Saturday, February 14, 2009

LT203: The Black and White Theory


As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’m working on a new theory. In my mind a theory should explain the whole of LOST so technically these Biscuits and Gravy and MJ theories are really just pieces of the whole. I suspect the same for this latest proposal. However, I’m hopeful that the sum of these various pieces are getting us closer to the explanation of LOST. And if not, they are tons of fun considering! Well, I hope you feel that way.

The teaser for this theory was that it was to be named after a song by Three Dog Night.

The world is black
The world is white
It turns by day
And then by night
It turns by night

It would seem to be giving a lot of credit to the writers to suggest they knew to include music from Three Dog Night in the show (Shambala) and then have us drift to their other songs to find “Black and White”. This in turn should lead us to a prevalent theme in LOST. Consider that if this was the writers’ intention then they deserve Nobel prizes for their effort when you consider all the cross-referencing that goes on in this show!

However, if we wish to hold back our praise, then we still can marvel out how these connections can still be made even if the credit goes to, well…Fate. Hey, I know this is just a TV show, but anyone would be hard pressed to find such a fine piece of fiction that can sustain this level of mental tickling, right? Did I just write “mind tickling”? Ok, maybe I am going a bit too far. So, before I disappear in bright flash, let’s get to the theory of Black and White.


This episode title stands out as the single most revealing title in the series. Now if we were asked to include a conjunction for this title in the place of the comma, I would have suggested “Man of Science OR Man of Faith”. My impression up to this point was that the show was exploring the long-standing question of which side is right, the scientific believers or the religious believers?

However, I am now of the impression that the conjunction “and” is the more appropriate choice: “Man of Science AND Man of Faith”.

Over several posts my objective is to offer some evidence that supports that LOST is about the marriage of these two schools of reasoning and not the separation of the two.


Let’s set the stage by reviewing some of the key instances where the Black and White theme is found in LOST.

The list begins with the title and opening credits.

Then we have every Dharma logo in black and white.

The first time the black and white theme appeared on the show was with Locke explaining the game of Backgammon to Walt.

And we have those stones found on Adam and Eve.

The mural in the Swan hatch features a face that is half black and half white.

The countdown clock is black and white.

Rose and Bernard are a pairing of black and white.

Eko and Yemi wear a black and white priest suit.

The chess pieces at the cold weather monitoring station are black and white. Same with the pieces in the computer game of chess that Locke plays at Mikhail’s abode. The pieces are balck and white when Hurley plays the invisible Mr. Ecko. Same with Jack and Ben’s game of chess.

A black number 8 is stamped on a white bunny.

A black and white yin/yang symbol is found on the lamp at Rachel’s place.

When Charlie dives down to the Looking Glass Station he loses his shoe:

Several police cars are shown in the standard black and white style.

Sayid plays golf before killing using a white glove while his victim is wearing a black glove.

Juliet’s Zen garden has a black and white stone in the center.

Jin buys a black and white panda bear as a gift.

Aaron is holding a black and white stuffed whale.

And finally, Daniel wears that black tie with his white shirt…leaving one to wonder where his pocket protector went.


It is apparent the theme of black and white is scattered throughout the show. It is my theory that this theme is the foundation of the show’s purpose and the island’s mythology. So be on the lookout for posts with the title of Black and White Theory. Let me know if you think there is some connection to the observed use on the show and my crackpot ideas!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

LT203: Parting Words


Did you catch Charlotte saying she thought she heard a Geronimo Jackson playing while on her death bed? She also mentioned the city of Carthage which is where she was researching the polar bear in the desert. Her dying words also mentioned not being allowed to eat chocolate before dinner. This reminds us of Annie giving Ben a chocolate bar. Hmm…

One of the French team made a funny about boats and helicopters and next Jin will be “talking about submarines”. That’s right, Frenchy!

Did you see Jin found Danielle’s music box? This is the one that Sayid fixed in order to win her confidence.


When the French group is dragged to the temple, literally, we get a good shot of the Temple Wall.

Here is the interpretation of the hieroglyphics:

Open Mouth
To write or abstract ideas
Three strokes (which implies plurality)


We caught another name of the French group: LaCombe. This happens to be the same name of a character from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He was the French researcher in that movie as was based on a real-life UFO investigator who believes that aliens may be of inter-dimensional travel instead of extraterrestrial travel.


