Thursday, March 19, 2009

LT228: We’re All in the Mood for a Melody


Apologies to Elton John, but where in the world is Daniel? We have seen that he is involved during the construction of the Orchid Station with Dr. Candle. Assuming that is a ways off still he must still be on the island. We can also assume he must get off the island eventually to make it to his apartment in New York City to watch the news report of Oceanic Flight 815 and then start crying.

My bet is that Daniel is out looking for the well where he knows the Dharma Wheel is located. Somehow he must reveal its location to the Dharma Initiative without tipping his hand as to who he is.


Apologies to Cyndi Lauper, but why is Sun in 2007-08 and the rest of the Survivors flashed back to 1977? A faithful reader of TIDBITS, Michael, suggests that Sun is on a different time path because she was never in the Swan Hatch. This sort of ties-in to the on-going LOST REVIEW section in these posts, so hold tight and see if the explanation eventually pans out.

And just for fun, do you recall what the message on the computer said when Locke was playing chess in Mikhail’s building? Enter 77 as in “enter in the year 1977”?


Apologies to Michael Jackson, but how does Ben know everything? He knew that the plane would arrive in the future when he has the Hostiles building a runway for Flight 316. What is his secret to knowing things in advance?

Recall that when he turned the Wheel he seemed to know he would be in the future of October 2008. Is everything historical on this show and we have yet to catch-up to Ben’s timeline?

Keep in mind that young Ben will now know who Jack and the rest are…including the prisoner Sayid.


Apologies to the Police, but is that Claire in the background? The scene is where Sun and Frank are speaking with Christian. He tells the pair, “Sorry you have a journey ahead of you.” There is close-up of Sun’s face and over her shoulder is a blonde person wearing a black shirt with some sort of logo on it.

Click on the image to see a larger version. It is altered by someone to accent the woman. The face is not recognizable, but everything strongly suggests Clair is with her step-father.

Does this, along with the smoke, start to suggest Christian is Smokey?


Apologies to Patti Smith, but did you notice how Sun, Frank and Ben left the beach during the day and then it suddenly became night time at the canoes? Is this proof that time displacement is still rampant? Notice none of the characters mentioned the oddity, so maybe the timing was just a bit off for my taste.

Here is a thought. If the plane left during daylight hours and flew through the “window”, then maybe time shifted so that evening just seemed to come early.

Also, who is to say Sun and Frank are in 2007? I question this assumption because the dock and the Registration building seemed a bit rundown for being soon after the Oceanic 6 left the island (three years). I’d like one more peek at the wall with photographs to try and figure out when the last group picture was taken.


From now on the relevant sections to our review will begin with “LOST REVIEW” so they are easier to find. This will make it easier if you want to go back and reference any past posts.

When I suggested the beginning as a place to start the review that was no joke as we first reviewed the crash of Oceanic 815. Where they crash is next: the island. Actually let’s back up a bit. Our first real clue to the island was the opening scene on Jack’s eye.

I believe this was merely a clue as to the importance of the “Eyeland” which also happens to be a song on the Season 1 soundtrack for LOST. This is further supported by the Oceanic logo looking like a round island.

We don’t have to be blind to the facts we know during this review, so we are aware the island has special properties. One of those properties is high levels of electromagnetism.

If we stopped right here and examine our list of observations we might have a list like this: record, island, music, electromagnetism, and eye.

There seems to be a strong inclination towards music. These observations, more specifically, point to a record album. We know that by Season 5 Daniel is going to offer the analogy of time skipping like a record. And Seasons 2 and 5 begin with the character putting an album on the turntable.

It can’t be helped but my mind keeps remember that we used to say the needle is placed on the album on a record player. Of course, we spent tons of money at Audio Labs, so we actually said we placed the stylus on the album on our turntable, but you get the idea. The common term is needle. And needles have eyes.

By the way, the book, “Eye of the Needle” is also a movie worth watching sometime starring Donald Sutherland. And the Bible references the “eye of the needle”.


I’m also reminded of Ms. Hawking’s comment about the island is “always moving”. Many assumed this meant moving in space and/or time. Since LOST is ripe with double meanings we can’t throw those assumptions out the window, but we could also consider that a record is constantly moving round and round. Round – just like the Oceanic logo or the general shape of an island or an eye.



Let’s update our list. From the first review we have:

Crash, Circles, Sacred Ceremonies, Dots, Record, Disk, Round, Earth, Island, Sense of being a Part of the Whole, and Irish folk music.

This review provides us with:

Eye, Island, Round, Music, Electromagnetism, Record, Needle, and Constantly Moving.

As we examine the first two things that are emphasized in the Pilot episode it seems clear the starting point of LOST is something to do with these topics. The odd items are eye, religion, needle and crash. It is probably beneficial to focus on the majority of clues of music, records and how they function.

But if we wanted to try and find a single item that encompasses ALL these items does anything come to mind? I’ll take suggestions!


There is a lot more to cover, so keep checking back for more LOST TIDBITS. If you think you heard someone saying the Numbers, you might have!

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And thanks for reading!



Sara said...

When Sun and Frank first arrive at the registration building there are whispers. Have you found the transcript on what was being said?

KC said...


Nothing yet. I'm monitoring a few sites that monitor the whispers and will be sure to post when something comes up.


KC said...


There is nothing official yet, but some are reporting they hear the words "shut up", "Sawyer". The most common phrase people here is: "Get out of the house, Sawyer's coming."

I'll keep you posted if I hear more.