Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LT226: The First Episode

Check back later tonight (Wednesday) for my Initial Thoughts post after the new episode, “Namaste”.


With the off-week, I found some time to review past episodes for clues that might have been missed. I didn’t get very far before discovering some things new to me that are included in this post.


The story of LOST begins with the crash of Oceanic 815. It is interesting to note that Oceanic Airlines is not a new entity for the sake of LOST.

The original occurrence of Oceanic Airlines was in a 1996 film entitled, “Executive Decision”. It is about a hijacking. The plane used for filming was actually hijacked in 1988 in much the same way as the film. 1988 happens to be the year that Danielle’s crew reached the island.

The footage shot for the film was recycled in many movies and shows including:

Nowhere to Land – a movie about a plane from Sydney to LAX with a bomb programmed to detonate prior to landing

Alias – in an episode the main character is at LAX and the public address announces the Oceanic Flight to Sydney

Chuck – the main character is viewing a video of rapid images of state secrets when we hear, “Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by a surface-to-air…"

Fringe – while investigating a murder, the main character discovers an airline ticket on Oceanic Airlines.

Of course, JJ Abrams is the producer behind LOST, Alias, and Fringe.


The logo of Oceanic Airlines depicts dot painting by the Aborigines of Australia. The dots depict secret-sacred ceremonies and the inspiration comes from their dreams.

Some view the circles as a record, a disk, or earth.


There is a band named “Prayer Boat”. Their music has met with critical success but commercial success escapes them. One critic described them as (and I quote) “out of time” with contemporary music.

The first album came out around the time of the Purge on the island and is entitled, “Oceanic Feeling”. The tracks include songs entitled: “Stopping the World”, “Millionaire Hero”, “Upside Down”, “Out of Mind”, “Still Only One”, and “Among Madmen”. Future singles include “Bury This Thing” and “Saved”.


The term, “oceanic feeling”, was first coined by Sigmund Freud. He describes this as a bond of “being one with the external world as a whole”. He believed the infant gradually learns to see some of what there is as “not itself”. The oceanic feeling is a trace of this primitive state in which one does not yet differentiate oneself from the external world.

Romain Rolland said, “…the true source of religious sentiments is the oceanic feeling, a sensation of eternity, a feeling as of something limitless, unbounded.”

Neither Rolland nor Freud is validating religious views. Freud goes as far to explain that religious belief exists because we wish to feel more comfortable. The pair is merely saying that the “oceanic feeling” is what leads to religious beliefs, not that the result is acceptable.

In other words, Rolland is the man of faith and Freud is the man of science – and we have an episode title in LOST. Rolland sees religion as fear of something greater and Freud sees it as fear of Fate.



The crash of Oceanic Flight 815 is depicting the two classic sides of the debate consisting of religion versus science. I have stated in previous theories that LOST will end with both sides proving to be valid.

How will it accomplish this? If we only include the logo, the name of the airlines and the related research, what are the possibilities? We have circles, sacred ceremonies, dots, record disk, earth, an island, the sense of being a part of the whole and some good Irish folk music.

Imagine you were on the game show “The $10,000 Pyramid” (or whatever dollar amount it used over time). You are in that final round giving clues to your partner and the category that flips up is, “Things That Crash”. You can list things that fit this category but you cannot use the word “crashed”. What would be some of your clues? I am betting one of them is the basis of end game.

I hope you will enjoyed this review of LOST episodes in a slightly twisted manner! I plan to share more observations in search for the answer to LOST. Remember that all the theories proposed for LOST should come together in one unified theory and that will be the answer to LOST. Well, that is the idea anyway.


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