No one ever predicted this. When Danielle says her group got the sickness the most popular guesses were radiation, island karma, the popular gas, insanity, etc. But no one suggested it was caused by doing down into that hole under the Temple. Personally, I don’t buy the bravado of the French group.

Imagine being roughed up from a ship wreck. Then you run into a strange Korean guy. Within minutes you lose one of your crew. After that she falls on your lap and the monster makes itself known. Then you see the monster drag a fellow member away. I’m fine with giving chase and grabbing hold, but the second the arm comes off…I’m sure not going to stick around much longer.

Of course, Montand (or was it Smokey’s impersonation of Montand) did call for help, so maybe. Anyway, they went in except Danielle and everyone came out very mean. Hey, did you sort of cheer Smokey for picking to drag away the malcontent of the group? I did. But notice that it dragged him and didn’t kill him like it did the woman. Locke was also dragged away. So was Montand and Locke on the same side of sorts? Strange.

Personally, I like my theory that Smokey can imitate (or force behavior) who it drags away. Sort of how Smokey manifested itself as Yemi. Does this then imply that Christian’s body was dragged underground and Smokey was able to mimic him? This suggests that Christian is really doing the monster’s work. And it could suggest that Smokey also dragged the captain of the Black Rock into the underground many years ago and was using it as its representative.


Strange angel this Christian is. He has tons of advice for John, but won’t give him a hand up? Did you think his hand would pass right through Locke’s body? Maybe, but remember that he was able to hold Aaron, so we just have to assume that there are a set of rules that he can’t break. Why does this remind me of some rules God places on Satan when tempting his…well, his Christians?

We also got a hint that Christian doesn’t care much for Ben. Neither did Jacob. I’m starting to lean towards these guys being pawns of Smokey, the eternal Guardian of the Temple. It makes one think that one day Christian will be speaking poorly of Locke as they use one pathetic human after another.

The oddity of this line of thinking is that Richard and Ben seem to be on the same team, but Richard appears clearly in cahoots with Jacob/Christian/Smokey.

And how about finding out that John was supposed to turn the wheel instead of Ben? Considering the word sacrifice was thrown out there, there sure seems to indicate a follow-up post is coming on this topic!

To keep us off-balanced, Christian finishes with “Say hello to my son”. Not sure a demon inside of a dead body would think to say that. Well, let’s just agree on one thing: Christian is one creepy dude!


There was so much information crammed into this episode that you can look for plenty of posts throughout the weekend. So check back often for more in-depth analysis and TIDBITS.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LT202: This Place Is Death Initial Thoughts


The show was full of filler material. Some was a little interesting such as Danielle's backstory, but it really just confirmed what we already were told. Some was very helpful like Charlotte being warned by Danielle never to return to the island.


Ben pulling the van over to the side of the road and saying they would never stop thanking him if only they knew. First, then tell them Ben. Second, I actually believed him.

They get to the Orchid and big-mouth Juliet has to say something to ruin it. I loved Sawyer's line, "Just had to say something", to Juliet. Then a thought crossed my mind...was that clue? Can she (or others) say things and make the time jump? I'll look back on the transcripts to see if I can pick something up.

Notice how Danielle's husband seemed convincing to have Danielle lower her gun and then he took his shot? Were the people who climbed into the whole possessed with some evil spirit? Is that the sickness Danielle talked about?

And his gun didn't is the island protecting history or is Smokey? Are they on opposite sides?

When the first French guy was pulled underground and then hollered back, "I'm hurt, I need help, it's gone." Did you think it was him or the Monster talking?

Say hello to the Temple.

Charlotte is a terrible actress. Lots of sad scenes and not one tear by her. Sorry, I call them as I see them. But who is her mother?

How about the phone call Sun gets before pulling out her gun? Talk about a guilt trip.

Have you noticed that everytime we think we know who is on what side, that we find another side? My head hurts as much as the time jumpers. LOL!


We've been talking about it for some we are about to see it with John in the well...this is going to be good. I'm reminded of Smokey pulling John into the hole. Are there certain people who Smokey wants?

