Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LT227: Namaste Initial Thoughts

I'm still fighting that Sickness, but my head hurts even more after this show.


How can the island be in two times at the same place? I'm going to have to give this a lot of thought but for now it does seem as if we have a time paradox. The photograph of all the campers at Camp Namaste was cute.

This explains why the Hydra Station looked old and abandoned when Ceasar was searching it.


When Sun went into the cabin, the door creaked open and I thought I saw white smoke?

Oh, and like a bad horror movie why do the two leave the dock in the middle of the night and walk straight towards noise? "Oh, it is probably only an animal." Duh! And the very reason I'm staying near the boat.


How interesting to see Sun (and Frank and Ben) didn't not flash, but crash. Why not? What is different about her. I can tell you this...keep reading the new feature called LOST REVIEW and you'll get my theory on that soon.


We get the baby's name and those who guessed Ethan, take a step forward. But he name is Ethan Rom, not Ethan Goodspeed.

And then how exactly does Olivia fit into the timeline with teaching Ben? I'm going to have to do some research on these events because I had the feeling little Ben wasn't on the island yet in 1977.


How did Ceasar know the Marshall's name was Katie?

Did you see the aircraft turn upside down or what?

Radzinsky lives to be 65 and ends up pushing a button in the Swan hatch?

There is a fine line between a classic writer's line and campy humor...Juliet sure skitted that line with explaining that Jim and her will have a baby "when the TIME has got to be right". I'm calling that campy. Unlike Sun's line, "I lied." Beautiful.

Grid 325 finds a Hostile.

How about that model for the Swan Hatch...hurry up, there is an Incident coming.

Do you get the feeling that we will be in 1997 for quite some time?

Now we know how Ben ended up on a cot in the Hydra Station recovering from wounds. Doesn't this imply that John hasn't resurrected yet? And how the heck did Ben know there were canoes sitting there...unless he knew it was 2007 and they would be right where he people left them.

No Faraday any more...research crew over here, please!


Once I figure out when Ben first arrived it will better help me understand why we see Ben as a teenager. Does anyone recall something about Sayid and mustard that I forgot? That line seemed like one of my "oddities". At this point, the only thing that comes to mind is mustard gas (think Tempest or Iraq War).


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Anonymous said...

Ben says...
3 suggestions on the Ethan Rom name...maybe mom keeps ex-husband Paul's name, and Ethan takes that name, maybe Rom is Ethan's middle name "Ethan Rom Godspeed", or maybe it's an alias he gave to the Losties--did the Others ever say his whole name?

It was awesome when Sun did a "Ben" on Ben... waiting to get intel before killing or knocking unconscious the informant. In this case Ben showed the boats and docks. Although you'd think Ben would have expected this. :( bad villain!


PS I'm glad to be free of Daniel for a while, he'd be the kind of guy I wouldn't sit next to at lunch.

PPS Also glad to see Candle actually act. His general aptitude statement really made him...human.