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LT229: Photographs and Perplexing Puzzlers


When the co-pilot is radioing for Mayday we hear a response in the cockpit.

The response is the Numbers transmission. Now Danielle got to that tower in 1988 and replaced it with her message that the Survivors picked up in 2004. So how is the old transmission still playing? And how did the transmission get picked up on the frequency the plane is using?


We now know that Amy and Horace name this little bundle of joy, Ethan. We don’t know if this is the same Ethan we see in 2001 recruiting Juliet. He would be about 23 years old.

I realize there is a challenge with actors but Ethan in his recruiting days looks the same three years later when Charlie shoots him. And I’m not sure either of those times convinces me Ethan was just 23 years old.

Granted, Ethan is not quite as common a name as Bob or Jim, but it could be that this Ethan is not Claire’s Ethan. Did that make sense?

But if it is the same Ethan then he survived the Purge. The same seems to apply to Radzinksy. I don’t quite get that since we were left with the impression that the Purge wiped out all Dharma members except for Ben. Hmmm…


The photographer for the group picture is the same guy who shot the footage for Dr. Marvin Candle in the first episode of this season.

This increases the odds that the Dharma Wheel is about to be discovered in the near future. I believe this will lead to the incident, so they better get busy building that Swan biosphere. And who better to contract out the work then to Paik Heavy Industries? Do you think Jin is going to go Jughead on Mr. Paik when he sees him? He better not if he hasn’t had his little girl yet!
And did you notice the song playing during the photo shoot? It is called “Dharma Lady” by the group Geronimo Jackson. This is known only because it became available for download on iTunes this past week.

The above image is associated with the download song. Those rascally rabbits!


It sort of just dawned on me that everyone seems to be in a role reversal. Juliet is now with the “in crowd” instead of a “stranger on a strange beach”. She holds leverage over Kate which for now she seems at peace with.

And Sawyer is in charge while Jack is finally enjoying the chance to just chill out in his house and catch up on some piano playing.

After years of interrogating prisoners, Sayid is now the prisoner. Why hasn’t anyone removed those handcuffs or bothered to wonder why a “14-J” is wearing them? The 14-J is the call sign for a Hostile. Viewers with good memories will recall this is the code Alex sent from the sonic fence to alert Ben that Keamy was coming. If you can think of another meaning for “14-J”, leave a comment.


A reader of TIDBITS, Sara (Jack’s wife maybe?), posted a question of whether the Whispers with Sun/Frank/Christian have been deciphered yet. Not yet, but I’m monitoring a few sites that work on them. I’ll post them when I find them!

UPDATE: Someone else says they hear “turn around”.

While on the subject of Christian at the Registration Building…is that in the right place? We know that Locke, Jack and Juliet had to sort of take a stroll to reach the dock when Locke blew up the submarine. Does this mean Othersville is somewhere other than the dock and registration buildings? But if that is true then why was Kate asked about her shuttle driver if the Registration Building is just a few steps from the dock?

My best guess to these quandaries: the Registration Building moves like the cabin moves – where it wants to. Supporting evidence would include the signs we see hanging loosely. Since the last Dharma group was processed at the Purge in 1992-ish, wouldn’t Ben and the Hostiles have taken the signs down? In fact, we know they did from other scenes post-Purge. So who but them back up in 2007-08 for Christian, Sun and Frank? I’m telling you the building just appeared like the cabin did. Tomorrow it may be gone. And then you know what that means…for some strange reason they will need Hurley to find it! HA!


Sara, this looks like official transcript:

"We've got to do it again without him.

Get out of the house

Tell me when he shuts the XXX

Sawyer's coming

What has he got that I'm without?"

The “XXX” is heard by one listener as “window”.

Hope this answers your question…keep writing comments and questions!


I can’t get that imagine of those group photos from elementary school out of my head.

