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LT225: Have You Any Dreams You’d Like To Sell?


I have been sick. While everything in my life gets twisted into something LOST, this realism bites. I even thought I saw Smokey, but it was just my wife. Ouch!

The timing was decent since the show had a break this week. Hopefully I’ll be back to eating boar and playing old 70’s albums soon.

During my fitful sleeping bouts I dreamed several things about LOST past and here are some of those thoughts:


Do you remember when Daniel saw the footage of the discovered wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815? Recall that he was crying at the site. What would make him cry like that?

Actually, he answers, “I don’t know”. Let us take him at face value. This implies then that the flashbacks of that episode were flash-forwards. This leads to the fact that he really did not know why the news footage made him cry. Yet, somehow, these events are still part of him while his conscious memory cannot quite get a handle on things. It still affects him.

We have some clues including the reflecting on the TV screen. This reveals the Empire State Building meaning Daniel was in New York.

The woman with him says, “Whats the matter? Have they found that missing plane?” This is significant as it indicates his interest in something he should not have known about if it were in his future.

The most likely was the effects of time displacement. This borrows from Kurt Vonnegut who the producers have used before. In “Slaughterhouse Five”, the character is bouncing around his past and present. He breaks down crying and gives the same answer as Daniel.

My real point on this topic is why was there a second plane? Tom offered the explanation that Widmore planted it there, but I am not sure we got a definitive answer.

Another thought is that Daniel knew this plane was an attempt to reach the island. This was a second attempt perhaps in other time loop. He had friends on board and regretted their fate that awaited them. Recall in that Daniel has his constant. He might be able to figure his way out of this messy time loop and survive only to relive events. His tears could be joy that the looping has stopped – making this scene a flash-forward.


Christian tells Claire that her mother will never recover from the auto accident. Yet, here she is not only alive but going to funerals and collecting settlement checks from Oceanic Airlines.

Call me delirious but does not this imply that the people who can heal had to be involved? I’m thinking Sarah as well. Ms. Littleton was not on an island but she was in Australia where a certain man lives who has the ability to heal some people.

I keep hearing the word “sacrifice” in my head. Christian tells John he must be a sacrifice. Deriving a conclusion, did Claire realize she must sacrifice herself in order for her mom to recover? The fact she left her baby behind tells us she made a decision.

Juliet has been sacrificing her whole life for her sister. John said Boone was a sacrifice the island demanded. Aaron was born the moment Boone died.


What else do you call a section that describes my dream? It is a scene from the Wizard of Oz where they ride the hot air balloon to the Emerald City. It is not Dorothy on board but Mr. Henry Gale.

Once awake this led to wonder if there wasn’t more significance to this character. The little we know about the real Mr. Gale is that he lived on Walnut Street (we see that on his license). An anagram gives us “nu walt” or phonetically “a new Walt”. With time loops in the equation, everything in the past deserves a fresh viewing.

Using Walnut Ridge Rd – the full street name – we get “Grin, our dead Walt”. No big deal except Henry Gale is smiling ear to ear in his photo. FYI – My state no longer allows you to smile with the logic being that the time you need to show ID you are likely not going to be in a smiling mood.

No one ends up on this island by accident. He was coming here for a reason, maybe to give a message to his nephew. Maybe to see a sister named Rose.

If you are tempted to giggle at my dreams then remember Hurley’s dream. In that dream, we saw Walt on a milk carton.

According to the note he left his wife, Jennifer, he was trying to fly over the Pacific and failed. This reminds me of the sailboat race around the world since Mr. Gale’s balloon was sponsored by Widmore Industries.


In the scene where Locke goes to visit Walt at his school, it has been observed that several people walk past John repeated times. A man in a suit with sunglasses, a couple of women with camera and others. It was like a Matrix moment where Neo notices the black cat twice.


Notice the pinball machine in the background. We see enough shots of it to recognize it as “The Cyclone”. But it was made in 1988. Was someone touching it when the time shifted?

Could be a prop error, but who would miss the front design?

That is Nancy and Ronald Reagan in the front car of the roller coaster. Surely, some noticed this before using it.

Or did they choose to go with it since it has a “Mystery Wheel”?

And didn’t Dorothy same something about being caught up in a cyclone in Wizard of Oz?

Did you also catch a board game on the shelf is “Life”?

Before we move on, here is a picture of John saying goodbye to Kate in 2004:

There is a second machine but they keep the Cyclone in better view. Trust me, by 2004 there should be no more pinball games around.


Just two days until we get another LOST fix. I don’t like previews or spoilers, but couldn’t help ending this post with an official promo picture sure to spark discussion without giving anything away:


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