Was the rope Sawyer was holding trippy or what?


Ok, there is going to be a lot to digest this week, so keep checking back on TIDBITS for all the details and ideas.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LT201: Feedback


Anna writes and points me to an interview with Juliet and Ben. The main items from those interviews are:

When Juliet is asked about her future with Sawyer she answers, “There’s an expression, “What doesn’t bring people together is joy, but shared pain.” That’s what bonds people together.”

Juliet repeatedly mentions this violent streak. We have seen her shoot Pickett, but this interview hints that there is much more boiling just beneath the surface with her.

Ben’s interview mentions something that caught my eye…”there is falling through time, falling through space and even falling underground.” Go back to my post on the Underworld!

The article asks a question of Ben that implies Sun blames him for Jin’s death. Really? I thought it was Jack and her father. Just how many people does Sun blame?

They asked Ben if the LOST would be much different if it was on HBO. He replies that his character wouldn’t change much but that Sawyer could swear they way he wants to. HA!

Thanks to Anna for the heads up. If you wish to read the complete interviews then you can find it here:


Ben, not the LOST Ben, but the TIDBITS Ben, writes he weekly critique and here are some points to discuss…

The Watchmen Comic Book…it is really a graphic novel - someone told me that makes some kind of difference somehow??? Anyway, I’ve read the story and there are way too many similarities to ignore. The end of the book does suggest a possible end game for LOST and the fact I’m not sharing it tells you that I think it has merit. Don’t be so hard on the writers for using a comic book as their guide. After all, I live my life by the lyrics to Green Day’s “Basket Case”!


108 Minutes Between Jumps…well the analysis I did does seem to allow for this. While Daniel should be keeping tabs on the time (wonder what his watch does after a jump), I’ll forgive him as 108 minutes must fly by when one is busy with nose bleeds, professing your love and straightening one’s tie.


The Numbers…abusing or using? You say abuse, I say use and then we all fall down.


Sun’s Baby…she sure is doing a lot of travel to see Widmore, travel to see Kate, travel to shoot someone, buying an airline (oops, that’s a secret still), and travel to babysit someone else’s kid. She won’t win any Mother of the Year awards, but it is likely she just got a nanny with her Oceanic Settlement money.


Time Warping…Ben asks where Harper has been all this time? We didn’t see her in the group with Locke in the jungle. Is she at the temple? I do not see enough evidence to draw any conclusions yet. If anything, we find evidence against Harper (and others like Walt) doing any time warping.

The evidence against is when we observe the Survivors jumping time they don’t arrive well aware of their surroundings and senses. Harper and Walt both seemed quite aware and ready to do what they were there to do: deliver messages. There could be planned jumps versus random jumps, but the evidence we have available says that Harper is not time jumping. I’m tempting to put Harper and Walt into the astral projection category.

One more point on time jumps…someone suggested that if one jumps back in time it would explain the reverse talking like Walt and the phone call that Kate received. Again, when the Survivors jump back to 1954 it doesn’t sound like anyone is speaking in reverse, so…


Charlotte’s Nose Bleeds…Ben wonders if Daniels isn’t her constant only after he professes his love for her. I never connected the Constant with Love or any deep felt emotions. Keep in mind that Daniel wrote in his notebook that Desmond was his constant. I just don’t get any spark of emotion between those two. The key to a constant is one person (or one person’s mind) being off the island.

As for Char being the child of Widmore…let’s not get gross.


Last thoughts…kudos for predicting the Survivors would run into a young Danielle.

How is it that the canoe went into the flash with the Losties? It seems if they are touching or in possession, then they keep it. Honestly, I shouted out to my wife at that point, “Paddle towards shore you might lose your canoe”. Later someone pointed out the “in possession” rule.

Why wasn't Sawyer the one to shoot back, and why'd they take so long to respond? Juliet was holding the gun and it’s called drama.

Will we get to see what made Rousseau crazy in these flashes? Probably since we are likely to be told how her group got the sickness, how one loses his arm, and if one being named Brennan means anything to Kate.