This is the screen shot of the picture being taken and we presume the one being shown to Sun by Christian when she asks about her husband. The problem is there is no Jin in this picture. Perhaps one could say by association, but Sawyer is missing along with anyone “left” on the island. I’d be asking for a bit more proof, if I were Sun.

Another small observation: Kate and Hurley are looking in a different direction from the screen snapshot than the actual photo Christian is holding. Maybe more than one picture was taken. Still, everything is a clue and maybe time is changing in subtle ways. It’s not like we haven’t seen photos on the wall change within minutes of Miles walking past them, right?


Let’s recap the LOST review I’m conducting. We have lots of music related symbols: round, record, disk, Irish folk songs, and so on. This seems to be pointing us towards the records that Daniel refers to as “skipping”.

I came across a theory which expands on this and here are the highlights:

It is being suggested the island is the record. The needle is playing a song about time and space. BUT, there is a second needle playing the opposite of the record. The second side could be another new dimension.

This “record” keeps spinning along until Desmond goofs and is late typing in the Numbers. It causes a rift between Side 1 and Side 2 of the album and a plane passes through. In addition, the island affects all the hotspots around the globe and Penny is able to get her anomaly many miles away in a very cold location.
This rift is the “window” that Ms. Hawking explained. The only difference is that Desmond’s window was not planned.

One idea is that the “active” side of the album for our Survivors might be switching sides each time we get a flash. When Locke blew up the Swan Hatch, we might have begun a merging process where people are becoming “time independent”, like Desmond and Christian.

The skipping we have observed actually meant the two needles were no longer aligned with each other (north and south poles, if you will). This is why passing through the “window” not only flips the record over, but means the song that is playing no longer match-up. Or something like that.

Those that are independent of time have the ability to switch to the side of the record that pleases them. In short, we need Desmond back on the island since his motives seem a lot more pure than Christians.



It seems the guy with this theory is on the right track. And the timing was odd in that we were coming to some of the same musical record conclusions at the time he was coming up with a record theory. So it seemed appropriate to share.

In the next review, we are going to take a closer look at Gary Troup and why he proves that some clues need to be ignored!


There is quite a bit of more information to share about the latest episode, so be sure to check back often for a new posting soon! For now TIDBITS is trying to figure out what that is right below the “S” and “T” in this image (click to see a larger version).

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LT228: We’re All in the Mood for a Melody


Apologies to Elton John, but where in the world is Daniel? We have seen that he is involved during the construction of the Orchid Station with Dr. Candle. Assuming that is a ways off still he must still be on the island. We can also assume he must get off the island eventually to make it to his apartment in New York City to watch the news report of Oceanic Flight 815 and then start crying.

My bet is that Daniel is out looking for the well where he knows the Dharma Wheel is located. Somehow he must reveal its location to the Dharma Initiative without tipping his hand as to who he is.


Apologies to Cyndi Lauper, but why is Sun in 2007-08 and the rest of the Survivors flashed back to 1977? A faithful reader of TIDBITS, Michael, suggests that Sun is on a different time path because she was never in the Swan Hatch. This sort of ties-in to the on-going LOST REVIEW section in these posts, so hold tight and see if the explanation eventually pans out.

And just for fun, do you recall what the message on the computer said when Locke was playing chess in Mikhail’s building? Enter 77 as in “enter in the year 1977”?


Apologies to Michael Jackson, but how does Ben know everything? He knew that the plane would arrive in the future when he has the Hostiles building a runway for Flight 316. What is his secret to knowing things in advance?

Recall that when he turned the Wheel he seemed to know he would be in the future of October 2008. Is everything historical on this show and we have yet to catch-up to Ben’s timeline?

Keep in mind that young Ben will now know who Jack and the rest are…including the prisoner Sayid.


Apologies to the Police, but is that Claire in the background? The scene is where Sun and Frank are speaking with Christian. He tells the pair, “Sorry you have a journey ahead of you.” There is close-up of Sun’s face and over her shoulder is a blonde person wearing a black shirt with some sort of logo on it.

