Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LT264: I’m Listening

As you might imagine there is a lot of chatter going on from the season finale last week. Much of it is coming from comments and emails. So let’s jump right in and address some of these topics first.


TIDBITS mentioned that perhaps Kate and Juliet could be related or half-sisters. Ms. Wendy, author of the blog “It’s About Bunnies” found at
http://mswendy.wordpress.com/, builds on this by correlating two sisters in the Bible who fought over Jacob’s attention: Rachael and Leah. Oh, if Kate mentions a sister named Leah, then Ms. Wendy gets bonus points.


My favorite Librarian leaves a comment about my use of Esau to represent the black-shirted man sitting with Jacob in the opening shot of “The Incident”. He prefers the name Jacob for both men. The idea is to strengthen the concept of black versus white, free will versus destiny and mirror images.

In honor of his dedication, let’s do the same thing: Light Jacob and Dark Jacob.

It has been awhile since I’ve pushed my Supercomputer Theory, but now seems like a good time to remind you that computers think in black and white, off and on, and digital. Now watch a third Jacob show up in a grey shirt!


In a follow-up post, the Librarian shares a theory that states Light Jacob has one continuous timeline – one beginning with one end. Where as Dark Jacob is the product of several loops and never getting it quite right.

I’m not sure I subscribe to the point of view. One issue this brings up is that it is being suggested Light Jacob is done for as he becomes BBQ in the bowels of the Temple. If I could “peek around the corner” of what the Librarian is getting at, then maybe he is thinking the Light Jacob will be resurrected – an analogy to Jesus Christ. If not, then it feels wrong that Light Jacob is charcoal.

Another problem with the proposed theory is maybe semantics. The cycle of repeating one’s mistakes does not necessitate a time cycle. Heck, I’m still struggling with not cracking my knuckles in public, but I haven’t lived several lifetimes…at least none that I’m aware of. So if the theory is simply that Dark Jacob never learns his lesson, then I’m on board. This then provides with a typology to Satan.

Let the battle begin!


The Librarian is on a roll…he posits that we may see Locke versus Locke next season. More correctly, Light Locke versus Dark Locke (can I call him Locke Lite…just 64 calories! HA!).

Again, I have to read between the lines, but this took my mind to possession. Yeah, exorcism stuff. Well, maybe not that extreme. And before you pooh-pooh this additive consider how most of DO belief in some small, inner voice that guides us.

This concept has circumstantial evidence to support it. We saw how Danielle’s crew appeared to take on a different persona. Everyone was noticing while missing the point, that Locke was different. Hey, does this imply Jack’s possessed too? Hard to say if the change is from within or from without.

Maybe the Librarian is suggesting that a supernatural being can jump from one corporeal body to another. I’m going to freak if the Locke they dumped out of that metal box begins to wake up!


Greg continues to notice prop errors. He observes that the clothing and Sun and Jin’s wedding changes. And he notices Kate’s timeline is altered.

I actually think I saw a site which tracks these noticeable alterations. I’ll keep my eyes open for it, so keep checking back this off-season.

I’m with Greg. In the end we may get this Sixth Sense kind of ending where we are forced to run out and buy the DVD’s and re-watch to see all the clues we missed.


Michael prefers to think of the two men as Jacob and the Angel. In this scenario you have a mortal man versus an angelic being. Can’t help but notice the person suggesting this is named Michael. Talk about coincidence. HA!

From this perspective we might consider Job’s struggle with Satan in the Bible. Well, we might as well include every person who as ever lived and their battle with choice. Decisions…consequences. Decisions…consequences. (Bonus points if you can name the TV show that last quote is from!).

Speaking of points, these posts are forever implanted on some supercomputer (again with the computers) so when the final season unfolds, we are going to hand out some awards to the TIDBITS reader who comes the closest.


MDJ observes that Dark John (let’s keep the theme going here) is probably Smokey. This would fit the same M.O. with Yemi (Eko’s brother) and Alex.

He further ponders that Miles could stumble upon the dead bodies of Christian and Claire. We already know that Alex’s body was found by Miles. She couldn’t have been in the Temple chastising Ben and be in the ground.

Of course, this seems to offer some insight as to why Richard wanted the body of those killed. He appears to know that until buried, Smokey can come along and borrow these shells. While I like the this general explanation, it leaves some questions about the Dharma Pit. Yeah, we saw Horace in a dream sequence and those people would serve less beneficial than say Christian. But let’s face it, most the people Christian has appeared to don’t know him from…well, Adam. Funny how these related topics keep cropping up naturally. Hmmm….

By the way, someone suggested that the final events is what "created" Smokey. However, that was quickly put down when it was pointed out that the Dharma Initiative had the sonic fence in place prior to these events. Of course, that assumes the fence wasn't meant to keep out the island's wildlife as suggested during the Registration process!


For the official LOST TIDBITS Awards Banquet at the end of the series, you should hear MDJ’s final season guess:

“Here’s an idea for how the writers could ruin the final season…the season opens with the oceanic 6 on a boat dressed in old time clothes…the camera starts off with a tight shot of the group so we can see all the survivors, then the camera pans out and we see that the boat is the Black Rock and that the oceanic 6 have gone back in time and are starting this the “destiny loop” over from the beginning.”

The show’s original title was “The Circle”.


As you are aware, TIDBITS is going reduce its postings during the off-season. The projected schedule you can look should be something like this:

Saturday/Sunday – one post on the weekend for sure. I have the greatest amount of time.

Midweek – maybe half the time there will be two posts in a week.

Breaking News – yeah, you never know. By the way, you can sign up for the RSS feed at the bottom of this page. That will send you an alert when the content changes so you never miss a posting.

Based on this fluid schedule, I’ll see you next weekend. Until then, if you enjoyed TIDBITS for Season 5, let me know by clicking on one of the ads. It puts a few pennies in my pocket and tells me you are still out there reading.