Sunday, March 15, 2009

LT224: Questions and Answers


Let’s see how you do on this quiz:

Question 1: Was the LaFleur name first heard in the last episode?

Question 2: Was LaFleur/Sawyer seen in the episode with Olivia teaching the volcano lesson?

Question 3: In Egyptian lore Horus fights with who?

Question 4: From question three, if Horus = Horace, then who does his opponent match up to?

Question 5: What is different about Sawyer in 1974 from 2004?

Question 6: Are the Whispers related to the time shifts?


Answer 1: No. In the Comic Con video staring Pierre Change (Dr. Marvin Candle) we heard Pierre say, “LaFluer, what are you doing?” We hear a man’s voice on the video but it sounds a lot like Daniel. That isn’t to say Sawyer didn’t come waltzing into the room and do something that caught Pierre’s attention. Or Daniel was using an alias. This would put two French names, Pierre and LaFleur, in the room at the same time.

Answer 2: Maybe. The picture below is the suspect. It seems about split 50/50 on whether that is Sawyer, Horace or some other Other. And is that a bunny in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture?

Answer 3: If you read TIDBITS faithfully the answer was provided a couple of posts back. If you don’t read TIDBITS faithfully, well then, the answer is Seth.

Answer 4: Digging through all the first names that begin with “S” the only one that has no home is the initials found in the logbooks from the Pearl Station. It says something like “S.R.” moved the ping-pong table. Seth Radzinsky?

Answer 5: Sawyer is wearing glasses all the time. He doesn’t get his headaches from reading until 2004. This could be something he brings back with him, but then sometime in the time between 1974 and 2004 his eyesight has to improve.

Answer 6: It is being suggested that some of the conversations we are hearing are beginning to fit. In other words, when Sayid leaves Danielle’s hideout he hears whispers while years earlier Daniel, Sawyer and company are walking in that same area.


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