Click on the image to see a larger version. It is altered by someone to accent the woman. The face is not recognizable, but everything strongly suggests Clair is with her step-father.

Does this, along with the smoke, start to suggest Christian is Smokey?


Apologies to Patti Smith, but did you notice how Sun, Frank and Ben left the beach during the day and then it suddenly became night time at the canoes? Is this proof that time displacement is still rampant? Notice none of the characters mentioned the oddity, so maybe the timing was just a bit off for my taste.

Here is a thought. If the plane left during daylight hours and flew through the “window”, then maybe time shifted so that evening just seemed to come early.

Also, who is to say Sun and Frank are in 2007? I question this assumption because the dock and the Registration building seemed a bit rundown for being soon after the Oceanic 6 left the island (three years). I’d like one more peek at the wall with photographs to try and figure out when the last group picture was taken.


From now on the relevant sections to our review will begin with “LOST REVIEW” so they are easier to find. This will make it easier if you want to go back and reference any past posts.

When I suggested the beginning as a place to start the review that was no joke as we first reviewed the crash of Oceanic 815. Where they crash is next: the island. Actually let’s back up a bit. Our first real clue to the island was the opening scene on Jack’s eye.

I believe this was merely a clue as to the importance of the “Eyeland” which also happens to be a song on the Season 1 soundtrack for LOST. This is further supported by the Oceanic logo looking like a round island.

We don’t have to be blind to the facts we know during this review, so we are aware the island has special properties. One of those properties is high levels of electromagnetism.

If we stopped right here and examine our list of observations we might have a list like this: record, island, music, electromagnetism, and eye.

There seems to be a strong inclination towards music. These observations, more specifically, point to a record album. We know that by Season 5 Daniel is going to offer the analogy of time skipping like a record. And Seasons 2 and 5 begin with the character putting an album on the turntable.

It can’t be helped but my mind keeps remember that we used to say the needle is placed on the album on a record player. Of course, we spent tons of money at Audio Labs, so we actually said we placed the stylus on the album on our turntable, but you get the idea. The common term is needle. And needles have eyes.

By the way, the book, “Eye of the Needle” is also a movie worth watching sometime starring Donald Sutherland. And the Bible references the “eye of the needle”.


I’m also reminded of Ms. Hawking’s comment about the island is “always moving”. Many assumed this meant moving in space and/or time. Since LOST is ripe with double meanings we can’t throw those assumptions out the window, but we could also consider that a record is constantly moving round and round. Round – just like the Oceanic logo or the general shape of an island or an eye.



Let’s update our list. From the first review we have:

Crash, Circles, Sacred Ceremonies, Dots, Record, Disk, Round, Earth, Island, Sense of being a Part of the Whole, and Irish folk music.

This review provides us with:

Eye, Island, Round, Music, Electromagnetism, Record, Needle, and Constantly Moving.

As we examine the first two things that are emphasized in the Pilot episode it seems clear the starting point of LOST is something to do with these topics. The odd items are eye, religion, needle and crash. It is probably beneficial to focus on the majority of clues of music, records and how they function.

But if we wanted to try and find a single item that encompasses ALL these items does anything come to mind? I’ll take suggestions!


There is a lot more to cover, so keep checking back for more LOST TIDBITS. If you think you heard someone saying the Numbers, you might have!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LT227: Namaste Initial Thoughts

I'm still fighting that Sickness, but my head hurts even more after this show.


How can the island be in two times at the same place? I'm going to have to give this a lot of thought but for now it does seem as if we have a time paradox. The photograph of all the campers at Camp Namaste was cute.

This explains why the Hydra Station looked old and abandoned when Ceasar was searching it.


When Sun went into the cabin, the door creaked open and I thought I saw white smoke?

Oh, and like a bad horror movie why do the two leave the dock in the middle of the night and walk straight towards noise? "Oh, it is probably only an animal." Duh! And the very reason I'm staying near the boat.


