Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LT305: If I Could Change Just One Thing


In quick summary, the off-season game continues to drop clues that have yet to add up to much – at least in my mind. The latest have featured the group, 88 Keys, which happens to somehow tie-in to polo, Ralph Lauren and a blog.

The first that jumped out to me was that a piano has 88 keys and Jack is seen playing a piano at the Others compound as well as Charlie getting the Christmas gift of a piano. Recall that Charlie also had a vivid dream regarding the piano in the water. I took that to be symbolism, but maybe I’ll to re-examine that scene.

In the LOST University experience I found one thing that was kind of cool: those t-shirts they gave away to new registrants. Here is a picture:

I like the polar bear!


We have learned that the US Army arrived at the island sometime in the 1950’s. They brought with them their bombs which at that time were being tested in the South Pacific.

When contemplating this piece of information I had to wonder what significance the Jughead bomb has on the LOST story. When first introduced many speculated that the bomb would explain the radiation sickness. That does not seem to be the case. There were other theories but none of those seem to have a part now. So why include it? Why introduce an Army?

It could be in part that the writers introduced an element that was capable of finding the island. We have gathered that this is not an easy thing to do. The resources available to the US Army however would qualify it as a viable candidate.

We also know that Widmore seems to have discovered its location because he sent the Freighter to retrieve Ben.

And of course Richard and company found it.

Dharma Initiative seems to be a separate entity that also has learned to locate the windows of entry via the Lamp Post station. Do you recall that in that station there was a photograph on the wall of the island and it appears to have been taken by the Army? Does this imply that Dharma was watching the Army?

This still may end up being a big government conspiracy story in the end. The DI could merely be a group dedicated to preventing the evil plans of US black ops. And to everyone’s surprise they found the island to be inhabited by Richard and his merry band of recruits.

This then leads me to what is so special about the island that all these groups are willing to spend cold hard cash and lives to find it, own it and use it?

I’m left with time travel as my only real answer. The US Army would most definitely enjoy sending a bomb back in time to use in various historical campaigns. This might make Dharma the moral compass group who would only use the island’s time travel for the common good. Widmore is thinking of perhaps capital gains. And Richard is merely a pawn caught in the middle of these puny humans.

Then Jacob and the Man in Black come along and throw religion into the mix. Are we to debate the morality of time travel?

Something to think about.


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Sunday, October 11, 2009

LT305: Read Me A Story


I came across a wonderful thread that suggested that the island is a book. Well, it is more like a library since this is where all the books become real. What a “novel” thought, if you’ll pardon the pun.

It is true that LOST references many books including Through the Looking Glass. The character slips down a rabbit hole to another world. The references of rabbits and even an episode title are obvious so I won’t rehash it all. Instead the readers of the post jumped on this idea and here is a summary of characters that each survivor might be:

Jin’s full name is Jin Swoo Kwon. This can be scrambled around to Swoo Kwon Jin. Twist your mouth and you get something like this: Seuss Knows Gin. Dr. Seuss was expelled from his magazine job when caught drinking gin. He needed an alias after that, so Seuss does know gin. Consider that Jin offers some people a little seafood in the first episode…one fish, two fish, three fish, Jin fish. Jin is Dr. Seuss.


Hurley is Winnie the Pooh. Just like Pooh, he has trouble spelling words like B-O-D-Y-S. The shape is similar. Change Pooh’s love of honey for ranch dressing and we have a winner! Switch Pooh’s name in reverse and you get H-O, H-O-O-P which matches nicely to all the H-O’s we see around Hurley as well as the classic game of hoops we call Horse…which Jack had scored H-O.


In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” we observe Henry the angel with a copy of “Tom Sawyer”. Also in this movie are the loveable Muppet characters, Bert and Ernie. We also see Kermit from the Muppet Show on a monitor in LOST. Kermit’s eyes are actually ping-pong balls, which Sawyer played. Kermit has 11 points on his neck detail. Sawyer played ping-pong with a 11-point must rule. Hurley told Sawyer once, “Dude, you look green.” Sawyer is Kermit.


Boone was a bonehead on the show as we saw from stealing water to trying to save Rose’s life with a ballpoint pen. He was seen wearing an Aces shirt which refers to the Red Baron, aka Snoopy. He brought “Watership Down” to the island which is about rabbits, including one named “Five”. Snoopy’s favorite book is “The Six Bunny Wunny” series written by Mr. Sweetstory. Sweet, you say? Boone said he was a lifeguard…or can I say Lifesaver, the sweet candy…which has FIVE flavors. Boone is Snoopy.


The Temple could be the Library of Alexandria. Many of the books seen on LOST have been banned.


Wendy is the character from Peter Pan…complete with freckles and the ability to fly…while Kate is a flight risk. Kate slept outside of Farmer Ray’s home in a little shack known as “Wendy houses” in Australia. Kate is Wendy Darling…whose last name is a popular catchphrase of Sawyer’s…whose daughter is name after a song with the lyrics, “Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling, Clementine.”

Hey isn’t there a Peter Pan peanut butter which Claire and Charlie shared?


And the Freighter Four match up nicely to the Fantastic Four comic book characters.


Anyway, I thought it was a decent theory as far as theories go.


The LOST University semester is underway. There was a note to contact a Professor Nusseldorf at 818-824-6300. It you press the star key during his voice mail it asks for his passcode. Still waiting for that to be hacked.

They school is sending out t-shirts to all the Freshmen who have registered.


The producers have convinced ABC to not release any footage from Season 6 in their promos. Kudos to those guys…I hate previews.


Damon will be attending Earth2Comics convention in four days. If he lets something slip, you’ll hear about it here!


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