chanting (reminds me of the Whisperers).

Over time the race of Elders was lost but not before a new group sprang up. This new group was charged with protecting the ancient secrets. They were known as the Watchers (again with the people who Whisper). Legend says the Watchers are who passed on the advanced technology to the Egyptians who used it to build the pyramids.


Season 1, Episode 3: Tabula Rasa

Kate is apprehended by the US Marshall in Australia. Jack finds out about Kate’s past. The Survivors are fed up with the Marshall’s moaning and Sawyer tries to do something about it. John Locke finds Vincent.

-- Kate is looking for Jack at the tent where the US Marshall is at. Hurley sees the gun in Kate’s waistband and gets nervous and runs off saying he needs to get some water. It starts to rain. Kate inches close to the Marshall’s face to check if he is breathing. He wakes and begins to choke her.

-- At another location on the beach, Michael is promising Walt that he will look for his dog as soon as it stops raining. It stops raining.


-- So far, when it rains, Kate is involved and usually scary things are threatened, but nothing results for it.

-- As far as Michael looking for Vincent goes and the rain…it almost seems like someone is listening.


I see a computer monitor on the ground. And there are items next to Daniel’s feet and Sayid’s feet. Plus something next to Jack’s foot.

The buildings outside the window should be a hint of some sort…if you recognize anything, drop me a comment.


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