How interesting to see Sun (and Frank and Ben) didn't not flash, but crash. Why not? What is different about her. I can tell you this...keep reading the new feature called LOST REVIEW and you'll get my theory on that soon.


We get the baby's name and those who guessed Ethan, take a step forward. But he name is Ethan Rom, not Ethan Goodspeed.

And then how exactly does Olivia fit into the timeline with teaching Ben? I'm going to have to do some research on these events because I had the feeling little Ben wasn't on the island yet in 1977.


How did Ceasar know the Marshall's name was Katie?

Did you see the aircraft turn upside down or what?

Radzinsky lives to be 65 and ends up pushing a button in the Swan hatch?

There is a fine line between a classic writer's line and campy humor...Juliet sure skitted that line with explaining that Jim and her will have a baby "when the TIME has got to be right". I'm calling that campy. Unlike Sun's line, "I lied." Beautiful.

Grid 325 finds a Hostile.

How about that model for the Swan Hatch...hurry up, there is an Incident coming.

Do you get the feeling that we will be in 1997 for quite some time?

Now we know how Ben ended up on a cot in the Hydra Station recovering from wounds. Doesn't this imply that John hasn't resurrected yet? And how the heck did Ben know there were canoes sitting there...unless he knew it was 2007 and they would be right where he people left them.

No Faraday any more...research crew over here, please!


Once I figure out when Ben first arrived it will better help me understand why we see Ben as a teenager. Does anyone recall something about Sayid and mustard that I forgot? That line seemed like one of my "oddities". At this point, the only thing that comes to mind is mustard gas (think Tempest or Iraq War).


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LT226: The First Episode

Check back later tonight (Wednesday) for my Initial Thoughts post after the new episode, “Namaste”.


With the off-week, I found some time to review past episodes for clues that might have been missed. I didn’t get very far before discovering some things new to me that are included in this post.


The story of LOST begins with the crash of Oceanic 815. It is interesting to note that Oceanic Airlines is not a new entity for the sake of LOST.

The original occurrence of Oceanic Airlines was in a 1996 film entitled, “Executive Decision”. It is about a hijacking. The plane used for filming was actually hijacked in 1988 in much the same way as the film. 1988 happens to be the year that Danielle’s crew reached the island.

The footage shot for the film was recycled in many movies and shows including:

Nowhere to Land – a movie about a plane from Sydney to LAX with a bomb programmed to detonate prior to landing

Alias – in an episode the main character is at LAX and the public address announces the Oceanic Flight to Sydney

Chuck – the main character is viewing a video of rapid images of state secrets when we hear, “Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by a surface-to-air…"

Fringe – while investigating a murder, the main character discovers an airline ticket on Oceanic Airlines.

Of course, JJ Abrams is the producer behind LOST, Alias, and Fringe.


The logo of Oceanic Airlines depicts dot painting by the Aborigines of Australia. The dots depict secret-sacred ceremonies and the inspiration comes from their dreams.

Some view the circles as a record, a disk, or earth.


There is a band named “Prayer Boat”. Their music has met with critical success but commercial success escapes them. One critic described them as (and I quote) “out of time” with contemporary music.

The first album came out around the time of the Purge on the island and is entitled, “Oceanic Feeling”. The tracks include songs entitled: “Stopping the World”, “Millionaire Hero”, “Upside Down”, “Out of Mind”, “Still Only One”, and “Among Madmen”. Future singles include “Bury This Thing” and “Saved”.


The term, “oceanic feeling”, was first coined by Sigmund Freud. He describes this as a bond of “being one with the external world as a whole”. He believed the infant gradually learns to see some of what there is as “not itself”. The oceanic feeling is a trace of this primitive state in which one does not yet differentiate oneself from the external world.

Romain Rolland said, “…the true source of religious sentiments is the oceanic feeling, a sensation of eternity, a feeling as of something limitless, unbounded.”

