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LT171: Loop, Dude, Loop


In an earlier post we talked about the island moving to the past and since the physical location remains the same then the island should NOT have disappeared. This indicates the island then moved forward in time, right?

But if we borrow from Back to the Future, then if going back it time altered something – like Marty’s parents not hooking up – then his futuristic family photo began is show people vanishing as well as himself.

Applying this to LOST timing then, if the island did travel BACK in time, then the only way it could disappear in 2004/05 would be if something was altered in the past that caused the island to not be present in 2004/05 on this next time loop. Did that make sense?

If the island does go back in time, then the survivors on the island would find duplicates (or twins) of themselves off island. For example, let’s say we go back to the 1970’s when the Dharma Initiative is first forming. We would have a 25 year younger version of Sawyer under his bed hiding from his angry father while the 35 year old version is frolicking on the island. At first appearance this would seem to violate some laws of physics, but in general, as long as they don’t interact with each other all is well. Think of the two #15 rabbits in the Comic Con video.

Who then would be on the island both in 2004/05 and in the past? To answer we need to know what year the island slips back to because if just a few years ago then Ben is there…twice. This is about to get very confusing and I pray we avoid those “Demon Rules” mentioned in an earlier post!


Season 1, Episode 6: House of the Rising Sun

Sun thinks about a new life. Jin attacks Michael over a watch. Jack sets up camp at the caves.

-- Episode begins with a close-up of Sun’s left eye.

-- Kate and Jack find the two skeletons in the cave. Jack estimates they have been there for 40 to 50 years.

-- Jack finds the white and black stones on the skeletons.

-- Charlie enters the caves and sees the skeletons and blurts out, “Are these the people who were here before us?”

-- John is beginning to take on the role of mentor for Charlie. Charlie believes his guitar is lost forever but John tells him, “You'll see it again.”


-- We’ve noticed the eyes, but this is the first time the left eye was used. The two right eyes have been Jack and Locke. Left for females or is there another reason?

-- The Adam and Eve skeleton are estimated to be in the cave for 40 to 50 years. That makes the year 1954 to 1964. That is right around the Cuban Missile Crisis which I say still has some impact on the storyline.

-- Charlie’s comment about the skeletons being the people before us is odd. Jack gives him a “you’re an idiot” look and it makes me wonder if this has to do with the events at the cockpit, but I can’t make that connection. Instead it seems as if Charlie knows something. Locke asks Charlie a follow-up question about what he meant by that and Charlie stumbles for an answer of “Uh, just, you know, the, the, there could have been people here before us, right?” Jack avoids Locke’s eyes. It almost seem Charlie and Jack have a secret.

-- How does John know Charlie will see his guitar again? Has John already found it and just going to use it as leverage? Or is John acting like he has been here before? John tells Charlie he will find it because he has faith. So, if John is using faith, then how can he be so sure? If he has seen the guitar, then why is he misleading Charlie that religion has something to do with it?


I call this picture “Sun Gun” as it looks like Sun is as ruthless as her father! Or did she join him in his crusade? Could this be Paik versus Widmore and we overlooked that possibility? Why do the Oceanic 6 just need to fight their way back to the island?


There was a comment posted in regard to the Dharma Special Access 7 post this week…when the producers gave the tour there was this dead and alive sections on the wall. A keen reader noticed that Jin was on the ALIVE side!

Nice catch!


Imagine my surprise when it was discovered that there was a hole in the window of the swan hatch. Take a look:

With all the free time this off-season, it is amazing what has been observed for the first time. Notice the thickness of the Plexiglas. This window only shows that a recessed area exists where a light bulb is burning. Was this a design flaw since the light bulb would need to get replaced sooner or later? That seems like an odd design idea. Locke even asked about it, but something came up and we never got an answer. But to mention it in dialog means that it served some purpose.

Or could this be The Incident where Smokey smashes INTO the Swan hatch? If so they need some sort of repellant device like the sonar fence, so it stops bothering the button pushers? Hmmm…


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