Who sent that assassin and how did he find Sayid? I believe Ben is the master manipulator and orchestrating all this. Consider that we saw Sayid wanting to join the ranks of Ben for revenge last season. Now he seems to despise him. That means they had a falling out of some type. Ben, knowing Sayid would no longer blindly follow him, he is forced to maybe drag Sayid there in a tranquilized state.


Thanks Ben for your insightful feedback. Keep it coming.


Readers of TIDBITS know that from time to time I like to launch into a theory or two. Well, I’ve got another forming in my head and we will be sharing it soon. The name I’m giving this new theory is The Theory of Relativity. It is based on a song by Three Dog Night, so you know it can’t be all bad. Coming soon to a blog near you!


Danielle says everyone got sick in her crew but her. What causes the sickness? We are tempted to suggest the time jumps, but then that conflicts with time on the island. Those with three years of service, Juliet, are bleeding. Before her was Miles and Charlotte who both have been suggested were here prior, so assume longer than 3 years.

Wouldn’t that mean that Danielle’s crew would have to be on the island for about three years before getting sick and having nose bleeds? It seems so. Remember that Minkowski on board the Freighter got sick and he surely wasn’t here for three years…or was he?

One explanation is that the sickness is due to time jumping, but you remove the three year rule. Everyone gets the sickness. I suggest two exceptions to this. First, if you get the vaccine you are fine. Claire was vaccinated and my guess is Danielle was also vaccinated. The Others most definitely wanted the children.

Second, you don’t bleed if you have your constant around. Daniel saw Desmond in one of the flashes and that keeps his nose dry. Sawyer saw his constant, Kate, while delivering the baby, so he doesn’t need cotton stuff in his nostrils.


Ben is gathering most of the Oceanic 6 at the marina at slip 23. Anyone want to bet that Desmond’s boat will dock there soon?


When Locke’s mother was to deliver she was listening to Buddy Holly song, “Everyday”. That song was released in September, 1957. Yet, Locke says his birth date was in 1960. Could be a prop error but music is a fairly important tool on the show to get this one wrong.

This could mean that Locke was told the wrong date. Or that we have the wrong John Locke. Imagine if he was given the name throughout foster care and the real John Locke is someone else. Recall that dear mom said he was “immaculately conceived”. Is mom suggesting she knows she didn’t have relations with any man and yet ended up pregnant?

Two more tidbits: the months between John’s alleged birthday and the release of Holly’s song is 16 months. And Buddy Holly’s 50 year anniversary of his death was just last week. Holly’s plane crashed. In Iowa where Kate is from.


I’ll try to post my initial thoughts after the show…it could be late as our local station is delaying it one hour for a basketball game.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

LT200: Oui?


ABC has put out a new video entitled, “LOST Untangled”. It uses a comic book format to get new viewers caught up on the important parts of the show. It can’t hurt to do a little review from time to time. Plus it reminds you of just how far these poor Survivors have come in just about 108 days. Check out if you want to see the video.


The idea behind this theory is that you can’t change major past or future events. The way this is accomplished is by “fate” interfering with one’s attempt.

Consider that Ethan is about to shoot Locke and that can’t happen, so we have a flash.

Sawyer is tempted to speak to Kate and that can’t happen, so we get a flash.

I’ve criticized Juliet for interrupting at inopportune times and maybe she’s saving everyone a headache since if they kept talking they would flash. That makes me wonder which is better to suffer: a headache or a nose bleed?


Another popular idea that is gaining attention again is that the rain is connected to the flashes. The idea is that the “jumpee” gets the rain and the flash but those in the time period he/she is arriving in do not see the flash.

For examples, when Harper appears to Juliet it is raining for both people, but Juliet doesn’t see the flash. The same is true with Walt in the jungle.

Others still feel the rain is connected to Smokey only. Or both? Could Smokey be a futuristic creation that is jumping back in time?


One of the bigger mysteries is regarding the people in the canoe shooting at the castaways. Some group of people with an Ajira Airways’ bottle of water had two canoes and starting shooting at the group. It is possible that they took Vincent, since he was missing in the presumably future time jump from “The Little Prince.”

This brings us back to the dog being a key to the story plot. This idea keeps coming back up time and time again, so…


Danielle tells the Survivors that her crew is a research team. We see one carrying a violin case. Can’t help but point out that one of them loses an arm and wouldn’t just have to be the musician. Danielle also has in her possession a music box we know later.