Neither Rolland nor Freud is validating religious views. Freud goes as far to explain that religious belief exists because we wish to feel more comfortable. The pair is merely saying that the “oceanic feeling” is what leads to religious beliefs, not that the result is acceptable.

In other words, Rolland is the man of faith and Freud is the man of science – and we have an episode title in LOST. Rolland sees religion as fear of something greater and Freud sees it as fear of Fate.



The crash of Oceanic Flight 815 is depicting the two classic sides of the debate consisting of religion versus science. I have stated in previous theories that LOST will end with both sides proving to be valid.

How will it accomplish this? If we only include the logo, the name of the airlines and the related research, what are the possibilities? We have circles, sacred ceremonies, dots, record disk, earth, an island, the sense of being a part of the whole and some good Irish folk music.

Imagine you were on the game show “The $10,000 Pyramid” (or whatever dollar amount it used over time). You are in that final round giving clues to your partner and the category that flips up is, “Things That Crash”. You can list things that fit this category but you cannot use the word “crashed”. What would be some of your clues? I am betting one of them is the basis of end game.

I hope you will enjoyed this review of LOST episodes in a slightly twisted manner! I plan to share more observations in search for the answer to LOST. Remember that all the theories proposed for LOST should come together in one unified theory and that will be the answer to LOST. Well, that is the idea anyway.


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LT225: Have You Any Dreams You’d Like To Sell?


I have been sick. While everything in my life gets twisted into something LOST, this realism bites. I even thought I saw Smokey, but it was just my wife. Ouch!

The timing was decent since the show had a break this week. Hopefully I’ll be back to eating boar and playing old 70’s albums soon.

During my fitful sleeping bouts I dreamed several things about LOST past and here are some of those thoughts:


Do you remember when Daniel saw the footage of the discovered wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815? Recall that he was crying at the site. What would make him cry like that?

Actually, he answers, “I don’t know”. Let us take him at face value. This implies then that the flashbacks of that episode were flash-forwards. This leads to the fact that he really did not know why the news footage made him cry. Yet, somehow, these events are still part of him while his conscious memory cannot quite get a handle on things. It still affects him.

We have some clues including the reflecting on the TV screen. This reveals the Empire State Building meaning Daniel was in New York.

The woman with him says, “Whats the matter? Have they found that missing plane?” This is significant as it indicates his interest in something he should not have known about if it were in his future.

The most likely was the effects of time displacement. This borrows from Kurt Vonnegut who the producers have used before. In “Slaughterhouse Five”, the character is bouncing around his past and present. He breaks down crying and gives the same answer as Daniel.

My real point on this topic is why was there a second plane? Tom offered the explanation that Widmore planted it there, but I am not sure we got a definitive answer.

Another thought is that Daniel knew this plane was an attempt to reach the island. This was a second attempt perhaps in other time loop. He had friends on board and regretted their fate that awaited them. Recall in that Daniel has his constant. He might be able to figure his way out of this messy time loop and survive only to relive events. His tears could be joy that the looping has stopped – making this scene a flash-forward.


Christian tells Claire that her mother will never recover from the auto accident. Yet, here she is not only alive but going to funerals and collecting settlement checks from Oceanic Airlines.

Call me delirious but does not this imply that the people who can heal had to be involved? I’m thinking Sarah as well. Ms. Littleton was not on an island but she was in Australia where a certain man lives who has the ability to heal some people.

I keep hearing the word “sacrifice” in my head. Christian tells John he must be a sacrifice. Deriving a conclusion, did Claire realize she must sacrifice herself in order for her mom to recover? The fact she left her baby behind tells us she made a decision.

Juliet has been sacrificing her whole life for her sister. John said Boone was a sacrifice the island demanded. Aaron was born the moment Boone died.


What else do you call a section that describes my dream? It is a scene from the Wizard of Oz where they ride the hot air balloon to the Emerald City. It is not Dorothy on board but Mr. Henry Gale.

