Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LT202: This Place Is Death Initial Thoughts


The show was full of filler material. Some was a little interesting such as Danielle's backstory, but it really just confirmed what we already were told. Some was very helpful like Charlotte being warned by Danielle never to return to the island.


Ben pulling the van over to the side of the road and saying they would never stop thanking him if only they knew. First, then tell them Ben. Second, I actually believed him.

They get to the Orchid and big-mouth Juliet has to say something to ruin it. I loved Sawyer's line, "Just had to say something", to Juliet. Then a thought crossed my mind...was that clue? Can she (or others) say things and make the time jump? I'll look back on the transcripts to see if I can pick something up.

Notice how Danielle's husband seemed convincing to have Danielle lower her gun and then he took his shot? Were the people who climbed into the whole possessed with some evil spirit? Is that the sickness Danielle talked about?

And his gun didn't is the island protecting history or is Smokey? Are they on opposite sides?

When the first French guy was pulled underground and then hollered back, "I'm hurt, I need help, it's gone." Did you think it was him or the Monster talking?

Say hello to the Temple.

Charlotte is a terrible actress. Lots of sad scenes and not one tear by her. Sorry, I call them as I see them. But who is her mother?

How about the phone call Sun gets before pulling out her gun? Talk about a guilt trip.

Have you noticed that everytime we think we know who is on what side, that we find another side? My head hurts as much as the time jumpers. LOL!


We've been talking about it for some we are about to see it with John in the well...this is going to be good. I'm reminded of Smokey pulling John into the hole. Are there certain people who Smokey wants?

Was the rope Sawyer was holding trippy or what?


Ok, there is going to be a lot to digest this week, so keep checking back on TIDBITS for all the details and ideas.



MDJ said...

Last night there was a lot of close captioning. Did you notice that at times the font style was normal and then at others is was in italics? At first I thought it was just alternating to represent different people but that pattern didn't hold up very long. I have no idea what this could mean but I have to beleive that there was a purpose to it.

I thought it was strange how Rousoue's husband so calmly explained smokey as "a security system that guards the temple". What is that temple? It looked similiar to the orchid, are they the same? I don't really remember much about it.

KC said...

I did not notice the italics but now you have got me curious. I'll look into that!

I do not believe the Temple and Orchid are exactly the same thing. We saw the Orchid disappear and the Temple was not in its least in that time period. However, it wasn't far off to the well which appeared to be of similar design.

I need to address how Charlotte knew of the well. Do you think that Ben and Char as children use to play there and crawled down into the darkness to explore? Could this have led to Ben's conversion as a believer of Smokey People?