This draws my mind back to Shannon and Boone. Shannon was in France, knows some French and was a ballerina teacher. Could we have the step-kids back on this connection? And don’t forget that Boone’s death coincided with Aaron’s birth.


One of the names of the French group was “Brennan”. That happens to be the last name of Kate’s old boyfriend, Tom Brennan. Kate and Tom buried a time capsule together around the same time as the French team was crashing onto the shores of the island.

And the time capsule included a tape recording and a toy airplane. Danielle would make a recording and of course we know about the plane.

Could this be a relative to the Brennan that Kate knows in Iowa?

While on the subject of Danielle’s tape recorded message that repeated for 16 years…did you know that not every iteration contained the same words? That’s right! If you had a recording on loop how in the heck do the words change? Here is the transcript:

Iteration 17294530 : "If anybody can hear this, they are dead. Please help us. I'll try to make it to the Black Rock. It [or he] killed them. It [or he] killed them all."

Iteration 17294531 : "It [or he] is outside. It [or he] is outside and Brennan took the keys. Please help us. They are dead. They are all dead. Help us. They are dead."

Iteration 17294532 : "It [or he] is outside. It [or he] is outside and Brennan took the keys. Please help us. They are dead. They are all dead. Help us. They are dead."

Iteration 17294533 : "They are all dead. Help us. They are dead. If anybody can hear this—"

Iteration 17294534 : "It [or he] is outside. Please help us. Please help us !"

Iteration 17294535 : "If anybody can hear this, I'll try to make it to the Black Rock. Please help us ! They are all dead. They are dead. It [or he] killed them. It [or he] killed them all. I'll try to make it to the Black Rock."



It appears as if we are discovering (or at least guessing) who everyone’s parents are. For example, we have learned (or guessed) that Alex belongs to Danielle and her husband (not Ben). This leaves me with this thought: who might Karl belong to?


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Sunday, February 8, 2009

LT199: Watchmen 3

This post is the third and last the review of the book, Watchmen.


An island full of idealistic people keeps getting mentioned


People acting desperate are guessed to be related to astrological events. One of the people stuck on the island gets an idea to build a raft

A couple goes by Clare and Dominique (which is Charlie’ real life name)


Egyptian theme including death being a spiritual journey

Sharks and glass eyes

Record albums

There is a Charlie

A comic book entitled, “Tales of the Black Freighter”

Board layout of connections between people with a sickness

There is a Rosa – either Rose if you wish or Rosa Tabula

A secret company named “Dimensional Developments” with several subsidiaries like “Pyramid Deliveries” and “Institute for Extraspatial Studies”

There is a Michael

A line that reads “valley of the shadow”

Another line mentions “Dues Ex Machina”

Snow globes

Slow time



“Watchmen” really jumps into this subject and our Dr. Manhattan is a strong believer in predestination. He is involved in a debate with a proponent of freewill. Dr. Manhattan attempts to explain it, “We’re all puppets. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings.”


“Tyger, Tyger
Burning bright,
In the forests
Of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

- William Blake


“Battle not with monsters,
lest ye become a monster.
And if you gaze into the abyss,
The abyss gazes also into you.”

- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche


“I am a brother to dragons,
and a companion to owls.
My skin is black upon me,
and my bones are burned with heat.”

- Job 30:29-30


“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.”

- C.G. Jung


I’ve finished the book and the ending does explain a lot about LOST. Maybe too much. The movie is going to hit the theaters in a couple of months…prior to the final season of LOST…and then everyone will know. Yes, I’m convinced that the Watchmen book has just provided a sneak peek to the end game on LOST.

If your curiosity is great, then you will read the book yourself. And I have a feeling that once you have done that, you will agree with my decision that it should not be shared. Everyone must experience it for themselves.

How is that for a vague conclusion?

Like the show, a song is coming to mind and I’ll close my review of the Watchmen book with those lyrics (and the only hint you'll get):

All the same, we take our chances,

Laughed at by Time, tricked by Circumstances

Plus ca change. Plus c'est la meme chose,

The more that things change, the more they stay the same.
- Rush