Once awake this led to wonder if there wasn’t more significance to this character. The little we know about the real Mr. Gale is that he lived on Walnut Street (we see that on his license). An anagram gives us “nu walt” or phonetically “a new Walt”. With time loops in the equation, everything in the past deserves a fresh viewing.

Using Walnut Ridge Rd – the full street name – we get “Grin, our dead Walt”. No big deal except Henry Gale is smiling ear to ear in his photo. FYI – My state no longer allows you to smile with the logic being that the time you need to show ID you are likely not going to be in a smiling mood.

No one ends up on this island by accident. He was coming here for a reason, maybe to give a message to his nephew. Maybe to see a sister named Rose.

If you are tempted to giggle at my dreams then remember Hurley’s dream. In that dream, we saw Walt on a milk carton.

According to the note he left his wife, Jennifer, he was trying to fly over the Pacific and failed. This reminds me of the sailboat race around the world since Mr. Gale’s balloon was sponsored by Widmore Industries.


In the scene where Locke goes to visit Walt at his school, it has been observed that several people walk past John repeated times. A man in a suit with sunglasses, a couple of women with camera and others. It was like a Matrix moment where Neo notices the black cat twice.


Notice the pinball machine in the background. We see enough shots of it to recognize it as “The Cyclone”. But it was made in 1988. Was someone touching it when the time shifted?

Could be a prop error, but who would miss the front design?

That is Nancy and Ronald Reagan in the front car of the roller coaster. Surely, some noticed this before using it.

Or did they choose to go with it since it has a “Mystery Wheel”?

And didn’t Dorothy same something about being caught up in a cyclone in Wizard of Oz?

Did you also catch a board game on the shelf is “Life”?

Before we move on, here is a picture of John saying goodbye to Kate in 2004:

There is a second machine but they keep the Cyclone in better view. Trust me, by 2004 there should be no more pinball games around.


Just two days until we get another LOST fix. I don’t like previews or spoilers, but couldn’t help ending this post with an official promo picture sure to spark discussion without giving anything away:


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Sunday, March 15, 2009

LT224: Questions and Answers


Let’s see how you do on this quiz:

Question 1: Was the LaFleur name first heard in the last episode?

Question 2: Was LaFleur/Sawyer seen in the episode with Olivia teaching the volcano lesson?

Question 3: In Egyptian lore Horus fights with who?

Question 4: From question three, if Horus = Horace, then who does his opponent match up to?

Question 5: What is different about Sawyer in 1974 from 2004?

Question 6: Are the Whispers related to the time shifts?


Answer 1: No. In the Comic Con video staring Pierre Change (Dr. Marvin Candle) we heard Pierre say, “LaFluer, what are you doing?” We hear a man’s voice on the video but it sounds a lot like Daniel. That isn’t to say Sawyer didn’t come waltzing into the room and do something that caught Pierre’s attention. Or Daniel was using an alias. This would put two French names, Pierre and LaFleur, in the room at the same time.

Answer 2: Maybe. The picture below is the suspect. It seems about split 50/50 on whether that is Sawyer, Horace or some other Other. And is that a bunny in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture?

Answer 3: If you read TIDBITS faithfully the answer was provided a couple of posts back. If you don’t read TIDBITS faithfully, well then, the answer is Seth.

Answer 4: Digging through all the first names that begin with “S” the only one that has no home is the initials found in the logbooks from the Pearl Station. It says something like “S.R.” moved the ping-pong table. Seth Radzinsky?

Answer 5: Sawyer is wearing glasses all the time. He doesn’t get his headaches from reading until 2004. This could be something he brings back with him, but then sometime in the time between 1974 and 2004 his eyesight has to improve.

Answer 6: It is being suggested that some of the conversations we are hearing are beginning to fit. In other words, when Sayid leaves Danielle’s hideout he hears whispers while years earlier Daniel, Sawyer and company are walking in that same area.


Thanks for reading!